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The herald and news. (Newberry S.C.) 1903-1937, July 25, 1916, Image 5

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rM imnaugh's
am tiiimw ma ? - ?
IiTllVt kyvtJ
I High Class A
fi ~ ance of all Summer
A not carrying over a si
reductions here. All <
H etcmust he closed 01
W Semi-Ai
l rue to our
a another. A half-pric
faL } the store.
I Ladies' Skirts Red
Bra Supply your summer needs
' lnwprfrl nrir?AR. Ahout one
I._.. ?r
ladies' wool skirts to be closei
Rack 1. One lot black and i
serge and poplin skirts worth
$8.50, choice of any skirt on
Rack 2. One iot extra large
? <*ri j # /I [
sz to 38 waist measure, ?o.c
and $6.50 skirts, choice of rac
Rack 3. One lot black and l
mm \
W skirts, made of good quali
worth $3.50 to $5.00, choice f
m Millinery Cleara
The last, a final clearance c
W mer millinery. All untrimi
that sold as high as $2.00, i
f $4.00, choice of any untrimn
the store, each
r Clarendon Bed Spreads \
1 AA fiJnrA V\A/^ nrvurto^p
ilUV CALlct &14C UCU opx gau
$1.98 seller, as long as the
two spreads to each buyer
Fine Figured La1
/ One complete counter full
organdies and voiles, all f?
worti and 20c, all bunche*
at one price the yard
(19c Hock Towels at 12(
25 doz large size bleac
towels, a big 20c seller at eac
Yal and Linen Laces at 3
A big table full of val an
k laces in bo#i edgings and i
I 8 and 10c values, one price, cl
II White Goods at 10
All kinds of white goods {
big table.
40 in white lawn, checke
white waistings, etc, 12A, 1:
values, choice of the lot, yd...
mauammnummmmmKswsammmmm min mm i wiffwroa?uw?wbm
r I m i n
^ .
MMHBNMMMwnmuBaaDMwiaM?rraM?BnBMnHi wmm""
?s tar:
lerchandise at Sensation
Goods. We make thest
ngle dollars worth of th
odds and ends, broken as
it. No matter what the
Miual Clean Up of R(
policy, we never carry
e ticket has been slapped
\ ~
aced Pajama Ch
at these 35 m new, cle
s hundred grade, 10 yds for
a out.
lavy blue , ri
$6.50 to Ladies House
jq^o One Hundred dresses in
_____ . $1.25 and $1.50 dresses,
size skirts quickly, choice
50, $7.00
:k_ $5.98 ;
klllO Tnrkisli Bath
iav j uiuc ? ?? ?
hr S&]^9& ' P'ain white, large size i
big 25c seller, limited six
buyer at only each
if all sum- Hock Towels al
eo6nn kats Full bleached, a gooc
j? ana an(j neatly hemmed gi
neri ns,L in . ,m.
^ cneap ai i?$c, saie pncc <
1129 White Linen
' a rianHv 36 inches wide' finely
lot lasts heavy grade' fine for 1
eskirts, biouse, etc, 20c va
*L29 the yd
wns Ladies' Silk Hose
of lawns, white and black, pur
ist colors, hose, high spliced, dou
3 together and toe, 2 pairs to each t
1 Oc _________
. kd 5c Embroidery
, , , , One lot embroidery
e "UC worth 10 and 15e throw:
? I2c bargain table, to clea
quickly, choice yd
c Yard
j ^ifnr IW
LQ torcnon upvviui IWI *?
tnsertings, Men's Checked Nainso
loice yd 3c an(j short Drawers, wort]
~ Sale price, each
^ 200 dozen Men's Hem.<
)iled on a kerchiefs, a good soft qu
? ? n i
10c seiler. Sale price, e
id dimity, One lot Men's Silk S
j and 2Cc navy blue, worth 19c, cu
lCc pair
Jj| J^| A
1 ^ /&%.
iuai anwc
it Nine O cloc
al Reductions. It's an
z reductions to live up t
e present seasons goods
sortments, discontinued \
sacrifice all summer goo
iady-to-Wear Garmenl
over any garment from
n 1 ._ TT7_
on every jxeaay-zu- vv e
ecks Children's Slipper
an goods, 15c 200 pairs in the 1
9 5c worth 75c up to 31.S
gain counter, per pa
Dresses D . n
Bargain J
the lot, $1.00, SoUd Colored Ch
to close out , . ,
, g ghams, Apron Gmgh
light and dark colors
???- worth 8 1-3 and 10c
and heavy, a White Bed Spi
towels to each Double bed size w
19c weight and a good vi
' sale, each ......
q 200 dozen ready n
^ 45x36 full bleached
I heavy huck muslin. Spe
ood size, and Pleach
each 8c
woven and a
niddies, wash
clue, sale price |1|\
?_.12? and 15c MB I \
V \
at 50c
e thread silk Forced to cl
ble heel, sole Low Oil
>uyer at pr 50c
_______ We want to turn J
j I. Cut Shoes into cash
? ? biggest shoe sale of
and insertion at the values we are
n Out- On the Misses' and Child
11 UP the Pumps, pair
About 200 pair M
White Canvas two
sizes from 9 to 2. \
ok Undershirts cut to, per pair,?_
li 39c garment. One lot Ladies' w
25c vis Pumps, (small s
stitched Hand- $1.25. Cut to only,
ality and a big One lot Ladies' F
ach 5c strap Pumps, 52.50
ox, black and One lot Mary Ja
t to onlv, the Patent Leather Pun
12!-2c I S2.50apair. Choic
Viimnaugh's j, ;,-l
~ I S:k
i eii.iiteen
I shoulders
i to contin
: ed us fr
'and be v
:k A. M.
: \Vp a rc
" ~ "
j of Floreii
j the ables
j Kempe o:
absolute clear- ar" of ?
_ # f Peterson
0 our policy of j j P Mnler
t *% 1 /* McCants
iVo halfway ?w. wash
1 , Williston
lines, remnants, *Brethr,
<2s musf ao. jfJS;
pastor, I
I ville, S.
[ C asd hea
^ speak or
ant topic
I A-M/J C/9/YC/1H ^
one or 1
ar Uarment m school
of Bened
college o
???np GrigSby <
n ,bia' ^a<1
s at 39c a Pair V3
lot. Sizes 3 to 6, j We ^
25. Sale price, bar- \ ^ams ai
? Hl tO 7
ir ? - . . 39c I TirnrV
rable, 5c
ambry, Dress Gin- MOUNTA
tarns, Calicoes, both
, goods in the lot
. . , - Anywh<
, choice yard 5c ycu wish
, Irut sceni
"They reads
at 98c tains'ai
voice the
ith plain hem, good grim's pi
due at $1.25. This JZu,
98c IJ motorist's
nade Pillow Cases. tours ai
j j c j country.
and made of good . ... _
? hills are
cial Clearance Sale them, it
9c II but an a
That y<
' glories ol
"What foo
fWTeek" n
I _ .
V a j|tekeHis
\ I and disc*
k \ , i this poin
"See A
\[\ own state
is going
^5ja^-. v 1 ! country
* t* mmm!f - him with
The -INati
lose out all I j caught t1
_ Ttomobile
t Shoes ers-are
. When Ai
this stock of Low motorists
. - cation m
in a hurry. The make th(
the season. Look itiis nati
j From i
putting out. cific sh0
ren's White Canyas nins,t0 1
mg toun
_49c I (August
>1 j j "vacation
isses and Children s will see
strap Pumps. All roadVorth
?1 to $1.25, t
50c ! "Ther
hite two strap Can- / things,"
izes) worth $1 and
the pair 59c , J * will 1
I paddle.
atent JLeather two yielding,
values, cut to Si.49 f,ve inrh
. Fashion
ne and Baby Doil sucii a ?
ips, worth $2 and nmy be
I fashion
form Iia
^^,J| . that fiist
I -wearer
^ existenc
JUL fhiiiif^ 1 tlie sue
t Herald,
L. v iiil ?nils Viiic ii'dL ti-St i5li.I2?
:i annua! ssion at
i.Ic Cross K < .ored
. ir- . ii .ill meet on the
t; viiiy o:' Ai;2;ist, i'JIG. This
ra is ex pectin;; to be the
ver been in hs history, it
a great work lor education
;ionary cause. For the last
years we have liad our
; to the wheel and we mean
ue until God snail nave c-ahom
labor to reward. Come
vith us and we will do yoa
o not fail to come for the
invited to attend this con;
expecting Dr. E. Jti. -Roberts
ice, S. who is one among
it men in this State. Dr. R.
t Charleston, S. C., Dr. How:>lumbia,
S. C., Rev. W. N.
of Newberry, S. C., Rev. D.
of Clinton, S. Rev. iS. A.
o n /"i
UL \JI CCIi V>UUU, O. V^., Jtic*. V-#.
ington of Saluda, S. C., Rev.
of Cross Hill and others,
jn are expected to take part
*reat work. Oh, yes, Dr.
if Bradly, S. C., and also our
lev. B. G. Dawson of AbbeC.,
will be here. Come, come,
.r these most able men.
1 some of the most imports,
and I myself will be thereu
[lessor William Pitts, and
:wo of Vaughnsville colored
teachers: Sallie Bell Pitts
i/vf ^ rl^^c^crn rinliimihia S If!
B. Fortune of (Morris
>f Sumter, S. C., and the
of Orangeburg, and of Colum- .
Seneca, S. C., and the old
C. Bluford of Chappells, Sl
11 meet you there. Our pno e
not out yet for us to preou
tie importance of our
M. iConnel, President.
,ggie Pitts, Secretary.
I remain yours truly.
J. B. Burton..
3re in America, (.Mountains if
, or hills if the map insists,,
ic beauty anyhow.
came to the Delectable Mounre
the words of delight tbac
greatest throbs of joy in -Pil
Ugl coo.
of scenic "beauty are some- .
ad up with mountains. ?&
j thought of picturesque
ways stages mountainous
But mountains are hills, and
mountains as one view3
is not an angle of altitude, .
ngle of appreciative vision.
>ur mountains, or your Mils,
r are nearest you, have the
' the highlands, regardless of
tage the topographical map
them, is the sermon being:
by the "National Touring:
lovement. Let the motorist 1
automobile this vacation time
)ver the truth and wisdom of
t of view.
merica first by seeing your
i first," is the sentiment thac
to mate the citizen of^his
look on- the vista^ nearest
? rflifF.oront anrf hpttpr
onal Touring Week idea ha?
tie nation. (Newspapers, auclubs,
and automobile dealechoing
the call of the road,
igust 6 dawns, thousands of
will be en route on the va?
otoring tours that are to*
i ensuing week memorable iiL
Hie Atlantic ctran/1 lA thp Pa
re, automobilists are planake
their vacations as motor3.
"National Touring Week""
^ to 13) wfiich is the official
'of the American automohiIstr
\ 500,000 motor cars on the
he Shoe of the Futnre.
ignt kind or a snoe win De ?
)king thing as we now seesays
Dr. Arthur R. Reynolds
ulv (American Magazine, "for
of the offending pointed toe
ook more like the blade of a
It "will not be stiff and unit
-will be from three toes
across the ball of the foot,
is a whimiscal thing, anc
:Iioe v.-hen it becomes regularconsidered
beautiful. Airin
costume that follows thb
s a right to live. Any fashio/i
orts the form or cripples the
is an outlaw without right t-?
S. Army shoe has some of
if; eat ion 3.
?. --rra? 'loise
Erhardt, of Xevrberry
st of Miss Xan Love ?ope"inton
Cor. Spartanburg
?? ~ ' 'tm^x

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