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fhe ^lovem^uts of many People, >'ewberrians,
and Those Who Visit
Xctv berry.
Mr. L. M. Higgins of Laurens is
with the Fridy Motor Co. as assistant
Dr. E. iC. Connor spent the weekend
in Xewbery with Dr. 0. B. Mayer.?Greenwood
Miss Xelle Moore, who taught at
Kijards. arrived at home Saturday
for the vacation.?Greenville News.
Uqwv WimKovlv a ic in tVlP
*ni , A ACH i JT ?? AJLAA VW1 ij r* uv/ AW ?**V
railwav mail service spent Wednesday
and Thursday w?th his aunt, fti'rs.
W.'H. Zeigler, in College street.
Mrs. I. H. Hunt of Newberry and j
Mrs. Celie Reid of Fredericksburg,
Va., will be festival guests of Mrs. J.
O. Erwi.i ?Spartanburg Herald.
Mrs. Robert Gee a^d son. Robert, of
"VKi->r-r-1- anonf jcovoral AfJvC thf> nflsf t
-^cn uti i ^ ?jv ? v * v*4 \*wij v?w r?? - j
week with Mrs. M. C. Mangum.?Un-'
ion Progress.
Mr. W. D. Rutherford of No. 3j
rownship was in the city on Thursday
He is just recovering from a
severe spider bite.
Prof. S. J. Derrick of Newberry college
made the anr.ual address at the
closing exercises of the high school
at Brookland, S. C., on May $rd.?
Lutheran Church Visitor.
Mr. a.:d Mrs. Joe Davenport and
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Ivsta of Cross Hill
motored to Newberry to attend the
fu~ '"al of Mrs. J. Tom Smith Tuesday
Master Paul Anderson of Newberry,
spent a few days here last
week with his aunt, Mrs. LM. L. B.
Sturkey.?Abbeville Press and Banner.
\trc \t D Huiett. Mrs. Louise
Scott and Master Linder Huiett were
called to Newberry Sunday on account
of the death of their aunt.?
Union Progress.
Misses Lizzie Wicker and Marie
Tffiendt went to Greenrille today to
remain until Tuesday. They will spend
the time with Miss Wicker's uncle
and aunt, Mr. a^d Mrs. Thos. H.
Dr. Geo. B. Cromer and daughter,
Miss Caroline Cromer of Newberry]
are in the city, having been called j
here by the illness of the former's!
daughter, Mrs. L. C. Moise.?Sumter
Watchman. .
Little .ii'iss Elizabeth White, the (
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. vVfaite,!
while playing on the lawn of the
residence on Wed. esday evening fell
and dislocated "her shoulder- blade.
The doctors set it and she is doing
m'-.* * .. T Jftlo TWr\u n to in
i Lie icavuri a ui f-ax: un^v
high school. Misses Mayme Swittenberg,
Elherta Sear-e. Ernestine Wicker
and Annie Mae Gentry motored to
Xewberry on Wednesday afternoon to
atte. d the mid summer openings in
the millinery store of Miss >A nnie L.
Smith & Co.
Policeman H. 0. Stone is 011 his
rounds collecting street and dog tax.
Triangle at the Arcade Every Wednesday,
Paramount Friday.
? r(?jAiir?oil TnocHov aTinnt
VAJU.AC C* "^VUl ii\.U ^ uvvv?uj . v% vwv
Refreshing showers fell Tuesday
aiterricou?the first iu- about eight
* m
Speed up the wheels of time so we
can have good old time blackberry j
pie with red juice.
'"The Mysteries of Myre" the new
serial at the Arcade Starts <next
Thursday, May 25th.
A gentleman from Saluda was on.
the streets Thursday morning with
several strings of Saluda river catfish.
TT A l>* ??/J t* ? 11 r\n An O
- XX. tx. xinaiu nut put wu ?
Pepsi-Cola truck soon. The body was
made by the Rock Hill Buggy Co.
and has already arrived.
Triangle plays are deligh tingle wberrians,
the Arcade was filled to
capacity last night. And all who saw,
"Tihe Coward." pronounced it great.
Don't forget that Newberry has a
business school that gives value received
and, therefore, as a home institution,
deserves your support and
In the Furman-Xewberry ball game
"via the local diamond Monday afterooon
the score stood 8 to 3 in favor
of Newberry. This was the last game
of intercollegiate ball for the season.
Miss Julfa Norris was taken to the
^ Columbia hospital Thursday after-coon
to undergo an operation for ap
pemiicitis. Dr. J. K. Gilder, her
physician accompanied her.
Lncile 'Bailey's house in . Gravel
! , I
'town caught fire Wednesday after-'
j noon about 4 o'clock but the flames i
were extinguished before the fire de-:
partnie- t reachefT the scene.
I -Many people here will be pleased to;
; k ow that Manager H. B. Wells lias |
booked "The Strange Case of Mary i
Page." Announcement of its appear- j
ance will be made later.
"The Mysteries of ?Myre" is somej
thing entirely new in the serial line,
1 i*- U ~: r\lilt thorp
It UCillg 1UUUUCU VII wvuib, I/-V/. W
is deep mystery throughout tfie entire
Here is something in the movies
that i4 coming soon to delight the
public: "The Strange Case of Mary
Page." It is a thrilling, baffling and
mysterious detective story. Watch
for the date.
The Young People's Missionary so-I
ciety will meet Sunday afternoon in
the church, parlor at 3 o'clock. Let's
all be there as we are to have a report
from the council just held in i
During the wild, frantic, crazy-like j
confusion incident to the fire in j
Graveltown Wednesday afternoon, a i
colored boy riding a bicycle, ran into |
Mr. J. H. Summer near his place of j
business and knocked him down j
bruising but not seriously hurting
Court opened last Thursday morning
and took up the J. Dau> Crooks j
damage suit against the Parr Shoals j
Power Co. All of the rest of the w |ek i
was devoted to this case and it was
resumed Monday morning the case
going to the jury about 4 o'clock Monday
afternoon. The jury remained
closeted until 11 o'clock Tuesday
morning?19 'hours?and then an- j
nounced that no agreement could be
reached. A mistrial was ordered.
As usual the tow^ went wild 'Wednesday
afternoon when the fire alarm j
was sounded. It is said that the street f
where the fire was, was soon blocked
with automobiles making it difficult j
for the firemen to reach the fire. In
order to safe-guard lives and property
it seems imperative for 'council
to pass a traffic ordinance that will
remedy this evil. In a highly intelligent
pftmmunitv like Newberry
there ought to be enough of self re-1
straint in such emergencies to make j
legal restraint unnecessary, but be-!
fore somebody, is killed or perhaps
maimed for life it would be wise to
pass the law and enforce it.
| "
Study of Synonyms.
Little Dulcie was asked by her teacher
to define the word "whimsical." "It
means 'o:Id.' " she replied. "And now." j
the teacher went on. "please write a;
j sentence containing the word properly
i Hesitatingly the little ten-year-old
took up a pen and after a moment's!
thought wrote. "There are two kinds:
of numbers?whimsical and even."
Dog Carts In Holland.
Residents of Bunschoten. Holland. !
make use of the little carts drawn by j
i dogs, which are to be seen in very j
! many parts of the Netherlands, and
have a tine breed of tall, yellow,
smooth haired dogs, which they sometimes
harness three abreast.
i Venice of Brazil.
! Pernambuco is called the Venice of j
I Brazil on account of its numerous
i lakes, rivers, waterways and an imi
mense coral roef with which nature
i has completely encircled the city and
inside of which all but the very larg[
est ocean vessels anchor. j
i !
When the fight begins within him- j
self a man's worth something.?Brown*
On Southern and C. X. & L. Railroads at
| dewberry, Effective Jan. 20,1916.
On Southern Railroad?
! No. 15, west 8:48 a. m.
jXo. 18, east 12:15 p. m.l
No 17, west 2:50 p. m.
No. 16, east 8.54 p. m.
*No. 55, east 9:53 a. m.
NTo. 52, west 1:06 p. m,
|No. 53, east 3:22 p. m.
i *No. 13 (mixed), east 5:30 p. m.
No. 54, west 7.00 p. m.
tN'. 50, west 9:53 a. m.
tNo. 51, east 5:50 p. m.
Daily except Sunday. tSunday only.
West is to Greenville. East is to
T. S. X^efler, T. A.
January 20,1916.
Al> Southern trains are regular mail
traiufl. On C., N. & L., Nos. 55, 52, "33
On C. N. & L. Railroad?
No. 12 (.mixed), west 5:14 a. m.
and 54 are mail trains.
Time of Closing Mails, Sewberrjr, S. C.
(January 21,1916.)
Southern Railway?8:18 a. m., 11:45
a. m., 2*20 p. m., 8:24 p. m.
., N. & L. Railroad?9:23 a. m.t
12:36 p. m., 2:50 p. m., 6:30 p. m.
W. A. Hill, Postmaster.
i .v.<; day isi;s
S PE E K s 4J J J K K T4,> HI00 L I
1 he beautiful Flag Lay program at
Speers street school was'a great success
in every way. The gross receipts
amounted to $109 which will b-)
used for school improvement.
The patriotic sentiment exemplified
in the raising of a national flag
at the school could not be better.
Probably nothing could be done that
would do so much to instil in the
hearts f the children the proper love
of our country.
It was all in all the very finest of j
the many proposed movements for
The school ground was appropriately
decorated for the occasion.
A large background of green had been ;
arranged. The weather was delight- j
Her Suspicion.
"I declare lor it," said Aunt Fretty
Frawlts to Mrs. Judge Tubman. "I ;
believe old Captain Peggington is 1
thinking about marrying again. Burt j
Blurt says the^ cap'n painted up his j
wooden leg yesterday. Burt didn't tell !
- ? ? i. n ~ ~ ,l I/M
me, out ue toiu liiick imuun. uuu &i >
'.ick repeated it to his sister Prissy, j
and Priss told it to Pheeny Partlow. |
and Pbeeny told it to the sweet potato \
peddler, and the sweet potato peddle; j
told me not ten minutes ago. So i j
guess it's so."?Kansas City Star. I
Reckless Bravery.
"Have you ever stopped to think how j
many deadly germs there are on a dol )
lar bill?" * 1
"Oh, yes." replied Mr. Jobson. sigh !
Ing, "but whenever I see a man with a
big roll of bills in his hand I long t<
share his peril." ? Birmingham Age
The Tree of Genealogy.
It Is with the tree of genealogy a
with the oak of the forest?we ma.
boast of the timbers it has given to :
state vessel, but say naught of tin
three legged stools, the broomsticks
and tobacco stoppers made from the
ends and chips.?Douglas Jerrold.
<s> Aewbecjrj#i
Cottoa 12 3-4 <3>
<3> 4 I
<s> Prosperity,
^ Cotton 12 3-4
> <$;
<?> Poniaria. *
<$> Cotton 12 1-2 <s>
% j
^ Little Mountain. Q i
Cotton 121-2 3>j
<S> _ . ? I
A lVbitmire. |
<?> Cotton 12 1-2 <t>.
; > $ j
CJiappells. <e |
Excursion to AshvIUe, Black Mountain,
Wayiiesville, Lake Toxaway, '
Brevard and Hendersonville via !
Southern Railway, May 23,
The Southern Railway on May 23rd,
will sell very low round trip excursion
tickets to the above points in
Western North (Carolina for all trains
on this date with final limit returning
by midnight Sunday, May 28th.
These excursion fares will apply from
all stations from Columbia to Greenville,
Columbia to Spartanburg and
from Rock Hill to Spartanburg via
Blacksburg. The following fares will
apply from points named: From Co'
? ?? A ^ 1 /\ iL) M/Mvn n r? /I
lUUIUia UJ ASLLO iiic, oji c?aiu auu
Lake Toxaway $3.50; to Black iMiountain
and Waynesville $3.75; to Hendersonville
$3.25. From Newberry
to Asheville, Brevard
and Lake Toxaway, $3.00; to
Black Mountain amd Waynes ville
$3.25; to Hendersonville $2.75. From
Greenwood to Asheville, Brevi d and
Lake Toxaway $2.75; to Black Mountain
and (Wiaynesville $3.00; to Headersonville
$2.50. From Union to
Asheville. Brevard and Lake Toxa
way $2.50; to Black Mounum and
Wayinesville $2.75; to Henderson viile
$2.25. From Rock Hill to Asheville
Brevard and Lake Toxaway $3.00; to
Black Mountain and Waynesville
$3.25; to Hendersonville $2.75. Pro*
portionatelv reduced fares from other 1
stations. For detailed information
call on local agents Southern Railway,
secure circular of this excursion,
or communicate with S. H. McLean,
dist. passenger agent, Southenn
Railway, Columbia. S. C.
m i. ia i e ?_i
ine ureal wiywcry oenn
Leslies Arcade
Thursday May 25
Burial of Mrs. Smith.
; ;\irs. Frederick Anne Smith, who
died in Columbia Sundav morning
and whose body was brought to Newberry
Monday by her two sons,
.Messrs. O. 0. and E. C. Smith and left
at Eaxter s undertaking apartments !
to await the arrival of her husband,
Mr. .1. Tom Smith, who was in Florl
ida at the time of Mrs. Smith's death, ;
ti-oo tol-on tr\ Pncomnnt Tnoc_
>? ac icixxv ii i. j *. UV^.j
day afternoon at 6 o'clock and enterred,
the Rev. F. E. Dibble conducting '
the services. j
IIARLEY - DAVIDSON motorcycles, 1
new and second hand, cash or credit ;
H. 0. Stone, Newberry, S. C.
JULY 4?;Ihe Civic Association of
Pomaria will give a barbecue at,
Pomaria on July 4 for the benefit of
the school. Mrs. Z. T. Pinner.:
COMPANY, Columbia, ;S. C. Office
and hank supplies. Manufacturers j
of rubber stamps, seals, etc., qual- <
ity and service. Prompt attention (<
to mail orders. t /
5-19-tf. h
WANTED?Industrious men who can ; *
earn at least $100 per month and <
expenses retailing Rawleigh Pro- <
ducts to farmers. Must have means ;
for starting expenses and furnish
contract signed by two responsible <
men. For full particulars write, '
telephone, or call on A. M. "Wilson,'*
Newberry, S. C. !
5-117t. ^
: !<
FOR SALE?Periwinkle plants and ]
Ownership of a n
Service. All other con
i /
ly, Service is the eleme
When we assert t
value, we base that stat
a service record that sta
Being a matter of
fart* that a stock Maxw
A V* V % * w w
ing 500 miles a day for J
a motor stop-without r
J miles per gallon of gas<
The World's Mot
uary, 1916, by a Maxwt
Automobile Associatioi
Facts outweigh c
[ must suggest a motor c
(than a mortgage against
The prices, inch
- ? ? ^
Roadster, $635. Une
Ask for de
Red Sage or Fairy Plants. Mrs. R.
P. Franklin, West End.
FOii SALE?1 Registered Aberdeen
Angus bull about one year old, 1
beef steer, 12 grade Duroc Jersey
pigs. E. 0. Counts, Prosperity, S.
c., Phone 27.
5-16-4 ?.p.
DRINK MIiXT-COLA, made of purest
material and put up in most sanitary
surroundings. 5-9-8t.
BUY Ballards Obelisk and Table
Talk Flour and get valuable coupons.
The best flours and reasonable
prices.. Satisfaction guaran-1
teed or money refunded 'Summer
Bros. Co.
MONEY TO LEND?Apply 10 Mower |
& Bvnum.
He::s 12c!
Friers up to 1 1-2 pounds 20c
Roosters 6c i
Eggs, dozen - 15e I
Miller Bros, Prosperity
| Dr. F. C. Martin |
I Sight |
I Socialist!!
i * 4>\
^ExaminesEyes, Fits Glasses|
S and Artificial Eyes. Ij
|If your eyes are giving you^
? trouble don't fail to consult hinj|>
I Satisfaction Guaranteed. |
| Office ove* Anderson's Dry?
? Goods Store. T
I t
** Vb I
lot jr car is but a means to a
siderations are of miaor im
nt that actually determines
:hat Maxwell Motor Cars re
ement on concrete and ind
tnds unparrelleled.
vital consequence to you,
ell car conclusively proved
forty-four consecutive day
notor repairs or readjust!
:or Non-Stop Mileage Reco
ill Touring Car is authentic
1. It is not open to questio
>pinins. Knowing the faci
ar purchase that will be an
t, the future.
jding Full Equipment, an
lhassis, three other Body Si
imonstration. Pi
Iici a uc
New^^y, S. C.
Opera House
I" i\uui\nm lie,
Featuring 3Iarguerite Clayton and
Joiiu Junior.
3-part Essauay
MI he Hazards of Helen'* Series
Featuring Helen Gibson and Robin
I Kalem
Featuring lireteben Hartman, Charles
Perley, Yiola Smith and Jack
--pan rsiograpn
Featuring Loyd V. Hamilton and Bud .
t Duncan 1
Ham Comedy, Kalem
3-part Lubin
Featuring Helen Greene
Selig Comedy
Write for catalog and price
Box 165,
5 . in
end-and that end is
portancc. ConsequentValue.
ipresent an exceeding A
lisputable evidence of
we again refer to this
1 its worth bv travel- m
s and nights-without
nents?averaging 21.88
>rd, established in Jan:ated
by the American
ts, your own judgment
investment for, rather M
r I /% <<*<?*/? r\ ? CilSSt
7. 1 UUIlllg
hone 172.
Lracre I

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