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itiitay personal
ZIq Movements of many People, >ewberrian>.
and Those Who Visit
>'e\v berry.
Miss Ruth Bigby is visiting Miss
Ruth Cannon at Fountain Inn.
The (Misses Wallace of Belfast were
in Newberry SatUrt^iy.
(Mr. Marcus Glasgow of Jalapa visited
in Newberry Saturday.
JMr. and Mrs. B. M. Dennis spent
Thursday in Columbia.
Mr. Guy Brown^ spent several days
of last week in Greenwood.
Mr. P. C. Smith left Thursday for
CBrevard, N. C., where he will spend
the summer.
Mr. Breaker Setzler of Pomaria
was the guest of relatives and friends
in Newberry last week.
Miss Moriat Hayes of Columbia has
keen spending a "few days with Miss
iora Wicker in Wilson street.
Messrs. N. S. Holmes and Calhoun
Boyd of Atlanta came Sunday to
spend a few days with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ryan Wbrkman of
Laurens spent the week-end in Newberry,
the guests of Mrs. C. G. Blease.
Mr. Walter Mullins of Columbia
spent several days in Newberry last
Ex-Oov. and Mrs. Cole. L. Blease
were the guests Saturday of Mrs. J.
R. Eison. \
Dr. Huiett Caldwell of Columbia
spent Sunday with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. Caldwell.
iMiss Bernice Martin left Saturday
Cor an extended visit to friends in
^Greenville and Kentucky.
(Mr. and Mrs. Jas. L. Aull of Columbia
spent a few days in sNewberry
last week.
Mrs. I. A. Shealy ana childaftjpi of
JNniety 'Six are visiting her^Sfister,
.Mrs. D. IA. Livingston.
Miss Ola Brown was the guest of
Miss Prances Caldwell in Winns;boro
for several days last week.
Miss Iva Matthews of 'Lowell, Ohio,
and 'Mrs. Jennie Wright and daughter,
Huth, are visiting Mrs. J. O. Jolinson
at Chappells.
tYiss Cornelia Mayer left Friday to
attend house parties given by two of
her classmates at Winnsboro and
17. r. Jack Nates who is now in the
^railway mail service spent several
?davs*with his father, .Mr. A. A. Nate.s
in Prosperity the past week.
Miss Ethel Addison who "has been
the attractive guest of Mrs. J. M.
Kinard returned Thursday to her
..home in Augusta, Ga.
Sheriff and Mrs. Joe M. Ashley and
son, Roy, of Anderson were the guests
* of (Yr. and Mrs. C. G. Blease for the
Dr. and Mrs. 0. B. Mayer, Miss Har'
riet and Mr. Benedict Mayer left Saturday
to be the guests of Mr. John
A. Summer near Pomaria.
Misses Julia and Lillian Kibler re turned
Saturday from New York
where they attended the national educational
Mi?s Sara Gary, who has been the
:gues't of Mrs. James Goggans, returned
today to "her home in Kinards.
?The Record.
Hev. W. R. Bouknight left on Monday-for
GreeleyvilJe where he will be
lor ten days assisting the Rev. W. P.
Way in a meeting.
2Hiss Florence Deaver who has
Jbeen the guest of Miss Dutch Fant're
turned to her home in Carlisle Monday.
She was accompanied'bv Miss
Fant who will be her guest for sev
.sral weeks.
Mrs. 0. L. Schumpert and little
"Miss Mary McClure left Monday for h
few days stay in Columbia. From Co^
lumbia they will go to Whittle I
Springs, Tenn., where they will spend |
the remainder of the summer.
Big Ace Davis, bigger Jim Davis!
and biggest Tom Davis in company!
with G. Fair Buford and (Mr. T. R.
Workman motored from Laurens
county to Newberry Saturday last to
^take in the State campaign igeeting.
JMr. and (Mrs. L. B. Aull and son,
Hiuxher, Mrs. A. D. Timmerman and
Jb/hss Julia Timmerman of Dyson pasysefl
through dewberry, Monday, en
route to Columbia to attend the
orura! carriers convention.
.Mr. C. K. Epting, a son of Mr. T.
A. Epting of the St. Pauls section,
near Pomaria, recently graduated in
Dentistry and passed the State dental
examination which was held in Columia.
IMr. G. D. Harmon of Prosperity,
son of Mr. Godfrey Harmon, and a
recent gradate in dentistry i ass. ! j
tiie State dental examination \\11 ic;j ,
^as held in Columbia :'.vo weeks
| July foth.
I Hot weather and ice cream cones
are the order of the day in Newberry.
The chautauqua at Whitmire is in
full blast and is being well attended.
The banks of the city will observe
the fourth and will be closed today.
Have you enlisted in the army?of
office seekers? Don't wait for your
friends to draft you.
There was a large crowd in New!
berry Saturday on account of the
State campaign meeting.
The postoffice will be closed today,
Tuesday, except for one hour, on account
of the national holiday.
Uncle Sam is mighty "suple'' to be
140 years of age. Today, the 4th of
July, is his birth day.
Mr. John M. Taylor announces as
a candidate for magistrate for Nos.
1 and 8 townships.
The well known Billy Burke will
appear at the Opera House Wednesday,
July 5th in "Peggy."
The Lutheran Orphanage at Salem,
Va., received from the Newberry conference
$7.27, says "The Messenger."
The barbecue advertised for St.
Philips has been changed to August
Tuesday the 4th being independence
day there will be no rural delivery
of mail.
"Once a customer always one" is
the weird slogan of one of Newberry's
There will be children's day at Mt.
Pleasant church on the 15th of this
Geraldine Farrar, the Metropolitan
opera star at the Arcade Friday, July
7th in a new Paramount "-Maria
Prof. INorman E. Wessinger of near
Hally's ferry has been elected principal
of a rural graded school in
Spartanburg county.
Mexico never did have much of a
"rep" as a summer resort but a lot
of people are headed in that direction.
If you want to see old father time
pull off some of his stunts, go to
To?li? Arrnrie tnnis-ht and witness
the swiftness of his flight.
The fellows who were hollering too
dry,, too dry, a week or two ago are
now making their throats sore yelling
too wet, too wet.
On last 'Wednesday P. F. Baxter
erected a handsome family memorial
to the K -ir family at Zion church in
lower number 9 township. . ]
The rural carriers of the State are
meeting this week in 'Columbia in
their 13th annual State convention.
Several carriers from iNewberry '
county went down to the convention.
Mr. Andrew Cromer who fell out
of a small tree a couple of weeks
ago and broke his arm was in towa
Saturday. His arm is still in splints
but is doing nicely.
Mary Pickford, everybody's favorite
player will' be shown at the Arcade
Wednesday, July 5th in "Behind the
Scenes" a beautiful Paramount pic- ?
ture showning the life of an actress.
"Tangled Fates," with Alice Brady
in the star part, will be the feature
attraction at the Opera House today
It is a five-part "Brady-Made" World
Film production of the better class
and one which is bound to please
audiences of all kinds.
After attending the campaign meeting
at Newberry Saturday Governor
banning went to Whitmire Saturday
afternoon where he made a speech.
Several of the other candidates for
State offices went to Whitmire Saturday
Extra policemen in Newberry alwaysy
have a soft snap as Newberry
crowds are sober and orderly. The
extra cops are put on for ornament
and to show any stranger who might
be inclined to mischief that Newberry
believes in preparedness.
On Saturday last the Glen-Lowrv
Mfg. Co., gave a free barbecue to
their help and to al others who hapnonor?
tA ho r>n tho P"rrmnf1? A tQr^a I
t/v.ixv.vi vv uv Vi* ?. 1"1 o^
number of people from outside the
mill village was present and the day
was pleasantly spent.
Mr. J. K. Jones who is in business
in West Main street received on June
24 a post card mailed to him in
Glasgow, Scotland, on June 9. The
card was from Mr. Jones' brother,
Angus, better known as "Fatty." Ho
is the son of Mr. G. J. Jones who runs
a store near Wiilowbrook -park.
I * *
.V <g>
$ i' ? v i> ? ? v ?> $ <$>
In compliment to Miss Florence
Riekenback of Harrisburg. Penn.. and
MissMary Wood of Cedartown, Ga.,
:.\liss Kathryn Harms gave a lovely
reception Friday evening at lier home
on the college campus. Numerous
electric lights and Japanese lanterns
added beauty to the scene and about
the lawn rustic seats were placed,
here progressive conversation occupied
the time. Receiving with the
hostess were her mother, Mrs. J.
Henry Harms, and the guest of honor.
Punch was served by Mrs. E. B. Setzler
and Miss Mary L. Burton. Later
in the evening a delicious ice course
was served to about fifty couples. Besides
the guests of honor, the out ot*
town guests were Miss Peak of .Virginia,
Miss Mobley of Augusta, Miss
iLink of Abbeville, Miss tijoynes of
Baltimore, Miss Trabert of California,
Messrs. Walter Mullins of Columbia,
R. K. and MoFall Wise of Prosperity
and Dewey Oxner of Kmards.
Miss Harms was again hostess on
Saturday evening to a number of the
younger social set, ~ honoring Miss
Rickemback. The house was beautifully
decorated with shasta dasies
and nasturtiums and the c mpus
where the young people were
assembled, was lighted by many Japanese
lanterns. The punch bowl was
presided over by Mrs. E. B. Setzler.
A delightful ice course was served.
About twenty-five couples enjoyed
Miss Harms' hospitality.
Miss Smith closed her dancing!
school Thursday night with a dance
at the lovely suburban home of Mrs.
iB. C Matthews. About fifteen couples
were present.
An interesting feature of the past
week was the lawn fete given at
Boundary street school Thursday
evening for the benefit of the King's
Daughters. There were two prizes
given, a beautiful doll to the little
girl rolling with best decorated doll
carriage, was won by little Miss Mary
Devore, the other, was an Indian suit
and was won by iMaster James Dickert
for the best decorated tricycle.
Ice cream and cake were sold and a
neat sum of money was realized for
the daughters.
Mrs. R. D. Smith, Sr., gave a rook j
party Friday morning in compliment
to her sister, Miss Ethel Boozer of
Statesville, X. . After the games a
delicious salad course was served.
Lovely in every detail was the rcok
party given by Miss Mary Frances
Poole, in compliment to Miss Mary
JjinV nf Ahheville. After the ?ames I
iced tea and sandwiches were served t
to the following guests: Misses
Link, Mary Wood, Florence Rickenback,
Elise Mobley, Rhea Joynes,
Gladys Chappell, Bessie Kibler, Kitty
Mayes, Goode and (Margaret Burton,
(Annie and Ethel Jones, Alary and.
Josie Reid, Ruby Goggans, Sara Simmons,
Sara Houseal, Kathryn Harms
and Woodie- Bowman.
Miss Sara Houseal entertained the
Comrades club at a lovely bridge
party Thursday afternoon, in ^compliment
to Mrs. Cecil Reid of Virginia.
At the conclusion of the games a delicious
ice course was served.
Postoffice Hours.
Tuesday, July 4th, 1916, being "independence
Day," this postoffice will
observe the following hours:
All departments will be open from
8 to 11 a. m.
City carriers will make one business
and residence delivery.
R. F. Dr window will be open from
10 to 11 a. m.
All outgoing mails will be dispatched
and incoming mails distri- j
buted to the boxes.
iPatrons are requested to note these '
hours and tranact all bu.-iness before
office closes.
W. A. Will,
P. M. |
A Paramount in 5 acts
^ 1
tiozia of Avar ilio sin -ws c
war.?T!:e Si are.
1IIL9 illlVilJ
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1 ?
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THE SCENE'S,*' a Famous Play*
"The Silent Shame" chapter
pnoio aramas.
2 other select
JflSSE L. LASKY presents 1
aldine Farrar, in "MARIA KOSJ
PATHE presents Pearl Whit
Hale in the first chapter of "TI
tifying and thrilling serial evei
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I 1 l"t' I
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Y, JULY 4.
in Sainpolls and Ethel Kauffman,
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J~ - - ? -- ?- m
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[ * \5I B
I Electric Starter, and Electric Lights
Newberry, S. C.
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