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j|e ^tralD anil jests.!
btered at the Postoffice at New (
S. G, as 2nd class matter.
Friday, iMfcy 12, ljl6.
rrhe friends of Governor Manning
or some persons thereunto duly authorized,
according to .newspaper reports,
have gotten out a thirty-one
-page pamphlet entitled, "Some Reasons
Why the Governor Should Be
Re-elected." We take it for granted
that the majority of the reasons
wfcich occurred to the writers have
been set forth with more than "due
care under the circumstances."
The little pamphlet, is not entirely
* *- -- ? ^ IA Z4>
Wliat it purports to oe, or n it its,
is more than what it purports to be.
It is a joke book cleverly gotten up
toy the authors. Interspersed with
the many imaginary reasons discovered
as to why the governor and nobody
else should be elected, are
a number of good jokes, which ti?
carefully inclined may work out.
much as you look for a needle in a
The little book will be of great
use to guests entertaining parties of
summer visitors. Many pleasant
^ n-nnr* + i T-i 11 n.Hn cr
evenings may uc sjltcxic -i"- iiuui".0
out the jokes and in eliminating them
in guessing which one of the governor's
story writers got off the particular
joke found. Prizes may he
awarded to the person finding the
most jokes and guessing who wrote
them. 1
In- these guessing contests, in order
to give the guessers a start it is
usual to take one of the puzzles to
i>e solved, solve it for the guessers,
and thus put them on the right track.
In line with this ancient' custom we
kniM*/) oniOCp t"Vl ij t fVkl /W* W.
uaifrviu tiiu ??% *? w. . . ...
Bradley got tbis one off on the governor:
He is ".not a politician."?
Abbeville Press and Banner.
We have jiot had the pleasure of
receiving a copy of this "Joke Book,"
but we are- still hoping that we may
have that, pleasure. We published the
reriey, of it that the Columbia correspondent
of the News and Courier
sent to that paper. If it affords the
pleasure and the amusement during
the summer that the Press and Ban
'* ?~ ~ ? ?a?vnn fnr tho
ner ?>u?ge?>us, ic may icjiaji wi .
time and labor expended on it.
Col. Bradley is not alone in getting
off the aphorism that "he is not
a politician." If we are not mistaken
our local contemporary said something
about the same, or words to
that effect.
We hope our friend, Caldwell of tlie
News and Courier, will send us a!
copy of the "Joke Book." We are a j
little short on jokes that are fresh, j
Don't forget to use the old split
log drag on some of these roads that
have been worked recently by the
chain, gang. Ii will help to keep
them good.
Greenville coanty lias fifty eight
schools that receive State aid. Of
these fifty six are rural graded
schools. The total amount of State j
aid going to Greenville county is $14, j
000. Newberry gets aid for seven i
schools, a total of $895.00. Until j
three years .ago Newberry got State j
aid only for two high schools and the j
little amount for building purposes, j
Three years ago six rural graded
schools Nere established. (The four
mill tax has been voted in several {
other districts but the requirements
for the rural graded school have been
met in only two or three other
schools. We should have several more
rural graded schools. In some of the
districts the children are lacking. !
I l
We know Dr. James P. Kinard,
former president of Anderson college,
but we .sever saw the man (
whose picture appear above Dr.
Kinard's name in the Newberry Observer.?York
We are inclined to think you have
the papers mixed up a little. The J
Observer did print a real picture of J
Dr. Kinard, though it was made some j
few years ago and maybe before you <
knew him, hut it does look like he <
looked at that time. The one The Her- 1
aid and News printed was not Dr. 1
Kinard and we have said nothing j 1
about it -because we did not know and j;
do .not now know who it is. There is 1
in some respects a slight, resem- I
> : . .
)lance. The State some time during j I
he year when the State Teachers met 1
in Columbia printed a cut from a re- 1
Dent picture of Dr. Kinard and they
were kind enough to. lend it to 'The 1
Herald and News, or what they
thought was it, and We took no proof 1
> i
of it until the paper was piit to press
and then it was let it go or miss the
mail and we let 'er go. We have said
- - 4 * - wa .IrAnf
nothing aDout 11 uecaube nc
thinking that we would get the right
cut, but inasmuch as you charge our
contemporary with doing that for
which we are responsible we are going
to admit that it was ue.
? Ml
It would seem that the warehouse
people want a campaign and want it
to last a long time at each county
seat. They are asking for an hour
for their representative. He will have
to run for another office besides lieutenant
governor for the plan has
been to give that office only about
five minutes. IWthy not have a warehouse
campaign of the State and appoint
separate meetings and let the
commissioner and any others who
might desire to be heard have all the
time they want and as long as the
people will listen. To announce for
any office has the tendency to make
people believe that it is putting the
warehouse system in politics whether
it is or not. The human kind is more
prone to believe that which is bad
than to believe the good. To strenj\hen
the system, if it needs legislative
strengthening, is to get the right men
In the legislature, senate and house.
The above was written for an issue
last week but was crowded* out. We
see no reason to change the opinion
expressed except to add that we
think if it is necessary to bring the
warehouse proposition before the
people the better plan would be to
nave a separate campaign m eu ligation
and let that be the main thing
to be talked at the meeting and the
I meetings could be advertised in all
the papers and the people who wanted
to get inofrmation could attend.
It would be better to have the subject
discussed apart from the political
campaign. And besides we do .not see
how the State convention could grant
the request.
The Anderson Farmers Tribune
has a good deal to say about the |
wines served at the State Bar association
and the Scotch on the boat, ride
around the harbor. Now, so far as
we are concerned we don't endorse
the criticism, because as we see It a \
bar association in the city of Charleston
without a little wine and
Scotch and so on would be a very
tame affair, but there is some force
in the statement that if a few of us
farmers wanted to have a little beer ,
and only a few bottles of Scotch at a
barbecue somewhere in' the country, j
why the constables would be right!
down on us and Cannon Blease and
his deputies and the rest of them'
would be rignt aner seizing jr. i\ow, j
/ i
really, what's the difference as to the:
enforcing of the law? Honest, now,
could all that liquor have been served
on that boat and all that wine at
the banquet, without some one violating
the law, just as much if we were '
to invite a few of our friend^ to eat
a few cheese and crackers with us,
and we should order a barrel of beer
to make the crackers the more pala-!.
table? It may be that a dispensation |
was granted for this purpose and if :
so no doubt we could get one to serve 3
a little beer at one of our county bar- 1
becues. "What's the difference so far
as enforcement of the law is con-' r
:erned? \
? |
The Herald and News has taken a r
few subscriptions for the Progressive <
Parmer that were not sent to the Pro- ?ressive
Farmer until last week. We 1
>verlooked sending them in promptly i.
ind if some few of those who gave us
their subscriptions failed to receive
:he paper the fault was ours. Now,
however, so far as our records show
ill subscriptions taken for the paper *
lave been sent in and if any one who ?
las given us a subscription for the i
Progressive Farmer fails to receive |
t we would be pleased to have you
lotify us so that we may look it up. ;
In tliis connection we desire to say
hat for the next 30 days at least we :
will take subscriptions for the Proi
gressive Farmer in connection with (
rhe Herald and News for $1.75 for a ,
year for both papers making the Pro- <
gressive Farmer cost you only 25
cente a year. It is one of the best;
farm papers published and The Herald
and News is one of the best semiweekly
papers published and this of-/*
fer gives you two of the jaest papers
published a whole year for only $1.75.
Do not delay sending in your subscription.
This offer is for the cash
and for not less than a year for both
iPwist it and turn it as v.e may, the
greatest issue in politics is. "who is
to get the jobs?"?Yorkville Enqurier.
And after they get the jobs the av- j
erage politician has no further use j
for you except as you may he needed \
to get other jobs. But then there;
should be no complaint along that j
line for human nature is very selfish j
and all of us have more or less of j
ihuman nature^ The thing for the!
voter to do is to vote for the man
who offers who is in the judgment of;
the voter the best equipped as to j
ability, fitness and character to dis-j
charge the duties of the office he is !
seeking. There is no use for any of
us to fall out with our neighbors because
we differ on these questions.
The editor has been away since
Tuesday and this paper has been in
the hands of the junior manager. We
hope it is all right and we believe it
C&rd of Thanks.
Mrs. J. W. Darnell wishes to thank
the people of Chappells and the surrounding
community for their kindness
during the illness of her daughter,
Mr6. H. C. Dominick.
Be It Ordained bv the Council of the
Town of Newberry assembled
That all motor driven vehicles shall \
"^- * " ~ ? f f Vi a inforcoof inn i
LU*ULi^ IU it i U11 5tUp ai tuc i
of Caldwell and Main 6treets.
DO'/.e and ratified this 9th day of
.May, 1916.
Z F. Wright,
J. W. Chapman,
At the Opera House.
lYifere prettiness is so common to j
the screen as to attract no special at- j
tention, but beauty ravishing in its |
perfection of features and figure, is
more than unusual on the screen, j
stage or in real life. 1 At'
the Opera House on Tuesday,!
May 16, Miss Kitty Gordon will make ;
her first screen appearance in the1
iWbrld Film Corporation's big produc- j
tio.i of "As in a Looking Glass," and i
the patrons of this theatre may come j
011 that date confident that they are
to see the most perfect photographic :
visualization of unaparalleled beauty
ever filmed.
For many years Miss Gordon lias1
been known as one of the few real,
beauties of the stage. But there are
many types of beauty, and of these
there are few that survive the inexorable
eye of the motion-picture cam-,
era and reappear on the screen with- i
out loosing some of their points of j
charm.. Miss Gordon, however, has
proved to be so perfectly adapted to
motion-picture requirements that her i
appearance 011 the screen is one of j
ravishing, intoxicating loveliness. So '
perfect in face and figure does this ;'
noted British beauty appear in her j
first picture that her management en- j
thusiastically proclaims its belief that!1
motion-picture patro::s throughout j'
the world will instantaneously 1*6- ^J
2eive her as the "loveliest woman on 1
:he screen." j]
T-1- - - a ~ 11 1 - : ~
i lie story ui AS HI a. . jjuwiug
jlass"' deals with diplomatic intrigue *
jii fashionable Washington society. (
rhere is a succession of sensationally J1
Jramatic scenes, throughout which s
Miss Gordon is given every opportun- 1
ity to display her remarkable dra- *
natic powers as well a*? a bewilder- *
ng array of gowns and hats.
Iiri support of Miss Gordon appears j *
i notable cast, including such names :
ir. F T.umsden Hare. Frank Gold- \ t
smith. Gladden James, Teddy Samp-j
;on. Charles Eldridge, Mrs. Wood
vard. Lillian Cook, George Majorim j
tnd B. Massi. The ^picture was staged j under
the direction of Frank Crane. ;
Due to the long dry spell, our wells
ire gradually failing, and we have
been obliged to stop sprinkling the
streets, and request .to the users of
the city water to economize as much
is possible, and for the present dis
continue the sprinkling of lawns and
gardens. Your'" cooperation requestBd.
Very respectfully,
M. L. Spearman,
Chairmaa Commission of Public
Whereas, one-third of the resident j
electors and a like proportion of the I
resident freeholders of the age of
twenty-one years, in Central School
District, No. 21, of the County of
Newberry, State of South Carolina,
have filed a petition with the County
Board of Education of Newberry
County, South Carolina, petitioning
and requesting /that an election be i
held in said School District on the
question of levying an special tax of
two (2) mills to be collected on all
the taxable property within the said
School District.
Now, therefore, we the undersignJ
ed, composing the County Board of
Education for Newberry County, State j
of South Carolina, do hereby order j
the Board of Trustees of the Central j
School District No. 21, to hold an j
election on the said question of levy-1
ing a special tax of two (2) mills to
be collected on the property located
in the said School District, which
said election shall be held at the
Central School Fjuse in said School
District No. 21, on Saturday, the 3rd
day of June, 1916, at which said
election the polls shall be opaned at
7 a. m. and closed at 4 p. m.
The members of the Board of Trustees
of said School District shall
act as managers of said election.
Only such electors as reside in said
School District and return real or
personal property for taxation, and
who exhibit thier tax receipts and
registration certificates a3 required
in general elections, shall be allowed
to vote. Electors favoring the levy
of such tax shall cast a ballot containing
the word "Yes" written or
printed thereon, and each elertor opposed
to such levy shall cast a ballot
containing the word "No" written or:
printed thereon.
Given under our hands a?nd seal this!
the 11th day of May, 1916.
Chas. P. Barre,
J. S. Wheeler,
0. B. Cannon.
Members of County Board of Eduea-1
hVhereas, one-third of the resident
electors and a like proportion of the 1
resident freeholders of the age of j
twenty-one years in St. Phillips j
School District No. 22, of the County j
of Newberry, State df South Carolina,;
have filed a petition with the Coun-1
ty Board of Education of Newberry !
VUUI11V, OCTULU UdlUiiiid, pcuLivunib i
and requesting that an election be i
held in said School District on the
question of levying an additional spe
cial tax of four ^4) mills to-be collected
on all the taxable property
within the said School District.
Now, therefore, we the undersign-;
ed, composing the County Board of >
Education for Newberry County, State!
of South Carolina, do here^vy order J
the Board of Trustees of the St. Phillips
School District Xo. 22, to hold an I
' - - -? "? x.* l I,
election 011 tne saici quesi.on <jjl leaving
an additional special tax of four
(4) mills to be collected on the propi
erty located in the said School District,
which said election shall be
held at the St. Phillips School House
in said School District Xo. 22, on Saturday,
June 10, 1916. at which said
election the polls shall be opened at1
7 a. m. and closed at 4 p. m.
The members of the Board of Trus1
:ees of said Scliool District shall act
is managers of said election. Only;
>uch electors as reside in said School J
District and return real or personal j
property for taxation, and who ex-;
libit their tax receipts and registra- j
ion certificates as required in -g&n- j
>ral elections, shall be allowed to j
rote. Electors favoring the levy of i
such tax shall cast a ballot contain-1
ng the word "Yes" writtem or print-;
xl thereon, and each elector opposed;
o such levy shall cast a ballot conaining
the word "Xo"' written or
printed thereon. |
Given under our hands a>nd seal this
"he 11th day of May, 1916. J
Chas. P. Barre,
J. S. Wheeler,
O. B. Cannon,
Members of County Beard of Educa- j
tion. '
Tlie Jaipa School.
Jalapa graded school will give a'
public exhibition t'ree of charge on
the e eni g of (.way ISth, beginning
at 8:30 p. m.
Welcome (Address?^Helen Connor,
Claud Sligh. j
Tom Thumb Wedding?James Sub-]
er, Catherine Elmore. Earl Folk, Phil- j
lip Mayer, J. C. Bickley, Mildred Glas- j
gow, Rubie Miller, Helen Connor, 1
Margaret Glasgow, Louise Connor,J
Mary Miller, Helen Folk, Nancy
Bickley, Loena Shannon, Gladis Mc- j
Dowell, O'Neal Mayer, Legrand Der-1
Eth'opian Farce?Horace Gruber,'
Lucile Suber, Lovina Suber, Lenora
Miller, Mary Miller, IM'arie Wessinger.1
Henry Suber, Earl Folk, Duncan |
Slieh Farrow Frank Gla<^ow Geo. !
Miller, David Gradiek.
Rose Drill?Myrtle Sligh, Beroice
Sligh, Blanche Folk, Ida Folk, Ethel (
Wcssinger, Mary Lou Glasgow. rVJ.ildred
Glasgow, Louise Connor, Mary '
Chalmers. Azile Miller, Anna Suber, |
Luicle Suber, Lovina Suber, Lenora:
Suber, Mary Miller.
May Pole?Ruby Miller. Mary Mill- j
er. Lore :a Shannon, Nancy Bickley,
Louise Connor, Helen Connor, Mar-1
22 ret Glasgow. Mildred Glassow.
Helen Folk, Catherine Elmore.
Glad:lis iv/cDowell, Lovinia Suber.
Prizes for perfect attendance, spelling
and scholarship will be awarded.
Metorolog-ieal Record April 1916.
t.Yean maximum 75.2.
Mean minimum 47.7.
Mean 61.4.
Maximum 90; date. 13,-20.
Minimum 35; date, 9.
Greatest daily range 42.
Total precipitation 1.41 inch.
Greatest in 24 hours .79: date. 3.
Number of days with .01 inch or
more precipitation 7; clear, 12; fair,
14; cloudy, 4. . ...
Killing frost on 10th.
* Thunder 24.
10 potatoes and -beans killed.
27 some cotton killed, beans and
Deficiency in rainfall 4 months
4.83 inches.
W. G. Peterson,
C. O.
I "For The
By Hector and M
I 1 *.
i nave ai
Scott's stables
mules and s
hand mules.
I will sel
very reasona
close them ou
J. A. B
Trinity ScIiooL i
There are few schools of Newberry
couxty that have made the progress
in the past four years that Trinity \
school has. This school is one of th*
few two teacher rural schools of
which our county boasts. It was of
the one-teacher shoe-box type four
years ago but in a live, community it >
is impossible to keep a school /I own.
'The good people voted on themselves,
an extra four mill U<x aad by this ad- _
ditional tax secured . two hundred |
dollars from the State, funds. _ \
According to the school law of our
State this school was then able to .
have an additional teacher and- remodel
the building. These people are \
to be congratulated on the improvement
made in the building, which is
now built on a modern 6tyle. It is
well equipped with patent desks and ' ^
the required number of lineal feet of
good blackboards. The good ladies of
the school are now proposing to put
folding doors between the two rooms
and by this addition will be better
fixed to use the school building as a
community centre.
There is an enrollment of more
than sixty pupils and we hope this
number will grow larger with each
We had the pleasure of attending
the exercises at this school on last
Friday evening. The program was
as follows: .
Pantomine?"Abide With Me."
Motion song in costume?"Comin*
Thru the Rye."
Motion song in costume?"Yankee
Address by Col. E. H. Aull.
From the refreshments served on the
grouuds, they received a neat little
sum which will be used for improvements.
The County Democratic Ex^cutif* t
committee will meet at 'Newberry
court house on Saturday, May 20th,
at 11 o'clock a. m. All of the members
are requested to be present.
Frank R. Hunter,
County Chairman.
arcade"] *
SKY Presents | ^
Defense" I ]
argaret Turnbull - I ,
ES! (
Purcell and I
a few fresh fl
ome second 1
I these at a J
ble price to 1

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