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Dublin Rehellic
Br i
Surrender of Last of Sinn F(
Again?French Repulse JS
Le Mort Homme?Aw
nil n
oacR oy rzusi
\ -
The British troops and the Royal
Irish constabulary have brought
about the surrender of all the rebel
forces' in Dublin, and the people of
vhe Irish capital, for the first time
in a week, are able to move freely
about the city u-:endangered by bullets
of rebel snipers.
The repulse by the BTench of powerful
German attacks around Dead
Man's Hill and of counterattacks to
the north of Cumieres Sunday night
ihave again been followed by a heavy
German bombardment of these sectors
and a continuation of the shelling of
Cote du Poivre and Douaumont,
northeast of the fortress. No fresh infantry
attacks have been launched by
the Germans.
In sapping operations in the Argonne
forest the French were enabled,
by the explosion of a mine, to
take a portion of a crater.
Nothing of importance has -happened
along the northern section of
the front in Russia, according to BerMm^
t^bain Gang Doing Good Work?Pleasant
Trip to Saluda?Picnic at
Joaj street
Excelsior, May 4.?The weather
coctinues cool and dry. Corn and cotton
can't come to a stand. The dry
weather has cut the grain crops -very
sfeort indeed.
The chain gang has been camped
,bere for the past two weeks doing
come good work on the roads.
D/%1 rtf riro^nirillo ia I
Jll ? l^viauu Vli VVU T AAAV* AVI
sending a few days with his father's
family, Mr. John A. Boland.
Miss Rosalee Wheeler has given
vacation to her school at Fountain
inn, ar.d returned home to enjoy a
- rest.
Good many of our people will attend
the speaking at Jolly Street on
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Kinard, Miss
Victoria Crosson and Mr. Brown
^Fra-klin spent Sunday at Saluda ?0- 1
lug over in Mr. J. C. Kinard's Ford 11
car with Mr. Kinard at the wheel. We ^
toand the road from Prosperity on to 1
Saluda in good condition for traveling.
Of course we found it very dry !
-od to Saluda. There is a lot of corn
and cotton yet to be planted along
tlie road that can't be done until it;
rains. Saluda county is noted for \]
i I
growing fi.:e grain but the dry cool j
weather has cut them out this year, j1
Our party -enjoyed a fine dinner with!
?\5r. and Mrs. H. G. Crouch the writer's s
sister whom we had not seen in two i *
years. Saluda is growing and is al-i
ready a business town. ^
YEAR FOR $1-50. j i
A Card tc
of Rural Tele
We are anxious to see
mother parties and connectec
. -condition as to furnish effi<
owners of rural lines are res
' w* ? ?<? ?* ?/\ Tiri+1'
';"wc vraui iu ttrvptialv ttiu.
All lines require a th
;5ionally if the best service
recommend that every li
overhauled at least once a 7
''experienced telephone man
cost of this work when div
of the line, makes the an
small, and this cost will be
improved service.
v If the owners of rural t
Sion are experiencing trout
will appreciate their talkinf
JManager or writing us fi
what we can toward help!
<Utioa of your line.
X BOX 163, COL
ought To Close
liners Leaves City peaceful
trong German Attacks on
stro-Hungarians Driven
dan Assaults. |
I lin, but in the South the Austro- j
j Hungarians have been forced to with- |
J draw before a counterattck by the j
; Russians from trenches north of j
Mlynov, which they had previously J
| captured.
; The usual bombardments are in j
| progress on the Austro-Italian front. !
Gorizia has again come under the
heavy fire of the Italians. In the Adamello
zone the Italians are on the offensive
against the Austrian at To-1
| peto pass. j
i i
iParis reports that on the Greek'
frontier there have been frequent but J
unimportant skirmishes between en-1
tente allies and German-Bulgarian j
forces, whose lines are less than two-:
thirds of a mile rfpart at certain
I points.
(Two British war craft, the armed
yacht Aegusa and the mine sweeper
Nasturitium, have been sent to the
bottom in the 'Mediterranean by
l .
A stranded traveler reluctantly took
I a room at a somewhat shabby village
inn in England recently. He retired
to rest, but ten minutes later came
downstairs again, with anger in his
"I must insist on having another
room, sir!" he informed the innkeeper
sternlv. I
"What's the matter witli the one
you're got?" asked the latter.
"Matter!" snapped the angry man.
"Why, there are a couple of mice '
fihting?actually fighting?in a corner
of it!"
"Well, sir," replied the host coldly,
"and what d'ye expect for two shillings
a night?a bull fight?" }
mm i
Having come to the conclusion that ^
his wife spent far too much money
cxa housekeeDins. Johnson decided to
buy the meat and vegatables himself. v
His first attempt was not as success- ^
ful as it deserved. In his desire to
buy cheaply, he betook himself to
a, market gardener's." k
"I want,' he said, "a cauliflower." 0
'The man led him to a large bed
where sprouted a few -very small ?
plants. . ^
"Cauliflowers are small and are j
rery soarcc- just now, but I can let
you have that one for ten cents,"
said the gardener, pointing to a very!
small specimen. , r
"All right," said Johnson. The man'
Dent down to cut it. -1.
"Don't cut it now!" roared our1 r
economist. "I'll call back for it in a'e
fortnight/' j 0
| g
> Owners I;
iphone Lines
that all lines owned by Is
! with us are kept in such jjj
:ient service. Where the t
sponsible for their upkeep, t
i them. c
orough overeauling occa- 1
is to be obtained. We s
ne connected with us be t
rear, and that at least one i
i assist in this work. The
ided among all the patrons !
lount paid by each man <
more than offset by the (
elephone lines in this sec- 1
>le with their service, we i'
I the matter orer with our ,
?- ill ,
U1J. V? C YT1U gran*/ uu
ng you improve the con- !
"Feel Like a New Person."
says Mrs. Hamilton.
New Castle, Ind.?"From the time
I was eleven years old until I was seven- J
p?.? ?teen I suffered each j
| luMg}lIl|J11 I month so I had to be i
*n bed. I had head-'
ache, backache and i
a such pains I would
gfe|l|g|R cramp double every
month. I did not
I know what it was
I im?51 to be easy a minute. I
I WJ&si Mv hpalhh wa? all
? me any good. A i
neighbor told my mother about Lvdia 1
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and ,
I took it, and now I feel like a new
person. I don't suffer any more and I
am regular every month. "?Mrs. Hazel |
Hamilton, 822 South 15th St.
When a remedy has lived for forty
years, steadily growing in popularity
and influence, and thousands upon '
thousands of women declare they owe !
their health to it, is it not reasona- i
ble to believe that it is an article of j
great merit :
If you want special advice write
to Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine
Co. (confidential), Lynn, Mass.
Tour letter will be opened, read ,
and answered by a woman and
held in strict confidence. ;
Snfferere Find Swift Relief by Use'
of Remarkable Trentmenu
Stomach sufferers in the Southeast
and, ic fact, all over the country, havo
found remarkable and efficient re- j
suits from the use of Mayr's Wonder-'
ful Remedy. i
Many lhave taken this remedy and(
tell today of the'benefits they received.
Its effects come quickly?the
first dose convinces. Here is w!bat
two Carolina folks have written:
W. R. DAVENPORT, Parker, N. C.?
"For years I have suffered from a dis- j
jase which puzzled doctors. I heard j
3f your remedy and one bottle gave!
ne relief. Your full treatment haa'
ibout cured me."
J. E. ERWIN, Winston-Salem, N. C. j
?"I am satisfied through personal use
>f the powers of your remedy. You
tave saved my life."
Mayr's Wonderful Remedy gives per
aanent results for stomach, liver and j (
atestinal ailments. Eat as much and; (
whatever you like. No more distress'^
iter eating, pressure of gas in the!'
tomach and around the heart. Get one ]
ottle of your druggist now and try u '
n an absolute guarantee?if not satis- (
actory money will be returned.
fWQiereas, one-third of the resident j
lectors and a like proportion of the
esident freeholders of the age of
wenty-one years, in Union school disrict
Xo. 32, of the county of Xewber
y, State of South Carolina, have fild
a petition with the county Doard
if education of Xewoerry county, 1
Itare of South Carolina, petitioning |
hat an election be held in said school '
istrict on the question of levying a
pecial tax of two (2) mills to De col- 1
ected on all the taxable property (
rithin the said school district.
Now, therefore, we the undersigned,
omposing the county board of educaion
for Newberry county, State of '
louth Carolina, do hereby order the
oard of trustees of the Union school
istrict No. 32, to hold an election on
he said questin of levying a special 1
ax of two (2) mills to be collected
in the property located in said school
[istrict, -which said election shall be
leld at the Union school house, in j
aid school district, No. 32, on Saturlay,
May 20, 1916, at which said elecion
the polls shall be opened at 7 a.
n. and closed at 4 p. m.
The members of the board of trusees
oi said school district shall aci
is managers of said election. Only
>uch electors as reside in said school
listrict and return- real or personal
property for taxation, and who exlibit
their tax receipts and registra:ion
certificates as required in general
elections, shall be allowed to <vote.
Electors favoring the levy of such
:ax shall cast a ballot containing the
word "Yes" written or printed there-1
:>n, and each elector opposed to such 1
levy shall cast a ballot containing the i
word "No" written or printed there-1
Given under our hands and seal
this the 3rd day of May , 1916.
Chas. P. Barre,
J. S. Wheeler,
0. B. Cannon,
County Board of Education for Newberry
County, S. C. |
Whereas, one-third of the resident
electors and a like inoportion of tbe
resident free holders of the age of
twenty-one years} in St. Pauls School
District Xo. 34, of the County of New- j
berry, State of South Carolina, have |
filed a petition with the County Board
of Education of Newberry Coucty, i
Stale of South Carolina, petitioning!
and requesting that an election be held
in said School District on the question i
of levying aadditional special tax |
of two (2j mills to be collected on all!
the taxable property within the said
School District.
Now, therefore, we the undersigned,;
composing the County Board of Education
for Newberry County. State of
South Carolina, do herebv order the
Board of Trustees of the St. Pauls;
School District No. 34, to hold an elec- j
A: AU ? J ~ 4- ; -e
i.uu oil' tut: saiu quesuuu in ;
an additional special tax of two (2j
mills to be collected on the property j
located in the said School District, j
which said election shall be held at j
the St. Pauls School House? in said
School District, Xo. 34, on Friday, May j
5, 1916, at which said election the:
polls shall be opened at 7 a. m., and i
closed at 4 p. m.
fThe members of the Board of Trus-1
| j
tees of said School District shall act i
as managers of said election. Only i
such electors as reside in said School j
District and return real or personal j
property for taxation, and who ex- J
hibit their tax receipts and registra-'
j tion certificates as required Lq; gen-'
eral elections, shall be allowed to;
vote. Electors favoring the levy of
such tax shall cast a ballot containing 1
the word "yea'' written or printed'
thereon, and each elector ipposed to
such levy shall cast a ballot coatain-j
ing the word "no" written or prmted
Given under our hands and seall
this, the 13th day of April, 1919. (
County Board of Education fj>r Newberry
(County, S. C.
j *? I1
Whereas, one-third of the resident j
electors and a Jike proportion of tie j
resident freeholders of the age of 3
twenty-as e years, n Prosperity school ^
District Xo. 34, of the County of New- ^
berry, State of South Carolina, have (
Bled a petition with tlie County Board ,
Df Education of Newberry Coumty,
State of South Carolina, petitioning a
md requesting that an election be (held
n said School District on the (iiiestion
Df levying am. additional special tax
)f two (2) mills to be collected on all
:he taxable property within the said
School District.
Now. therefore, we me undersigned,
composing the County Board of Education
for Newberry County. State of
South CaroliDa, do hereby order the
3oard of Trustees of the Prosperity
School District Xo. 14, to hold an elec;ion
on- the said cuestion of levying
in additional special tax of two (2) g
mills to be collected-on the property
ocated in the said School District, I
ivhich said election shall be held at <
;he Town Hall, in the said '
School District, Xo. 14, on Friday. Mjut
5. 19-16, at which said election the'
3olIs shall be opened at 7 a. m., ar.d
;losed at 4 p. m. I
.The members of the Board of Trus- '
:ees of said School District shall act!
is managers of said election. Only:
such electors as reside in said School j
District and return real or personal J
property for taxation, and who exhibit
their tax receipts a>:d registration
certificates as required in general
elections, shall be allowed to
vote. Electors favoring the levy of '
such tax sliall cast a ballot containing j
the word "yes" written or printed j
thereon, and each elector opposed toi
such levy sihall cast a ballot contain-1
ing the word "no'J written or printed
Given unaer our hands and seals
this, the 13th day of April, 1916. j
County Board of Education for Newberry
County, S. C.
- ?
Notice is kereby given uta* tile undersigned
as administratrix of 'the
TI? as..-?** ? *rili
estate gi on* u m
make final settlement on said estate
as administratrix in tke court <f> probat*
fer Newberry county, on Monday,
May 8, ISIS, and Immediately thereafter
apply for letters dismissory as such
administratrix. Persons holding claims
against said estate ^ill make payment
before said date and all persons InMARY
Adm'x of estate of Jim Burton,
defctei to the estate mil pay the same.
Marck 21, 191?.
Fred H. Dominick or' Newberry candidate
for congress from the third
co/gressional district, is in the city
today and was asked about the
"steam roller" that his political j
friends had running so smoothly in j
his county convention in Newberry, i
"It was nothing but a determined
effort of the part of my friends to see
that I should not be discredited in my
race for congress," he said. "Two
years ago I was kept out of the convention
and the fact was used asainst
me by my opponents in the third district.
'My friends were determined it
should not happen again. There was
no personal feeling in the convention,
Jut my friends and I will represent.
Newberry in the State convention."?
Profit by This
Don't Waste Another Day.
When you are worried by backache;
By lame.eos and urinary disorders?
Dor/t expo: mer.t with an untried
Fellow Newberry people's example.
I'^e Doan's Ki-dney Pills.
Here's Newberry testimony.
Verify it if you wish:
N. Y. Dennis, prop., of store. Player
St., Newberry, says: "My kidneys
were weak acd caused me a lot of
annoyance. I used Doan^s Kidney
__J i.1 ?
fills ailU UlCJ' gicaicij icucicu mc.
(Statement given March 21,# 1911.)
Over three years later, Mr. Dennis
said: "I think as highly of DoaCs
Kidney Pills now as ever. I always
advise my customers to use them
when they are troubled by weak kidneys."
50c. at all dealers. Foster-Milhurn
Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
Too Maty Less.
A young officer at the front wrote
home to his father:
"Dear Father: Kindly send me 50
pounds at occe. Lost another leg in a
stiff engagement, and am in hospital
without means." '
The answer was as follows:
^ ^ A- 1V1-. 1 _ ?1^
"jay uear &on: as mis is uie rvurLa
eg you have lost (according to your
letters),you ought to be accustomed
:o it by this time. 'Try to hobble along
>n any others' you may happen to
lave left."
/ n the functions peculia:
kr ) ous ^PP^ssi011. ar>d
weak* nervous, rui
* *erers anc* *s ffuarant
iirss ooii.it: u. you arc
" Prompt
Liv - Vt
To cleanse the systen
To restore healthy ai
Liver and
To assist in relieving cor
tude of ills the hum
If you are not entirely sa
we will cheerfully i
In the Spring your system
as your house or premises
will beat LIV-VER-LAX:
and in keeping you hardy
Gilder &
? ; r ^ v >5- ^ < ?> ? <e> <8> <? <?
<4> <j>
^<$'<?><J'<e>^'<S'<i'<y-s><5>'$>^><i> fl
Borax, generously combined witli fl
good soap, is nature's greatest V
The Borax must be combined with fl
the soap in the proportion of one part
borax to three parts soap. Impossible fl
in bar soap.
'1'he o..ly way to put in that much V
borax is in the form of borax soap fl
chips. M
Two pounds of borax soap chips, ^
which costs 25c, will go as far as 50c
worth of bar soap, and soap powder.
Borax Soap Chips makes the work
easier and the clothes cleaner, too!
"20 Mule Team Borax Soap Chips''
are sold by your leading grocers. ( ^
Hastings Catalogue Tells You All I
About Them
Xo matter whether you farm or onlr
plant vegetables or flowers in a small lot p|
you need Hastings 1916 Catalogue.
It is filled (100 pages) from cover to
cover with useful farm and garden inforination.
It tells of seeds of kind and quality that !
you can't buy from jour merchant or
drif prist, seeds that cost no more but
$;ivu j uu i tcu oauoiaLuuu auu cv icai gaiden.
11 tells how every customer can get ab- ^
soluteiy free five packets of easily grown, A
yet showy and beautiful flowers.
Hustings is both the best and largest
.'.eed 1-rm in the South, the only firm that
you should buy seeds from.
V>"iven you plant Hastings Seeds, you
meet "Good Garden Luck" more than
half way. Write today for their big 1916
Catalogue. It is free. A postal card request
will bring it RG. HASTINGS CO-.
v f'*?A
. A man went to order a .wedding
cake the other day.
"I'm getting married," he said, "and
I want a cake.'*
"Well, it's the latest thing," said the t *
shopgirl, "to have wedding cakes in
harmocy with the "bridegroom's calling
or profession. Thus, a journalisthas
a spice cake, a musician an oat
cake, an athlete a cup cake, a man
who loafe on his friends a sponje
cake, and so forth and so on. What is
pour calling please?"
"I am a-pianist." \
"Then, of course," said the girl, J
juu n waui cb i\x ^
jy For Women ^
3 directly on the female organs and regulatea_j .?
r to women. It stops wasting, relieves dangerbanishes
the terrors of those periods so dreaded
i down women. It has helped thousands of sufeed
to help you. Your money back on the very
not benefited.?$1 at your dealer's. ,
UCINE CO., Chattanooga, Term*
EtinD Elates in
meand Half-Tone.
;r - Lax
n of poisonous toxins.
stion of the bowels,
MtipdllUli flIIU U1V XAAMAVA
an family is he:'r to.
.tisfied with the results,
refund your money.
needs cleansing the same
i. There is nothing that
in toning up your system,
and hale.
c Weeks. j
? : }'i / ^^;y&'~ ' : ?',?2
' :'. -. ... -, 'l'^. ay^M

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