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rfce Movements of many People, New.
berrians, and Those Who Tisit
Master "Buster'' Adams returned
Friday from Hendersonville, X. C.
Miss Octie Griffin returned Monday
from an extended visit in Columbia.
Miss Alary 'Wright is visiting relatives
in Prosperity.
Miss Kitty Link of Abbeville is the !
guest of Miss Mary Frances Poole, j
* * TT > r T> ~ J i:4.4l/v
Air. ana .virs. n. .vi. ddsuu ?uu iulic j
daughter. Dorothy, spent Sunday in
Mountville. I
/ Miss Louise Sullivan returned Fri- j
4ay Co h^r home at Honea Path after
% visit to Miss l.Viary Frances Poole.
Miss Louise Smithi returned Friday
from a visit to her sister, Mrs.
Frank Wright at Charlotte, N. C.
Mrs. J. Rysan Workman of Laur-j
ens came Saturday for a visit of sev- J
eral days to relatives.
Miss Blanche Smith of Chappells is
the guest of her sister, Mrs. R. D.
Smitn, Jr. ^
Miss Lucile Roebuck of Gainesville,
Fla., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. I.
R. Eison.
Miss Caro Wyche, of Prosperity, is
visiting relatives here.?The Spartanburg
Mr. Thurston Boland, a member of
the Macon baseball team, was in the
city Friday.
Miss Annie Kibler of iNewberry is
visiting Miss Mary Hill.?Cross v Hill
Cor The State.
' / v
Miss Lucile Lathan is on an extended
visit to Miss Lottie Hipp in
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. L. Anil have returned
to Columbia after spending
several days (here with relatives.
- * '%
Miss1 Xanello Burnette of Saluda ia
visiting at the home of Mr. Clarence ,
Miss Lucia Arnold of Anderson
amvea ?un<iay to De uie guest 011j
Miss Marie Moore. {'
Mr. and Airs. Held Boylston an* 1
children left Saturday for Blackville,
where they will visit relatives 1
and friends. '
Mrs. Mary Rawl who has been on .
an extended visit to relatives in Geor- .
?ia. is at home ^ith Mrs. Olivia .
Bowers in Boundary street.
.Miss Janie Roberts returned home I
I i
Sunday afternoon after a very pleas- ^
ant stay in Newberry.?Ninety-six !
Cor. Greenwood Index.
li'iss Kate Thompson of Newberry ]
is visiting at the home of the Rev. ;
and Mrs. D. P. Boyd on Douglass
heights.?.Union Cor. The State.
Mrs. <Annie Hodges of Prosperity .
is the guest of Mrs. Walter Hodges >,
in Pendleton St.:?The Greenville!
Miss Alice Peake returned to herj
liome at Rocky Mount, Va., 'Saturday,
after a visit to relatives in Newberry
and Prosperity.
Mrs. Sue Maybin and daughter, \
Teressa, accompanied by Miss Caro- ,
line Caldwell left Saturday last for (
Bishopville to visit Mrs. Maybin's daughter,
Mrs. W. H. Folsom. <
Mr. 0. 0. Copeland of the firm of
Copeland Bros returned last Friday
from the ^lumbia hospital where he
spent ten days recovering from an .
Miss Errol Martin of Gray Court, I
-wiho has been visiting Mrs. Wallace 1
Martin, left Thursday for Whitmire, 1
~where she will visit her uncle, the <
Rev. J. B. Fridy, before returning to 1
"her home.
Alan Johnstone, Jr., member of the
House from Richland, has announce^ ,
that lie will not offer for reelection,
and so the House loses another one
of its bright and progressive younger
members whose talent the State so (
sorely needs.?The Greenville News.
"The Iron Claw" episode 3 at the
Arcade, Saturday.
Mary Pickford in "Fanchon, The
Cricket" at the Arcade, Wednesday.
t -"Sowing The Wind" sixth story of
The human interest plays "Who's
ISttBty," at the Arcade, Thursday.
The second episode of "The Secret
of the Submarine" , at the Arcade,
Tuesday, July 18th.
P. F. Baxter and son have erected
a handsome monument over the grave
of the late Mrs. J. A. C. Kibler in the'
St. Pauls church yard.
Mae Murry in "Sweet Kitty Bel- j
lairs," A Paramount at the Arcade,!
On account of the rain and the
muddy roads the campaign meeting j
at Mt. Pleasant last Friday was a
small affair.
If the rainy spell lasts as long as
the dry spell did. some of us will
have all sorts of spells before it is
'"It's an ill wind that blows nobody
J ' * ^~ ^ /v ic t run i r?
any goca. i ms uiu 10 n
the case of dealers in unmbrellas and
automobile chains the past week.
Henderson Clark who was working
at Mr. J. B. Amick's saw mill a:
Bush River church was last week
badly scalded on the foot and liana
when a pipe broke.
Mr. R. C. Perry returned on SaturJ
~V/-\T?1r n-Vi ho vaan t tr?
'Uil^ il Will ,\cn 1 v/i iv ruivi v kv
purchase the stock for his new store.
He will open his new store in Mo!lohon
block on (August 1. |
The continual rainfall on Saturday j
last and the swollen streams inter*-1
fered with the regular schedule of a j
number of the rural letter carriers of
this county.
On account of washouts, the Seaboard
shipped through Newberry over
the C. N. & L. tracks last Sunday, 28 1
solid cars of fruit and on Sunday j
night, a train load of cattle.
Mr. R. M. Tidmarsh who represents
the Volunteer State Life Insurance
company was on the honor roll foi
June. He ranked fifth for gross
premiums paid during the month j
among all the agents of the company.
Among the attractions for 'Wednesday
at the Opera House will be!
"The Flirting Bride." The house!
ought to be crowded to see a flirting
bride, wliich promises to be an in
There will be a sacred concert at
the Church of the Redeemer next
Wednesday night at 8 o'clock to
which everybody is invited. There
will be no admission fee, nor collection
There was a citizen's meeting in the
Court House Saturday last at noon
foiythe purpose of taking some organ
ized action in the matter of raising
funds to assist the national executive
committee of the Democratis party in
the coming presidential campaign.
The following young men stood the
examination before the superinten3ent
of education for entrance to
Clemson college: Henry Hentz,
Pomaria; Ghent fierenbaugh, Prosperity;
Elbert Shealy, Prosperity;
Drayton .Nance, Newberry.
Union services were held last Sun
lay night at the Church of the Reieemer.
Rev. F. E. Dibble preached
the sermon to a large and attentive
congregation. Union services will be
held next Sunday night at Central
Methodist church at 8:30.
1 J
Children's day that wa^ to hav?
been observed last Saturday, on account
of the rain, bas been postponed
to the fifth Sunday, July 30. There
will be two services and dinner on
the groiinds. The pastor and members
of Mt. Pleasant invite the public.
Scott's Creek forgot the gallon J
month law and got full several times
the past week. During one of its fits
of spoil and rampage it staggered
down through John Kibler's cornfield
tearing the corn up by the roots and
otherwise damaging it and other
The C. N. & L. is Newberry's main
line now. Numbers of Seaboard
trains passed through Newberry Sun?
41.^ CKT o T
i<xy over tut: i\. oc ju. tiai/tva auu
Sunday night Sodthern passenger
train number 16 switched over onto
the 0. N. & L. to complete its run to
Columbia on account of the unsafe
condition of the trestle of Peak.
Before the next chapter in "The
Strange Case of Mary Page" is shown
at the Opera House" Tuesday there
will -be shown "The Primal Instinct''
and "The Brave Hunter." Go early to
see it all. The thrilling story of
Mary Page is published exclusively
in The Herald and News. Read it.
On Friday, after "The Schemers" at
the Opera House, will come the
charming Helen Gibson in "The Capture
of Red Stanley.- 1
Tho nasaine' thrniifirh Newberrv
Sunday and Monday of large numbers
of -Seaboard trains in addition
to the passing of our regular Southern
and C. N. & L. trains made a
noise like you hear in large cities.
This is said to remind Newberry
citizens of what they missed when
they sat with folded hands and let the
Seaboard road go by on the other
-- J- - ? v T j ^ TT7.nlrn oT
Slut; 11 tXtJWUtjrry IlctU Lrccii avroivc a.v. |
that time the passage of all these
trains would*he a daily occurrence
and Newberry today would be a larger
and a richer city.
The torrential ra?ns that have fallen
the past week have done enormous
j damage to property in this county
The high winds that accompanied
some of the rains have blown down
the corn and other growing crops.
The ground has remained water-sogged
preventing any plowing or hoeing.
hence the gras:? has gotten such
' an advantage that many farms seem
! to be hopelessly in the clutches of j
! "General Green*'. The roads and j
i-vririornc tnrt ha Vt ^ t I ,11 HOaVl'V 111 '
I t'i UUV/J "U ? ^ v ? <*vii ' >?' *
j some localities the roads being liter-]
I ally washed to pieces. It will take j
' many months to repair the 'damage to i
the roads and bridges and the ex- J
pense to the county will be heavy.
Pursuant to a call by State Committeeman
H. H. Blease and County
! Chairman Frr.nk R. Hunter, in response
to acticn of the State Democratic
Executive committee, therai
was a meeting of citizens of New
berry county in the court house Sat- j
urday morning. Owing to the inclemency
of the weather there was
not a large crowd present. The fol- '
lowing citizens were at the meeting:
Frank R. Hunter, C. C. Schumpert,
L. M. Player, Dr. Van Smith, Dr. W. '
C. Brown, J. H. Wicker, T. K. Johnstone,
J. B. Hunter, H. H. Blease and i
C. P. Barre, and B. B. Leitzsey. B. 1
B. Leitzsey acted as secretary.
H. H. Blease was called to the !
chair and stated the object of the
meeting, which was that the State 1
Democratic Executive Committee had 1
offered certain prizes to the presidents
of Democratic clubs for con- ^
tributions to the national campaign (
? * ' -i J
fund. Tue meeting naa Deen uhw
to hear the\ proposition explained *
and for the further purpose of having J
each individual Democrat contribute (
toward^ the reelection of Woodrow 1
Wilson as president of the United '
States. Or. IWI C. Brown made a c
patriotic speech for the reelection of 1
President Wilson. It was moved and 1
carried that the County chairman <
communicate with the secretary and 1
president of each club and request
each of them to have the members of 1
their clubs seen and asked for contributions
to the national campaign J
A motion was passed thanking the
county papers for publishing the call: i
? j
Watch for the big Red Front. s
With all the trains running around f
washouts and the bridges and trestles t
cashed away, the Southern Power
company has continued to give us
power. There is always something
srnryd in the worst of conditions.
? J
The W. C. T. U. will meet at o
o'clodk next Tuesday arternoon with
iMrs. Mary Wright.
Mrs. Lillie Sligh wife of Mr. A. R. j
Sligh of the Lebanon ch.urch commu- j
nity, died at her home Sunday night ]
ahrmt 1 rk'olnnV and was buried at ,
St. Lukes Lutheran church Monday | {
afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. ?Mrs. ]
Sligh was the daughter of Mr. Dave
Mr. John Bryant died at Oakland
mill at the home of Mrs. M. E. Sillian
on Monday morning at 6 o'clock. The
body was shipped Monday afternoon
at 2-20 o'clock over the C. IN. & L. |
to Augusta for burial.
<?> County Campaign Schedule. <S>
<S> <3>
Whitmire, Saturday, Ju*y ?2nd.
'Utopia, Tuesday, July 25th.
Young's Grove, Friday, July 28th.
Pomaria, Tuesday, August 1st.
Longshore's, Thursday, August 3rd.
/II?A wwAlIn T'nao/lo v A :i anof 5fli
\^XldypcilO, x ucoua^ , iiuftuui, Ubu.
Newberry Court House, Friday, August
Jalapa, Tuesday, August 15th.
Keitt's Grove, Friday, August 18th.
Little Mountain, Tuesday, August
* Newberry (West End), Saturday,
August 26th.
The meeting at 'Whitmire will begin
at 2 p. m. The meeting at West
End wil begin at 8 p. m. All other
meetings will begin at 10:30 a. m.
Frank R. Hunter.
B. B. Leitzsey, Chairman.
Wanted?Two exhibitors Tor nearby 1
territory. References required, but
no experience necessary. Our representative
in this city receives $60
nron.1- 11 rvn Tiim nt Mrs ;\f
TT VUli VA* U'UX W 4ia* w* * * I
A. Gilbert's, Main street, at 7 p. |
m. Tuesday. He will explain the
work ana put you in touch with
the company. 0. E. Bass, "The!
j Wear-Ever Man."
i i
<s> <?
<S> <?1
S> <5> <? <i>
One of the most enjoyable affairs ol i
the week was given on Tuesday even-.
ing at "Oakiiurst,'' the lovely home
of Mrs. P>. C. Matthews, by Misses
Marguerite .Matthews and Sophia an I'
Seima Crotwell. Dancing was enjoy- :
ed in the spacious halls and reception
rooms which were thrown together.
The piazza was decorated with pot- j
ted plants and ferns and here delightful
punch and sandwiches were served
during tine evening. About fifteen
couples were present. v
* * * x?_
The annual picnic of the A. H. P.,
church was given Thursday afternoon j
on the lawn back or the cTiurch. All
of the children of the Sunday School'
and the teachers were present. Aj
r\? in or orn m DC U'PTP i
IIULUU^I UI iUcVyl VyO Hii-, '* w w f
played and late in the afternoon a j
delightful picnic lunch was served. j
$> P\
On Wednesday, July 12, a large
number of family connections met at
the ideal country home of Mr. Antine
Bushardt to join in celebrating the
sixty-fourth anniversity of the host.
rhe occasion is an annual celebration 1
:o which the family connection look
forward with pleasant anticipation.
At an early hour the guests assembled
at the home where a hearty welcome
awaited them. The large and.
spacious home was thrown open to
;he pleasure of the quests. The large
lall and verandas wer^ tastefully decorated
with pot plants. Promptly at
loon the guests repaired to the pleasint
lawn where a delightful picnic
linner was enjoyed by ninety-nine
persons. The afternoon was spent
n conversation and games. The host
md hostess seemed everywhere
jresent dispensing nosDitality. After
nany congratulations and best
wishes to the host the guests departed
claiming to have spent a most enoyable
Mr. Antine Bushardt is a member of
l large family of eleven; eight sons
ind three daughters. Only three
nembers of the family survive:
Ylrs. Lizzie Lane, Mrs. Rebecca Pay;inger,
and Mr. Antine Bushardt.
Five sons were soldiers of the Conederate
army; three of whom gave
heir life for the cause.
iA Guest.
On last 'Wednesday afternoon at the
Methodist parsonage Mr. Ambrose A.
ft'essinger and Miss Annie Lou Domilick
were married by Rev. F. E.
TV) a hpfflo to o VioifHcrkm^i n -n rl o (V>Am_
x um. iuv ic m auuuuv/ixiv^ auu ?vvum)lished
young lady, the daughter of
Ylrs. Carrie E. Dominick of near
Selena. Mr. Wessinger is a prosper)us
and well-to-do youiig planter of
he Macedonia iOhurch community of
^exington county.
Notice tc
We are still c;
for all model cat
A a rv/\/\ 4 H
$z,uuu dollars '
cars. We will i
can give us. W
Let us do you
do your work fc
We have a go>
skid casings that
- - /TV ^
regular price $1(
ular price $13.4(
a good many Aj
1 r* ?A r% 1 r%
$y.io, juxj i -Zi
We will sell ?
and Goodyear 1
J U ffl ffl I
? ;
Owing to the floods, "The Secret of i
the Submarine" did not arrive and i
will not te shown ioda> j
(Tuesday. Announcement of date!
shown will be made later.
Mary Pickford
A Paramount picture in 5 acts.
A MM A WK7 MS . * * f WW J** ?- V w
PATHE Presents
"Sowing the Wind''
Sixth Play of "Who's Guilty r
1 2 other selected Pathe plays. s
Mae Murray in
A Paramount picture in Z acts.
PATHT Presfc<i??.
Pearl White in
Chapter Three
2 other selected Patlie Plays.
FOR SALE?1 Foxiy and Harness Buggy
and Surrey. Summers Garaje.
Auto Transfer?When in need of
Auto transfers or fresh meats call
Bedenbaugh's Market. Phone 136.
FOR SAJLE?I Nice Driving Mare.
See us for prices* Summers
Barbecue?I will furnish a first
class barbecue at Prosperity, on
Saturday, July 22. The cooking will
be in charge of Jno. A. Nichols. The
candidates for Congress have been
invited to speak and Hon H. C. Tillman
has already accepted.
B. W. Counts.
FOR SALE?1 1913 Model Studebaker
newly paintel. Price $250. ,
Summers Garage.
7-18-tf. / ;
FOR SALE?2 strip down Ford cars
in good running order. Just over- ;
hauled. Price $100. each Summers
Special (Services at Unity.
Rev. G. G. Parkinson, D. D., of 0ue ?
West will preach at Unity Friday and .
Saturday evenings at 8:30, Sabbath !
morning at 11 and Sabbath evening
at 8:30. All are cordially invited to
attend these services.
J. W. Carson.
> All Ford
arrvintf a bifif stock
* r o &
s. "We now have
worth of different
ippreciate any bus
e guarantee all of c
r Vulcanizing. W
>r you as soon as yoi
manv Ford Size
: we will sell at a
>40, our price $9.00
I our price $11.60.
iax Casings that we
rom now on exclus
'ires and Tubes.
Opera HousejH
MONDAY, JULY 17. l|j|H
Lois Meredith and William Conklim B
5-part Knickerbocker.
World Film /Corporation presents
(5 parts.)
Darwin Karr and Nell Craig.
2-part Essanay.
- C i'jl
Jackie Saunders and William Conklin
2-part Knickerbocker.
Rose Melville as Sis Hopkins,
Kalem Comedy. v
For Sale?.Pure bred Plymouth Rock M
cockerels, 50c to 75c each.. Apply V
at once. The Rev. E. W. Leslie. Q
Prosperity, S. C. 7-14-3t
COMPANY, Columbia, <3. C. Office V
and bank supplies. Manufacturers I
of rubber stamps, seals, etc., qual-| V
ity and service. Prompt attention
to mail order?.
U too need them, we hare them, fl
P. iC. JEANS 4 CO. *M
Jewelers, Watch Makers h Optician*
P. C. Jeans, Optometrist.
T. M. ROGERS |||
Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician. J
All Work Guaranteed,
Corner Caldwell and Friend Streets.
Jie^berry, S. C. M
| Dr. E C* Martin | t
? ^ n? 1 . ^ 1 m
jj Examines Eyes, Fits Glasses^
I andJ'Artificial Eyes. t
| If youi^ eyes are giving youT
|trouble don't fail to consult himT JH
! Satisfaction Guaranteed, * 9H
Office over Anderson's DryJ flB
|Goods Store. ^
[ Owners I
of repair parts ^
on hand over J
parts for your
iness that you j
)ur work iu uc | ?
e keep 3 man to J
11 give it to us. V
Goodrich non 1
bargain, 30x3, J
, 30x3 1-2 reg- J
We also have J jj
will sell 30x3 1
ively, Firestone w
; i

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