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<?> T. M. Mills, County Demonstratio
? Miss Willie Mae Wise, Home Econ
Poultry Pointers.
Swat the rooster!
It is estimated that fertile eggs cost
the farmer $15,000,000 a year. After
the hatching season, cook, sell or pen
your roo6ter. Your hens not running
with a male bird will produce infertile
eggs,?that keep best and market
Heat is a great enemy of eggs?and
the following simple rules will add
dollars to the poultry yard returns:
Keep the nests clean.
Gather eggs twice daily
Keep the eggs in a cool, dry room
or cellar.
Market the eggs at least twice a
Mite Paints.
Kerosene (coal oil) 1 gallon.
Crude carbolic acid or coaltar 1-2
Lard 2 tablespoonfuls.
Melt the lard, add it to the kerosene
and stir in the carbolic acid or
Fleas are brown in color and attach
themselves to the side of the
face and under the beak of the fowls.
They can be removed with one greasdevelop
on the shanks and feet of
breed in the sand or dust where
chickens congregate and to rid the
premises saturate their breeding
place with mite paint or similar disinfectant.
Scaly Legs.
This unsightly poultry disease is
exceedingly costagious. Scaly growths
in# of mercurial ointment. They
poultry and are caused by the ravages
of a mite. '
Insect Pests of Poultry?Lice.
Lice live and breed on poultry and
can be exterminated by greasing each
fowl with 33 per cent of mercurial
ointment. The <grea?e is placed on
the flesh 'below the vent covering a
-space not larger than a 25 cent piece <
irrr rAvrc t>t> I ,
TY ?LtU.aLJ A iVJL.00 t j
? I'
Special Trains Arranged to Bring ;
Journalists to Town and Take i <
Them Away. J ]
The State. j
York, May 7.?Following a confer- ,
ence held here Friday evening be- J
tween Joe Sparks, secretary of the j:
South Carolina Press association, and |;
members of the committees in charge
of the entertainment for the members ,
of the Fourth Estate, it was definitely
decided tfcat the association
would meet this year on June 7 and
continue through June 10 instead of
June 12-15 as had originally been
planned. In addition to this, the complete
programme for the meeting was
It was decided that all members
of the association will be routed via
nninmKio and win reach Rock Hill
at 6:47 o'clock on the evening of
Wednesday, June 7. There a special
train will be waiting for them and
they will be brought direct to York.
As soon as assigned to the homes of
the town, the association will be called
to order.
The first event on the programme
for Wednesday evening will te vn address
of welcome by the mayor of ,
York. This will be followed by a re
sponse on behalf of the press association
which will be delivered by Col.
William Banks, editor of the Columbia
Record and president of the South
Carolina Press association. The principal
address for Wednesday evening
will be delivered by Thomas W. Loyless,
editor of the Augusta iClironicle
and one of the best known newspaper
men in the South. In addition
to this, there will be two papers read
on journalism by members of the association.
. On Thursday, June 8, the members
will be. carried on an automobile trip
to historic King's Mountain battlefield,
where a short address on the
subject of the battle will be delivered
by..Col. Hion McKissick, now of
- Greenville but formerly editor of the
Richmond Times-Dispatch. Returning,
lunch will be served at All Healncr
snrin??s Tihursdav evening a re-j
?x O-- ? ^ _
ception will be tendered by the people
of York to all the visiting editors and
an opportunity will be given the public
to meet the editors and know them !
personally. This event will take place
in the White Rose club rooms.
Friday morning at 10 o'clock the
R>Y 1> -9>
in Agent Prosperity, S .C
omics Prosperity, S. C. ^
with a small amount of ointment.
This ointment poisons tlie lice and
need not be applied oftener than once
a month. If small chicks have head
lice, anoint the head and under the
beaik wi.j a mixture 1 part 33 per
cent mercurial ointment, 4 part
Mites remain on the roost, in the
nests or in the crevices of poultry
Louses during the day and crawl on
tne fowl", at night to feed.
Mites are killed by painting or
spraying the roosts, nests and places
where they congregate with the following:
A good grass range is helpful in
eradicating the disease.
Treatment. Cleanse the legs by
washing with hot water, soap and a
hand brush. Dry the legs and immerse
in a solution of equal parts of
kerosene and cotton seed oil. Treat
twice daily for a few days and then
once daily until the shanks resume
their normal appearance.
The above remedies are the ones
used by Frank C. Hare, poultry specialist
and all farmers should pre-1
serve this copy of The Herald and
News, or copy the recipe so that they
can be had and used at any time.
Advertise your wants and offerings
in the farmers exchange column.
I am daily receiving inquiries concerning
articles listed. Among the
inquries last week two came from
Spartanburg county and one from Sa- j
luda county. This goes to show that
it is becoming more popular and is
being watched by the farmers.
Milk cows by 3 or 4.
To pay $1.00 per bushel for cow
For Sale or Lease.
1 registered Red Poll Bull, 4 years
Dw/NorvArif r rvV?/\n A O/VAO
1/iU, IT yiAi/UL*; OVVvl.
association will convene for a business
session. At this time there will
3e four newspaper addresses and this
svill be followed by the election of
officers for the ensuing year. On
Friday night an address will be delivered
by Dr. Talcott Williams, president
of the Columbia School of
On Saturday, the concluding day of
th<i session, the members of the press
association will be carried on a special
train, leaving York at 9:30
trw FVlernrmt V C!._ "the little
Switzerland." It is said that there
is no more beautiful scenery in the
country than that to be eeen between
this point and the North Carolina
town. The trip will extend to the
terminus of the Carolina & Northwestern
railroad, over which the trip
will be made, and lunch will be served
in the club house at Edgmont. Short
stops may possibly be arranged for
this trip at Gastonia, N. C., Hickory,
N. C., and Lenoir, ;N. C.
In addition to the addresees already
placed on the programme, a
few impromptu remarks will be made
by Charles M. Galloway, now chief
of the civil service commission of the
United States a^d formerly news editor
of The State: A. H. Turnev of
the Western Newspaper Union; V. <C.
Gardner of the United Press association;
Daniel C. Roper, first assistant
postmaster general of the United
States and others.
While here for 'tis- visit Friday
evening Mr. Sparks said that every
indication is to the effect that there
will be more people in attendance at
the York meeting than at any previous
meeting of ihe association. He
says that he has already received assurance
from a large part of the membership
of the association to the effect
that they are coming. This is very
pleasing news to York people since
York folks say that there can't be too
many in attendance, and it is the
general opinion here "the more the
T ? ft A . 5 ^ A ?1l
merrier." June t, 5, ? ana iu win
be red letter days for York.
County Medical Society.
Regular meeting of the Newberry
County Medical society in Dr. Pelham's
office Friday afternoon May
12th at 3 o'clock.
Paper, by Dr. ^G. Y. Hunter.
Dr. Houseal will make report on
the State convention held recently In
Jno. B. Setzler,
P&?r-:r ... . vr. ' '-J1 ^4 ..
To Weak, Nervous, Run-Down Women!
So. Cumberland, Md.?"For a long j
time I suffered from a nervous breakdown.
I could not eat or sleep and was
so weak I could hardly walk. My husband
heard about Vinol and cot me to I
try it Now I have a good appetite,
sleep soundly and am well and strong.
Everjr nervous, weak, run-down woman
should try Vinol.?Mrs. D. W. Kerns.
Vinol is a delicious cod liver and iron
tonic, without oil, which we guarantee
to create a healthy appetite, aid digestion
and make pure healthy blood.
Gilder & "Weeks, Druggists. Newberry.
9. C.
onilj 1/AUUlIlLU UVUUlil
Mrs. Taylor Says "All This Improvement
Was GiTen By Three Bottles
of Tanlac."
How her daughter had been under
medical treatment for eighteen (IS)
years without obtaining permanent
relief but growing steadily worse in
some respects and how taking just
three bottles of Tanlac had relieved
her suffering and had done wonderful
work in restoring her daughter's
health, was explained by Mrs. W. S.
'Taylor, proprietress of the Taylor
House, at 1818 1-2 Main St., Columbia,
S. C., in one of the most remarkable
statements given the Tanlac representative
by any Columbian.
"I think the work of Tanlac is almost
a miracle, so great was the relief
it gave my daughter," said Mrs. i
Taylor. "It is a wonderful remedy.
I never knew of anything like it,"
she added.
After stating that she could heart
ily endorse Tanlac, Mrs. Taylor said: I
"My daughter suffered from a nervous
breakdown, it seemed, for five
(5) years. -The doctors did not know
what was the matter with her. She
had no appetite and could -cot sleep.
She had lost weight and lacked energy.
Her system was in a terribly
run down condition.
"She had been under medical treatment
for eighteen (18) years?since
sTie was just a little girl. She was
always rather listless, and never was
strong and healthy like other girls.
Finally, her condition became so bad
that an operation was thought nec
essary, and she underwent the operation.
She did not show the improvement
that was expected, however. In
fact, she did not seem to receive any
particular permanent benefit from it.
"Like thousand of others, I suppose,
I bought Tanlac because I had
read so many of the testimonials telling
of the great value it possesses.
It is just wonderful the way Tanlac
helped my daughter! Her nerves
were quited by this remedy in a really
wonderful way. It gave her a great
appetite, an appetite that was so good
she would eat the three regular meals
each day and then would get some
thing more to eat at night before she
retired. She began to sleep like a
child, something she had >not done in
many months, and, all this improvement
in her condition was brought
about by just three bottles of Tanlac.
"I recomend Tanlac because it is a
wonderful remedy. I never knew of
anything like it. I think the work
this medicine is doing is miraculous.
I have no objection to your publishing
this statement and saying I sure
do believe in Tanlac, for I would like
for everybody to know of its value."
Tanlac, the master medicine, is sold
exclusively by Gilder & Weeks,
Newberry; Prosperity Drug Co., Prosperity;
Little Mountain Drug Co., Little
Mountain; Dr. W. O. Hollo wa.y,
Chappells; TVhitmire Pharmacy, Whitmire;
D. .T. Livingston, Silverstreet.
Price Si per bottle straight?Adv.
Ladle*! Ask your Druggist for
fc. is Chl-chcs-ter 3 Diamond IlrandA'VN
I*llls in Red and Gold nietallic\VV
boxes, sealed with Blue Ribboa. \/
"pN Take no other. Buy of yoar ?
*7 ~ (if prnsclKt- AskforCIH-CIIES-TEKS
\V P+ years known as Best, Safest, Always Reliabli
V _/- i:ni o 3v not^nKrrv p'PPVM/ur;??
Write for catalog and price
Box 165,
Subscribe to The Herald and News,
with good oil liniment. That's
the surest way to stop them.
^The best rubbing liniment isjj
nuo i AHaj
Good for the Ailments of
Horses, Mules, Cattle, Etc.
Qood for your own Aches,
Pains, Rheumatism, Sprains,
Cuts, Burns, Etc.
2:>c. 50c. $1. At all Dealers.
*- vi kj it vw
I. Sellem declares that in every
fourth box of soap he sells there is
a dollar bill. He doesn't intend to
give one away but Ham and -Bud by
a clever ruse succeed in getting a
greenback from him. Their attention
is drawn to a charity bazaar, and they
enter. It's all off when Ruby Lyps
is disclosed with a sign over her
head reading "Kisses $1.00 Each. For
Sweet Charity." Having paid their
way in Ham and Bud only have
eighty cents between xthem. Their {
efforts to make the eighty cents do
the work of a dollar wind the bazaar
up in a whirlwind finish but there's
still more fun in store for Ham and
Bud when they get jobs in the kitchen
of a fashionable restaurant.
One of Interest to Our Readers.
Good news bears repeating, and
when it is confirmed after a long
lapse of time, even if we hesitated to
believe it at first hearing, we feel secure
in accepting its truth now. The
following experience of a Newberry
woman is confirmed after five years.
Mrs. J. B. Amicli, 1130 Summer
St., Newberry, says: "I had backache
and pains in my head. I was
dizzy and nervous and spo's often
floated before my eyes. The kidney
secretions were irregular in passage
and I knew my kidneys were out of
order. Doan's Kidney Pills soon made
me feel better in every way and my
kidneys became 'normal." (Statement
given March 23, 1911.)
On November 20. 1914, Mrs. Amick
said: "Whenever I have a return of
kidney trouble, due to a cold settling
on my kidneys, I use Doan's Kidney
Pjlls and they give me prompt relief."
50c, at all dealers. Foster-Milburn
Co., "Props:, Buffalo, N. Y.
Every Corn Var ishes by Using
Wonderful Simple
"Gets-It" Never Fails
Applied in 2 Seconds.
Isn't it wonderful what a difference
just a little "Gets-It" makes?on corns
and calluses? It's always night somewhere
in the world, with many folks
humped up, with cork-screwed faces,
? T rtn^u Pom' T r.nt niil nf M? i
IJ JL fuu ?. V?AV. * -VI V*. ,,
Corns With Gets-It'!"
gouging, picking, drilling out their corns,
making packages of their toes with plasters,
bandages, tape and contraptions?
and the "holler" in their corns goes on
forever! Don't you do it. Use "GetsIt."
it's marvelous, simple, never fails.
Apply it in 2 seconds. Nothing to stick
to the stocking, hurt or irritate the toe
Pain stops. Gorn comes "clean off,"'
- ' -C
quick. Its one 01 tne gems ui uic |
world. Try it?you'll kick?from joy
For corns, calluses, warts, bunions.
"Gets-It" is sold everywhere, 25c a
bottle, or sent direct by E. Lawrence &
Co., Chicago, 111. Sold in Newberry and
recommended- as the world's best corn
refedy by Gilder & Weeks, W. G. Mayes,
and P. E. Way.
Will tare Rheumatism, Neuralgia,
Headaches, Cramps, Colic
Sprains, Bruises, Cuts, Burns, Old
Sores, Tetter, Ring-Worm - Eczema,
ere. Av/A-vr/^z AncJra*
tor Forty I ears l
Vegetable Cor
Woman's Most
?Here is Mor
To won)en who are s
woman's special ills, and ha
down, the three following let
old I got marri
MP H ltwins ana il ieu
|g?^ "not walk acros
[ft ^1 down to rest an
fit $&* ' au(^ ^o my wor^
Mgp^: me I had a dL
have to have an
jSKIl . much that I di
X XJ. j:wpt\ heard of Lydia
. \ S lWli. ^ thought I won
*- '?I well as ever. I
Pinkham remedies."?Mrs. Maym:
Testimony fr
Lawton, Okla. ? "When I t
Vegetable Compound I seemed to
and had headaches much of the tin
before my little child was born ai:
good at that' time. I never fail i
Vegetable Compound to ailing w<
for me."?-Mrs. A. L. McCaslaxd,
From a Grateful Massachi
Roxbury, Mass.?" I was suff(
mation and was examined by a ph
that my trouble was caused bj
My symptoms were bearing dowi
and sluggish liver. I tried sever
cine; then I was asked to try L\
~\TanfQfoUla Tr. i>1
7 k/AV VV4UyV/UlU4? AW uuv v
pleased to be in my usual good }
and highly recommend it." ? M
1 Haynes Park, Roxbury, Mass.
If you want special advic<
E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (c<
tetter will be opened, read and
in strict confidence.
Pecan Nufc
/i.. t_*
For 85
Jh Mm* A ?
Gilder & j
?> <?>
<S> A WOMAN'S *>
$ f <?
Is dirt. Borax removes dirt. it
kills germs. It is woman's natural
ally for cleanliness.
Sprinkle borax freely und " sinks,
drains, or wherever there is danger
of germs. The best washing compound
is made of one part Jborax and
three parts soap. It makes your
" icwqci trouble?
Ciotnes CltitLlCl nuu
and less expense.
All grocers sell the famous "20
Mule Team Borax" and "20 ..Mule
Team Borax Soap Chips."
A 25c package of chips will do more
~ ** * * - j* i ?
cleaning than 5Uc worm 01 oar
or washing powders.
fb Drive Out Malaria
And Build Up The System
Take the Old Standard GROVE'S
TASTELESS chill TONIC. You know
What you are taking, as the formula is
printed on every label, showing it 2s
and Trnti in a tasteless form.
% -?%* ?
The Quinine drives out malaria, the
Tro? builds up the system. 50 cents
1r ffii* ,
? I w
-ydia EL Pinkham's I
npound Has Been 1
: Reliable Medicine , J
e Proof, j
uffering from some form of
ve a constant fear of breaking I
ters ought to bring hope:? <
don, Wis. ? u When I was 16 years
ed and at 18 years I gave birth to
t me with very poor health. I could
ss the floor without having to sit
d it was hard for me to keep about
I went to a doctor and he told
^placement and ulcers, and would
l operation. This frightened me so
d not know what to do. Having
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
ild give it a trial and it made me as
. cannot say enough in favor of the
e Asbacd, North Crandon, Wis.
om Oklahoma.
>egan to take Lydia E. Pinkhain's
be good for nothing. I tired easily
le and was irregular. I look it again
id it did me a wonderful amount of
;o recommend Lydia E. Pinkham^s
omen because it has done so much509
Have St., Lawton, Okla.
usetts Woman. 4 8
; writ? to Lydia M
onfidential) Lynn, Mass. Your
-? 1 kAl/l
answcreu. uy ** w viuau ouu uuu
5 in Cream J I
i Style)
C Pound I
Yeeks Co. 1
I will make a final settlement of^B I
-r T-I C"U^?
I til6 6SlUte OL naiiina oacaiy m
probate court for Newberry County,
S. C., on Tuesday the 30th day ofH
May, 1916, at 10 o'clock in the fore?
noon and will immediately thereafter
ask for my discharge as executors ofl
said estate. M
R. 0. Shealy,
G. E. Shealy,
April 29.
utriu iirnit.uio ninn umiaiu J
WtA&i ncnvuud umu irummya
Made Well By Delicious Vinol * 1
Bellefontaine, Ohio. ?" My blood was I
eery poor ? I was in a weak, nervous,
run-down condition. I tried different I
remedies without benefit and one day I
my druggist told me about Vinol. I
tried.it and it built me up in every way A
blood, strength and nerves, ana I tell^H
my friends it is the best medicine
eart\ Mrs. Earl Brunson. m
; Vinpl, our delicious cod liver andjfl
tonic without oil, sharpens the app?
aids digestion, enriches the blood
in this natural manner creates strength* f
| Gilder & Weeks, Druggists, New-B

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