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jpc jerolii anH gems
Catered at the Postoffice at New j
?ZTT7, C. d.5 ^liu uiokiv- , |
Fridav, June 9, 1916.
At the request of Senator McLaur- j
in The Herald and News prints his j
reply to the State and also the edi%
torial of the State to which he replies.
It is no controversy of ours J
fcut 'we feel tliat he is entitled to a
hearing. We can see no good, as wej
"have aforetime said, in raking up
these old matters ana reiernug iv/
things in the political history of the
State ttiat we had just as well let remain
buried. Mr. Evans started the
ball, however, by referring to Mr.
McLaurin as "a discredited politician"
- - ^ "i"' fViot Krtth Tiqvp hppn heard
aiiu uvn mat uwu ,
we hope that we can deal with live
issues. 9
? ?
The Herald and News has recently
received a letter from Atlanta which
conveys the pleasant news that (Mr.
J. Epps Brown wno nas ueerr very m
for several weeks has recovered and
hogpes soon to have better health than
lie lias enjoyed in many years. He
is a 'Newberry boy of whom we are
all proud and we hope some time in
. I
the near future to se * even greater
bonors come to him. He is now general
manager of the big Bell telephone
system and if his life is spared,
as we hope it will be, he will some
time in the future be the real president
of the big system.
Solicitor Cooper has filed his pledge
W and paid his assessment as a candiW
date for governor. Tfiis should allay
all doubt as to whether or not (he j
F "will be in the primaries the coming
We regret our inability to get to the j
press association meeting this year.
We know the boys are having a good;
time andt we wish them mighty well.
Mr. Thos. B. Greneker, who has j
been appointed clerk in the office of j
!A-T> X> Tillmon i
UnittTU. OLCLi.CS OCIl&ll/l jlj. J.V. JL iiimu.il |
in Washington, is a nephew of Mr. R.
H. Greneker of Newberry, formerly
with The Herald and News and now
"with The Observer. The Herald and
News congratulates the young man j
on this fine appointment. We know
he will make good. For the past two
sessions he was a professor in the
Greenwood schools. He is a graduate j
of Wofford. Until the first of July, at
which time he will assume his new
duties, he will fill the office of clerk
to the United States attorney in
Greenville. He resigned his position
as teacher to study law at Georgetown
university and will begin his
course in connection with his duties
for Senator Tillman.
Death of Mrs. J. E. Norwood.
This community was saddened and
shocked on Thursday morning when
it was announced that Mrs. J. E.
Norwood had died. She had been
sick only a few days, but almost
broken down with hard work incident j
to the tasks in the school room, and I
th^n when the children of her neigh^
bor were taken sick she was the good
ministering angel who watched by
their side until she had to go home
and take her bed from which never
arose her system being too weak to
resist the ravages of the disease.
If it be true, as we believe it is.
that service is the life of success,
then Mrs. -Norwood did not live in
vain, because hers was'truly a life of
service, and she went about it in au
uncomplaining and cheerful manner
as it were a pleasure, and we believe
it was. Her duties in the school
room as teacher in the schools of
Newberry had not ended before she
announced that she would take pupils
during the summer to coach. Besides
her other duties ?>he wrote the
social news for The Herald and News
and did it well.
Mrs. Norwood was a loving and
true wife and a devoted mother. Before
her marriage to Mr. Norwood she
was Miss Rhea Daggett of Wilmington,
N. C., and she is survived by her
husband and three sors, J. E., Jr.,
JgthQ and Oag^ett and two brothers
1 and one sisteif
The funer^u service will be con
. ; I '
? -J
ducted this afternoon from the res'.- j
deuce at ."> o'clock by the Episcopal
minister and interment will be had
in Rosemont immediately after. She
was a devoted and consistent mem- '
ber of the Episcopal church.
Church of the Redeemer.
(.Rev. Edward Fulenwider, pastor) j
Nothing preventing, the following;
will be the program of divine services j
at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
next Sunday.
10:15 A. M. The Sunday school j
meets. Let all the teachers ond!
scholars be present. j
11:15 'As M. The hour of worship.;
The pastor will preach on the subject, I
"The Finest Emblem of the Power!
- - ~ ? t _ .v. _ " I
an<i innuence 01 jesus iu me >??vnu. j
Is there a sure proof that the power j
of Jesus Christ is being felt in- modern
life? Has God placed anywhere!
in the world of nature an emblem that
so portrays this power that even the
child can grasp it? Do you know that
Jesus Himself used one of the most
common things of the world to ex- j
press the power of his mnuence in i
one of the most beautiful passages of j
literature the world has ever known?!
8:30 P. M. Union service. 'Sermon!
by Rev. Babb. j
- - - < . ' X i
I was glad when tney saia unto me, j
Let us go into the house of the Lord.
George D. Brown, State supervisor
of mill schools, will go to Asheville
Friday, where he will speak before
the* South Carolina Cotton Manufacturers'
association, which will 'be
in session Friday and Saturday. Mr.
Brown will discuss his experiences
with reorganization and direction of
the 174 mill schools throughout the I
State during the last year, which has
been the first since the creation of
the office.?The State.
See "The Battle Cry of Peace" at
the Opera House, June 12, 13, and 14,
still paying 60c for cotton seed if \
delivered within the next few days, i
Take advantage of this high price. J
Summer Bros. Co.
changed horse shoers and am now j
prepared to please and give every-i
body a neat and perfect job. Try !
him. Also remember I put on two I
of the best buggy rubbers made, |
Goodyear of Kelly Springfield \
Yes, too, for less money. It will j
pay you to drive 15 or 20 miles to i
have wheel rerubbered. I guaran- j
tee every job to you. Also can give ;
you a nice job in painting. Yours j
e TJ T QViqcjIit Prn<T1f>r- I
irr semicc, xa. u. ijuvuij, * *
ity. S. C.
Hens, lb lie
'Fry chickens, lb ISc j
Eggs, doz 17c j
Roosters, lb Gc I
Miller Bros., Prosperity, S. C.
For Mt. Bethel school. Seven
months term. Term begins about last
of October. Salary $40 per month.
Time for applications will expire
June 17. For further information apply
S. J. Cromer,
W. D. Cromer,
W. P. Lominack,
Newberry, R. F. D, No. 2.
A Very Pleasant Day.
One of the most enjoyable occasions
of the season was the barbecue given
by the Ladies Aid society of Trinity
church on Friday, June 2 in the beautiful
oak grove of Mr. E. L. Paysinger.
Quite a large crowd gathered
to partake of the excellent dinner
which was cooked by a reliable old
cueist, Mr. Bunyan Bpting. Every
one present enjoyed the day very
much. The most enjoyable feature of
the day to the ladies was the'realization
of quite a nice little sum to be
used in remodeling the church.
Thanking every one for coming out
to help a good cause.
A. Participant.
<e> <?
<S> TO SOAP <?>
<$> <3>
<&&<$><?><?><$><$><?>$><$><?><? <$><$><$><$><?>
Soap and water alone, make hard
washing. The best housekeepers nowadays
use borax.
Borax is a real little sister to soap.
It makes the soap go .further. It
softens the water and loosens the dirt
for the soap to attack.
"20 Mule Team Borax Chips" are
soap and borax combined in just the
right proportions for effective laudry
work. You need them.
t:ik city vxjik oi'ex*
The park will be formally opened j
next Tuesday evening at S o'clock, j
The b.iiKl will play and some o:ie will ;
be invited to make a talk and the ladies
will serve refreshments for the
benefit of the park. The refreshments
will be in charge of the civic
association. Let every one in town
go out and help the park and make
it an ideal place. It takes a little I
money to run it and to keep everything!
in good shape and they propose to
raise a little of this money toy giving
you a return for your money.
Newberry Building and Loan Co.
The annual meeting o.f the Newberry
'Building and Loan company
was held a few days ago and the following
directors were elected: Geo.
B. Cromer, W. G. Houseal, C. J. Pur
cell, C. D. Weeks, Geo. Johnstone, H.
L. Parr, S. J. Derrick, iM. L. Spearman
and H. C. Holloway.
The directors reelected the f< owing
officers: Geo. B. Cromer, prt sident;
W. G. Houseal, vice presides:
M. L. Spearman, secretary and treasurer;
Jhonstone and Cromer, attorneys.
in annual dividend nf 6 tier cent)
All ?
was paid an the capital stock of $50,000.00
and a good sum carried to the
surplus account.
Mr. J. W. ("Bill") Smith of Summer's
garage has gone to the Maxwell
factories in Detroit, Mich. He
will be gone about ten days.
'Mr .Jas. H. Hope, county superin- j
tendent of Union and Dr. E. N. I
Glymph of Union, tooth former Xewberrians
were in the city on Thursday.
The annual contest in tennis between
the alumni and the varsityteams
was staged Tuesday afternoon
resulting in a victory for the alumni.
The score was 1st set 6 to 1. alumni,
second set 6 to 4, alumni, third set i
6 to 1 alumni. Sligh and Hipp represented
the varsity and Barber and
Bowers represented the alumrn.
Cleo Ridgley and Wallace Reid, two
of the most prominent stars in the
photodramatic art, and who recently
scored such a triumph in "The Golden
Chance." will be seen at the Arcade
on Monday in the Jesse L. Lasky pro- j
duction "The Love Mask," a. gripping!
drama of California.
There will be a school picnic at the
Dominick school house in number 5
township next Saturday the 10th.
<$> <?
< > GRESS <?>
<? <S>
An Able Man.
Anderson Mail.
Mr. Dominick is an able attorney of
Xewberrv, .and is well known throughout
the district. He made the race'
for congress two years ago, and was
in the second primary election with
Congressman Wyatt Aiken. He received
a splendid vote in both primaries,
and his friends declare that
he will do even better in this summer's
Soon after the present State administration
went into office Mr. Dominick
????????????? _ J
was appointed by 'Attorney General
Peeples as assistant attorney genera!,
and lie filled this office ably and satisfactorily.
He represented the State
in many important cases, and was
generally successful.
IMr. Dominick, as leader of the
Blease force, played an important and l
prominent part in the recent State
Democratic convention. He was the
spokesman for the Blease forces, and
by his utterances and consistent fight
for their principles, won the admira
tion of many people. As a result of J
his work in the convention many well
informed politicians declare that he
was made stronger with the people
and that this will be shown when the
campaign opens up and the <votes are
Mr. Dominick has a strong per- j <
ocnality and generally liked l;y a.i
tile people. He i.s magnetic, and Las
a strung following of close personal
friends. who are ^oh.g to exert I lionise
ves in his behalf in the coining
Received a Good Vole.
Anderson Intelligencer.
In this issue of The Intelligencer
appears the card of Mr. Fred. H
Dominick announcing that he Ms a
candidate for congress from this district.
Mr. Dominick needs no introduction
to the people of Anderson county.
Two years ago lie was in the
race and added much interest to it,
receiving a very nauusome vuie.
was assistant attorney general for a
time and only a few months ago resigned
from this position.
Mr. Dominick is a prominent attorney
of Newberry and one of the
most widely known men in tiiis section
of the State. He has been a
frequent visitor to Anderson am!
has many staunch friends and admirers
in this county as well as in
the entire district. . I
Needs No Introduction.
Farm and Factory, Seneca.
In this issue of Farm and Factory
appears the card of Mr. Fred H.
Dominic-k, announcing that he is in
A ~ ~ IVaw f hie '
lilts I ctUC ILfl 1. X V>JLli laio \a*kj
trjet. He was formerly assistant at- !
torney general of South Carolina;
ard is considered one of the best
lawyers in V.'.o State. He is a mem-!
ber of the law firm of Dominick & [
Workman of Newberry. I
Mr. Domnick needs no introduction
to the people of this county. |
Two years ago he was in the race {
j nd received a flattering vote. He j
is an effective campaigner and his j
candidacy will add interest to what \
promises to be an interesting race.
. I
A Friend in ?ed.
McCormick Messenger.
Mr. Fred Dominick is a candidate ,
for congress from the Third district ;
and solicits the support of the peo- i
pie of McCormick county. He gave
1 - -- ? - n f + AT I
UP DlS place as iissisi-cim. auLuiiicj
general to enter the lists for con-;
gress, to gratify a worthy ambition j
and serve the people in the national j
legislature. He is well known to some !
of our people, having rendered valu- i
able service in behalf of the new
county, without money and when ever
he was called on?a friend in need
and a friend indeed.
Fully Competent.
Pickens Sentinel.
The announcement of Fred ft. Dominick
as a candidate for congress appears
in The Sentinel today. Mr.
Dominick is well known in this county,
having been in the second race
with' Mr. Aiken two years ago. He
was for several years assistant attorney
general .of this State, but resigned
some time ago in order to
make the race for congress. He is
fuily competent to fill the position to ,
which he aspires. j
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