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ruesaay. June i?>, uiy.
Bniii Nominations Made By Over-;
PW "whelminff Majorities on First
B Ballot of I)a>.
r Chicago, June 10.?Charles Evans J
Hughes, former governor of New<
York and associate justice of the su-j
preme court, was nominated today i
V for the presidency by the Republican ;
national convention.
Charles Warren Fairbanks of Indiana,
elected vice president with j
'Theodore Roosevelt in 1904, again j
was chosen for second place on the j
Republican ticket.
Both nominations, made by overwhelming
majorities on the first ballot
of the day?the third ballot of the
convention for the presidency?were,
by acclamation, made unanimous.
I Senator Lodge of Massachusetts,
presented by Col. Roosevelt as a comr
promise candidate, received seven
votes. Col. Roosevelt himself receiv-!
ed eighteen and one-half scattered j
nvpr twelve States.
The nominating ballot showed this
^ count: Hughes, 949 1-2; Roosevelt,
18 1-2; Lodge, 7; DuPont, 5; Weeks,
3; Lafollette, 3; absent 1. Total, 987.
Although Frank H. Hitehcok, lead-1
er of the Hughes supporters, let it be
known that the Hughes men wanted
Burton for second place. Ohio with.'
~ 1 "l"r, O
<irew ftsurion s name, ica?iu5 ?,
to Mr. Fairbanks and former Senator
Burkett of Nebraska.
For Vice President.
Tfce ballot for ivice president show\
.ed this count:
J*airbanks, 863; Burkett, 108;
Borafc,, 8; Burton, 1; Johnson, 1; ab-j
- i.* O j
sent, scattering and not vouug, u.
Total, 987.
iir. Hughes will be notified officially
at a date to be fixed later by a
committee headed by Senator Warren
<x. Harding of Ohio, chairman of the
-comYention. t
Mr. Fairbanks will 'be notified by a
r -committee headed by Senator Borah.
At 2:01 p. m. the convention &d-,
" ??? A? I
Joumed. rrnere were eipicaoivuo j
harmony from all the leaders and
ameng the delegates/
"Six months ago," said Chairman
'* Hilles of the national committee, "I
said the nominee would be born in
the convention. And he was."
"3 am very much pleased, of;
course," said Mr. Hitchcock. "It j
.means a reunited Republican party
and victory in November."
The nomination of Mr. Hughes was j
mad? possible so Boon vy ?tn
nig&t break up of the allied favorite
sons combination, which early this
morning released its delegates, practical^
all of whom were known to favor
Mr. Hughes when freed from
their instructions.
Swelling Hughes Vote.
When the* convention began business
shortly before noon the with- j
drawal of the favorite sons was an- J
nou-nced from the platform one after j
' / ~T
another and thfc votes 'began flopping'
into the Hughes column in solid
f blocks so rapidly that the nomination
k plainly was assured before the roll
' -ca^.i had gone five States.
When it got to Colorado the drift
was so apparent that a proposal to
> make it unanimous or nominate him
by acclamation was made, but Chair ma*
Harding ruled that the balloting
should take its course.
Bach addition to the Hughes column
was greeted by yells of exultation
from the rapidly accumulating
Hughes delegates and steadily the
votes piled up until New Jersey carried
it past the required four hundred
and ninety-four and the remainder j
was only a formality. (
I& rapid succession as the voting :
went on DuPont was withdrawn by j
Delaware and his solid block cast for j
Hughes; Illinois withdrew Sherman, j
Ohio withdrew Burion, Iowa with-!
drew Cummins. New York withdrew j
/ Tioo:. Massachusetts withdrew Weeks, j
Practically all these new votes were i
cast for Hughes, oniy a lew rcmam-i
' ing in compliment to the favorite
soiif. v.ho brought them.
v Pledges of Loyalty.
Then one afier the other. Senator j
"Weeks and Senator Lodge took the!
S~ platform, pledged loyalty to the nom- 1
Inee and asked all their supporters to.
do likewise. Similar announcements ;
"were made from all the favorite >or. j
delegations. The final analysis ol ihe ;
nominating ballot showed that Hughes ;
had drawn Ills- votes from e ery State !
and every territory; that Roosevelt's
had - been scattered over twelve i
.. ?r Tiv.Urt, t\o 1'lf] oonie 1
W from South Carolina; Lodge's seven}
from North Carolina and the final;
three for * Senator Weeks had come
from Massachusetts and Missouri.
- ' v ? !
*0 AililOU?J!1 His eua i cuuim i.a\i ??? j
word that Mr. Hughes would accept j
I and 110 statement of his position, one j
m came along scon afterward, but not
until the convention had adjourned,
n The former justice had ! :e: * *o his
determination to utter no word in hi-*
own behalf.
IVaee (oniVrees* Iteport.
Before the ballot was taken today
Senator Smoot announced the report
of the latest meeting of the Republican
conferees uith the conferees of
the Progressive convention, disclosv.
g that the Republicans had presented
the name of Mr. Hughes for their
consideration as a candidate on whom
both conventions could unite. He also
read the reply of the Progressive con- \
rerees, which merely was an acknowl-1
edgement of receipt of the proposal. I
Then lie read Col. Roosevelt's tele- j
gram to the Progressive convention,!
which had been brought to the Coli- J
seum by John Mcuratn, me tuwuci o j
secretary, suggesting Senator Lodge.
. Before he had finished the reading,!
word was announced in the Coliseum j
that the Progressive convention itself j
had not only tabled the Republican |
proposal of Mr. Hughes but had tabl- j
Rnnspvelt's own DrODOSal of |
tU V/Ui. Afc -- ^
Senator Lodge as well.
There was a gallery demonstration,
not so prolonged as yesterday's at the
announcement of Col. Roosevelt's
proposition. But the delegate section.,
by its silence, plainly showed its Indifference.
>o Doubt at Any Time.
With that the roll call of States began
and there never was a moment's
J ~ i ?A?!nlf 1
UUUOl Ol IUC I Couii,.
Senator Lodge, a close personal
fuend of the colonel's, got a reception
approaching an ovation, when he
made a speech seconding Hughes.
With the end of the balloting for
the presidential nomination and the
official announcement by Chairman [
KollrtHn<r for vice DTCS" I
XiCLI UiUg, luc uu?v..UB
ident began. In view of Mr. Hitchcock's
expressed preference for former
Senator Burton there was some
surprise when Governor Willis of
Ohio withdrew Senator Burton's
name and cast the whole block of j
Ohio votes for Fairbanks.
As the roll call proceeded whole
blocks of notes piled in for Fairbanks
and his nomination soon was such a
foregone conclusion that the delegates
foegan leaving and caused such
confusion that the balloting was
heard with difficulty.
After Chairman Harding had an!
- <?
nounced tne nomination 01 . ?-embanks,
Chairman Hilles called a meeting
of the new' national committes
far organization, and the convention
The convention was notable in political
history for . many things. A
man who steadfastly had refused to
seek the .lomination had been chosen;
it was the first Republican convention
since - 1SSS which had 'been
forced to take more than one ballot
and it has been marked by a lack of
rim mis demonstrations and nervous
enthusiasm, which hitherto has been
a feature of suc-b gatherings.
It did .pot touch any of the existing
records for sustained demonstrations,
but despite the fact that in political
vernacular it was wholly and decidedly
"unbcssed;" it moived with a precision
and. quietness, which has not
been equalled since the McKinley
convention in Philadelphia.
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! Adjourns After Picking Teddy Hj Ac- j
clamation and Hearing Hlg
i*ro> lsioiiui Decimal ion.
! K. F. Murray in News and Courier,
i Chicago, June 10.?-Precisely what
j former Representative Victor Mur
* (lock of Kansas told the Bull moose j
(invention today is true, as a sum- j
i mary of the acts of the two national i
i contentions just held in Chicago. The!
Progressives were skinned alive by
1 the Republicans in the game of rolltics
which was played between them !
this week. Col. Roosevelt was also:
skinned alive by the same experts i
I infinitely to his own amazement. The !
' colonel could not understand what |
; had been for some time obvious to!
j every observer who knew the inside ;
[situation; namely, that about 92 per!
cent of the delegates in the Repuk- j
lican convention were against him be- j
cause they did not want him as their i
| nominee and did not think he had j
j any chance to win if nominated.
I Up to the last moment the former j
j president evidently nursed the delu- j
I sion that there might be a "Roose-;
| velt stampede" which there was never !
' tor one moment in the Republican 1
convention's existence the remotest
likelihood. And Roosevelt's sugges-!
tion of Lodge as compromise candi- j
date was a ridiculous fiasco. The Re-!
publicans treated it with less consid- j
eration than they had treated the,
microscopic DuPont boom, while the
Progressives showed their positive . J
anger at the Republicans by laying it
on the table.
What Happened to Teddj.
| i\Y!hat .happened to Roosevelt in the
| Republican convention was exactly j
what happened to the fellow wlio |
concluded, after being thrown out of (
n house three times in quick euc-1
cession, that he really was not want- j
ed in there. The first experience was J
the refusal to invite the colonel to;
come to Chicago and address the con- j
vention, as the colonel said he would !
if asked oificially; the second was the:
small vote gken to him on the bal
* AT I
; loting for presidential nominee; urj
third was the utter indifference dis!
played to his proffer of his friend;
. Lodge as the man to nominate.
As to the Progressives, they lost a
magnificent opportunity to play gool
politics themselves by joining with'
the Republicans in the nomination of!
j Hughes, or in nominating Hughes j
i first this morning themselves. The'
j majority of the more conservative
i leaders of the Mooters at heart fav|
ored amalgamation with Hughes as
| the joint nominee, and some of them
! almost said so publicly, but the com!
bined influence of the hotheads and
! !viin worp ar>?rv wifh Roosevelt i
l/HUOV' ? ? 11U " V* ^ ?' - ^ J
for his "pussy-footing"' and wished to
inflict the nomination on him for his
I sons, ultimately prevailed.
Their Only Consolation.
If the Republicans ran rings
around the Progressives in the game
' of politics, which, ended today, the:
Progressir.es had the satisfaction of
putting Roosevelt in the most embar- '
rassing position he has occupied since
' - * mu
I lie became a nauonai ngure. iiie)
would not let him desert his Progressive
s/pouse just because he mayhave
found her charms waning. They
caught him trying to escape from the
connubial promises and pulled him
back. If he deserts again the act
will be committed in the sight of all
men and with full public knowledge
of the import of the deed.
The Democrats of the country j
should not make the mistake of assuming
that Hughes was nominated
today by the Republicans because
ihe old guard primarily wanted him.
Thev would have been willing to
agree with the Progressives earlier I
i.i the week on some candidate more !
, i
to their liking and at least jointly)
hand-picked. Rut in the circum- j
stances which had been brought j
about. Hughes was nominated bccau.-e
the cM gnard did not dare, tot
kill his boom, even if they eduld j
have done so, which is a question. [
The ro:'so:; ; did net dare to throw
all their voiaht against H:;ghos v.*a J
that t:icy for?r -? they mhh: !' '.!-!
Croate an impression upon t!:n pnMicj
mind v.ijirh would ecst roy Repnbti- !
can chances of winning the electinn !
i- ~ 4-i? v , % 7; f ? t It c* t !
fif.irni1o*i iu i n * [/' tm?'- I
'he Hughes' avala: che would run
over thorn after all.
In Justice f?> 0I<1 Guard. i
Tn justice to the sagacity of 'lie old J
u'iprri v-rdors, it must be said that
when they final!" made rp their,'
. '
*r.n:ds as to what to do. they did it ;
with a neatness and dispatch rarely ]
surpassed in the history of politics, i
The overwhelming majority of the)
-lelegates believed in the wisdom of.
^ /'.ninaf ir.cr Hushes. and when the j
vorl was snvon they "went to the j
ta<=k with a vim that was inspiring
anil swept the galleries off their feet, j
Everything moved like* clock-work j
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J "cumwv, o Ftom/ifralio I
naneu wwu. tiuui a.
point of view, there will be a good
chance of getting a considerable proportion
of the Bull Moose vote if
Roosevelt refuses to accept the nomi- ,
nation. That he will refuse is the
prevailing guess among the politicians
at this time, and he said himthat
>ip 'would have refused to-1
OCH luwt 14 V _
day if forced to decide at once. This
transfer of disgusted Moosers to the
Democratic ranks will complete a
journey begun four years ago. On
the other hand, should Roosevelt
run, the Wilson campaign managers
will express the same confidence as
William F. McCombs did in an interview
in Detroit last week, that the
incumbent in the White House will be
reelected. Whatever Roosevelt does, j
it will not be easy to defeat Wilson.
The Republican danger, in the event
that Roosevelt refuses the Bull IMoose
caresses, will be ' over-confidence
which is a very dangerous disease.
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