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Historical Address By eiw U. R.
? Brooks?Crosses of Honor Bestowed.
Wednesday was Memorial L>ay.
. -Newberry was invaded and surrend?>
.?red with splendid grace to soldiery
that mronged her streets. They were
? the soldiers of a half century ago and
the weight of age bore heavily upon
them as they trudged aloi:g; but
there was no sign of weariness in
their faces for the same indomitable
will and courage that bore them up
under the hardships of camp life and
the flare and flash of the guns of bat
tie. still lives within them and en-|
ables theia to bear with the same for-j
titude the infirmities of age.
* As has been the custom for many
years the old vets were given a sumptuous
dinner, a..d as usual they are
loud in their praise of the good things
to eat and those who provided it. It
is always plentiful and just whsft the
"'old boys" can heartily relisli. The
dinner this ye-r was given in the McCaugbrin
block next door to the Friday
Motor Co. and 187 vets were admitted.
A fifty gallon barrel of lemonade
was served to the diners and
noQr thn Pommproial
feu luc SU UV.UJ vuv wwu. -
"bank there was a tank of ice water
and Gilder & Weeks posted a bulletin
ordering tbe old 'vets to come in
::' to their fountain and drinJ: fully and
freely and without price.
The address was delivered in the
opera house by Col U. R. Brooks of;
Columbia. He was introduced by I
? * T " T SI ~ unt) f T\ANA ol *
Major J, J?'. J. tiaiuwcu aiiu ?A?. i
| considerable lengih from manuscript.
IThe address was largely historical
and contained flattering references
EF to many of Newberry's sons who
L helped to make glorious the history
of the State among her sister States.
An attractive program had been ar^
V ranged and was carried out. A numHp
ber of crosses were awarded and the
urize for the best essay on the war
I was awarded to Miss Irene Runt. Tho
choir sang a few numbers of Southern
airs that added a good deal of inspiration
to the occasion. The school
children bearing wreaths and flowers
marched from the various school
^kiildings and literally buried tiie
<Corsfederate monument with them.
HThis was one of the most beautiful
and impressive events of the day.
H A list of those who answered tne
roll call^ one year ago but who have
tiince passed into the great beyond
ollows: Oliver P. Harris, Jno. W.
Reagio, J. Belton Wicker. Geo. ,D.
Lathrop, S. Walter Wessinger,, Lofy
renza D. Abrams,' Dr. S. G. Welch, J.
H. Gaillard, Geo. E. Hawkins, Geo.
W. Pearson, Frank S. Bedenbaugh.
Two old soldiers of the county, who
^ were not members *of the James D.
namn have also died simce last
I Memorial Day. They are Patrick Fuller
and Andrew H. Wheeler.
Attorney General Peeples Hands
i Down Opinion Regarding1 the
Holders of Scholarships.
In an opinion handed down yesterday
the attorney general, Thomas Hi
Peeples, said that the State board of
^charities and corrections is expected
jto investigate the financial condition
pf these beneficiaries in the University
of South Carolina holding one of
|he special normal scholarships,
R'hich for many years have been)
avrarded by the legislature
I "The object of tne investigation,
said Mr. Peeples in his letter to Albert
S. Johnstone, secretary of the
board of charities and corrections, "is!
not merely for the use of the various
^boards in awarding such scholarships
or exemptions from payment of
"tutkm, as contemplated by. section 3
of the act of 1916, -but is also for the
information of the general assembly
I 1n determining what appropriation
I be necessary from time to time
fcf th$ support of the higher iostitttwis
of learning and what changes
Hid be made from time to time
BPRhe law with reference to exexup
^ti-ons from payment of tuition fees,
j Memorial Day Will Be Observed Today?Address
by I)r. W. S. CurreU
Intere^tiDsr Programme.
Prosperity, May 11.?Memorial Day
j exercises will be held in the town
! hall ou Friday, May 12 at four o'clock,
i Dr. W. S. Currell president of the
Cniversitv of South Carolina will
J make an address and every one is cor!
dially invited to be present.
At the close of the meeting all are;
asked to go to the cemetery where
auiofaf! -ill Ko r\ Ctenru t - I
I I IIC VClCldll O 9va?V/C *r aaa ks\,
jecl. The program is as follows:
Song, "The Soldiers Farewell."
1 Scripture Reading.
Prayer. |
Song, "How Firm a Foundation."
Address, Dr. Currell.
Song, "Tenting on the Old Camp
Delivery of Essay Prize by Dr.
Mesdames C. T. Wyche and J. D.
Quattlebaum are attending the l\Yb-i
man's Federation in Anderson.
(Misses Willie Mae Wise, Ellen
^ j
werts ana .\eita iviucnen, auu iruo.
i L. W. 'Harmon visited Mrs. J. B. Bedenbaugh
of Pomaria Tuesday.
Mrs. Frank LYterchant spent Thursday
in Columbia with her daughter,
Miss Lcis, who is ill in the Columbia
The new electric fire4 alarm has
arrived and was given a test Monday
mornixg between nine and ten
o'clock. The alarm is received on approval.
It is the understanding the
city has with the company that the
whistle is to be given a thorough test
and th?n if it Mmp? iin to reDresenta- !
tions and requirements it will be accepted
and paid for. If it is unsatisfactory
after the tests have been
made then the company takes it back
without expense to the town.
The t|>t made Monday morning was
not satisfactory as (very few people
heard it at all. This was^sue to the
fact no doubt that the instrument
was near the ground being loaded on
a wagon near Summer Bros, corner
and hence the sound waves were abstracted
and broken by the surrounding
buildings. Before a-oy more tests
are made the outfit will be hoisted to i
the top of a high building where there
will be plenty of air room for the
monster to roar and scream. me;
whistle is driven by five horse power;
electric motor.
Mother's Day.
The second Sunday in May is 'Mother's
Day. This year it falls cn May
14th. 'The beautiful thought of setting
aside one day in the year to be particularly
devoted to one's mother was
first suggested by Miss Anna Jarvis
of Philadelphia, who founded the
Mother'^ Day International association
to provide the necessary organized
support for the fostering of the
movement. Thanks largely to her efforts,
Mother's Day has become a
recognized institution as the day on
which each of us chould pause to
acknowledge our debt of affection and
gratitude to "the best mother who
ever lived," on which we should be
I with her if we can, and, if we unfortu-1
nately cannot, should make a point of j
sending lier a message of affection
' 3 -U
ana tucci.
In co-operation with the effort to!
I foster the observance of Mother's!
day, the Western Union Telegraph
company has provided^ special tele- i
graph blanks, appropriately decorated i
with an artistic design of carnations!
and bearing the legend "Mother's1
Day," on which all messages of those
who wish to send a word of greeting
to their mothers on this occasion, by
day letter or night letter or in a
short telegram, will be delivered.
The emblem of the day is the white
carnation, and it is the hope of the
Mother's Day association that it will
be worn "by every one as a tribute of
respect, not only for hie own mother,
but also for all the gentle and noble
motherhood of the land.
The Flag Day exercises at Speers
street school will begin at 6 o'clock
Tuesday evening.
A .
Washington, May 10.?Secretary |
Lansing received a message from |
Ambassador Gerard today giving no- !
tice that a new note on the Sussex |
case had been handed him and was on '
the way to Washington. It has been
indicated that the German govern
jme.t now admits attcking the Sussex,
gives notice tliat the submarine commander
responsible has been punished,
and promises to make reparation, j
Supposed Sussex >Yas Warship.
Amsterdam. I.Vay 10.?A semi-oi-1
I " I
j ficial dispatch from Berlin says that
, as the result of the German govemI
ment's investigation of the Sussex it
; can no longer be doubted that the
j vessel, torpedoed by a German sub-.
marine on the supposition that it was
a v.arship, wes in fact tlie Sussex.
11 he dispatch says the German gov-!
ernment has acquainted the United ,
States government with this fact, ad- ;
di: g that, in accordance with the note !
last month, Germany will draw its j
conclusions from the evidence wliich j
has been adduced.
<?> <$> $> 3> <$> $>$><s><fc><e><?><s><$>3> &
<$> <e>
$ <v!
Miss Sara Houseal made a charming
hostess for the Caivin Crozier
chapter U. D. C. Saturday afternoon.
This was the day for the annual elec
ticn of officers and resulted as follows:
President, Miss Pauline Gilder;
1st vice president, l.M^s. Herman
Wright; 2nd vice president, Mies
Mary Wright; corresponding secre'tary,
Miss Rosaiyn Hipp; recording
secretary. Miss Ruby Goggans; historian,
Miss Lucile Wallace; regis- '
trar, Mrs. Homer scn-umpen. \ I
Friday afternoon the 'Thimole club
met with Mrs. R. H. Swittenberg.
After an hours sewing ice cream and
cake were served the following:
Mesdames <R. H. Buford, R. C| Perry,
Thad MoCrackin, Russell Tidmarsh,
Van Smith, John Swittenberg, Boyd
Jacobs. Lilla Eddy and Misses Cornelia
Shannon, Sadie Bowers, and
Lurline Evans.
Monday afternoon the Auction
Bridge club held one of its pleasant
meeti. gs with iv-Ts. Claud Dominick.
There were two tables of players enjoying
the games and when cards
were laid aside refreshing ice cream
and cake were served. Those present
were Misses Lucile Wallace,
Mazie Dominick, Mary Wright, Eva
Goggans, Sarah Houseal, Cora Dominick
a;:id Mrs. E. H. Kibler, Mrs. L.
G. Eskridge and Mrs. Claud Dominick.
Monday Les Cosendores met with
Miss Catherine JWfright. Sewing and
nhfttHnpr made the afternoon hours
pass pleasantly. Delicious strawberries
'and cream with cake were served
the following members.: M/sses
Gladys Chappell, Louise Jones, Ruby
Goggans. Rosalyn Hipp, Mrs. P. E.
Way and Miss Wright.
The entertainment to be given by
Speers street school in connection
with flag raising bids fair to be a
most enjoyable one. We hope not
only the parents of the children who
take part will attend but that the en
; tire town will attend and enjoy the ]
1 songs, drills, etc., and help the school
: A small admission fee of ten cents
I will be charge.
Willowbrook Park.
Willowbrook Park will open for
the seasou Saturday evening, May
All of our city friends are cordially
invited to come and enjoy the music
j and other nice things * provided in
j this park.
j Quite a number of improvements j
"have been made, the band will furnish
music two and three times a
week, new skates have been provided,
and everything arranged for the
i pleasure and entertainment of all
those who come.
| Everybody welcome.
Columbia, May 11.?State (Warehouse
Commissioner *ohn L. McLaur-1
1 in will ask the supreme court this
afternoon at 4 o'clock for an order,
requiring the insurance commission-1
er to show cause why he should not|
issue an insurance brokers' license
to Philip LaTourette of New York, j
The insurance commissioner refused j
to issue the lice.ise because the act I
requires an insurance agent to be a
resident of the State two years be- j
fore he can be granted a brokers'.
license. The warehouse commission- j
er contends that this provision is
The insurance commissioner stated
in refusing the license that if it were
possible for him to do so he thought
it would go far toward relie-ing the
insurance situation.
Senator McLaurin appears for the
petitioner and lie has associated with j
him R. H. Welch. The matter will
be tested in the original jurisdiction
of the supreme court.
Washington, May 9.?President
Wilson is coming to Charlotte to
speak May 20th, and he will
probably bring Mrs. Wilson with him.
He told Secretary Daniels today that
this is his piesent intention. The
ecretary saw the president today
twice in regard to tlie visit. It is
understood, of course, at the last moment
some unusual circumstance may
arise in the foreign relations to cause
these plans to be cancelled, but at
the present time Mr. Wilson's purpose
is to go. Secretary Daniels will
probably go to Charlotte also.
Mrs. Wilson is ivery anxious to
make this trip. Being Southern born
herself she wants to visit that section
of the Souvh and see the peopl e.
'Ihe party wiW leave JWIashiagton
Friday night, May 19, and return in
time to spend Sunday at home. They
will not visit Columbia, S. C., or
The coming of President Wilson
besides giving North Carolina the
privilege of entertaining the nation's
chief executive will give the State
the added distinction of entertaining
three of the leading figures in the
Wilson administration. Both Vice
President Marshall a d Secretary of
the Treasury McAdoo ha-?e engagements
in the State during i\ ay._, Vice
President Marshall is going to Greensboro
May 23 to deliver the address
nt the commencement exercises of
the State Normal and Industrial college,
Secretary McAdoo is going to
Chapel Hill May 31 to deliver tne
address for the commencement exercises
of the University of North Carolina.
All three speeches v/ill be watched
by the nation with an unusual degree
of interest, coming as they will in
the three weeks immediately preceeding
the Democratic convention at St.
Louis. These will probably be the
only speeches of consequence delivered
by these men between tliis and
the convention, and may be expected
tn on to ,11 r> the achievements of the
Democratic administration, and in a
very large way set the campaign in
Court of common pleas reconvened
on Thursday morning. His Honor
Joidge Jphn S. Wilson, presiding.
First case set for trial was that of
|WV J. Hentz, vs. Parr Shoals Power
- .
Co. Owing to plaintm s illness, una
case was continued.
The next case, that of M. A. Suber
vs. same company wae continued on
motiom of the company. The case of
J. D. Crooks <vs. same company was
then called for trial.
Court will convene again next Monday.
and it is expected other cases will
be called for trial.
The annual meeting of Colony
Grave Yard association will be held
next Sunday a. m. after the conclusion
of services at olony.
J. M. Wilson,
Secretary and Trearuser.
May 10, 1916.
Hi^h School.
Tenth Grade?Annie Kinard, Irene
( Hunt, Bertha Gallman, Joe Vigodsky,
! John Floyd, Kathleen Wendt, George
j Kodelsperger, Helen Summer, Rober- j
! ta Lominack, John Higgins. Thomas j
j Paysinger.
[ Ninth Grade?Mane sease, Drayton i
! Nance, Roberta iilami, Emily Hoof,
Nancy Fox, Ruth S.chumpert, Fred
Hayes, Frances Houseal.
j Eiglith Grade?Marguerite Wertz,
Daggett Norwood, Vera Derrick, Cal- j
' lie Boyd Parr, Susie Maude 'Wilson, j
' Edwin Setzler, Abbie Gaillard, May
j Tarrant, Robert Schumpert, Mary!
Nance, Sue Ella Peterson, Edna Tay-1
! lor, Mary Klett.ier, Lillian Brown, j
Hattie Mary Buforcl.
Boundary Street School.
Seventh Grade?Clarke Floyd, Mary I
Frances Jones, Fredna Schumpert, j
Herman Dickert, Alliene Dunn, Ben j
Sloan, Maude Gilliam, Hayiae Mc-1
Graw, Olivia Stewart, Mabel Jones, j
Willie Sloan, (Mildred Tarrant, Carroll
Summer, Ashby McGraw.
Sixth Grade?John Chappell, >farie |
j Schumpert, Everett Hipp, James Wal-1
lace, B. F. Thompkins, Mildred Werts, '
Elizabeth Kinard, Ella Dunn, Eva
Robertson, Hayne Boozer, Mildred
PaysL:ger, Nellie Brown, Leuare Tarrant,
Edward Epting, Paul Fulenwider,
Fred Roielsperger, Elizabeth
Mims, Clara Stewart.
Fifth Grade?Wright Cannon, T. W.
Smith, Buford Cromer, Margaret
Kinard, Martha Lathan, Willie Mae
Culbertson, Maude Hamilton, Boyd
WTieeler, Myrtle Koow.
Fourth Grade?Pauline Boozer, Mildred
Livingston. Connie Maddox,
George Fulenwider, Sam Matthews,
Philip Crotwell, Hassel Mims, Thomas
West, Lula Mae Fellers, Myrtle
Cameron, John Walker Sehumpert,
Callie Thompson. James Burns, Kor- J
ace Zeigler, Helea Jones, Valloree '
Third Grade?Carolyn Tarrant,
Betsy McFalKv Sarah May Pitts, Ruth
T T TT Dn, !
LiOng, Irene naiinnuu, juamia upland.
Henry Adams, Paul Anderso'i,
Coke Smith Dickert, Ralph Hardeman.
Geo. Martin, Frank DeVore, Leland
Summer. Earl Summer.
Second Grade?Edward Schumpert,
Mary Alice Hipp, Minnie (Miorris. J. D.
Hornby, Nannie L. Boozer, Mary T.
Summer, Marcus Caldwell, Frank
Adams, Sudie Mae Dickert. J. C. Suber.
Mamie Boozer. Anna Badham, Lyi
\Y\ Bullock.
First Grade?Karl Lon?. Delle Mc- j
Fall, Rosa Turpin Tarrant, Clifford!
Kilgore, Edith Dorrity, Elizabeth I
yaicior T.nin Wert? Summer Wise,!
William Dunn, J. D. Butfer, David
Werts, Clara Davis, Olive Burns,
Sarah Buzhardt.
West End School.
Fourth Grade?Bertie Iuabinet, Annie
Lou Connelly, Andrew Thornton,
Ernest Layton, /Willie Maud Pond,
Boyd (Robertson.
Third Grade?Gladys Carter, Zack
Frajnklin, James Laidsay, Bertha Gentry,
Marie Rister, Prestelle Stewart,'
Johnnie Jones.
'Second Grade?Aaron Leopard,
Walter Fulmer, Carl Hallman, Mamie
Lou Gentry, Eual Culbertson, Malcolm
Smith, James Fulmer, Olin Lay
ton, Gladys Briuan, (Violet Thompkins,
Douschka Alewine; Brunell Carter,
Lillie Kinard, Gladys Bowen.
I 'First Grade?Sula Gilliam, Ethel
Li-.ingston, Allie Miller, Lillie Mills,
Tommie Mims, Lee Roy Sandford, Roland
Wesson, Otto Campsen, Benzie
Corley, Cammie Smith.
Speers Street School.
Seventh Grade?Janie Dell Paysinger,
Mary Alice Suber, Aubrey Tilley,
Ruth Koon, Sam Beam, Carline
Melton, Claudia Wheeler.
Sixth Grade?G. V. Booz?" Emory
Bowman, Earl Chandler, Otto Gregory,
Harold Hipp, Flemmer Jcynes,
? - - V 1>OTl_
.frJricti Jones, nenry juviuiu<iun., Jennie
Mack, William McSwain, Carrie
Nell Swindler, Blanche Sale, Annie
Spotts, Pearl Spotts, Winnie Taylor,
Welch Wilbur, Nellie Lake. Edith
Fifth Grade?Caroline Weeks, Herbert
McTeer, Cortez Sanders Troxelle
Wright, Hubert Setzler, Ernest
(Merchant. Elizabeth Harms. Minnie
Williams. William Eddy. Colie Blease, I
Griffin Williams. Leiand ; Wilson, Lil- j
Association Did >ot Act Upon Candidacy
of [MeLaurin for Lfeutenant
'The following statement "by J. Ar
tiiur iianks, president or tae soutn
Carolina Warehouse association, appeared
yesterday ia the Charleston.
News and Courier, having been sent
in by the Columbia bureau:
"Since the last meeting of the
State Warehouse association there
has been considerable public clouding
of what our association stands
i'r\y qc Kr tVtof Trmn+4r>tr
IV! y U O uuv/jjtv.u u j iuvvuiu^*
Whether the darkening of the waters
be intentional or unintentional, the
fact remains that the public has been
led to take different views dT what we
really stand for. I desire now to
state the situation so plainly that
every unprejudiced mind may be in
no doubt on the subject.
"The resolution was offered by Mr.
E. W. Dabbs and adopted by unanimous
vote, and is as follows:
"Resolved, That the State Democratic
convention be requested to pro
viae mat state vvarenouse commissioner
John L. McLaurin be permitted
to attend the State campaign
meetings as a regular speaker this
summer, to present the great economic
question involved in the State
warehouse system and that he he
given one hour's time at each meeting.
"This 1 interpret to mean that this
time is asked for McLaurin to present
the claims of the warehouse system,
and nothing else.
"To this resolution our association
is committed as an association, and to
nothing else. Commissioner McLauin's
proposition to run for lieutenant
governor was heard. It was not
acted upon by the assocation.
"We have up to date avoided entrance
into politics except in so far as
politic: effect the preservation of
what we regard as the greatest industrial
and commercial programme
yet undertaken in the South.
"To show that our request is not
unreasonably, o.e of the announced
candidates for governor has expressed
himself to me as considering it nothing
but right that the farmers should
have this opportunity to present this
e-ipnf issue and voluntarily said that
if there was no other wa yhe would
gladly give half of his time for that
School Picnic.
Trinity and Burton schools will
have a picnic Saturday. May 13th in
Mrs. Eliza Guin's grove. Two games
of ball will be played between the
two schools. 'The public is invited to
come and the ladies will please bring
well -filled baskets.
lie Mae Cromer, James Derrick, Gerad
ruui m vjti due i/uouuiuv)
Margaret Farrow, J. W. Earhardt,
Edna Sanders, Leila Chappell, Juanita
Hitt, James Nobles, .Mildred Perry*
Jennette Harmon, Lawrence Spearman,
lAzile Whitaker, Ross Wilsoa,
Ruby Reddick, Tom Sligli.
Third Grade?Mildred Spearman,
Sadie Jones, Thomas McTeer, Telma
Bledsoe, Effie Player, Estelle Whitaker,
Edna Jacobs, Travis Melton, Thelma
Griffin, Tyler Robinson.
'Second Grade?Mildred Jones, Willie
Mae Holsonback. Gladys Williams,
Pauline Klettner, Thomas Spearman,
John Hubert Boozer, Thelma Bowles,
Margaret Chalmers, Ernestine Melton,
Earl Hoi son back, John Swittenburg,
Evelyn Baker, Caldwell Kibler, STOHliam
Bouknight, Earl Turner.
First Grade?Leroy Anderson, (Margaret
Shaw, Beauford Humphries,
Ruth Holeonbaek, Mary Derrick, Irwin
Gregory, Deronda Milam, Ralph
Bedenbaugh, Prince ^Jhappell, Ida
Mae "Wilson. Ralph Whitaker, Voigt
Taylor. Roy Whitaker, Mary Harmon.
Mollohon School.
! Jessie Dean, Helen Gruber. Cole
Jones. Earnie McCutcheon. Elmina
Harmon. Harvev Mai pas, Rois Mi-tchel.
Bennie Biekley, Bertha Craft.
Fred Howard. Mattie Waters, Ella
Rivers, Garland Peterson.
The Calendar society will meet
? ? -- - i iv. ^
Friday afternoon at 5 ociock at me
home of Mrs! C H. Cannon.

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