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Those Elected as State Officers Have
Ko Standing Save in Administrative
Tie State.
Washington, June 23.?It became
known here today that in many States
where the adjutants general are
elected bv the DeoDle. thev will not
go to the border for the (Mexican trouble
should their troops be ordered
from their mobilization camps. As
explained at the war department the
situation is as follows:
"The adjutants general of the
States where they are - lected for a
specified term will not be ordered to j
tue Mexican Dorder for tne very odvious
reason that they are not, so far
as we know, enlisted as members of
the National Guard and have taken
no oath. On the other hand, they
are elected for the purpose of superintending
military matters of their
respective States solely within their
State lines. They are on the same
basis as a State treasurer, a State
secretary or other such officer. Of
course should they put themselves on
the same basis as actual members of
the National Guard, that would he a
different matter, but so far as tne deMMiTiir
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I will not be expected to do anything
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MORE Charlotte, N. C. 8
[D. Charleston, W. V?u I ]
pv Charleston, S. C.
I'An. 310511-;V >i A KI > IVAY
i?? ThK A.N LiM: j
ifc.n Antonia, Texas, .June ? f. j
:o die ol loss ot* blood and thirst, tw I
miles from tiie scene ot' the encounter
between Mexican and (American
troops at Carrizal, Capt. Lewis Syd
ney -\lorey 01 tne ieiun eavairy iias
aiade back to the American lines.
General Funston received by telephone
tonight from Mrs. Morey, now
it Austin, Tex., the following wireless
from the field:
' Somewhere in Mexico. Am back
on the line with two men, safe.
That, according to Mrs. Morey, was
the manner in which Captain Morey
signed ail communications to ner. a
Letter from Captain Morey written
while hiding in a hole near the scene
Df the fight at Carrizal, after his men
had (been broken and scattered by
the Mexican force, was received by
General Funston through General
Pershing tonight.
Letter Tells of Ambush.
In that letter Captain Morey had
described how, fearing an ambush,
;he American troopers had advanced
in battle formation on the Mexicans
who had come out from Carrizal
luring a parley over permission ror
the Americans to pass through the
town; how the Mexicans had opened
fire, and how the remaining Americans
had been forced to retreat and
scatter, each for himself. Army officers
here hope that the return of
Captain llforey will serve to provide
the missing links of the story of the
sncounter at Carrizal and determine
the fate of each member of the little
reconnoitering expedition.
How Captain Morey managed to
make his way to the American main
column, a distance of more than 90
miles, is unknown here, but it is inferred
he was picked up by a ae
tachment of rescuing force sent
out by General Pershing. He was
without food or water in a desert
lountry and it is believed his sufferngs
must have been intense. Noting
to confirm rumors of a clash between
ePrshing's men and Carransistas
was received by General Fun3ton
tonight and all was reported,
luiet along the border.
Left to Die ia Desert.
Captain iMorey wrote his letter at
):.15 a. m., June 21, while niding in
i hole about 2,000 yards from the |
>cene of the battle. aCptain (Morey j
was wounded and bad another!
bounded man and three unbounded
roopers with him. The three unbounded
men were picked up by a
ietachment under Lieut, rlenry A. i
Heyer, Jr., of the Tenth cavalry and
he letter brought to General Pershng
Captain Morey was left to die upon
he desert from thirst and his wounds, j
rhe men abandoned him at his own
jrders. The three unwounded men
lad carried him, according to their
itories, to Lieut. Meyer from the hole
ttViAwA T* a K n rl /I Ar? o r? .-1 mo/1 a f V* ait* i
> nci c lie uau uiuucu a.u.a. mauc iucu :
vay nearly two miles from the batlefield.
They were forced to stop and Cap:ain
Morey, believing himself hopeessly
wounded, ordered them to leave
lim. They also thought him about to
lie from loss of blood and thirst and
Yague About Details.
The stories of the rescued men told
o Lieut. Meyer were vague about the
letails of the fignt, according to Ueu.
Pershing's report to Gen. Funston.
Captain Morey's letter told of tlie
joining of troop C under Captain
Charles T. Boyd and Troop K under
lis own command at Ojo Santo Doningo,
June 20, and the advance together
toward Carrizal, June 21. He 1
irrived in an open field a mile from
Carrizal at 7:35 in the morning.
rhere they halted and Captain JBoyd
_ . i
sent a courier into Carrizal asking j
permission of General Felix Gomez j
;o enter the town, saying he was go-!
ng to Villa Ahumada. Gomez re- '
plied that he would not be allowed'
:o enter the town, but might make a !
let our around it. j
Fearing that they were about to he i
;rapped by the Mexicans which, had
sailled out from the town during the
parley, the American troops deployed
n battle formation, mounted and
moed forward. The (Mexicans then
opened fire. Captain Boyd o'rdered,
3re. the engagement lasting about an |
The county treasurer has placed in
my hands executions against those
persons who failed to Day their taxes
for 1915.
Those interested will have an opportunity
to pay the same at my office
until June 30th. After that date
levies will be made according to law.
Cannon G. Blease,
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