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Palm Beach,
U Cool Cr
, Ranging in Pricc
Panama, Leg
And all Straw H
f Palm Beach SI
Midsummer lies in
f :**;
Trunks and .
: Vac
\ J. n. oum
Col, Roosevelt Urges
Progressives Support
\ j antagonism to m
Greenwood Journal. J to defeat me for
r Chicago. June 26.?Col. Theodore i onty way by
(Rooserelt today formally announced achieve this obj(
f lie would support Charles 'E. Hughes J ing Mr. Hugihes
for president. He declined the Pro-; him accordingly,
gressive nonitnation in a formal, to other consider
statement and urged all Progressives I Hughes'
to support the Republican nominee, j whole cour&se of
In his letter to the Progressive t affairs justify us
national committee, Col. Roosevelt j viction that the
(bitterly assails the "Wilson adminis- j have for their ov
tration, refers in vigorous language j e<j him well, in i
to the part tne tiermaii-Aiuei x^ati ieet nis puunu ai.
^ liance may play in the election, and election. His en
pays a tribute to the fine character guarantee of thii
of QTr. Hughes. /
is to 3
We 3Tnst Jfot Sulk. /
Referring to the Progressive party, j Tiie messa&e c
Col. Roosevelt says: J Wilson 1
"It is impossible for us Progres- j found * anting.
, eives to abandon our convictions. But; 01 Motion tc
? we are faced with the fact that as I of 1"tate riS:ilts?
? j liance upon pure
things actually are tne irix vsswe i
,. . .. , . stands against t
national organization no logger of- .
. , , 1 sighted nationali
fers the means whereby we can make
? ,. tial if we are to
these convictions effective in our na.
... TT . . our gravest soc
. tional life. iLnder such circumstances,
% a 4. 4. ^ 4V v * a Problems. Mr. "V
? our duty is to do the best we can, and ,
r have in actual
not to sulk because our leadership is . x
. . - failed to safe-gu
rejected. Tnat we- ourselves continue
to 'believe that the course we advo- onor 0 t c un
, . have brought us
cated was m the highest interest of _ x _.i. .
.. . ' , and to division
the American people is aside from ,
, ,. . . . .. . home. They hav
the question. It is unpatriotic to re- , ,
, m ,, . , . * , , home. They hav
fuse to do the best possile merelv be- , , ,
, . , - . . ... . , see the highest i
fuse to do the best possible merely be- ^
. , . . , offices of governi
position to do what we regard as the \
v . # , petent men app<
very best. It remains for us, good
. ,v" ,, sons of partisan
o-n/i -ro-itin tnp fiommon !
J_l UiUUi tUil M.JLAVI .. v?~ ,
. .. .. , dulled the moral
6ense, to face the situation and en- .
. . . , .. . . . They have taugh
deavor to get out of it the best that
i* ? * j . . ., , ,< peace of cowardi
it can be made to yield from tne .
indifference to tl
standpoint of the interests of the na- . ,
.. , , ? is to be put a
tion es a wnole." , AT_
above the stern
In layor of liiignes. formance of dut
Discussing Candidate Hughes and is pleasant or u
the German-American alliance, he Mexico they hav
gays: cure the peace
"It is urged against Mr. Hughes sought; and thej
^^that !he vas supported by the vari- of the most am]
H ous so-called German-American alii- most ample -war
| _ m m A 1. _ _ 11*1 3 - _ JS ' ^
ranees. I iDeneve -me auuuue 01 uiese any real iasnior
professional German-Americans was which their own
due, not in the least to any liking have taught us
for Mr. Hughes, fotfi solely to their safety before du1
Panama Cloth,
ash Suits,
3 from $6 to $10.
horn, Senates,
ats from $1 to $6
iioes $1.50 to $3.50
Polka Dots, large or
1 .1 l
id other colors.
Bags for your
? 1.1
x /
t 1
, that materialism which expresses itj\
J J 1 self in me're money making and in
I the fatted ease of life, above all spirj
itual things, above all the high and
I t-ti-g-t /YFIO C j fine instincts of the soul. They have
' A * 5 ' taught us to accept adreit elocution
e They were bound i as a substitute for straightforward
the nomination. The jand efficient action. They have raiswhich
they could I ed indecision, hesitancy and vacilla>ct
was by support- ]tion into a settled governmental Poland
they supported >:lc?without
any regard | Hughes* Character.
ations. j '1Mr. Hughes has shown in his ca^
reer the instinct of efficiency which
cnaracter ana xiis
conduct in public j *m guarantee that, undfer Win, the
in the assured con-| sovernment wm once more wor*
fact that these men I uith vigor and force- He Possesses
?n purposes support- j that habit ot straightforward thinkao
shape or way af-1 iDg wWch means Ws W(?rds wli:
:tions before or after j be correlated with bis deeds and
tire public life is a j translated into facts. His past career
? is warrant for our belief that he will
"be the unfaltering opponent of that
ar. niison. system of invisible government
on eludes follows: Which finds expression in the domiias
been tried and j nation of the Part-V boss and the
His party, because j P"'? machine. His past career is a
> the nntworn theorv guarantee that whatever he says beInd
because of its re-! election will be made good by
ly sectional support,: h;? acts atter election- 'orall>'- h(s
hat spirit of far! ^ublic record shows him t0 be a man
i of original and trained ability. "We
bm ?men. it> caocudeal
adequately with tave the alternative of continuing in
ial and industrial ?'fiee an administration which has
Vilson and his party i proved a' lamentable failure, or of
practice lamentably j putting in,? offlce an administration
ard the interest and wliich we have ever>' reason to be"
ited States Thev !i,;eve wil1 function with efficiency for
to impotence abroad tllc interest anci honor of all our
and weakness at people. 1 earnestly bespeak from my
e accustomed us to fellow Progressives their ungrudging
e accustomed us to 3urPort ?f Mr- Hughes."
ind most responsible ~~~' "
nent filled by incom>inted
only for rea j Qood Looks Ore EdSV
politics. They have j
sense of the people. with
x? us uiau puaue, uie | T"
ce and dishonor and j f\/| ^ /vm AllO }&> v9&T
le welfare of others, AVlagllOlla
,bove righteousness,! 1
and unflinching per- oaim. w
;y whether the duty . , . . . KT
Look as good as your city cousins. INo
npleasant. Yet in matter if you do Tan or Freckle Magnolia
e failed even to se- Balm will surely clear your skin instantly.
> TThicll thev thus Heals Sunburn, too. Just put a little on
* your race and rub xt oft again betore dry.
have failed in spite Simple and sure to please. Try a bottle
pie opportunity and to-day and begin the improvement at
TiiTio- once. White, Pink and Rose-Red Colors,
to prepare in ? cents a; Druggisfts or by mail iredt
i to meet the crisis
policy invited. They
to put "safety first," LYON MFG. CO., 40 So. Sth St., Brooklyn. N.Y.
ty and honor; to put J
I (Should Value Be Lacking, the General
Public Long Ago Would
Have Lost Faith in
j Tanlac.
j This is an age of advertising, and
everyone is familiar with the popular
saying, "It pays to advertise."
i Advertising is a business force. So
j potent is the charm cast by its spell
| it has "been known to perform mar!
velous feats and to accomplish phen|j
omental results.
[| It cannot be truly said, however,
' that everyone who advertises succeeds
for unless full value underlays
j the article advertised the advertising !
; would liltimately fall of ifcs own i
| weight. In this connection we must
not forget the words of the immortal
Lincoln, who said: "You can fool
some of the people all the time; you
can fool all of the people some of the
time, but you cannot fool all of the
people all of the time." So if there is
not behind every advertisement a dol- j
lars and cents value to the article ad'
- - - _ I
| vertised, no amount or advertising i
J will stimulate the sale on such an j
article beyond a certain point. This
applies to every line of business and
the modern business man or firm can
only succeed through honest advertisj
ing and fair dealing.
f One of the most successful adver|
tisers in America today is L. T. Cooper,
the manufacturer of the new meuicine,
Tanlac. On one occasion (Mr.
Cooper said: "Hot air will put a balloon
up, but it won't keep it there."
)T*hen I offered Tanlac to the world j
something over a year ago, I did so
with the firm conviction tnat i was .
offering to the people the best and :
purest product of its kind on the
j American market today and I did not
i hesitate to expend vast sums for ad|
vertising because I knew the more,
1 the people knew about it the more
I thev would like it.
! . !
I The success of the preparation was j
immediate, and the people every
In which
Men's F
Values $7
Men's ?
Standard 1
: ^ were quick to recognize its
merit and wonderful cura.
e ];owers. 1 have never claimed
, Tanlac to be a "cure all" or that it
j would perform unheard of wonders
' but I stated facts, stated them in a
j straight-forward and business-like
I way and in a manner that has com
| manded confidence in the conservative
claims set forth.
Underlying these claims has been*
real value, not from a dollars and
cents point alone but from health as
well. The phenomenal success the J
preparation has now achieved is fa
miliar to everyone. INo matter where
you go Tanlac is a household word,
it has brought a new romance to the
modern business world. It is a story
of an acceptance and appreciation of i
merit, never before obtained by a
proprietary medicine. Conservative,
business men, to whom the actual!
figures of the production of Tanlac ;
have been presented, have scouted
them until the proof was shown.
The production of Tanlac now
stands at the rate of almost 5,000,(H>0
bottles per year, or to be more
correct 4,800,000. The sale of 1,0-00,000
bottles during the first nine
months probably exceeded any record
ever before made by a proprietary
medicine. ,
Through the Atlanta office alone
approximately 400,000 bottles have
been sold and distributed since December
1st, and the South alone now
requires over 1,000,000 bottles per
These enormous sales mean but
one thing, and that is merit. One
bottle is sold in a neighborhood
through advertising, but ten more are
sold after the first -fcottle produces
results. People are always willing
to tell about their ailments, but they
are more than willing to tell others
of any medicine that helps them. It
is something they can't keep to themselves
because the impulse to sym
pathize with fellow sufferers and I
want to help them is one of the
strongest as well as one of the biggest
things in human nature.
Tanlac, the master medicine, is sold
exclusively by Gilder & Weeks,
Newberry; Prosperity Drug Co., Prosperity;
Little Mountain Dru^ Co., Little
Mountain; Dr. W. 0. Holloway,
IChappells; "Whitmire Pharmacy, Whitmire;
D. J. Livingston, Silverstreet
Price $1 per bottle straight.?'Adv. i
More Da
to buy at a
Summer I
'aim Beac
.50, price to cl<
Lot Men's
J AI?V Ch par
va J
Ihirts 38c a
i Cash Co. s Oh
Patterns 10c.
, i fitf ,
Card o.
"Y^ v nir * < 'iuiPk ' n >:v- who
helped us during the illness of oojp
dear little baoy boy. iuc uo tors,
the neighbors and friends were most
kind and attentive. The many expressions
of interest and sympathy
of those who came to enquire. All
this helped us to bear our sorrow
Arn f-Vion w?k r?Q r> CQ V
JULivi rv V/ v"-** wm,.
God bless you!
With sincere appreciation,
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Senn.
The Woman's Missionary society of
Central Methodist church meets 'lionday
afternoon at 5 o'clock at the
/*?n a m r?r\T*/T*TT /^AT>/^T TV A
Court of Common Pleas.
James C. Sample, Plaintiff.
'William (MoT). Rook. Defendant.
By virtue of an order of the court
herein, I will sell before the court
house door at Newberry, S. C., at public
auction, to the highest bidder,
within the legal hours of sale, on
Monday, salesday in July, 1916, the
same being the 3d day of said month,
all that lot or parcel of land lying
and being situate in the village of
Helena, in the county of Newberry ^
and State aforesaid, containing two
thirds of an acre, more or less, and
bounded >bv lands of A. E. Trapp and
G T. Coleman, and separated from
lot of land formerly of J. E. Sligh by
a public road; this being the same lot
of land conveyed to said defendant
by deed by W. W. MoMorries and C. >
E. Stephenson, which deed is now of
record in the office of the register of
mesne conveyances of . dewberry
county in Deed Book No. 14, at page
Terms of sale: Cash. The purchaser
will be required to deposit
with the master" at least $25 immediately
upon the acceptance of his bid,
as an evidence of his good faith and
shall comply (with, the terms of sale
within ten days from the date of sale.
If the said terms are not complied
with, the master will resell said premises
on the following salesday at purchaser's
risk. Purchaser to pay for
papers acl revenue stamps.
H. H. Rikard,
I June 12, 1916.
iys Left
/ . . . '
\ '
? i
>ons, etc. >
h Suits,
>se $3.75 1
Pants j
ind 75c '
i Stand. I
V *

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