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I Mail Orders F
A hia sale of n&
^ ,
most every line, it wi
values^oul) have to
Silk Pof
Beautiful and st
Copen, Black, Res
good styles. Andli
ced to $4.98 for qi
A great assort
Blouses, copies of
embroidered. Colo
etc., price special i
Beautiful Tub S
cuffs, guaranteed 1
all sizes. Extra sp<
All Silks 1
Tub Silks in nea
Navy and Black
Silk Pongees for
ment of stripes, ya
Georgettes and 1
40 new, large si
Special for this sal
" ' '"I!
The Wooltex Store
SnCinofic Wfifta nf TOwfl DftfttPOTftd?
Two Stores left?Fire Early
Morning- Last Friday.
fTihe State.
FWihifcmire, May 12.?This monning
about 5 o'clock fire was discovered in
the rear of 'P. B. O'Dell's Kvery stable
and in a few moments it was seen the
business part of town was doomed,
for in two whole blocks not a shingle
escaped the flames, every house
therein having been completely destroyed.
'T!he most prominent establishments
affected by the fire were
those of C. H. Cooper company,
Glenn-Lowry Manufacturing company.
Miller Bros., J. G. Setzler and Dr.
Hilton, all of whom had l3rge capital
and did imense business. The firms
carried insurance but not sufficient to
cover losses.
Among the burned buildings was
thp hut the nostmaster.
David Duncan, saved all the mail and
important papers and letter boxes.
By the afternoon the pcstoffice was
fitted up in the hotel building.
A dozen or more small merchants
managed to save their goods. The j
calamity is so shocking the victims
of the fire have not yet decided what
to do except the Gtenn-Lowry company,
which will build at once, and do
business on larger scale than ever.
P. B. O'Dell had no insurance and
lost all his ^vehicles, a fine horse and
much forage.
There are only- two stores now in
"Whitmire, that of A,- J. Holt and I
"Whitmire Surulv company. j
This is ibe only fire of consequence
to occur in this prosperous towin. It
has no "fire department. The cause
of fire is unknown, but is supposed to .
have been caused by a careless negro
with cigarettes while feeding stock
at the stable. The
town is in darkness tonight on .
account of the electric lights haying i
been put out of commission.
%p'1rjfc<v TIIE DIAMOND BRAND. /;
/TSyX Ladles! AsU yonr Druggist for A\
is Chl-ehe?-ter g Diamond Kraati/A \
nils in Red and Gold DeaUic^f/
Vv y?S l?>xcs, sealed with Blue Ribbon. \/
Tcfce no other. Buy of your *
i'l ~ flf I>r --cist. A^<forCill.CUE8.T?Hts
}C W ?> 'O.VD BRAND P!1,5,S, for 2H
\ fcZ ve: jwnaiLest,Safest, AlwCysReli.'ii i*
ilied Same Day as R
w merchandise. From now un
11 pay you to visit our store of
> come see for yourself.
>lin Dresses $4.98
;ylish Poplin dresses in Na\
;eda, Lavender, etc. Made
former price was $8,50, red
lick selling. 38 to 44 bust.
te Crepe Blouses
ment of fine Georgette Cre
imported models, some ha
rs. Rnsp. MmVp. Whil
7 j J '
ilk Waists
ilk Waists, metal on pockets a
;o wash. Colors, flesh and whii
scial, each $1.95.
Reduced for this Sal
,t waists patterns, 65 cent
Taffeta, 36 inches wide, yd....
shirts and shirt waists, big
Chiffons in all the wanted sha
id Spread Sale
low white spreaas, good pa
e, each 98c. Others $1.39, $1
Mower's Old
Eight Big Plants to Be Disposed of
Making Safe Basis for
Tihe State.
Greenville, May 11.?The -directors
and stockholders of the Parker Cotton
Mills company decided at a meeting
held today to complete the negotiations
for the sale of the eight cotton
mills, comprising the Hampton
group, one of tlie subsidiaries of the
Parker company. The purchasers are
Lockwood, Greene and company, of
Boston. It is understood, though no!
such statement was made at the1
meeting today, nor after th.e meeting. I
that the Pacific Mills company desires,
the four Columbia plants. The selling
price was somewhat under the $3,-j
| 000,000 agreed upon recntly by the
! stockholders as a minimum price.
However, there are certain features
of the sale which tend to offset the
discrepancy in price. The offer which
was accepted, was the first and o. .ly
offer made to the Parker Cotton Mills I
'The mills of the Hampton group
will be delivered June 26. The Parker
Mills company is to have possession
of all stock manufactured prior
to tnat time. Tne pronts anucipaiea
will bring the selling price up to near
the figure recently agreed upon.
The transaction is to be practically
cash. Officials of the Parker Cotton
Mills company appeared pleased at
the sale. The Victor and Monaghan
groups will mow be placed on a firm
footing and will enjoy a credit as
good as could be desired, according
to statements made. The debt per
spindle will be reduced to a figure
that is easily managable. 'The pur- j
chasers agree to take care of all con- j
tracts made by the Parker Mills company.
The net debt of the Victor and
Moaaghan " groups will not now
amount to more than about $600,000.
These two groups have a spindleage
of' about 240,000. There-will be a
reorganization of the two subsidiaries
and one' company firmly formed to
manage them, according to tentative
It is said that creditors of the
Parker Cotton Mills company will, as j
a result of the sale which is aow a l
certainty, receive 70 cents on the dol-j
itill the first of June we can o
ten< Real the items mentioned
Read the News from 0
'y, Genuine Lonsdale Ca:
in inches wide, every piece
lu- Good Bleaching, sped;
soft bleaching yard wi
for this sale, 11 yds for $
Soft Nainsook, bolt 98
price. Full 10 yds to boli
sale, bolt only 98c. 1 to ;
:e Pajama checks, 12yds
ma checks, good quality
Silk i
We believe we sell the
nd A full line of colors, Ros
te, Light Grey, Canary, G
Rose, Dark Grey. White E
e Note This It
values Linen Handkerch
' n.ilcrnfos PmvHpr
_ Dress Combs eac
....$1.25 Windsor Ties eac
assort- "Turkey Red" T1
95C 20c Curtain Gooc
" ~ Brown Linen yd.
"es> Kiddy Cloth yd ...
Middy Cloth yd
Stickeri Braid bu:
10c Laces yd
.tterns. 20c Laces yd ?
aq Gauze Vests eacl
up Middy Blouses ei
n * T T
j | Ladies waists t
[dwell and
Stand The L
lar, and the balance of their claims,
or 30 per cent, in preferred stock, to
be provided for in the proposed re|
organization. The stockholders will
| now have a definite and) tangible
i equity, in place of a speculative one in
Lilt; WLIUIC piupcitxcs. 'liiC upimuu
was fairly generally' expressed that
the sale of tlie Hampton group has
solved a troublesome situation. There
was a very decidedly happy feeling
noticable among some of the officials,
for they feel that the reorganization
recently .determined upon, has met j
with a fortunate turn. The original j
plan of refinancing, which plan pre-1
ceded the plan to sell the Hampton J
I group, is now abandoned.
! At the meeting today about $10,i
000,000 of the $13,000,000 stock was
j represented. There was some slight
Annnc?itiAn +r\ + Vl a nolo V\nf
IU -OCLl^y UUb WJLl^ UfJ^V/Oi
j tion did not serve to prevent the ma1
terialization of the plan. The Parker
! Cotton Mills company, which for
some time has been in more or less
embarrassed circumstances, is now
regarded as being on a splendid footing,
the debt of more than $5,000,000
will be so materially reduced, as a
result of certain quick assets and the
sale of the Hampton mills, as to give
the central company a financial status
that is excellent
James Coimolly and Joliu McAlemott
Executed?Latter a Brilliant
Dublin, May 12. (via London).?
James Connolly a^d John McDer+
^ r.V? Af TY? nmir^/v fnr onm_
iliUtt ? Ci C diiUL CHID UiUAiillA^ XVI ^\JJl??
plicity in the rebellion.
The official headquarters announcement
regarding the executions is as
follows: .
"The trial of two prominent leaders
of the rebellion, whose names
were appended to the proclamation
issued by the socalled provisional
government, namely, James Connolly
and John McDermott, took place on
May 9. The sentence of death was returned
in each case and the sentences
were caried out this morning after
confirmation by the general commanding
in chief."
John McDoimott w.**.s known to j
Irishmen in tire United States as one
of the most brilliant orators in Ireland
and as a member of one of the
ffer you merchandise at a gn
d beloiv, then come see, and r
or White Goods Section
mbric, i2?e yd, full 36
branded. f
ai 11 yds for $1.00. Good
de. reeular 10c cloth r
ic. Just 50 bolts at this
t. $1.50 .value, for this
a customer. a
; for $ 1.00. 36 inch paja- I
best 50c silk hose made.
>e, Nile, Silver, Bronze,
lold, Purple, Green, Old
i_ _i._ J t rn_ ?
>iaCK, etc. uoou vaiues ouc. | i
i waHnnna
ems Carefully B,
eifs each _..5c Rr?r
each ...12ic
:h 5c WOr
:h 25c
iread each 5c \i
Is yd 10c **
iziiizzisc EfH
12 Jc /-i
nch 1 Oc ^
i 5c ues
ich 49c fi
;ach 45c vXMl
I ???BE?
[ Haiti wan
,adies' Store
socalled inner circles of revolutionists
active in the recent uprising. Authorities
in this country on Irish affairs
car tViot Vio xtroa /\tio rvf tVio. nrifrinrjl
organizers of the Irisli volunteers in
November, 1913, in 'Dublin.
James Connelly was styled by his J
associates . commandant general of!
the Irish Republican army. He was I
of the seven signers of the proclamation
issued by the insurgents at
Dublin at the outbreak of the revolt.
Connolly v/ac injured during the
fighting and was taken prisoner. His
thigh bone was broken by a bullet,
It was announced in London last
week that he couldn't be placed on
trial at the time on account of his
wounded condition.
uitruA^AijJi lutrn i
Resolutions of Grand Lodge Provide
3IedaJ for BraTe Clarence Waters
of Spartanburg.
The State.
Greenville, May 11.?During the
final session of the grand lodge of
Odd Felloes today fitting resolutions
were pass^l giving official expression
cn the heroic conduct of Clarence
Waters of Spartanburg who on the
..light on M-,rch 30 held in cheek
flames that broke out in a closet at
the Odd Fellows orphanage. Aoniirattic
frrun tho flrppnvillp rlpnarf
.-v. y r
ment arrived and saved the day.
Waters fought back the flames and
remained at his post at a time when
many grown people would have fled
the place. The facts were brought
to the attention of the grand lodge
and a committee was appointed co
purchase and have.suitably inscribed
a gold medal which no doubt will be
handed down with the resolutions during
the coming generations of the
family. And this was not all that
the Odd Fellows intend doing for
young Waters, for the committee was
further instructed to recite the inci
dent in proper form to the Carnegie
hero fund commission and with the
expressed hope that the lad will be
given the usual check for recognition
of heroic service in protecting and
saving the lives of others.
The Quintae That Does Not Affect The Head
Because of its tonic and laxative effect, I^AXATIVE
BROMO QOININS is better than ordinary
Quinine and does not cause nervousness not
ringing in head. Remember the full name and
Viok lor the "signature K. W. GF? VE. 25c
zat savings, With prcies adv<
emember. We havn't spaa
20c White Voil
40 inch white Voile, good q
or this sale only yd, 1 Oc.
See us first for your wants ii
irices will suit you.
Remember our Millinery De
ill in this section. Just receive
lowers, Ribbons, Foliage,
live our hat department a lo<
in sale at special prices,
White Corduro
Handsome new Corduroy sk
rom genuine tub corduroy, sp
Remember we sell tl
[ Ton Corsets. Ha
n one.
[ew assortment Child
* and up.
ome to this reductio
, it will pay you. So
we are offering are
tie be convinced.
1216-20 Main St
Uncle Sam Will Frobally Want to
Know What Happened to
U-Boat Commander.
Washington, May 11.?Secretary)
Lansing indicated today that rbe|
United States might make inquiries
of the German government regarding
the p-mi^nment imrose:! upon the
commander of the submarine that
sank the Sussex.
It was not disclosed how the inquiry
would be made. Srate department
officials were .liot prepared to
say whether the department would
insist upon any specific degree of
punishment being inflicted upon the
commander. There are numerous precedents
for making such an inquiry,
Germany during trouble on China insisted
on the execution of certain
persons in the presence of a German
Secretary Lansing also indicated
that the United States might make >
inquiries regarding the punishment!
inflicted by the Austrian government
upon the commander of the subma- j
rine that sank the Italian steamship i
? )
Fifteen Buildings Now Being Constructed.
Tie State.
.Lexington,, May 11.?Fifteen buildings
of brick and fire-proof are going
up in Lexington, following the big
fire which swept the town several
weeks ago.*' This gives employment
1 * A ~ -1 -3 ? * ? .. rtO.A
to aDOUt iou nanus, inciuuuig wwc |
who are using their teams hauling
material. The 15 buildings now being
constructed include the following:
Edwin G. Dreher, clothier, two large
department buildings; R. L. Connelley,
two; W. W. Barre, two; Dr. E. P.
Derrick, one two-story structure;
Scott Hendrix, two; Samuel B. George
three, and the Bank of Western Caro-!
This means that all of the buildings,
except the large Meetze hotel.
the residence of G. IM. Harmon and
- - - - i
the home of The Dispatcft, the Duna- j
ing on the Roof corner owned by the f
Lexington Trading company, and one j
residence belonging to Scott Hendrix,
lephone No. 40 I
ancmg rapidly in al- ^
i to mention all our
e at 10c
* I
uality, extra special
i white goods. Our
jpartment is above V
id big lot of shapes, ]
etc, for this sale.
ok. New sport hats ' '
y Skirts
irts, stylishly made
1 i 1
eciai ai sz.ya eacn. j |
he celebrated
ive you ever
ren's sox, 10c
n sale every |
me of the vaJ- l
Newberry, S. C.
which were consumed by the fire, are ?
being rebuilt.
Some of the buildings will be ready
for occupancy within the next 40 or 4
60 days, possibly before, and there
will be a new town out and out. Mrs.
M. W. Meetze, proprietress of the
Meetze hotel, is undecided as to
whether she will rebuild on her splendid
site or not. She was among the
very heaviest losers, having had but
a very iimuea amount oi insurance, n
and to begin oiver now would mea.i j
the expenditure of a large sum. R. L. *
Hollowell, of Columbia, president of 1
the Lexington Trading company, will f
most likely commence the construc- <
tion of a buiding on tho Roof corner
where a big two-story wooden building
stood. Dr. Rice B. Harmon will r
also commence the ereation of a j
chain of. buildings on the Harmon j
property just opposite the Harmon 1
Drug company, where the handsome
residence of his father stood and
where the building of the Lexington
Dispatch was located. No residence, I
however, will be built on this splenH
In addition to the business houses
going up, Capt. Chas. H. Kelso, of M
Cleveland, Ohio, is now completing -,f\
two of the most handsome residences # I
of the bungalow type ever seen in w
this section of the State. T. C. Calli-. "
son, president of the Lexington Board |
of Trade and one of the most success- J
ful young attorneys of Lexington,
closed a deal last wek for the five- J
acre tract on College Hill, formerly m
the old Hendrix property. Mr. Callieon
will improve the property, erect- JM
ing a handsome residence and other
buildings, which will make the western
residence section one of the most
attractive and desirable localities ia
the town. ^
Whenever Yon Need a General Tools
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chill Tonic is equally valuable as a M
General Tonic because it contains the r I
well known tonic properties of QUININE I
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"Mait-ria. Enriches the Blood and
Builds up the Whole System. 50 cents.
lb Drive Out Malaria
And Build Up The System J
Take the Old Standard GROVE'S
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? ?
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