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(be jeralD onH Jots.
Catered at the Postoffice at New**rry,
S. C? as 2nd class matter.
Tuesday, June 13, 1916.
The Herald and News stated some
time ago that we would be forced to
take off our list some of those who
have not paid unless some arrange
ment was made. We have not done
so up to this time.
The adavnce in the price of print
paper makes it impossible for us to
carry a large arrears list. We make
you this proposition: Any subscriber
>who "will send us $1.50 between now
and the first of July we will send The
?ierai<i ana ^ews ana me jrrvgre&sivj
Farmer one year. Another simple
statement is this: We shall regret to
part with any of our readers, but all
whose dates are in arears further than
1916 who do not send as much as one
dollar on the subscription by the first
of July will at that time be taken
from our mailing lit. It is not a matter
of choice but of necessity. We
had thought of writing you a personal
letter but that will take stamps and
time and the label on your paper
?hows the date to which you have
Pipase attend to this at once if you
want The I^erald and News continued.
It is a simple matter of business. We
must pay cash for the white paper
and the price is 50 per cent, higher
than it was three weeks ago. The
subscription remains the same. We
hope ycu appreciate The Herald and.
.News sufficiently to comply with this
re-juest. If not we better stop it. in
taking off names we will be no respector
of persons.
The president of our company, Mr. j
A. H. Kohn, directs that we must col- j
lect these back subscriptions or take 1
ttie names off the list as the cost ol j
white paper to send the papers would
fce quite an item. <A,nd we guess he
is correct. But if you will send the
dollar as we suggest even if it does i
not pay you in advance we will take j
the chance of keeping your name onj
the list until fall. If anyone will say
that he is not able to do this and
wants the paper the editor will assume
the amount and send it on. We
are not begging you to do this or trying
to urge you to stay with us. We
are just making a simple statement
which we must carry out. It is a netTi:orvf
vrm tn remain if i
CCSSiLJ. ?YC nail. J ys
you will but if you desire to remain
surely you -will be willing to send the
IMr. J. W. Lominiek who is traveling
over the coun'" * authorized to
take subscriptions and to receipt for j
them. So are Mrs. L. W. Harmon and
?' ii?.
Mr. E. W. Werts at jrrospemy; n>nlie
Hack Derrick at Little Mountain;
Mr. Walter Richardson at Pomaria;
and any of the rural letter carriers
will fix you up a money order or it
lj * oiclririor m n C'Vi inst tn en
w V>luu iiui 'uc i. lomuj, uiu^u J ? close
a dollar bill in an envelope and
send it right along.
The secretary of state has issued a
commission to the Carolina Rapid I
Transit Co., with a minimum capital j
of $50,000 and maximum capital of
$3,500,000. The petitioners for a
-r tti t? ??u~ /"Mint/in
cnarier are j. r. jawus vj.
W. L. Gray of Laurens; iW. H. Gray
of Woodruff; W. B. Patton of Cross
Anchor; R. P, Morgan of Union; T.
D. Thackston of Cedar (Springs; A.
M. Law of Spartanburg; J. W. Copeland
of Clinton and P. V. Moore o!
nnl A r^rirl ir:ll ho
J.ne termim uj. uc wau nm
(Spartanburg, Union, Woodruff, Enoree,
Laurens and Clinton. The road
will pass through Laurens, Spartanburg
and Union counties. The road
v.'ill be So miles in length and elec
triciiy will be used as the motor power.
The new road will pass through
one of the richest agricultural sections
of the State.?Clinton Chronicle.
This is the read that The Herald
and News wanted Newberry to be interested
in having- the road ooine
i resentative 10 the initial meeting we
j believe that would have been ini
terested in having too the road come
via Newberry.
There is more neea of a road from
Union via Whitmire and Xewoerry
on to Saluda and Augusta than any
section of South. Carolina and there is
no richer territory in the State. It is
all right to go to Laurens and Clinton
and wherever else it might be desired
but what we wanted to see was
the road coming to Newberry. Thero
are persons now living who can re
member when Greenwood was about
the size of Prosperity in population
and business and Newberry then was
almost as large as it is today. A town
to grow must have transportation
facilities. Railroads are town buildl
ers. If we expect to grow we must
have railroads. If we are satisfied
with ourselves in every way then it is
no use to worry.
It is not too late yet to do something
to get $ome of these electric
lines that are going about over the
j country. But to get them we must
wake up, and go after them.
AVe had the pleasure of making two
trips to Whitmire last week. It is always
a pleasure to (visit this little
town and meet the good people who
live there, and especially was it
pleasant to attend the closing exercises
of the high school and to note
the progress that has been made in
the educational development of the
| community during the past four
| years. We feel a just pride in the
| part we took in starting the educa;
tional development ;n the community,
J and we also feel a personal pride and
| a personal interest in the success of
i t)he school. Prof. C. B. Hanna and his
j able assistants had a very successful
! year.
It was a pleasure, we say, even
though the accident which befell our
Ford on the first trijj made a secouu
trip necessary. Jurt before we reached
the town on Monday our Ford
went dead. Fortunately Mr. TV. J.
Atchison came along at the same
moment and we shoved the Ford to
the side of the road and drove on to
town in bis' big car. He sent back
that night and hauled our Ford in.
It is but just to 111 to say, however,
that this is the first time in a service
of more than four years that we
have had to haul her in. Mr. Atchison
is an expert Ford fixer and he
put her back together and we came
home with her on Saturday running
better than in many moons. It was
through the courtesy of Mr. John 0.
Goggans, Jr., that we got to Wihitmire
on Saturday morning. He left Newberry
at the early hour of 4:30 with
Mr. Guy Brown at the wheel and be
fore six a. m. we were in the town.
And you should remember that it
was a little cold and an overcoat
would not have been uncomfortable.N
But it was fine, the air was bracing.
The town was just beginning to stir
when we arrived. One reason it was
a little late in stirring the Masons
had held a meeting the night before
and they were up a little late. We
had breakfast with. John Morse at the
hotel and enjoyed it very much.
We made the#trip home Monday
night in Mr. P. B. Odell's transfer
wifch young Mr. Odell at the wheel.
That was an awful fire they had
there some time ago and the town is
suffering from it, but the merchants,
who were the victims are happy an l
cheerful and have xaith in their town
and are going about rebuilding even
better stores than they had before,
and within a few months everything
will be moving in the same old way.!
There were some as handsome stores
in this town as you will find in many
places much larger, and they had the
The latter part of this month they
are to have chautaqua in Whitmire,
and it is to be a big thing. The gov
ernor is going to make an address
and there are some fine numbers for
the chautauqua. We will have more
about ihe chautauqua in a subsequent
But it was the Appalachian highway
about which we proposed to ^
write at this time. !t is a very good
road. The section from Mr. Charley
S uber's on to Whit mire is in much
better condition than the section from
there to Xewbt y.. This is due. we
are told and we are satisfied it is correct,
to the fact that the people who
live along that section have dragged
it pretty regularly. Mr. Charley Suber
and iMr. John M. Suber and
others who live along that
' end take a personal pride in keeping
i it in condition, and they do the work.
In fact the Whitmire people did a
great deal more to make the road possible
than did the Newberry people.
Newberry did not do her .part in the
first work. But there is more that
should be done to the road and we
suppose iXewberry will be given, another
opportunity to do her part. It
should be widened. We are told that
on the Union side it has already been
made thirty feet and the heavy grades
have been taken out. This should be
I done on the Newberry side. Some day
not so far distant if Newberry does
not do something this road will go
right on down by the Wadlington
place and into the Pomaria road at
Fork cnhool and by Pomaria to Columbia.
It is three miles nearer from
the Gibson place to Columbia than it
is from 'Newberry. In other words to
turn at ihe Gibson place and come
via Newberry makes the distance to
I .
j Columbia some twelve or fifteen miles
I further.
We have referred to the road, how;
ever, mainly to call attention to the
! value of the use of the split log drag
! in the maintenance of the road. Mr.
I John M. Suber is correct when 'ho
| says that it is better than the scrape
j and it costs very litle to use it and
i you can go over a lot of road in a
i day. The road is good all tne way
' as roads go but it could be improve'!
by widening and dragging more frequently.
I ^
I The roads of the county as a rule
'are in better condition than we ha\e
j seen them in many years. A drive
1 down the Pomaria road the other day
| a^ far as the resideno-e of Mr. G. L.
i Sease found that road better than we
i !
have ever known it to be.
? ? mm.
' I
? *? _
fci ? ^
- * - "
* - .IT
f' '' '' <
i ! '
: - '
I .* ' :
! x
! : W 5
>> >/'. j8&
| \
i /> - '
fat:- ' .. ... ?.
The State campaign opens next
Tuesday at Spartanburg. The Her-,
a!;l and \ew.s will have a special reI
. port of the opening meeting. You |
want to renew your paper promptly !
so as not to miss any of the news. j
Judge Gary made a fine charge to j
the grand jury on Monday and com- j
plimented the county on the small!
amount rvf prime that Viae hppn in pvi I
dence according to the court records j
and spoke well for the grand jury and
the peace officers of the county. And
there is and has been no necessity
for extra and special deputies for tho
enforcement of the law. Our officers
are faithful and diligent and efficient, j
Notice tc
We are still c;
for all model cat
$2,000 dollars 1
cars. We will a
can give us. W
Let us do you:
do your work fc
We have a go<
j skid casings that
| regular price $10
i ular price $13.40
! a good many Aj
| $9.15,30x3 1-2:
| We will sell f
i 1 rn
ana uooayear i
^ TU.
?^ ceiefc
;* . v/ ' sY/y *
-f I
^ I mi
Wo publish in this issue the grad-!
uaiing speech of Mr. Lance Swind-j
ler on the Needs of Newberry. You
will find it on page two. Read it.
Justice Hughes broKe the silence I
which he has maintained in one sen- J
tence which he wrote the president1
tendering his resignation from the
highest tribunal in this country. H^
e idently means business. He the'i
telegraphed his acceptance of the Republican
nomination to the convention.
Col. William P. Greene editor of the
Press and Banner of Abbeville and a :
prominent lawyer gave The {Herald !
> An Ford
irrvini* a bitf stock
* U p
s. We now have
worth of different
ippreciate any bus
e guarantee all of <
r Vuleanizing. W
>r you as soon as yo
id many Ford Size
we will sell at a
1.40, our price $9-00
I nnf $11 Art
uux j^/xivv y a x*vv?
ax Casings that we
rom now on exclus
4 t I 1 <
ires.and lubes.
vIAM FOX Presents tbe PARAM
rated vampire woman
The Met]
y Audley's Secret"
IDAY JUNE 16 I Produced
Presents 111" 1
he dainty little star The first
IN <.WH(
11 nt 1 Tk 1* 91
liy-MaKe lielieve m i4 ep
Paramount Picture See It
A-Z - ? ' ^ r
i -
and X(\vs a short call on Monda:.
says the newspaper business is r-iceS
for a past time but it is not rau-i tcfl
make bread for the children, and hafl
is about correct. By the way, it muscB
be said to his credit that he is mak-^B
ing a mighty good paper out of the H
old Press and Banner.
Street Duty ^
Past Due
'Will receive $3 00 in full payment
of street duty till 5:30 o'clock Saturday,
.June 17ill, 1916, after which
a penalty of $2.00 will be required of
all delinquents.
Please attend to this, and save the
E. L. Rodelsperger,
Chief of Police.
6-9-td. *
- i
! Owners
of repair parts
on hand over .
parts for your
liflPGG at vnn
'XX1V0V7 wxxuv ^ v/u
Dur work to be
/ i
t t
e keep a man to
u give it to us.
Goodrich non
bargain, 30x3, .
?, 30x3 1-2 reg- >
We. also have
will sell 30x3
lively, Firestone
-PM? 11 .
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- . ... ~ ~ m ' ' rt

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