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WHEN the
?With a 47-y
?A 47-year R
dealing behind it,
?Makes the i
to believe it.
Here is the
IvTONEiT ca\
are Fair-list-prieec
I3UI, ? you v
lowing prices for
30x3 |
30x3% L32x3%
- -
34x4- 35x4%
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more flexible, and easier on the fee
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The G
Sold Ex<
Governor Mann' g Says Militia May
!:y( Be Called to Border Any
Day. j
Columbia, June 12.?Governor Manning
has ordered that the National
-Guard of South Carolina hold themselves
in readiness for mobilization
should the Washington government
command their services on the Mexican
border. The order was issued
Shis morning by the governor just before
his departure for St. Louis. Mr.
"Manning, who was just back from I
Washington. would not say why he'
promulgated the get-ready orders fur-!
tter than he wanted the companies 1
-warned of what might happen. He 1
said he was issuing the orders be- j
cause there might be a call for the
troops any day.
In unofficial circles the belief was
^xmressed that the orders for the
South Carolina militia to go to the
Mexican border will be issued in
Washington immediately after the St.
Louis convention. The liveliest interest
was taken in the governor's orders
for the militia to get ready for
mobilization in all military circles.
Adit Gen. W. W. Moore was in
conference with Governor Manning
just prior to the latter's departure on
the Carolina Special for the Demo
cratic convention in St. Louis.
The South 'Carolina militia is composed
of two regiments of infantry,
J?&^? ?
?rrTn TTTTTmnn
rfcui* Mnnw's ^
largest Rubber Factory in the W<
ear EXPERIENCE in Rubber-woi
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than the ''Black Barefoot/' GOOJ
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ich "F air-List'
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t.;Meli8h,r "BIack-Trea<
Repairer, for
oodrich Tir
dusively in Newl
lardy M
J four companies of naval militia, five
companies of coast artillery, and one
' troop of cavalry, in all a little on er
2,000 men.
Text of Order.
Governor Richard I. Manning, as
1 commander-in-chief of the South Car!
olina National Guard, issued the following
executive order this morning:
"1. In view of the probable call for
the mobilization of the National
Guard and naval militia of /South
Carolina for service in the near future,
I deem it of the utmost importance
that the officers and enlisted
men in this State begin at once and
in earnest, active preparations for
increasing the strength and efficiency
of the several commands.
"2. I do not believe that the citiI
zens and soldiers of any State iti the
I union are more loyal and patriotic
I than those of South Carolina, and
| should the call come, it is my desire
| that the organization from this State
; make the best showing t>y Deing ine
i first to notify the president of our
! readiness and preparedness, both in
j men and efficiency, to respond to the
! call of duty in defence of our na|
tional honor.
"3. I desire this order read in the
! presence of each company and divij
sion, and that the men be impressed j
ill. 41. _ and np- '
I Willi IJUfc? UI gCllU Ut. Oil ~
' cessitv for prompt, patriotic and en|
thusiastic action looking to increasj
ing the strength and efficiency of the
; South Carolina National Guard and
na/.al militia." j
; i
m i
'king, and,?
d-faith, and Squarei
can well AFFORD I
>ric - Construction,?
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'or less.
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H 1780 Broadway
1! Tires i
- ,
es Are
i !
berry by
( Mrs. Jay McGee, of Steph- 12
^ enville, Texas, writes: ' For
A nine (9) years, I suffered with [A
S womanly trouble. I had ter- W
9 rible headaches, and pains in K
9 my back, etc. It seemed as if K
R I would die, I suffered so. At |W
? j a_ a i..: f A]
isr| last, i aeciaea 10 uy i^iruui, isj
V j the woman's tonic, and it |9j
[EJ helped me right away. The lSj
Ujfl full treatment not only helped WA
Aft me, but it cured me." TM
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1 Cardui?
k| Ttie Woman's Tonic n
(K Cardui helps women in time [3
Ik I of greatest need, because it Ifl
?-A-*?? -?-"?j?? * v??#-? #*/%i ImI
! contains* ingicuicuio Wiuui an WI |
specifically, yet gently, on the 1
weakened womanly organs. Si
So, if you feel discouraged, KM
blue, out-of-sorts, u: ble to El
do your household w o. k, on S
account of your conditio.- stop Ai
I ti/Afrvinar anrf crive Hardiii a 11
E trial. It has helped thousands hj
ml of women,?why not you ? LwJ
Try Cardui. E-71 pW
R^osi'v<iItn (iariicltl ami Lewis Hold
Council of War Behind Closed
Oyster Bay, X. V., June 12.?Col. j
Theodore Roosevelt was visited at his j
heme at Sagamore Hill today uyj
James R. Garfield and Dean William:
Drainer Lewis. According to his se?-1
retary, John W. McGrath, the colo j
nel "had a full and frank discussion'' j
with Mr. Garfield and Dean Lewis "as |
to what lie intends to say" with re-1
gard to the political situation '"and j
the time he should say it."
Neither of the visitors would make
any statement after their interview
with Col. Roosevelt. Both have been |
prominent in Progressive party |
circles. Dean Lewis drafted the platform
adopted by the Cliicago convention.
- ~ - J 4l,?( r> ~ 1 nnfl
Aicurain annuunueu iuai v_ui. .mu
Mrs. Roosevelt would motor to New
York to meet their son, Kermit
Roosevelt, and the latter's wife, who
are expected to arrive from Panama.
Col. Roosevelt will remain in New
York overnight to keep an appointment
there on Wednesday with Raymond
Robins, who was chairman of
the Progressive national contention,
and Harold L. Ickes of Illinois.
Col. Roo-evelt again secluded himself
in his home today except for a
couple of hours when he went for a
horseback ride with Mrs. Roosevelt.
A newspaper correspondent who met
the colonel in the road asked if
there was anything he cared to say,
but the former president turned from
him after a sharp reply in the negative.
ttiffnrd Pinohot and William Loeb.
Jr., called at Sagamore Hill tonight.
They <vere closeted in conference with
Cel. Roosevelt for some time, but no
intimation of their plans was announced.
Memphis Commercial-iAppeal.
''Beauty is but skin deep," says an
* - * a J iL. i.
Old proverD. Ana uie irrevereui, nu/uern
men retorts: "And we don't want
to skin her."
And there you have it in a nutshell?beautiful
women are to be taken
at their surface value; there is to
be no prying under the exquisite exterior
to see if there is a heart or a
brain to fall back on when the in^
1 ~ T 11 ^
evuaDie iaaing nour t>uau curne.
Of all the tangible gifts God gives
to woman beauty is the most desired
because it is the most effective measure
to gain the joys and pleasures
of life, the most powerful weapon to
win the heights of love, admiration,
si:r-"es>. wealth and rulership. 'Women
- this because they have seen
:r-o,\ and never known it to fail.
Tlr pretty baby gets the most pet
the pretty girl gets the most
flowers and beaux, the pretty woman
gets the soft places of the earth. In
society, in the heme, in the office,
women are "checked up'' by the masculine
element according to their
facial perfections or imperfections.
But somebody says, "How about the
homely girl often making the best
match?" Nine cases out of 10 the man |
has first worshiped at some beauty's |
shrine and been turned down before
he wakes up to the fact that there
is something more satisfying than
pink cheeks and starry eyes. It is in- |
grained into man's nature to like
beautiful faces. The love of beauty I
in all hearts is the harking back to |
the spark of divinity that lingers in j
human nature?a silent testimonial to j
the time -when they themselves were'
a part of the general plan ot" perfection.
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever,"
because it is an appeal, not!
only to the harmonies of form and j
color, :but because it is a visualized ;
proof of the perfection that passes,
all understanding.
Character, the strong principle un- J
der the "skin-deep" beauty, comes i
ito /-vtr-n in timoc r?f qtrpss in rlavs i
of sorrow and when the rose hues'
have faded from the scheme of youtk,
it is the most glorious link that binds
us to the Creator, the life line that j
sa?ves us and those about us from the i
rocks of despair. But because we do 1
not see character as we see beauty
we are long in recognizing it. [
Beauty is the open sesame to all |
sorts of success. Beauty does not |
open the door for herself, or set her
own chair, or hold Tier own coat, or
buy her own flowers. There is always
a masculine slave ready to do these
things for her. That is why women
v/ish to he beautiful?that they may
"dwell in green pastures" of ease and 1
gentle consideration.
\ /-vr-TT-o t<^??c, fi-(inwa/rH nlonp* 1
urx.1. lci nam ^ ^ ,
beauty is but skin deep, and "we do
not want to skin them," say the selfindulgent.
easy-going mere men of the j
world. And more is the pity that they
do- not want to do a little metaphori- ;
cal "skinning;" more [3 the pity for,'
ice o:' hoir.e a::;l the ac- [
:; v i:.. of fht- <-ouri>. Marry in;.: j
v t'.ir :? n-.'*v ' .? wrhniir <:nn. 1
pir.g to tin:! (Hit vaat is 011 t'le other |
side of ir, is one of the greatest |
gambles of matrimony.
And yet?and yet if God ever made j
anything sweeter or dearer or more j
to be desired about the house than a |
beautiful girl He did not let it show ;
up in His plan of creation. In this i
.June time of brides and graduates and I
perspective debutants the world 1
til Contain no acid and thus keep th<
||| cracking. They combine liquid an
Hi only half the effort for a brilliao
H| all the family?children and adult*
III keep thexn neat.
y look
M name
if in fr
f theai
M It
r% guars
4J a &??
m (Hi
A Card t<
of Rural TeL
We are anxious to sec
other parties and connects
condition as to furnish effi
owners of rural lines are re
we want 10 co-operate wiu
All lines require a th
sionally if the best service
recommend that every li
overhauled at least once a :
experienced telephone mac
cost of this work when drv
of the line, makes the an
small, and this cost will be
improved service.
If the owners of rural t
tion are experiencing trout
win appreciate uicu iauMu^
Manager or writing us fu
what we can toward helpii
dition of your line.
j__ BOX 163, COI
st?.n:!s with its hat in its hand and^B
thanks Ggu that He put the heauy ojA :
even skin deep! jm
Card of Tlmnks. fl
We wish to tender our most hear*
felt thanks to all those who so kind*
lv helped us in our time of distress,V
and thar.k those who have so genericuslv
given both money and clothe?,
especially to our daughter who never
saved anything at all. It will never
be forgotten. And we pray God s
richest blessing on each of them. 4
Mr. and Mrs. John Wicker and family.
[Nil <
e leather soft, protecting it against i||
d paste in a paste form and require M
it lasting shine. Easy to use for f|>)
i. Shine your shoes at home and ?||
. THE F. F. DALLEY CO*Ltd. &
VtfP Buffalo, N.Y. |g
S-Ridel A ct
and Be^t
s^Jn all the
^ I
fnr fka f I
ont of |
nfcture i 1
tre. I
's the I
intee of ! I
m A * IS ?
) Owners v 1
r\r\Vi/\nA T in AO
cpntriic jjintj J
j that all lines owned by
d with us are kept in such
cient service. Where the
sponsible for their upkeep,
ti them.
orough overeauling occa!
is to be obtained. We s
ne connected with us be
pear, and that at least one
t assist in this work. The
ided among all the patrons
lount paid by each man
more than offset by the
elephone lines in this sec>le
with their service, we
\ the matter over with our *
illy. We will gladly do
ig you improve the con
It ^
iUMBIA, S. C. '

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