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jpt jeraiB enD gem
tmtered at the Postofftce at New* !
isrrj, S. C., as 2nd class matter.
Tuesday. June 27. 1916.
? - i
Greenwood town is to have a big
fourth of July celebration and the
merchants and business imen have
made up a lot of prizes and they are
going to 'have a big celebration and
thus keep the town on the map as
one of the live and progressive cities
of the "State.
There is one consolation to the
young men who go to the Mexican
border, they will not have the hardships
which met the men who marched
away just 55 years ago. The improvements
in caring for the men are
so great that they can be better cared
It is gratifying to see that all the
candidates for governor are placing
the campaign on a high plane and are
not indulging in personalities, but
are discussing issues, and of course
the records of those who have records
to discuss. We hope it may
^ continue that way to the end.
We notice that Gov. Manning says
that the asylum has been made the
"football" of politics for the last few
years and that conditions there have
been terrible. If he is not nedeavoring
to make political capital out of
the institution now we do not know
what he is doing, and we cannot understand
why he should be talking
so much about what he has done and
how bad things were before and
snowing where he gave his personal
note to increase the pay of the superintendent
and how he paid the
eame out of his own pocket. We are
not prepared to believe all that is
said about conditions before and conditions
The editor of the Greenwood In- j
dex attended the opening meeting of j
the campaign at Spartanburg and to
tell who was the leading candidate
for governor actually took note toy
the watch of the length of the applause
given each of the candidates.
The editor concludes that Cooper j
was the favorite. Others say that
Manning was the favorite and still
others say it was Blease. It all depends
largely upon the viewpoint and
the feeling of the man who takes note
of the applause and who is his favorite.
We call the attention of the
editor of the Press and Banner to the
fact that according to the Spartanburg
papers Gov. Manning carried
Spartanburg again.
Gov. Manning issues a call for 1,000
volunteers to complete the regi-,
ments now mobilizing at Styx.
Capt. Joe Werts is doing a fine
piece of work on Friend street from
Caldwell toward the depot. We hopo
lie will be permitted to extend the
good work on to tne depot, it is j
greatly needed.
The Anderson Daily .Mail of Satur-;
day carries the following paragraph j
in reporting the speech of Gov. Man- j
ning at the campaign meeting that
"Some one asked about his appointment
of negroes as notary public.
Appointed some, on recommendation
of county delegations not knowing
they were negroes. He has revoked
these commissions and will not appoint
any more negroes to office."
The Greenville News staff correspondent
on this pa)t of the speech
"When the governor concluded
there arose a chorus of shouts for
Blease, "Havrah for Coley," was
heard all about the stand. Mr. Manning
smilingly took his seat, and then
in answer to a question, explained
that there were no negro notaries in
thA <Stafp today that unon the rec
ommendation of Newberry legislative
officers lie had appointed one. but
later finding that the notary was unworthy,
had revoked his commission,
and also the commission of certain
other notaries he had issued."
This statement of the governor j
seem- io be a rather hard 11 - k :o a: J
least tiirie members of the Newberry j
delegation. He says he appointed ;
negroes not knowing they were negroes
on tii. recommendation of tbe
county legislative officers. The sen
ator from (Newberry, under date 01
April, 1 sent a long letter to a number
of gentlemen in Newberry explaining
that Sam Nance was appointed
on the recommendation of
himself an.l Representatives Slower
and Chapman. We cannot believe
that these gentlemen fooled the governor
or even tried to fool him, and
there must be some mistake about his
not knowing the appointee was a
negro. But he is just as worthy today
as he was when he was appointed
and has done nothing since to
make him unworthy that we have
heard, and yet the governor says lie
has revoked the commission of all negro
notaries. Why?
We judge from the reports of the
meeting as published in the daily pa- (
pers that the governor failed to carry
Anderson on Saturday. The esteemed
Press and Banner will piease
take note of this.
Notice is hereby given that the
county board of commissioners for
Newberry county will 'be at Henderson's
ferry, on Enoree river, on Friday,
the 14th day of July, 1916, at 11
o'clock, a. m., with suitable specifications,
to let to the lowest responsible
bidder the building of the bridge
at said ferry authorized by the sup-,
ply bill for said county. Acts of 1916.
The successful bidder will be required
to give sufficient bond. The county
board of commissioners reserves
the right to reject any and all bids.
J. C. Sample,
County Supervisor.
June 26, 1916. 6-27-3t-taw.
The State campaign meeting will
be held on Saturday, July 1, in the j
grove at the corner of Glenn and'
Harrington streets near the residence '
Is the Talk g
S Mrs. Miller'
I of last week was
cess. Quite a m
wives have bom
saved the drm
with the cookii
have more time t
We have kept the
Mrs. Miller, for this
would like to see hou
cooked in the Fireles
Iftfi tuhat time vou u
roast or chicken cool
it for you.
Come in any time
to show you how y
cent of your fuel and
sion bill by using an L
When West-Martii
its oak.
I West-Ma
. i
of Mr. J. A. Burton. The meeting i
will >iu ]<ro::;- iiy at 11 o'clock:.
F. it. Hunter.
B. I:. Leitzsev, Chairman.
secretary. ;
<t- -i <v * 't ? <e- t * ? -i / |
^ fikrirrv '
'' OW1J-. J. il V |
<V <? j
$> $> j
Friday afternoon at 5 o'clock Miss j
Dutch Fant entertained delightfully j
in compliment to her guests, Mi^es
Florence Deaver and Mary Metts.
After several games of rook, deli- j
cious block ice cream and cake were
served. Miss Fant's guests were:
j.nsses 'Deaver, EYIetts, Cora Ewart,
Hulda Longshore, Mildred Purcell,
Harriet Mayer, Marguerite Spearman, |
Anna Coe Keitt, Grace 'Wilbur, Janie i
Howie, Julia Summer, Frances Half-j
acre, Nancy Fox, Rhea Joynes, j
Frances Houseal, Lucy Dunn, May |
? I
Tarrant, Kooeria .viami, ivia.r> huc?er,
Mary Frances Cannon, Mildred
Tarrant, Azilee Parr, Sara Davis, ,
Sophia iXell Crotwell, Bertha Gallman,
Marguerita Matthews, Selma j
Crotwell, Goode Burton, iMildred
E.ans, Kathryn Harms, and Florence
The Young Matrons Rook club was
delightfully entertained Thursday afternoon
by Mrs. R. D. iSmith, Jr. At j
the conclusion of the games an ice j
course was served. Twelve guests
were present.
lAmong the pleasant social affairs j
of the week was the rook party given by
Mrs. Harry Blease, at her lovely j
home in Main street. Besides the1
members of the club, a number of
guests enjoyed Mrs. Blease's hospi- j
tality. After the games a delicious
ice course was served.
Death of An Infant. j
John S. Senn infant son, aged 3
years, of Mr. and Mrs. J. Taz Senn '
died Friday night at their home in
the city and was 'buried Saturday af- 1
ternoon at 5 ociock. ai oui.<in?
church. Reverends Croker and Bur- j
riss conducted the funeral services, i
The little fellow had been sick for j
several weeks and suffered much. The
parents have the sympathy of many
>f the Town. 1
s demonstration
? a decided sue- |
rk/* IsmfOA.
IIIIC(/CI l/f f
?7if and will be
igery connected
ng of food and
o spare for other
maid> who assisted
. week, and if you !
) good food is when I
s Cooker just 'phone
jould like to have a 1
zed and we will cook I
and we will be glad I
ou can save 80 per
f reduce your provi
deal Fireless Cooker.
i Co. says its oak,
irtin Co. j
( i'TI.K A": iiH i l.'J
The follo'.vinii commit: :-e has been
named to meet the candidates when
they arrive in -Newberry and escort
them to the hotel and from the hotel :
to the speaking grounds: P. H.
Hunter, chairman; H. W. Dominick, ,
c. G. Blease, W. B. Wallace, B. C.
Matthews. W. G. Mayes. ,J. Y. .Jones. ,
.1. M. Davis, Z. F. 'Wright. E. H. Aull. |
The candidates will probably come
on the morning train from Laurens j
on Saturday as the speaking is in j
Laurens on Friday. It is understood
that Gov. Manning will go from
Laurens to Whitmire where he will
speak on Saturday morning during
the chautauqua at that place and will J
come from Whitmire on to .Newberry
in time for the speaking here.
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Sonic et*n dreary years a:ro,
When 1 was y011115: anci small,
.My papa joined tne Reel Men,
Twas some time in the fall,
My mother did not like it much,
j Said times were hard and blue.
| But papa thought it was the best,
1 And made a Red Man true.
i Now, just about one year ago,
| When grain was in the head
My father, dear, was paralyzed
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bid all that they could do,
Our hearts with gratitude will cling
I nto those men so brave and true.
Through al our days of anguish
They were our help and guide.
In caring for our father
I Tlti 1 + V./-* ^ a It r\
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1 know no lodge, of other kind,
Nor what such honors bring,
But, this one thing I'm proud to say,
Eac 1 "Red Man" is a king.
That father was a Kea i.\2jtn,
Is memory, sweet to me,
And I'll be a Pocahontas
As soon as I can be.
Lucille Williams.
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