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t.Democrats Of
Stand Fi
Forty Reiterates Faith in Nt
nnxs*Nat Abolished?Resol
f house System?Suffrage 1
Bj The Statu.
I Day in Convention.
Convened at noon.
Thomas P. Cothran of Greenville
elected permanent chairman.
? Delegates at large: Richard I. Man^
ning, B. R. Tillman, E. D. Smith, John 1
Gary Evans, W. P. Pollock, John G. |
Clinkscates, L. D. Jennings and T. T. j
Hyde, each to have one-half vote in i
ihe national convention.
* - A - J I
B, R. Tillman reeiecieu 'uauuum.
John Gary Evans reelected chairman
of the State executive commitI
r Administration of Wood row Wilson
iydjourned at 1:40 o'clock this
The State Democratic convention
meeting in Columbia yesterday af1
* A n rvl?0- j
ter<qoon ana wst mgui auuintu a ,
gressive platform, indorsed the ad j
, miijistration of President '.Wilson, re- ,
fused to abolish the county-to-county j
political campaign, received petitions !
from the State Equal Suffrage league* j
declined to allow John L. McLaurin
to enter . the primary as warehouse
commissioner to defend^Hhe system
and discussed many problems of importance
to the party.
"Big Eight"
iritrht ripleeates at larse to the na
- tional
Democratic convention at St.
3Louis with one-half vote each were
elected by the State convention as i
Gov. Richard I. Manning, United
States Senators B. R. Tillman and E.
D. Smith, John Gary Evans, L. D. j
, Jennings, W. P. Pollock, John G.1
1 Clinkscales and T. T. Hyde.
It was decided also not to elect
alternates to the delegates at large
but that the -delegation as a whole
select the alternates from th* 15 district
alternates. The State delegation
was instructed to vote as a unit
on all questions.
John H. Clifton moved that the!
convention elect eight delegates at j
large with one-half vote each instead
of four delegates at large. The mo
lion was carried.
David R. Coker nominated Gov. I
iJicliard I. Manning, which was fol-!
lowed by applause. Others nominated
were: B. R.x Tillman, T. T. Hyde,
Charles iCarroll -Simms, John 3
Clinkscales, E. D. Smith, T. C. Duncan,
John G. Richards, John Gary
Evans, L. D. Jennings, W. P. Pollock.
On motion of Mr. Blakeney the
nominations were closed.
Tote for Delegates.
The number of votes each nominee
received follows.
Manning, 310; Tillman, 274; Smith,
277; Evans, 273; Clinkscales, 284;
Hyde, 27*>; Pollock, 252; Jennings,
254; Simms, 61; Richards, 62; Duncan,
55. The first eight named were
declared elected.
The convention adjourned sice die
at 1:40 o'clock.
The delegates at large and the district
delegates will be sent to the natidbal
convention at St. Louis instructed
to vote for the renomination of
? - - * J TT2__
President wuson anu *jv;e ncsiucut,
The convention was marked by
many contests and much debate.
Woman Suffrage.
The coavention at an early hour
this morning recommended to the
legislature for its earnest consideration
the question of equal suffrage j
for women and requested that the,
matter be submitted to the people by
proper act or resolution for their decision.
The delegates were not in
structed to vote ror a pianx m mc
national platform as requested dv
the committee of women. This ac^
tiote, however, was considered as a
great victory for the "cause."
Indorses Preparedness.
Woodrow Wilson was indorsed and
recommended for renomination to
rm For Wilson
ition's Chief?County Canution
Indorses State Wareproblem
Left With People.
the office of president, and Thomas RMarshall
for vice president. The presidents
foreign and domestic policy
warmiv commended. Hie conv
vention favored an army and . navy
sufficiently large to guarantee the
protection of the country against foreig
i aggression. The tariff law and
the banking system were also indorsed.
The officers responsible for the improvement
in law and order were
commended in general. A .number of
acts passed in the last two years were
commended and the Democratic party
pledged itself to a "turtner programme
of safe and sane labor legislation.'?
Thomas P. Cothran of Greenville
was elcted permanent president without
opposition, after having been
chosen temporay president by a *ote
of 262 to 73.
Withdrew Resolution.
j The movement by the Greenwood
and Darlington delegations to abolish
the county-to-county campaign met
defeat in the committee on rules, before
which the matter was presented.
Seeing the uselessness of bringing up
the matter, before the convention, the
delegations decided to let the issue
The resolution follows:
"Resolved by the Democracy of
South Carolina in convention assembled,
That section 2S of the rules of
the Democratic party of South Carolina
adopted by the State convention
held May 20-21, 1914, and providing
for county-to-county campaign meetings,
be and hereby is repealed/'
Delegates Gather.
Handshaking and whispered nothings
featured the half hour preceding
the convention as the delegates began
filing i.i the hall of the house of representatives
in search of their seats.
The galleries were filled up slowly by
a number of visitors.
There were many familiar faces
among the delegates, some of whom
ha. e been representatives of their
counties for 10 to 20 years. Many
members of the general assembly
were on hand, men familiar with the
procedur in political bodies County
delegations held hurried meetings
to select a member of the credentii's
Promptly at noon the convention
was called to order by John Gary
Evans of Spartanburg, retiring State
chairman. The 'Kev. wiiiiam way vi
Charleston pronounced the invocation.
Cothran Nominated
John J. McSwafn of the Greenville
delegation placed the name of Thomas
P. Cothran of Greenville in nomination
for temporary president of the
convention. D. S.(Henderson of Aiken,
James A. Hoyt of Columbia and Senator
O'Dell seconded the nomination
of Mr. Cothran.
Outlining tne need of a change in
the administration of political meetings,
Fred H. Dominick nominated A.
J. A. Perritt of Darlington county.
Chairman Evans appointed Mr.
Wnvt tn assist' him in the election of
the temporav chairman of the convention.
.Mr. Cothran was declared temporary
president, elected by a vote of
1262 to 73. He was escorted to the
chair by iifessrs. Dominick and McSwain.
i John P. Thomas of Columbia nominated
J. Wilson Gibbes as temporary
secretary; an lAadersota delegate
nominated John K. Aull. Senator
Nicholson nominated A. E. Hutchinscta
of Rock Hill. Balloting was done
by counties as in the election of the
temporary president.
Tote for Perrlti.
Mr. Perrltt of Darlington counio-,
nominated by Mr. Dominick, received
his support as follows: lAiken 1, Anderson
13, Barnwell 1. Berkeley 3.
j Calhoun 4, Chester 3. Clarendon -6,
'SJCT* THCSt , 1 /Z ~
?LL?!?S HAVtMTj \vlD~
1 AfA we, as a com
OPPOSITE directions?
of the day. WITHOU
below the level of mul<
ha?e been known to C(
If it were given to muli
men. That men and v
nity, should rtiuse to c
The only benefits wort
OPERATIVE effort t
factories, better achooli
pull together. Every c
give ONE hour each d'<
someone else to start it
Darlington 1, Dorchester 1, Georgetown
3, Horry 1, Laurens 4, Lee 6,
Lexingtoj 1, McOormick 2, Newberry '
S. Marlboro 1, Richland 2, Union 0, ?
| York 1. In all the counties not men- J
I HrmoH \ir Pothran received the u'nan- J
I? ?
j .mous support. The vote cast was 335
! out of a possible 338.
Temporary Secretary.
The vote for temporary secretary i
J was as follows: Aull, 134; Gibbes. j
1304; Hutchinson," 225. Messrs. Gibbes |
I and Hutchinson were declared elect- j
I eel temporary secretaries.
! Mr. Mixson of Barnwell argued that !
the chair should appoint a committer (
'os, credentials to pass on the admis-'
' rkf
sicn of delegates. .vu. ncnuci ,
Aiken moved to amend the motion by j
J having the contesting Beaufort dele- j
j gations appear before the convention !
i to decide the matter. Mr. Pollock o: j
I f
Oheraw moved that eacli contesting I
! delegation be seated with one-half j
i vote.
! Mr. Beckett of Beaufort in reply-,
ing to M'r. Pollock said that he wouid I
prefer to have the matter settled in I
the regular order, or by the commit- j
tee on credentials. I
v? i
Later, 0:1 a substitute motiou, u?
Mr. McSwain, the delegations from
the counties in which there are no
contests were accepted as permanent.
Each delegation then elected a member
of the credentials committee to'
hear the Beaufort contest.
Credentials Committee.
J. B. Derrick served on the credentials
committee from Newberry.
The convention receded at 1:22;
o'clock until 4 o'clock this afternoon. |
Stiff rage Petitions.
On reconvening at 4 o'clock 15 minutes
were given the suffragists to
present their resolution on motion b7
JoKn Gary Evans, seconded by David
R. Coker. Messrs. Evans, Coker and
D. S. Henderson escorted the committee
to the speaker's stand. The
committee consisted of Miss Mary A.
Brennen, Mrs. H. V. Murdaugh, Mrs.
I Henry Marti'a and Mrs. Harriett Powe
j Lynch.
< i
A short speech was made by Mrs.
i T.vnch in suDDort of the resolution to
be submitted to the committee by the j
suffrage leaders. The **omen desire
the delegates to the national convention
to vote for a suffrage plank in
the national platform, and not for a
federal amendment; they also aek for
j an indorsement of the "cause"' by the
State convt- .tion. The delegates applauded
On motion of 'Mr. Mixscn of Barn-?
well the chair appointed a committee,
consisting of Mr. Mixson, Mr.
munity, {pulling together?
T organization men and wc
;s. EVEN mules, in time
^-OPERATE. They some
es to think, they would w<
.'omen, living and working
o-operate, is one of the r
:h having ara the benefits \
rIDUAL benefits count for
hat brings EVERLA5TIN
s, good markets can only b
aan, woman and child in Tf
ly to community WORK.
There is work for YOl
McSwai.i and Mr. Breeland, to wait
on the credentials committee, which
was considering the Beaufort contest.
The committee submitted its report
at 4:35 o'clock.
Beaufort Contest.
The Christensen delegation was
seated in the convention after accepting
the majority report of the committee
signed by 33 members. The
minority report of nine members favored
the seating of the ijilbird fac4.:?
tn a/innt i
HUI1. Jill. j;co? a in mv/? tu cvy .
the majority report.
Mr. Dominick asked that liie roll j
be called by counties. This brought j
forth considerable discussion 011 the j
formation of the body; it was argued j
that only a majority can rule in the j
conduct of the convention's business.
.Mr. McSwain argued that only the
convention can make its rules. Mess'rs.
Hoyt, W. W. Dixon a.,d D. S. Henderson
spoke in favor of a record vote
by counties.
IV: r. Blakeney of Kershaw resented j
a supposed aspersion on certain delegates
for fearing to have their votes j
J. E. McDonald of Fairfield moved
that the convention vote ?or counties
on the adoption of the /majority re
port. This course was decided upon
The majority report was adopted
by a vote of 265 to 59.
Body (Aganized.
At 5 o'clock o'n motion of Mr. McSwain
the temporary organization
was made permanent on a viva voce
vote, only one objection being
Mr. Cothra'a graciously accepted
the honor conferred upon him.
Evans Elected.
Ex-Gov. M. F. Ansel nominated
John Gary Evans of Spartanburg for
State chairman. William A. Stuckey
of Lee county, the Blease candidate,
was nominated by Olin Sawyer of
(Georgetown. W. IA.. James of Lee
county in seconding Mr. Stuckey's
nomination asked why the places
should not-be changed from time to
time. Senator-. Carlisle seco'nded 'Mr.
Evan's inomination.
Out of 331 ..votes Mr. .Evans got
257 and Mr. Stuckey 74.
Tfllman Reelected.
Senator B. R. Tillman was r.omi
nated for the position of national executive
committeeman by Senator
Nicholson. Mr. Lohg of Union placed
the name of lownde9 J. Browning in
Jones Is Treasurer.
Gen. .'Wille Jones was elected treasurer
of the 'State Democratic party
without opposition. The nomination
HEY! wmatfi
^ ( wffow ,
Or are we pulling in
great community need
>men are apt to sink
! of danger or panic,
times KICK together,
onder at the ways of
in the same commuiddles
of civilization.
ve can share'with our
little. It is the COG
good. Good roads,
e secured when ALL
IIS community should
But, don't WAIT for
J to do. Becrin with
was mrJe by Christie Benet and seconded
by Mr. Dominick. '
'Ihe following district -vice presi-1
dents cf the State convention were j
nominated, and subsequently elected!
by acclamation: First, E. J. Dennis of j
Berkeley county; Second, D. S. Hen-!
derson of Aiken; Fourth, J. H. niiller j
of Laurens; Fifth, J. L. Glenn, of i
Chester; Sixth. DaVid R. Coker of
Hartsville; Seventh, A. H. Moss of
0:a geburg. Nominations for the
Third district were postponed on re
quusi OI All. 'UUIlliiUCK.
0:i motion of Mr. Henderson all
resolutions were referred to the committee
on resolutions.
The convention tuck a second recess
at 6:05 o'clock until S: 30 o'clock
last night.
Tripp Named.
W. A. Tripp of Anderson was nominated
and elected vice president
from the Third congressional district
of the State Democratic party.
Fred H. Dominick made a strong
tn Viavp the ronivention Droceed
.v. ?
to ballot on the national delegates.
It was pointed out that members of
the committees on rules and on platform
and resolutions were out of the
hall. Mr. Blakeney of Kershaw took
up the fight, replying frankly to Mr. |
Dominick. For a time, as each rose j
in explanation, it seemed as if some |
'heated arguments would ensue, but j
on motion of Mr. Blakeney the reso- \
lutioa was tabled.
The convention proceeded to the
election of delegates and alternates
to the national convention from the
congressional districts, with the following
First?Delegates. V. C. Badham of
Badham and Philip H. Gadsden of
Charleston; alternates, Huger Sink-1
ler of Charleston and A. C. firadham
of Manning.
Second?Delegates, J. L. Walker of
- ' ' " _ C 4(1rnn> I
JOnnStOH aOQ i'. w. .L/itviea ui ,
alternates, George W. Beckett of
-Beaufort and J. B. Black of Bamberg.
Third?Delegates, G. A. Neuffer of
Abbeville and E. P. McCravey of
Pickens, alternates. J. N. Pearman ofi
Anderso<a and J. B. Derrick of 'New-'J
Fourth?Delegates, David B. Trax- i
ler of Greenville and S. T. D. Lancas- j
ter of Si>artanburg; alternates, Jason
M. Greer of Union a-Td J. 0. Owings
or Laurens.
Fifth?Delegates. John IVt Hempbill
of Chester and George K. Laney
of Chesterfield; alternates. W. W.
Dixon of Winnsboro and :W. R. Bradford
of Fort /Mill.
Sixth?Delegates. Bright William
?? ? %
'Prosperity, May 18.?Grace church.
for a number of years has honored
"Old Folks" by setting aside one Sunday
out of each year, to be known as
"Old Folks Day." Sunday May 21 will
be "Old Folks Day,*' and this day is
looked forward to wun mucii pleasure.
Gov. Ma.ning will be the speaker
for this occasion. Dinner will be
served on the church lawn.
Mr. liobert Luther has returned to
Atlanta after visiting his parents, Dr.
and Mrs. R. L. Luther.
Mrs. Eric Barnes of Saluda is the
guest of her mother, Mrs. S. J. Kohn.
/Miss Essie Black of Saluda is
spending a while with her brother,
iMr. L. A. Black.
Miss Maud Livingston is visiting
in Columbia.
Mesdames J. S. Wheeler and Joe B.
Hartman were shoppers in (Columbia
o.i Tuesday.
The Literary Sorosis meets Friday
afternoon at 5 o'clock with Mrs. F.
E. Schumpert.
Messrs. L. M. and W. J. Wise, C. R.
Lake and Vernon Wheeler motored to
Columbia Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. 1A, G. Wise will rej
A o-i.?j?
turn nume oaiuruay nuu uniuiu^ham
aod Atlanta.
Music lovers will be given a treat
Friday night when the pupils of ftTrs.
J. D. Quattlebaum will give their
annual recital.
Central E. Church, Soaih.
(Rev. F. E. Dibble, pastor)
Services for iSunday, May the 21st,
will be as follows:
Morning service 11 a. m.
Young People's Missionary sociefty
3 p. m.
Sunday School 4 p. m. -
Epworth League 7:45 p. m.
Evening service 8:30 p. m.
The public is cordially invited to
worship in Central church.
auii oi Darlington and A. C. Hines of
Kingstree; alternates. J. H. Manning
of Dillon and Malcolm Woods of Marion.
Seventh?Delegates. John P. Thomas
of Columbia a d Robert Lide of
Orangeburg: alternates. J. H. Clifton
of Sumter and S. J. Summers of Calhoun.
Committee on Rules.
Jno. K. Aull was appointed on the
rules committee from Newberry.
Committee on Platform.
.T. B. Derrick was a member of the
rcmmittee on platform from Newberry.
?>v Enrollment
Mr. Dominick moved that all the
report from the committee o'n rules
be adopted except tha relating to the
warehouse commissioner. The motion
was carried.
The new rules require a new re
enrollment every election year. iMbst
of the cha. ges are made to comply
v;ith the statute of 19-15 ' regulating
the primary.
Provision was made that a committee
on credentials be provided for and
this committee hear and act upon any
contest prior to the meeting of the
convention. Each county is to elect a
member of this committee at its
county convention.
i Upoa the petition of 15 per cent, cf
I - ? ?
: the qualined voters in any ur?u vr
I city there shall he a municipal primary.
Recall elections in such cities
shall be first determined by a primary
thereon uJnder such rules as the municipal
Democratic club shall provide
The petition is to be filed with tb^
mayor or' intendant, following whick
the club shall be organized. This rule
does not apply to cities of more thatt
10,000 inhabitants. ^ ' """"
Put in Primary.
Road commissioners were also put
in the primary. A rule was made to
provide for enrollment of meb tern
porarily non-resident and were employed
by the State or government
oaly and who come back to the S^tate
to vote
The Anderson delegation wanted a
rule adopted allowing withdrawal
from one club to another within 60
days before the primary. This wae
lo?t before the committee."'

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