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Besurrected From Supreme Bench,
IKepubliean Candidate Returns to
i i ^..o.anf n^litrhf
PI ?TIHI appAnuv i/Kw?.
f .
New York, June 12.?Charles K. j
Hughes reentered polities today, ap- i
parently with abundant zest. He j
reached Xew York early in the day, <
established temporay headquarters at,
i an uDt.cwn hotel and virtually held !
~ nparlv niidnisrlit. ]
(vjyvrii nuusc uuui . ? w
Scores of persons on various missions ,
flocked to his rooms, mostly, men who j
haci known lnm in the days when he '
js campaigning for governor of New j
York. Tilfre also were several party
i leaders among his callers.
Mr. Hughes issued no statement today
and expects to issue none until
* k form? 11 v notified of his nomina
tion. The subcommittee to confer with
^ him as to fixing a date for the cere^
mony probably will wait on him in
a few days and until then, it is understood,
he will allow his telegram to
Chairman Harding of the Republican
national convention to stand as his
declaration of principles.
Although the nominee s plans still!
are -undetermined as to (virtually all j
the details of the campaign, it is like- j
ly that he will remain in (New York
I until June 20, when he expects to attend
a reunion of the class of '81 of
Brown university at Providence, U. I.,
He probably will remain there for the
commencement exercises the next day.
By that time it is believed his plans,
- - r Vt i C ClimTTIPr
so xar as iuc; wuvei u ~????
residence and the chief details of his
campaign, will have asiumed a more
settled status.
Has Changed Wonderfully.
^ To those who knew the nominee as
a supreme court justice, there was
a marked change in his bearing today.
His air of studious reserve apparently
left him with the robes of his office.
His eye sparkled with enjoyment,
he had a hearty hand grasp and
a smile for every man he met, and
seemed enthusiastic in his welcome of
old friends who came to see Tiim.
They came in crowds. One man,
an old schoolmate "who used to call
him Charley," dropped in after an absence
of nearly 40 years. Another
who said he had not seen him for 15
years waited an hour in his anteroom
to remind the nominee of the days
* f Via
wnen lie taug-xu a, loiuxc viaoo iii viiv, i
Fift>h Avenue Baptist church here, of j
which. the caller was a member; "the |
class," he said, "that John D. Rocke- !
feller, Jr., taught afterward."
Robert Fuller, who was his secre- j
' tary when Hughes was governor,
*< f|B9 jfjP^? ifirwiwOT^ii^^wwMBra^ra^iiywiifi nag^
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IT. ^
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??] materials and
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against the Quality.
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'/A \ Balata Cotton Fabric
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/ leather soles where
^ | The Baiata Fabric !
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" i !
-P'.wt afternoon helping h !
(. cive (\rY. ts; and Maj. Crosso:. u .1 1
was ai> :-iv ary aide in 1910, '. ilishe-i
himsi- f at tho door of \ > ii; !
i.or ottice. T1 he door j
marc-hod ;i <t< .1. of viti 01 !
Among ihesG wro ailed were I: ,,.r> |
W. Tatt. St it > ( Mr~ian Tanner oi j
New York, Gc rge V.'. Wickershani i
v.ho quickly denied a report th: * he!
ha.l been to Oyster Bay to enlist . >1
Roosevelt's aid in the campa!?u?
|T r 1 ^ ? r, m i f t o O -
Werner rarson, muumai v
mail from New York; Samuel I- eni?, |
Xew York Republican leader; William
A. Day, president of t\e Equi-.j
table Life Assurance socie'y, and S.
S. McClure*.
Some Food for T'.oufflit.
Although felicitations were numer-j
ous there also was serious consideration
of campaign plaus. The chief
affairs requiring th'? nominee's immediate
attention are the selection of
1 3 ? ? ?+ on/1 cr nn a Slim
utJiluquai ici o aim uv?-?...s ww t,.
mer headquarters for himself. Several
party leaders submitted suggestions
on all three subjects, all of which
took under consideration.
The nominee had nothing to say as
to whether he" had received a communication
from Oyster Bay.
? > J A f*? o f
party ieaaers seeiueu tu ci^icc m??.
the campaign would be started early.
1 ?Mr. Parsons said that in his opinion
the campaign already was on. "It
strted Saturday." he said, "when Mr.
Hughes sent his telegram to Chairman
The campaign in New York city is
to "be opened this week, Mr. Koenig
. How the Progressives will vote:
whether Col. Roosevelt will support
Mr. Hughes; whether the colonel will
take the stump for him; to what extent
failure of the Progressive to
support Hughes would affect the election?these
and kindred topics were
the suibject of much speculation on
the part of Republican leaders.
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T- 11 i
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Han Home From Yerdnn Describes
Horrors of Great Battle.
New York World.
"I have just left Verdun-, but I feel
as if I had obtained a leave of absence
from heli," was the statement
made today by William H. C. Walker
~ " TTT_n Wii
Df Bingnam, iviass. waiter uaS UCCU |
in France for a year, serving as an I
ambulance jclriver for the American
ambulance hospital.
"What I saw is almost indescribable,"
he said. "The nearest hospital
was 50 miles from the front. iWe
would approach the firing line in our
ambulances and wait there during
artillery bombardments, which lasted
for days. You can imagine what that'
meant?one continuous roar of shells. I
"Then the bombardments would!
suddenly stop and there -would be j
periods of awful silence. We of the
ambulance corps would say to one
another, 'Is this war, or what it is?'
During the periods of terrible silence I
we would be sent out to gather up |
the wounded, of whom there were j
- "The losses at Verdun are almost!
inconceivable. Of regiments sent to j
the front there would be only hand- i
fuls of survivors. I expect to go j
back, but when my leave of absence I
has expired I will feel as if I were j
returning 10 ine micruai icgivuo.
" t
One Who Shows >o Fa?or
A merciless judge is father Time, \
Before him the weak a^d the wanting
go to the wall. Only the truth can
stand. For years the following statement
from a Newberry resident has
T,rt+Viot/-vrwf? thic etprnest of a.11 test.
V> XWiitJCVUU l-tiiw w vw. v
David A. Rivers, ice dealer, Route
Xo. 5, 44 Mill House, Newberry, says:
"My Kidneys were out of order and
the kidney secretions were unnatural
and contained sediment. iMy bacfc
ached and I had severe pi ins across
'1? T c??ii? Kftoron +iVin.or TVvpn'??
my siaes. 1 micm^ uc^au (,au?.a ~ _
Kidney Pills and they mdae me feel
much better in every way.''
(Statement given March 21, 1911.) j
A Lasting Cure. i
On November 20, 1914, Mr. Rivers
said: 'fTihe cure Doan's Kid'f.ey Pills
| brought me has been permanent."
5(>e, at all dealers. Foster-Miiourn
Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
Declares He is for tbe Undiluted
New York, June 13.?Charles E.
.TJnrrv,0(, Hp-fined his attitude to
tVV4V* J
v/ord German-American support as
one of "undiluted Americanism." In
the first statement issued since his
acceptance of the Republican nomination
for president he said:
"I stated my position very clearly
in my telegram to the convention.
My attitude is one of undiluted Americanism
and anybody that supports
! me is supporting an out an*7 out
American and an out and out American
policy, absolutely nothing else."
YEAR FOR $1.50.
hool, Winthn
k Hill. South Carolii
June 13 to July 21, 1916.
?Some of the most famous
ectures. Professors McMuri
f., Commissioner Kendall, o
Editor of the Journal of Educ
teral Secretary of the Religiou
-Full courses of study will be
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still in force for all teachers v
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ly Conducted Excursions. L<
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formation write for Summer i
Rev. Tom LeKch Dead.
Columbia, June 11.?The Rev. Tho-j
mas H. L?itch, formerly superintendent
of the Oliver Gospel mission,
died suddenly at a Columbia hospital
last night about 10:30 o'clock.
For 30 years Mr. Leitch has been
an evangelist of the IMethodist Episcopal
church and in tliat capacity has
been throughout (Sbuth Carolina and
in many sections of the United States
Van- VnWb- fn rw?nver and in the
Mr. Leitch, who "became editor of
The Way and Faith about a year ago,
succeeding the Rev. James M. Pate, i
was born in London, England, in 1S50.!
He came to America at the age of
3 years and up until three years ago 1
"had spent a large part of his life in'
Charleston. He there became a local
preacher in the Methodist church and
was not connected directly with the
Mr. Leitch is survived by his wife, |
? a i
two daughters, Misses Jennie aau (
May belle Leitch, all of Columbia; a I
son, T. W. Leitch in the I'nited States j
navy, and two sons in Charleston.
W. W. and R. M. Leitch.
Mr. Leitch and nis family li-ved at
the Oliver Gospel mission, of which
he was the active superintendent on
coming to Columbia. He has continued
his connection with the mission
since assuming the duties of
editor of The Way and Faith a weekly
religious paper published in Co-'
lumbia with an international circu
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1785 1916
South Carolina's Oldest College
132d Year Begins September 29 ^
Entrance examinations at all the
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Four year courses lead to the B. A.
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October 31. Liberal
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jent C. N. & L. R. R,
5 7
Newberry, S. C.
marl nf the South.
" J

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