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the nationc
-* matter ho
? ? ^%Ac. nock of tht
in goodness and
in pipe satisfaction fc
is all we or its enthusi- ^^5
astic friends ever claimed
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Application for Receivership in Fed-, U-85, With Fri
eral Court Now Before United j Kin^ Alfonso
States Judge. of Ci
Tfce State. Madrid, June
Greenville, June 22.?Circuit Judge a German subm
T. J. t.Viauldin today dismissed a pe- rived today at C
tition for an injunction against the cers disembarkec
sale of the Hampton Cotton Mills j drid with a cor
company properties by the Parker j King Alfonso-.
Cotton Mills company after hearing j The section of
the return of M. C. Branch, president vors Germany p
o* the Parker company, and IW. E. day eulogizing th
fceattie, treasurer, and after hearing their naval explc
zriBcli testimony in the case. came from Nola,
Argument on the return was start- kase.
ed on Tuesday and occupied two days. The newspapei
fhe decision being made on the morn- lomatic represen
ing of the 3rd. foreign countries
Yhe rule to show cause why the sPanis^ goverum
sale should not be enjoined was is- ticulars in regan
eued by Associate Justice Watts some t-35.
lime ago in Columbia upon petition
of W. H. Rose, Richard D. Lee and ^ n(*er ^
Alex E. King. The judge in his or- Cartagena, Sp?
?der stated that he found no evidence j German euhmari
Of fraud. ! by Lieut, von Ar
. , .. , . . today with a le
The return to the rule issued upon
t . ? ? j William to King
petition of A. H. Heyward of Macon,
^ j tt ^ -r,r n * . , tenant said the ,
Ga., and H. C. Welborn of Lexington, , ,
_ , . ,. i , i . , . . , emperor's thank:
N. C. asking that the sale of enjoined
j . , . . given by Spain t
and that a receiver or receivers for
r> , ^ , the Kamerun.
the Parker Cotton Mills company be
named, was begun in the federal Tae submarii
- - alrvnffsidft the
court court here today before Judge ?
Johnson, who issued the rule to show steamer Roma b
<cause. W. E. Beattie took the stand ties re(luire(l he.
ioday in the return. anck?ra?e ne<
er Cataluna.
It is expected that this argument,
precipitated in the federal court by '^iie &ecreiary
out of State stockholders, will re- ki?sy arrived hei
. . lato last night t
iquire at least another day in tlie pre- ?
Rpntfltion of oral testimony and of "ccomPan*ed by
affidavits. Judge Johnson may deliv- ne '*ont 011 'Doari
er tiis opinion on Saturday morning. visited the comn
cruiser and a d*
J ders to watch, cl
FORT MILL IX LIXE of the submarin
*"""""<nvpn frv >lvPPn fl*
I?rk Town Sends Strong Military harbor light;ed b
Company. lights.
Few communities throughout the ,
i The submarim
State can measure favorably with the , .
por' t- rtly befc
military strength of Fort Mill. In
pro rata population, this town, with
a population below 2,000, sent to Co- HOI
lumbia yesterday one of the best mil *
~^?T--? fiood Town to
itary units in tne soutu oaruuua ^a-1
tior.al Guard and in addition lias or-j ^
ganized a supply company. I
The Fort iMill Light Infantry was TyPlcal of the
organized in 1900 with W. R. Brad- te*eSram^ r^cei>e
ford, captain; T. B. Spratt, first lieu- S?vernors office
tenant, and S. W. 'Parks, second lieu- ^a^or tiie
te/r: Only two members now re- ,;>teveils sa-s t^ia
- - - - .. ...... the Rock Hill cc
main of tfte original tormation. Many i
. , .. , tinue to be, and
members of the company are of the
^ . ,, , ,. , . , ! young men who ]
sturdy type from the rural district,
and hc-W a high average in efficiency camp hold.
they return.
tmm j -Mayor Stevens
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s woods you drop into. For. Prince E 3 jjlWjuj j||J|(jU'trlj!|/AVl ni r riB
s right there ? at the first place you & jffilfty'!}W' Jf\\}wi"J U j ;0
s that sella tobacco! The toppy red \ ojljlijyi'iil'.i.-JfT'Ji iiiiiiiliiiiHjlilJlIjl THl ,fi
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tin for a dime; then there's the hand- |j j ^~ 9
eome pound and half-pound tin B !| FvRS^OKhRSUn&CKlHc j|
humidors and the pound Bj || ipDQrpCC DISCOVEPEDIN !
Ihu crystal-glass humidor with 1 i I j jjfPQLLjJaj : '
It is so
ling to your |fgggm|HL
: chummy with 1
>ve out our say- ?
mM i n M
? ? riwaiw mi? mmm?n?
to-ywi ud realise what k BUM
fa nulran Prise* Alfcatt m mmck
ntfo?-S?ktn, N. C toyMrUkiac.
lBITE Employers said jobs -would be open
SPANISH WATERS for them on their return. Rock Hill
has been ibehind them and will conendly
Jfessaere for tinue to be, as evidenced by 1,000
, Arrlres at Port at train to see them off. Boys in fine
irtag-ena. spirits."'
22 (via Paris).? JBi/l'?\iUi hajji.x?3
arine, the U-35, ar
'artagena. The offi,- Colonel Appoints Officers at Styx
1 and left for Ma- Camp.
ifidential letter for
i E. M. Blythe. colonel, First iSout'H
the press which fa- j Carolina infantry, ranking officer at:
- I stvr vesterdav issued th? following
ublishes articles - e
German sailors for ! general orders from camp headquar- j
)its. The submarine j tersthe
Austrian naval "Pursuant to instructions from the j
governor of South 'Carolina, the un-:
Pais says the dip- dersi?ned berebj assumes command ;
tatives of certain. ot tMs camP anfi announces the foli
have asked the |lowing staff;
ent for further par- "Camp adjutant, MaJ. 1. Shapter
d to the visit of the Caldwell, adjutant general.
"Camp quartermaster, Maj. Henry
' E. Raines, quahermaster corps. |
-i~.~ "Camp surgeon, fMaj. James E.j
iwst? IT OLV ,
lin, Jane 22,-The ' Poare- medl'caI c0;'ps"
ne U-35 commanded "Sanitary inspector, Maj. A. ?
nauld, arrired here Eraiisford, medM corps."
tter from Emperor T1y(> KOAftS AT STYX
Alfonso. The lieu- j
letter expressed {he ^rera, Tntins_Tai|J Camp!
s for the attention Hoore
,U tilt; rciugcco hulu
[ Columbians have train service to j
le first anchored , Styx, the State mohili2ation grounds. |
interned German 0n two railroads, the (Southern and
ut the port authori- the Seaboard. No extra service has
r to move and take been announced on either road.
ir the Spanish cruis- The Southern railway station is
named Styx and is three-quarters of
of the German em- a mile from the camp. Trains leave
re on a special train Columbia at 9:10 a. m., 4:15 p. m.
o receive the letter. I and 12 midnight. Returning, the
l ! train* arrive in Columbia at 6:40 a.
Lite UOi Luaii vvuuut, j v. _
i the submarine and m.. 10:15 a. m. and 4:10 p. m. The
aander. A Spanish Southern railway has already built a
istroyer received or- new spur track and a depot and will
osely the movements immediately increase the shed facilij.
Instructions were ties and other passenger accommodale
entrances to the tions. The spur track was comrightly
with search- pleted in 48 hours, a remarkably
quick piece of work.
i departed from the Ttie Seaboard station, called Dixi,re
daylight. anna, is located about three miles
freni the camp ground. Trains leave
n (korv tadj Columbia for the grounds at 5:20 a.
ilf vrfc* JOBS , ,
m. and 5 p. m., and returning arrive
B ? , _j at Columbia at 11:55 a. m. and 111
Protect 3Iembers oi i i
i_ I p. m.
?roop. jH I
Rock Hill spirit is a POPE SEEKING PEACE
d yesterday at the
from W. G-. Stevens, Appeal to Wilson and Carranza Re"good
town." Mr. ported.
t Rock Hill is behind j
>mpany and will con- London. June 24.?A wireless dist'nat
employers of the patch from Rome says that Pope
save entered the Styx Benedict has appealed to President
the jobs open until Wilson and Gen. Carranza ro use
their earnest endeavors to avert war.
>' telegram follows: -.a**
mtrained this mora- THE HERALD AND NEWS OXE
1 men and officers, j YEAR FOR S1.50.
i 2:1..\ I>"?
.MW'IilM-: l.MT
I Mcnii.ir> ?,i Troop h (amp Sryx
?TecanKaJ i- liequired.
The machine gun company, which
is being organized at Anderson by
Cant. IJ. B. Gossett. has been prac?
ii? ?I..?J ~ ~ I
ntanv tuiiii^iei-eu, aixuiumg iu vnopatches
from that city, the requisite
number being ."3. Many Clemson and j
Citadel men are enlisted in the
i-nit, as well as others who have had J
special training in military tactics.
This company will be transported to
( ^ rvl 11 >\?o Cliin^or A c? i m i 1 Q r PAIY1 ? I
v uiuiiiuia ^ u. 11 \-ici j . oiumwi w? ,
pany is being organized in. Columbia, j
Men with a mechanical turn or experience
are particularly desirable. J
as the machine guns are a delicate j
piece of mechanism, and require skil- j
led direction to manipulate.
Capt. Gossett of the company was ,
educated at Clemson and the United
States naval academy and has had
two years of service as lieutenant
"vith the United States marines, one
nf whiVVi in <~!nha
Capt. Ralph J. Ramer is to be first (
lieutenant of the company. He en- \
listed with the Missouri National I
Guard in 1892 andt in 1895 was graduated
with distinction from the Missouri
(State Military school. During
the Spanish-American war he saw
service nine months as a lieutenant.
T> AlrAff AP r*TYiCAM
1 UUIUdd r LJ U^rV-Ci-L U L Vit<Laovu vvi
lege is to be second lieutenant. (Mr.
Duckett finished at the Citadel in
1912 with the highest rank. In the
fall of 1912 he became commandant
of cadets in (Millensburg 'Military institute,
Kentucky. He has been assistant
commandant at Clemson since
January 1, 1913.
" ?-- *? nr U I. r.mB?Ml1an
riVTWCS lur TT vrt in iiviupuvun
General's Office?May Issie
Legislative Directory.
Tlie State.
The contract for the printing in the
comptroller general's office was
awarded to The State company by the
joint committee on printing from the
general assembly, the contract price
being ^3,973?.'5Q.. This was the lowest
,of the several hids opened.
"Though somewhat in excess of the
amount paid last year, because of the j
unprecedented rise in prices for |
white paper, the committee consider
ed itself fortunate in procuring a bid j
so nearly the amount paid one year j
ago," said a member of the commit- j
The next meeting of the committee 1
3 i
will be held September 1, when con-,
tracts for the bulk of the printing for !
the legislative session of 1917 will be j
let, together with contracts for the,
annual reports of the different State'
officers to the general assembly. In [
the absence of (Senator Niels Chris*
, lenseii ui lotrciuiui l
tor C. D. Lee of Darlington presided.
I A Tost pocket directory of the general
assembly is to be issued early
next year, immediately after the legislature
meets. The committee plans
to issue a creditable edition of 1,000
volumes, to be distributed to the
members of the general assembly,
State officers, supreme and circuit
1 mnrt indues, solicitors and congress
men from South Carolina. "Copy"
for the little volume will be edited by
W. R- 'Bradford, secretary of the committee.
Extras and Posters in Capital Pro|
claim Yietory Over United
States Troops.
Mexico- Crty, Mex., Jane 21.?Extra
5 1...1
editions of tlie newspapers ana uuiletins
posted about the city tonight
tell of the defeat of American troops
at what is styled "the battle of Carrizal."
The Americans are declared
to have been dispersed and IT pris!
oners captured.
The official version of ffce clasn.
says that the Americans attempted to
capture the railroad station at Carrizal
and were engaged by Gen. Felix
j Gomez, who was in command of the
Carranza garrison, uen. oumez W dO j
killed in the battle. It is announced
that among the prisoners was an
American interpreter who confessed,
it is claimed, that the American commander
was the aggressor. The prisoners
were sent to Mexican headquarters
at Chihuahua City.
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! i. > i:i: i:oi +i. u : >
M:\n I'liorovw.
\ ill liori/.inir Pn'M*it'HI
Io ( ;ill into >?-rvi<v Nieii 01
Militia a* May \U> Fit and
are .Weded.
Washington, June '1Z.?I'nder an or- j
I J. i. 3 U. X}~ i !
! uer I5;ucu uy ocuicua. v jiiiaei luuu*, :
! arrangements for the prompt dispatch
j of National Guard organizations to 1
, the border will be made between Gen.
| j
, Funston and the commanders of the j
' various departments without refer- j
1 ence to Washington. As soon as a!
i I
regiment, troop or battery is sworn I
in and its equipment completed. Gen. j
Funston will ibe notified and he Willi
! designate the point on the border to j
| WMC11 It Will De seat. r UI rnauuu ui
provisional brigades or other tactical
units will be worked out later.
The secretary announced the order
in the following statement:
"It is the intention of the depart-,
ment to _send all of the State militia j
which has been called out to the bor- j
der as soon as it is ready and fit to
go. That is to say, as soon after it
has been assembled at the various
State mobilization camps and can be
inspected, equipped, mustered into
service and otherwise prepared for
dispatch. The militia so sent will be ,
distributed by Gen. Funston along
the .border.''
The resolution adopted in the house
will facilitate this movement. It au- ,
thorizes the consolidation of in-complete
units of the guard so that they
can he sent forward without waiting
to be recruited up to the required
strength. Additional companies will
be raised and sent forward later to
fill vacancies if any regiment or battalion
created by combining two or
more companies that failed to show
the required minimum strength when i
first mobilized.
The text jot the resolution as aaopied
follows: ,
"Resolved, by the senate and house
of representatives of the United
States of America in congress as- i
sembled, That in the opinion of the
congress of the United iStates an emergency
now exists which demands
the use of troops in addition to the
iat armv ,-?f the United States and
that the president be, and he hereby
is. authorized to draft into the military
service of the United States an- ,
der the provisions of Section 111 of
the national defense act, approved j,
June 3, 1S16, so far as the provisions of
said section may be applicable and ,
not inconsistent with the terms hereof,
any or all members of the <N'a- j
tional Guard and of the organized
militia reserves to serve for the per- j
i/vr* tho pmpro-pncv. not exceeding i,
1.UU \J L vaav* 0 ? r ? _
three years, unless sooner discharged.
"Sec. 2. The sum of $1,000,000 is |1
hereby appropriated out of any money I'
in the treasury not otherwise appro-,
priated to (be expended under direction
of the secretary of war and un-!
der such rules and regulations as
he may prescribe for the purpose of I
maintaining at a cost of not more
than $50 a month the family of each j
enlisted man of the National Guard j
: 1
called or drafted into the service of \
the United States until his discharge j
therefrom, which family during the j
term of service of said enlisted man
has no other income except his pay
adequate for the support of said family,
and the word family shall include
wife, dependent mothers, fathers
and sisters as well as brothers
under the age of 14 years.
'*The provision of Section 112 of the ! 1
national defense act of June 3. 1916,
shall be applicable to any office?" or
enlisted man drafted into the service j
of the United. (States pursuant to !
Section 1 of the joint resolution. ~
"Provided, that all persons so
drafted shall from the date of their
draft stand discharged from the \
militia during the period of their
services under said draft.
To Consolidate Units.
"Sec. 2. That when organizations, ,
the members of which are drafted un- .
der the provisions of this resolution,! <
do not constitute complete tactical j,
units the president may, by combin- j
ing such organizations, organize bat- j
1 j s I
talions, regiments, brigades ana ui-. (
visions, and may appoint officers for ]
sucla units from the regular army,
from the members of such organiza- <
tios, from those duly qualified and <
registered pursuant to Section 23 of
the act of congress approved January
21, 1903, or members of the officers'
-1 I
reserve corps, as proviucu m.
38 of the national defense act of June
3, 1916, officers with rank not above (
that of colonel to be apointed by the
president, by and with the advice and
consent of the senate, l
'"Sec. 4. That whanever in time <
of war or puiblic danger two or more
officers of the same grade are on duty ;
in the same field, department or com- ]
mand, or organizations thereof, the (1
president may assign the command of j
- ?>: .eh Held, department
;..n;a:'..i or ui uii; orgaiiiza ion
thereof, without regard iu seniority of
ran a in t .*.* ?'aiue ,-ruuc. ii t ae ?tast.e
<;l s.jeh assignment by tae i>r<esident.
officers of tlie same grade shall
rank and have precedence in the fallowing
order, without regard to da&?
or rank or commission as between of^
titers of different classes, namely: |
First, officers of the regular army and \ .
officers of the marine corps detached
for service with the army by order
of the president: second, officers of
forces drafted into the military service
of the United .States: Provided,
that officers of the regular army holding
commissions in forces drafted into
the service of the United States
shall rank and have precedence under
said commissions as if they were /
commissioned in the regular army;'
but the rank of officers of the regular
army under their commissions in
tVin fnypoc intn rho of J
lit - -- *
the United States shall not for the
purpose of this article "be held to antedate
muster or draft into the ser- ^
vice of the United States."
To Rush Them to Front.
With this authority war department
officials believe it will be possible to
hasten many organizations to the
front. Recruiting will go on at the
camps and the new drafts follow after
the organization.
At the war department orders were
n/in tt fr\T tho niirfhasp of 14
given WUOJf 1UI (.
additional aeroplanes for border use.
They will toe of tlie high power type f
recently sent to the border.
Lack of aeroplanes with the expedition
in Mexico is blamed for the
long delay in obtaining exact information
as to what happened at Car
Army officials are trying to assemble
additional radio sets for immediate
use. j
Navy reports during the day show- ^
ed good progress in the relief of I
Americans asemblmg at Jtfexlcma
ports for the trip home. The transport
Buffalo should reach San Diego j
Sunday or Monday with those taken
aboard at Mazatian. Topolobampo
?A wact r>A*af- norts. She Will
nuu utuci > v>/? www..
return immediately for more. y
(Several navy vessels and a commercial
liner are due at IVera Cruz
within the next few days to pick up
Americans now aboard the battleship
Nebraska and others arriving from
the interior. The colony in iMexico
City now numbers less than 250 and
these will be sent out tomorrow or
?j - - ~or hnfh Mexican
2>unua.y, avcui vinifj CV/ WWVM
and state department advices. i
Other ships are nearing Tampico to
take off refugees there, and commercial
vessels of all kinds are bringing
Americans from whatever ports they
tcuch. Present indications are that
few Americans will remain in Mexico
within a week and that such as dj
will stay there by their own choice,
not for lack of transportation.
Be it ordained by the mayor and
aldermen of the Town of 'Newljerry,
South Carolina, in Council assembled
and .by authority of the same. A
I. That from and after the passage
of this ordinance, it shall be unlawful
for the owner or owners of any
dog to allow or permit the same upon
the streets of the said Town unless
such, dog is securely muzzled.
II. That the owners or owner
any dog or dogs who shall permit or
allow said dog or dogs on the streets
of Newberry in violation- of this ordinance,
shall upon conviction thereof
be fined not more than twenty-five
dollars or be imprisoned in the; town
guardhouse or upon' the public works
of the town for a period of not more i
than thirty days for each offense.
III. That any dog or dogs found
upon the streets of Newberry without
being securely muzzled, the owners
of which cannot be found or ascertained,
shall be impounded for five
days and unless the owner or owners,
luring that time shall claim said dog
md pay into the treasury of the Town
Df Newberry a fine of five dollars.
said aog snan ue luueu.
EV. That section 295 on page 90 of
the codified ordinances of the Town
>f Newberry "be, and the same is her3ay
Done and ratified in the Town
Council, Town of Newberry, this 13
lay of June A. D 1916.
Z. F. Wright, y
J. W. Chapman,
Clerk and Treasurer of the Town
)f Newberry, S. C.
I will give a barbecue at my resilence
1-2 mile from Old Town oa
Wednesday, June 28, 1916. Special^L
attention to ladies and children^^ftrfjgfl
Plenty of amusement for both old aJ
-*oung. All candidates invited. ^ I
L. Clarence

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