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n i
as you never thought
could be is yours to
- -i ?
command quiujv ao
you buy some Prince
Albert and fire-up a
pipe or a home-made
Prince Albert gives
you every tobacco satisfaction
your smokemror
U V UX wvt
for. That's because
it's made by a patented
process that cuts out
bite and parch! Print
been sold without co;
We prefer to give qua!
has a flavor as different ;
And that isn't strange, eitf
Bay Prince Albert every- T6tt?
where tobacco is sold in a it_
toppy red bags, 5c; tidy red AIt>
tins, 10c; handsome pound Ollt
and half-pound tin httmidors?and?that
corking fine C0IX1
pound crystal-glass humi- jprir
dor with sponge-moistener
Aoont tbtf tobacco n ,
in such clever trim?edit ay t! K* *
Jwsues Statement Declaring for "Domiaant,
Thorough-going Americanism.*
Tee letter of resignation of Justice
Hughes contained one brief sentence.
H said:
June 10, 1916.
"I hereby resign the office of associate
justice of the supreme court of
the United States.
"1 am, sir, respectfully yours,
(Signed) "Charles E. Hughes.''
The president sent this reply:
"'Dear 'Air. Justice Hughes:
-14 7 1 i - ?/VAAirvf /vf TT/\11 y loffzir A f
i am 1.1 ICCCiyL Ul ruui v/4 I
resignation and feel constrained to j
yield to your desire. I, therefore, ac-;
cept your resignation as justice of ^
the supreme court of the United \
States to take effect at onco.
"Sincerely your,
"Woodrow Wilson."
Accepts Nomination.
Tie following is the telegram which j
Justice Hughes sent to Chairman,
"M^\ Chairman and delegates:
"I have not desired the nomination.
I have wished to remain on the bench.
But in this critical period in our national
history I recognize that it is j
your rght to summon and that it
1 X X ^ V/X?
my parsmoum uui) 10 rcspuuu, ivu
speak at a time of national exigency,
transcending merely partisan consid
eraiions. You ivoice the demand for a ;
dominant, thorough-going (American- j
ism. firm protective upbuilding poli- j
-eies essential to our peace and sec-ur-j
ity. and to that call, and in this crisis
I cannot fail to answer with the
pledge of all that is in me to the ser- '
vice of our country. Therefore. I accept
the nomination.
"I stand for the firm and unflinching
maintenance of all the rights oi
American citizens on land and sea. I
neither impugn motives nor underestimate
difficulties, but it is most:
regrettably true that in our foreign :
'relations we have suffered incalculably
froLi the weak and vaccinating course
which has been taken with regard to '
Mexico? ? course lamentably wrong
'with regard to boVn our rightc and
rvjr duties. We interefered without:
consistency, and while seeking to diciate
when we were r.ot concerned we
~ - ! - .1 * ~ o^nnonir-to OTlfl f]}^
Utterly LU ai'i>ibvu>>,v< ? ,
charge our plain duty to our own citizens.
"At ihe outset of the administration '
the high responsibilities of our diplo- '
marie intercourse with foresrn nations
were subordinated to a conception of
r!art:>?.n ren'.urements. and v,*e pre-.
1 1 "U ?? ?< *> J 1 * n t* r* .T
senteci to tne worm a uamuwuus
spectacle of inaptitude. Belated efforts
liave not availed to recover the
influence and prestige unfortunately
you wil
? , cess Pa
;e Albert has always so^ji
apons or premiums.
the national joy smoke
as it is delightful. You never
~ ~ ~ - ?
i who think they can't smoKe
5 can smoke and will smc
*rt. And smokers who have no
certainly have a big surprise ;
ling their way as soon as th
ice Albert tobacco will tell its o"
sacrificed, and brave words have been
stripped of their force by indecision.
The Desired End.
"Our desire to see our diplomacy
| restored to its best standards and to
! iia.e these advanced; to have no sacrifices
of national interest to partisan 1
expedients; to have the first ability j
of the country always at its com- j
maud here and abroad, in diplomatic j
intercourse; to maintain firmly our J
rights under international law, in-!
sisting steadfastly upon all our rights j
as mutual and fully performing our In-1
< ternational obligations, and by the J
clear correstcness and justness of our j
; osition and our manifest ability and '
disposition to sustain them to dignify j
our place among the nations.
"I stand for an Americanism thati
knows no ulterior purpose; for a pat-J
liotism that is single and complete.;
Whether native or naturalized, or'
whatever race or creed, we have bul!
cne country, and we do not for an in- j
stant tolerate to any division of al- j
"I believe in making prompt provi- i
sion to assure absolutely our national1
security. I believe in preparedness, J
not only entirely adequate for our de- i
fense with respect to numbers and
ennirment in both armv and navy, but
with all thoroughness to the end that
in each branch of the service there
may be the utmost efficiency under!
the most competent administrative1
heads. We are devoted to the ideals
of honorable peace. We wish to pro-!
mote all wise and practicable meas- j
ures for the just settlement of inter- j
national disputes. In view of our j
abiding ideals, there is no danger of
militarism in this country. We have j
no policy of aggression; no lust for
territory; no zeal for strife. It is in
this spirit that we demand adequate
w, frw rnaHnn.nl rfpfpTlPA and
], l UV lOiVJlI i.V/1
we condemn the inexcusable neglect
that has been shown in this matter of
first national importance. ''.V'e must
h.:ve the strength which self-respect
it'.:, the strength of an efficient
ration ready for every emergency.
Industrie i Preparedness.
"Our preparation must bo industrial
and economic as well as military.
Our severest tests will come
after the war is over.
' We must make a fair and wise re
adjustment of ilie tar ill' to accordance
"vltli sound protective principle, to
insure our economic independence
and to maintain American standards
of living. We must conserve the
just interests of labor, realizing tha*
in democracy patriotism and national
strength must be rooted in evenhanded
justice. In preventing, as we
In u st. unjqust discrimination and
monopolistic practices, v/e must still
+n attcnra the foundations !
UC no IV/ _ _
of honest business. Particularly,'
ell on 1(1 ^ve seek the expansion of foreign
trade. We must not throttle
American enterprise, here or abroad,
rever?e^?de i|j|j|jl I > gjjjj
.tented July ' 'III1 J If j
QH7 " which . wl l i lllrOBKBn.!!.-'-,-"' .1 Hi
le three men ,j! . ' 1 Kg
5ljd'brfor"l tOWSUBWHCPIKAIlO | ?g
tasted the like of it! fi|
i a pipe or roll a ciga)ke
if they use Prince
t yet given P. A. a tryand
a lot of eniovment j
?' ? - / *
ey invest in a supply. ;
ivn story I
X, Winston-Salem, N. C.
i j
but rather promote it and take pride
; in honorable achievements. We must,
| take up t'he serious problems of trans-j
portation of interstate and foreign!
commerce, in a sensible and candid!
manner, and provide an enduring
basis for prosperity by the intelligent!
use of the constitutional pov. ors of,
congress, so as adequately to protect:
the public on the one hand, and on '
the other, to conserve the essential
instrumentalities of progress.
Civil Service Laws.
"I stand for the principles of our
civil service l?\vs. In every depart*?~
~ ^ ^ r ! < r\ 11 ^ if of
Ilitlll Ul gL CI JiWlO'i-i. IUC >,i
ficieney ny.:st be insisted upon. For.
all laws i: id programmes are vaU
witihout efn.-ient and impartial administration.
"I cannc: withi". the limits of this
statement speak upon ail the subjects
that will require attention. I can only
sav that I fully endorse the platform
you have adopted. j
"I feel the greatness of the responsi- ;
bility you impose- I should have been,
glad to have had that responsibility'
upon another, but I shall undertake!
to meet it, grateful for the confidenca i
you express. I sincerely trust that ]
all former differences may be forgot-!
ten and that we have united effort in;
a patriotic realization of our national.
"I have resigned my judicial office
and I am ready to devote myself un- j
reservedly to the campaign.
(Signed) "'Charles E. Hughes." j
(End Telegram)
For Union 'Academy for a five .
months school to begin about the first
of November. Salary $."0.00 per j
month. For further information a?-!
ply to any o;.e of the undersigned j
trustees. j
Geo. S. Enlow,
i\V. B. Franklin,
Prosneritv, s. R. F. D. Xo. 3. i
. _____
For Mt. Bethel school. Seven j
mo in lis term. Term begins about last j
of October. Salary $40 per month, j
Time :"or applications will expire j
June 17. For further information ap- ;
ply to
S. J. Cromer,
- _ _ i
W. D. Cromer,
W. p. Lominac.lv.
Trustees. !
Xe>v].?erry, R. F. D. Xo. 2.
Piles Cared in 6 to W Osys
Tour drusrgfist v.-ill refund n:or."7 :"f ? * "* '
OINTMENT fails to euro any c.:>c of . .
Blind.Bleecineror Protruding I'.''.."5 ' t" : The
first app'icatioa ! ><- and :.rst.
MONEY TO LEXD?Apply 10 Ivlower I
& Bynum.
' i
UARBECl.'E?We will give a iirst
class barbecue at the Newberry fill,
Friday, .July 21. The dinner will j
be cooked by the old cook, H. )M. i
Wicker. A good dinner is promised j
to all. Every candidate is especially
invited. B. M. Suber and 0. A.
BARBECUE?1 will give a first class
harlior-nd witVi tlio ikiiq] crnori din
ner at Mt. Pleasant 011 July 14,
campaign dav, and will give good
service and make it pleasant for all
who attend. G. H. Cromer and Company.
"? I
BARBECUE?We will give a first j
class barbecue in front of B. B. |
Leitzsev's residence July 27, 1916. !
Everybody invited. B. B. Leitzsey,
A. G. Leitzsey, J. F. Lominack.
I will give a 'barbecue at my resi- I
dence 1-2 mile trom Old Town 0:1 j
Wednesday, June 28, 1916. Special;
attention to ladies and children.
Plenty of amusement for both old and
young. All candidates invited.
I L.. Clarence Pitts.
| BARBECUE at St. Pauls?Under the
I + Vl Q loHl'oC (~?f S*
\J L tuv *WUAV/U w~ -w ? ?.
Pauls Lutheran church a barbecue
will be served at the church
grounds on July 15. The dinner will
be cooked by that famous cueist J.
D. H. Kibler.
BARBECUE?I will give a first class
1 - i
barbecue at my residence juiy n
State campaign day. Will sell meat
and hash and serve dinner 11:30
a. m. J. M. 'Counts.
The 'School Improvement associaI
tion of the St.. PhilliDs school will
give a barbecue in Mr. T. E. Halfacre's
grove near the school house
on August 4 for the benefit of the
school. Everybody and the candi-j
dates are invited. There will be entertainment
arranged for the young!
1 Colds |
JtJ should be "nipped in thetyti
L/j bud", for if allowed to ran j/Vjj
flflunchecked, serious resultsj
fmay follow. Numerous jm*
cases of consumption, pneu- jS
monia, and other fatal diseases,
can be traced back to g
ijj?i icold. At the iii-st sign of a
t; 11 f.Md, protect yourself by ||
f -iioroujrhly cleansing your is
; if jystem with a few doses of if
ithe eld reliable, vegetable !| ;
liver powder.
Mr. Chas. A. Ragland, o< SI
MadiscG HeighJs, V2., snys: Pig
"I have been using Tlied- Jjjjfj
ford's Black-Draught f?rMi|
1 stomach troubles, indiges- /If
U tion. and colds, and find ittcjA/J |
| be the very best medicine ipQ[j ;
FMJ ever usea. n niaices an u'uFJVV|
fVj man feel like a young one." rljf
IONi Insist on Thedford's, IhejCji
Mi original and genuine. E-67
17S5 1916;
South Carolina's Oldest College
- . - . i
loi'd Year I>eg:::s September l"J
Entrance examinations at all the
county seats Friday. July 14. at 0 a. j j
Four year course.-; lead to the B. A.
and B. S. decrees. A two year pre- j
medical course is given.
A il't".' IU1UUU scuwiii; ai: .p <ana |
athletic grounds, well equipped laboratories,
unexcelled library facilities.
Expenses moderate. For terms and
and catalogue, address.
tiuv: ika::fi.;i p n,
Ths Quinine That Dees Net Af'ect The Head
rf its tonic ptji-J faxaiiv* effect. LA.VA- 1
TiVK illcJ.MO (.'l*IN I .i- i^tierthanorti:n:;:> ,
:..A ... ? vr*""u>ne?s v. * j '
. ...w< ..v . . - i\e iu:'i ua:i;e an-.; . ]
'-r ?';? * K. V. ' >K VK ?' " :
DRINK MiNT-COLA. made of purest
material ar.d put up in most sanitary
surroundings. 5-9-St.
WF WILL r.E RKADY to grind your
wheat bt-^ivTiing next Monday, June
1'2. Farmers Oil Mill.
6-6-2t. |
COMPANY. Columbia, S. C. Office
arid bank supplies. Manufacturers
736. W. S. Cook mercantile Co., publ
737. Jno. B. Bedenbaugh, board or' as
738. B. B. Leitzsey, board of assessoi
739. M. J. Smith, road and bridges..
740. Z. H. Suber. board of assessors.
741. D. B. Cook, board o.f assessors..
742. J no. W. Smith, board assessors.
743. Geo. C. Glasgow, board of asses
744. G. McD. Sligh,'board of assessor
I " T T TJ J A?n r\ n >*AO /I n ? i,rl (HriHc
I "?0. .J. Li. nCUUClSUii, luau anu miu;
746. B. B. Leitzsey, commutation ta>
747. J. C. Sample, county supervisor,
H. C. Holloway,
Clerk, etc.
Statement showing exact financial c
1916 as it appeared at the end of the i
1. For salaries county officers
2. For salaries magistrates, const
3. For county heme, paupers, petisic
4. For roads, bridges, ferries
5. For chaingang
6. For repairs public buildings
7. For bocks, stationery, printing..
8. For contingent expenses and su
for public buildings and county c
9. For county physicians
10. For county board of education...
11. For court expenses
12. For board of assessors, etc
13. For sheriff, dieting and incid>
14. For post mortems and lunatics..
15. For insurance
16. For interest on loans
17. For contingent and miscellaneou
18. For commutation tax
H. C. Holloway,
Clerk, etc.
Approved :
J. B. Halfacre,
County Auditor.
l Zj!^\ m
_ -
gives full heat
the flame 'stays put'
ed. It turns on ar
I I stove!"
The New Perfection
stove with the long
built to save time.
The long blue chim
draft, and assures a
and a lasting satisfac
y? t
New Perfection Oi
3 made in many style
I are sold by most goo
gladly show tliem.
" * >? r?r+ 7 ?
!Look tor Hie Lon.
I ~se Aladdin Securitj
best results in, Oii
and Lamps
B Washington, D. C. BAXTIM
Norfolk, Vj.
I cf rubber stamps, seals, etc., qua'- ^
ity ami service. Prompt attention
J to mail orders.
ic buildings $ 2.84
sessors 6.00 ^
s 6.00
6.00 J
jsors 6.00
s 10.00
;es 13.50
: 50.60
chaingang 5.25
J. c. Sample,
County Supervisor,
ondition of appropriations for the year
nonth of May, 1916:
Appropriated. Paid. Balance.
$ 8.665.00 $5,726.50 $2,938.50
2,500.00 1,415.26 1,084.74
rners. 3.000.00 1,808.03 1,191.97
10,000.00 6,114.70 3,885.20
7,500.00 6,277.55 1/222.4")
750.00 110.85 639.15
750.00 583.27 155.73
jffices 2,000.00 1,325.28 674.7S
200.00 34.00 166.0#
45.00 42.00 3.00
2,500.00 494.15 2,005.85
4=;nnn 29160 15S.4#
lis... 1,800.00 1,386.57 413.43
400.00 410.96
450.00 189.25 260.75 {
2,000.00 1,184.76 815.24
s 2,500.00 630.85 1,869.1E
2,604.00 689.51 2,014.49
t c. Sam/pie,
County Supervisor.
jj.rr, tUf
"IME in my
r\$ o 11 nrVi mofrli
ui a ngii iiiaLv^ii
on the instant and
when it's regulatld
off like a gas
iney gives a perfect I
l clean, even heat
:tion. | * v
1 Cook Stoves are |
:s and sizes. They
d dealers who will |
q Blue Chimney ?
-r Oil to obtain the 'J
Stoves, Headers
i y )
ORE Charlotte, N. C.
Charleston, W. Va.
v Charleston, S. C.
J[ i
I A, iti* ruiM\irv ' 1

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