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|pf anil gps.
Watered at th; Postoffice at 2?ev.
kirrj, S. C.. as 2nd class matter
Friday. June 1IZ. 1916.
_ . H
"The Strange Case of Mary Page" \
had to be crowded out of this issue ;
on account of campaign and ads. It
will appear Monday afternoon and j
will still be ahead of the play. ^
Aiiss Woodie Bowman has kindly
consented to take care of the social!
news for The Herald and News. Her j
phone number is 359 and The Herald
and News will be pleased if the good j i
ladies will give "her any assistance |
thev may be able. She will also
write items for the personal column.! ;
! 1
This is another good paper. Some-! ;
how we just can't help making a j'
. I (
good paper. It just comes natural, j ^
There are a lot of good ads in the j;
forty eight columns and also a lots of i 1
good reading matter. Dont skip anything,
but just start at the 'beginning
and read right on through all 1
of it. |
The iState campaign seems to be ;
very tame. Our correspondent says \ <
maavvIa WA nr A ^ ill A f I 1
IX1C pcuUlC aic iiiiumug anu i.uau | |
their lack of demonstration does not j
mean that they are indifferent. Tt is
well. ;
This is a great time to drag the
roads. And they need it. Drag the
roads. '
The Herald and News prints the|c
opening speeches of the five candi- a
dates for governor. The synopses of < *
these speeches are of the ones de- 1
livered at the Spartanburg meeting, j *
"We also print cuts of four of the j *
-candidates. We requested Mr. Dun-{
can to furnish us his cut and we j *
"would print it, but "he did not. In js
fact, we asked for only single col-!1
nmn cuts, but three of the candidates !f
misunderstood us and sent double c
column cuts so we requested the 1
other one to send a double column;a
cut also, and, therefore, we present' ^
them to the voters just as they are c
and with what they have to say and v
you may takfe your choice. j 1
It takes considerable of our space ; ^
but we imagined the voters would be ^
interested in the candidates. It is a
true the war in Europe and the pos-!
sible war in Mexico is now overshad-IC
owing everything else, but it should _
not divert us from doing the right
thing and selecting the best men to
?11 the offices. This is peculiarly a'
time when we should select the men :
test fitted for the various positions
which they seek.
Doing Their Best to Avert Open! k
Breach Between United States
and Mexico.
Washington, June 21.?While Gen. %
Carranza is studying the American k
note rejecting .his demand for* with- I
drawal of Pershing's expedition, Eu- I
ropean diplomats are exerting pres
sure on the first chief to prevent him k
from going to war with the United I
States, it was learned here today. I
Some intimation as to what Car ran- |
za's iext step will ibe was expected k
hourly tonight at the state depart- R
ment. I
Special Agent Rodgers reported to- I
day that the Mexican cabinet had un- ?
der consideration the American note I
but. was unable to forecast what I
action would .be taken. His message I
threw little light on what was going f
on in me uviexican capital.
From other sources, however, came
the news that the entente allies are ti
particularly anxious that nothing i i<
should occur at this time to shut off
the oil supplies from the Tampico
fields and are 'bringing pressure to r
tear to prevent a 'break. i:
Germans at Wort? *
Allied diplomatic representatives in ?
Mexico believe, too, that German in- t
fluences have been working on Carranza
in an effort to create a situation
that might embarrass the ene- "
mies of the central powers. ^
They have asserted that German v
agencies have ibeen active in stirring n
up feeling against the United States f(
not only in Mexico but throughout
South and Central .America to pre- c
vent this country from securing trade t
fnrm orhr pnntrnllod Kit CI arm a -n mor.
*>/A l J WUVl V1*VU M J V4 Vi UiUU tUVA g
chants. a
It is understood that the diplomats b
have pointed out to Gen. Carranza fi
that the American note only declines i
to consider immediatev any suggesti"
that its troops be withdrawn a
from Mexico, and that it quotes a I
portion of the agreement between \
Gen. Scott and Gen. Obregon provid- t
ing among other things for the grad- I
nal withdrawal of the forces. a
Another suggestion is that the dis- c
pute over border conditions could c
well ibe referred to an international n
commission under the treaty of 1S4S o
between the two countries. Diplo- p
matic officials here are known to he- h
lieve that President "Wilson would a
consider such a suggestion if he met t
with no interference in the mean- \
Medicine Which Made Sur-.
geon's Work Unnecessary, :
Astoria, N. Y. ? " For two years I ::
^as feeling ill and took all kinds of
?.tonics. I was getIll
HlHl lill'I ^ ing worse every day. j
I I had chills, my head ;i
I TT?nnlrl o a T xroc
I not walk straight :
fj because of the pain
I [| j] pains in my stom- j
doctor and he said I :
' the paper about
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com- i
pound and told my husband about it. I j
said ' I know nothing will help me but I j
will try this.' I found myself improv- j
ing from the very first bottle, and in two !
weeks time I was able to sit down and I
eat a hearty breakfast with my hus- j
band, which I had not done for two years. j
I am now in the best of health and I
did not have the operation." ? Mrs. j
John A. Koenig, 502 Flushing Avenue, I
Astoria, N. Y.
Every one dreads the surgeon's knife
and the operating table. Sometimes
nothing else will do; but many times
doctors say they are necessary when 1
they are not Letter after letter comes
to the Pinkham Laboratory, telling how
operations were advised and were not
performed; or,if performed,did no good,
but Lydia E.Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound was usecl and good neaitn touoweo. i
If you want advice write to
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co.
[confidential), Lynn, Mass.
Nothing more discouraging than a
:onstant backache. Lamo when, you
iwaken, pains pierce you when you
>end or lift. It's hard to work or to
est. Backache often indicates bad
:idneys. Newberry people recommend
loan's Kidney Pills. Read this case:
F. W. Higgins, surveyor & civil engineer,
1130 Hunt St., Newberry,
ays: "My kidneys were so weak that
couldn't control the Kidney secre-i|
ions. I also "had pains in the small
>f my back and right side. The trou)le
seemed to be in my right kidne5
.nd I had pains there all the time.
Ay feet were tender and so~e and I
:ould hardly walk. I suffo^ed in that
ray for about two years, when I got
)oan's Kidney Pills at Gilder &
Peeks' Drug Store. The first box
elped me and several boxes did me
world of good."
50c, at all dealers. Foster-Milburn
o., Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
Pfe A V A sure sign K
UP Em j I J of an inactive Jfc
Dsnlv R liver, bilious- M
ness, consti- II
pation, and M
similar disorders. Remove the l|h
cause in its early stages, do
not allow the organs to get in M
rhmnic state. A few doses of |
will restore the affected organs H
to a healthy condition. I
It is a gentle laxative, purely
vegetable, tonic in effect, kfl
Search far and near and you H
will net find a preparation to I
equal this tried and true old H
I ^ aume buiixu.
| Geta ^ot^e-to{^a|j~pll^^^j
ime in his efforts to guard the American
border from bandits.
>o Official ?Status.
The state department had no official
eports on the peace making efforts
a Mexico City, although, it has been t
nformed directly of wnat is hapening.
It is believed the assurances
ontained in Secretary l^ansing's note
hat the United States would make
far on Mexico only if driven to it by
T?nr\ r\n + i r\
IIdA i\ na> c uccn i lv
natic callers seeking information,
'hese assurances may have paved the
vay for the representations being
lade to Carranzl, urging him not to
orce the issue he has raised.
A study of all Gen. Carranza's
ommunications and actions during
he last few months, however, has
riven little ground, official's feel, for
i "hopeful view. iHis attitude has
ieen one of growing hostility and oficials
are not inclined to Relieve that
t could be readily overcome.
+ h oc a moHor? t?IP
ittention of the state department
Resident Wilson stood on the side
valk in front of the White House
oday to review 2,000 members of the
)istrict of Columbia National Guard
is they pased up Pennsylvania avetue
on their way to the mobilization
amp at Fort fMyer. Among them were
aen of all walks in life, including
[overnment employes from many delartments
and youngsters just out of i
igh school. There was little pomp
ibout the parade but the men
rudged along cheerfully, burdened
vith blanket roll and equipment.
in .1 M Alii ON
Asneville Times, lTtli.
The .Southern Textile association !
in convention at the Langren hotel '
today voted to have printed and sent
to the governor of every southern
State an address on "Jliild Labor !
Legislation" read before that body by J
.1. .M. Da. is of the Xewberry Cotton ;
mills, Xewberry, S. C.
The reading of the paper was the '
timer imnnrtanf silbief-t to be dis- i
cussed during the convention. Round ;
after round of applause interrupted |
Davis during his address. Mr. Davis 1
said in part:
"If I can, I want to clear at the !
outset the atmosphere of the impres- J
sion that the management of our cot- ,
ton mills is essentially the enemy of !
the children. Some people seem to !
A watch ticks 141,91
and yet we often find wa
lowed to run five or ten
or fresh oil.
If you have a good
would any other piece of
it is left in competent ha:
There are ten watche
watchmakers to every
with age.
We use only genuine
promptly, reasonably an(
Only shop in town wl
Manufacturing of Jewelei
Jewelers an
Soaps an
Don't break ^our h
work in your home. E
it will take out grease, p;
use lu water. xiy a, cai
a large stock of Face Pc
See my windows.
Mayes Book &
The House oi
/ wh
I ^et '
The Right f
And be 5
i i':. (>}' a.- a great dragon that
> aire." a 1111 ia 11 y the sacrifice of the ^
lives of hundreds of small and ten- ^
der children.
"We desire to see the younger gen- J
eration develop into citizens of lofty ;
ideals. This end will never be at- j
tained by the ill advised and slipshod !
legislation of men essentially ignor- j
ant of the ills they would cure and '
who are more interest, d in the re- !
tent ion of their office than they are i.
in the permanent good of any leg- j
islation. It cannot be solved by any j
2 by 4 politician in any law making i
"The mill owner has Deen grossly ,
misrepresented. Irresponsible agita- J
tion can also be blamed for the ex- ;
isting 'belief of a great part of our j
"The average politician cares little j
or nothing for the merits of any bill.
> nnn timoc o\7P?rv \tgqv
5 Vf vv V1AUVU XX T Vl^ J VU1
tehes that have been al
years without cleaning
watch treat it as you
machinery and see that
nds to be repaired.
s ruined by incompetent
ore that is worn out
material and do all work
5 satisfactory.
ich keeps two workmen.
l y a specialty.
\ i
r? a
a LUivirAi> i
d Opticians
d Toilet
>ack rubbing the woodiuy
a box of Ino Soap,
aint and dirt without the
1, only 10c. I also have
twder and Toilet Soaps. I
c Variety Store
f 1000 Things
? I
lY N.
it at
)rug Store
Satisfied y/
or f;ji* 11:< ' or family it may af- ;
t. if the !>il 1 is popular and the j
politician tan retain iiis ollk-e by
supporting it lie will do it.
"We concede the right ol' a so.- |
ereign state to enact laws for the I
protection of her people but we ques- j
tion the wisdom of laws which forbid :
the child to work without any pro- :
vision being made for those depend- i
ing upon the efforts of the child for 1
i ne ureamer nas me impression !
that such laws will transform the |
children into healthy and well trained
"Under the law the children will i
be turned into the streets without
any provision being made for their !
"An idle brain is tfte devil's workshop.
"What we need is compulsory education
laws, and a law providing for
taking care of those dependent on
the child. The proposed law is
Matinee at 3:15
?Tur ur A DT rtP KIAD I
niLi i iL.nn i ui nui\/
"The Iro
Atlanta and
Tuesday, J
The Southern Railway w
capita excursion from Colu
ville and Grreenwood to ?
m i _ T j_l. r
on ruesaay, June zim,
schedules will apply:
Between Columbi
Lv. Columbia 7:15 a.
" Prosperity 8:33 a.
'' Newberry 8:48 a.
" Ninety-Six 9:52 a.
Greenwood 10:15 a.
'' Abbeville 9:55 a.
" Anderson 11150 a.
" Seneca I:25PAr.
Atlanta 4:30 p. :
Ar. Chattanooga 9:45 p. 1
Tickets will be good goin
and returning until midnig
good on New York, New C
tailed information, copy of
Railway Ticket Agent.
S. H. M
s- harneiuliy oiie-.-ided in that it discriminates.
It permits ti e new - ho;-.
messenger buy and farm child to fl
work, but denies the mill chile that
"A child can work on the farm t'orW
12 hours a day and nothing is iaid.B
Let that same child move to a mill V
town, go to work in a mill and it at t|g
once assumes a mythical sacredness V
ana becomes uie special recipient ol m
child legislation.
"The further this question is analyzed
the bigger farce it seems to be.
In most cases where children under
14 years of age are worked in mill it
is done for the benefit of the child \
and his parents."
In closing his remarks Mr. Davis
said: "I was unable to put my personal
sentiment in that paper. If I
had, a lot of things would be in it
i that would not look good in print. I
am glad congress has been too 'busy
j to give the child labor law much consideration.
The next time it comes
up we will get a good crack at them."
>N "
i?Evening 7:15
:L FROHMAN Presents
n/MirMT nrmnrH
muiviLn i DLruiu.
n Claw" '
r mil
Line ^/tn
rill operate a cheap per
imbia, Eock Hill, GreenAtlanta
and Chattanooga
rhe following fares and
a and Greenville.
To Atlanta To Chattanooga
m $4.00 $6 50
m 4.00 b.50
m 4.00 6.50
m 3.75 6.25
m 3.50 6.00
m 3.50 6.00
m 3.50 6.00
m 2.75 5.50
?r onlv on the above trains
ht July 3rd, except not
rleans Limited. For decircular
call on Southern
cLEAN, D. P. A.,
i M

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