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fce latroH! ehD ilm.
Oxtered at the Postoffice at New
%rrf, S. C., as 2nd c!a>s matter.
Friday. August 4. 1^10.
"We notice from the Press and Banner
that some one in Abbeville thinkf
there has been enough rain. Well
The new paper, the Charleston
American, we understand made its
initial appearance on Sunday ,in a
very large edition. We have only
seen one copy, that of Wednesday. Wa
suppose it will exchange with the
country weeklies but up to this time
it has not done so with The Herald
and News.
The copy of the Charleston American
that we saw says that at the Sumter
campaign meeting former Governor
Blease had a large proportion of
the crowd. The Sitate and the News
and Courier say that Gov. Manning
"was given an ovation. How is the
poor country editor or the reader to
know what to believe. It is a pity
. i
that the reporter does not report a
meeting just as it is. Well, we are
all Ihuman and we suppose every one
"writes of a meeting as he sees it. We
must believe that any way.
Every one and all the children will
go to the college reunion at Little
Mountain on Friday (today). The C.
Jtf. and L. is running a special train
\ besides its regular passenger for the
Cooper said at Sumter in answer to
(Manning's question. "I am running
because I have the right to run."
That's right. Let the people say what
they want. Manning is fighting now
A. <3 WA TJy\ 1 T /Mi'a
gci ill ULLC fcCUUJLLU lavi. HC AUUW9
that Blease will be in that race and
he wants to get ahead of Cooper or
hea-d him off in some way.
We take pleasure in directing the
readers of The Herald and News to
an article in this paper signe^ "Citizen."
It is forth while to take note
of wha~ thi** wiiter has to say and
to act UDon it. He sneaks of some
Yery important and pressing needs of
the town of Newberry and none of
i \
j them but what could be supplied by
the proper sort of cooperation on the
part of our .people/ It takes cooperation
and a little self help to get the
things re mentions. They are worth
while if we expect to be the city that
we ave a rikt to be and that we ought
to be. Think on them and then some
one take the lead and a^t. This is
4 V* A A A^ +Vl A TV( A V* AAA + V* ^ Tt ffl*
Li-ic U1 UiC JLUaUL W U\J UUU3 till-u5.^
worth while.
We should apply rigid tests to candidates.
in an effort to find first, if
the candidates are seeking to serve
us, or themselves; second, if the candidates
have the knowledge prerequisite;
third, if the candidates have
the ability. Let us place our politics
jmon a ha sis wherp rpal mprit will hp
the determining factor. Poverty,
past or present, is not necessarily an
omen of a good representative. Farming.
past or present, need not "be taken
as a sine qua non. Working in a
mill past or present, is not, per se.
the only thing necessary. Is the candidate
worthy? Is he competent?
Will he be faithful? Ask these quesC
r*?v> a+^tv\ a<s 4K a??/\
viv/iio Lucic jLi) IIU JSjytrciiiv.
definite way for us to know the answer.
But if we ever use our besi
judgement, best instinct; if we always
remember righteousness, and act as
our hearts and minds dictate, relatively
few mistakes will be made.?
Greenville News.
ine -News is auout correct m tms
matter. The voter should look: the
candidates over and inform himself as
to their fitness for the positions they
are seeking and then vot- for the man
"who is best fitted for the position by
virtue of his experience and training
and ability to fill it. Unless he does
this he is not performing the dlilies
of a good citizen ,and that judgment
a / mmb&ssa
u! 1 not I'? It:Vv ; *
. ' '(>> - V. iviiOUt ri tc> t?i2 III'.'.- ; *' the
candidate far the ->roj or discharge
< >? *?! ?<* t'hf> nlSpft. Tiiev Will
{say he is a good ?e'!ow and I will vote
.102' hi::., or he is a yen:::.; man and
i we .viii L'ive him a chance, -or lie needs
. i
'; the job. Ihese reasons are .:;il riziv,
' | ii the candidate is i:i other respects
: t::e proi er man lor the position. I a is
is ci:e year we believe the peopie ar<:
; *1. : 4 V? o 4 t o ih\r o ra wi r* <y t;
; til*; n -^ ci-i u i ct l m\,j m v/ w*;
casi their ballots free from any par
tranship or prejudice or any ctLe:
''consideration than the fitness of tq<
in .n for the position.
?saa&~ ?
There was an unsually large crow'i
at tlie campaign meeting at Pomaria
on Tuesday. A good barbecue dinner
] was served by that prince of good
! fe-Iows, Walter Richardscn. He gave
! the old soldiers a half price 107 their
j dinner una made a contribution from
! the proceeds of the dinner of $25.00
I to the Pomaria gilded school. That
j did not leave ihim very much for his
I services but lie helped some good
causes and did good for the community
which after all is worth more to
him than to have made -a few extra
dollars for himself.
The meeting was held in the park
just this side f the town and there
' is plenty ox shade, hut not much chance
for the hreezes to circulate, and 'besides
being one of the hottest days oi
the season it was made warmer on
O <-v f A - ? v -
i j avv.uuut ui uic uuucrgrvtv uil wiiion uns
! the place. The people were in a good
j humor and gave fine attention to all
the speakers but there was very little
i demonstration i^nd the people only
I quietly listened.
They have about made up their
! minds as to how they will vote and
i we believe they are going to vote tnis
I year for wliat they -conceive to be the
i *
' best interest of the publio service and
| that they are not going to be carried
i away dv prejudice ana passion.
; The candidates all make about the
I same speeches, though some of them
i may continue them from place to
1 place not having time enough to get
! through at any one meeting.
I The campaign so far has he en free
! from bitterness of speech and only
! the records of the public officials have
I been brought into the limelisrM with
. no effort to be personal in the lesat
; degree.
The meeting on Thursday was held
! at Longshores. We are putting this
! paper to press early so that we may
j get to the meeting in the afternoon.
The Little Mountain reunion will be
| held today and tomorrow a barbecue
I will be given at Mr. H. !M. Wicker's
| on the Broad river side of the county,
j We had a letter from his mother's
j taby boy last week. We were pleased
| to hear from him and to know tliat he
j was doing his duty as a soldier and
;a!so to leai;n that he had a pleasant
j surprise when the captain of "his ccm|
pany read out an order making him
j a third sergeant of his company. Ke
was not expecting anv promotion and
j made no effort to get it and being but
; a boy of 19 years it was a high comI
pliment which was paid him and icr
| which we are grateful and appreciaj
tive. And we appreciate it the more
i for him because we believe, that he
' feels that it came to him for good bel
: havior and for doing his duty which
; we hope will be an incentive to him
i to continue to do so.
j That is the advice we gave him. to
I <10 ms cuty ana not to sniriv anything
I that came to hi:::, and we admonished
; Lim that was what his mother would
iexpect of him. She would hate to see
| him join the crav but no truer or
i better woman ever lived and sue
I would say to him if he would go what
|the mothers cf the Gracchi sail ;o
' their boys: ' YviLb. your shiell or on it. '
| it no fore than we expected of him.
I You will pardon us. but we feel that
l. \ vi a--u -\cw-3
! are a part c: our big S..raily and we
j do not mind taking them into our conj
tidence and teeing them just how we
leel, these ;Aju11s may not accumulate
much money or property, because
1 4\ ' ;> " : ' Q ;I'. :o O.' tl:0 I
. . '. . - \ i. J* ? ' O. - i to
His mol.'ierbuby ooy iia.d * i
a !o 'j.j-.jil ' wo'-';.: have be'.Mi .-or- ly :
i disappointed. We Lope the war may
! i
> -. jii u1.1 over a*.;.! i.iiii. 'iG may L:e U 'l*- 1
. iv/ lack home and bring things
to ; ass here. j
J !
austrian riler ill
" J I
> ?
; Emperor Frascis Joseph Reported
. >
? Lender. July 33. -Kmperor Francis
iJoEeih cf Austria caught a severe
I cb531 while inspecting his troops, says
i "i
j a Vienna dispatch forwarded to Lon- ;
j den by the correspondent at The:
j Hague of the Exchange Telegraph
'i company, Hi3 majsstv is described a?
' i being very ill.
1 i
. i congressional campaign
j The candidates for congress from |
i the Third Congressional District au-l:
I for solicitor from the Eighth Judicial '
j Circuit will address the voters of;
| Newberry county on Saturday, Au- |
gust 5, 191-6.
Under the schedule arranged, oniy j
two meetings will be held in New-,
berry county on the date named, as ;
follows: j
Newberry (at the court house), 2
P. m., Saturday; Whitmire, 8 p. m.,:
' I I
s County Chairman.
: Secretary.
! iMessrs J. S. and J. !M. 'Nichols will
' ! gi V C a uai ITCvTUC d. L >011 t Ci oil va
| Wednesday, August 16. A good din5
ner will be given and a nice place it
: will be to meet the people of this
, section. All candidates are expected ,
I to be present.
BARBECUE?1 will -give a first class j
barbecue at my residence congres-!
sional campaign day at. Newberry,
.Saturday, August 5. Will serve;
dinner. Sell meat and ha.sii 11:30.
J. M. Counts
i S-l-2t.
| 1 .?i
Thp iS'rhrvol ImDrovement associa
tion of the St. Phillips school will
give a barbecue in &r. D. E. Halfacre's
grove near the school house
on August 10 for the benefit of the
sctool. Everybody and the candidates
are invited. There will .be en-1
tertainment arranged for the young j
folk. j
BARBECUE?The undersigned wih
furnish a first class barbecue -at Chap - j
pells on Tuesday, August 8, Campaign !
Day, and every- convenience will be ar- !
ranged to make the day a pleasant I
one for all who come. There will be'
dancing for the young people and tho |
older too who like that sort of tning.
The dancing will be in the evening.
Remember the meeting will be at the
town and the barbecue will be tberr
H. H. Waits.
j There will be a barbecue at Fair- j
j view school house on Wednesday,
j August 9. It will be given by. John A. j
j Nichols, A. H. Ham and E. T. Gar- j
iret ? I
All the candidates are invited to be
j present and meet the voters of that!
I seciiuil VL liit; anu a, ^vvu
barbecue dinner. (
;| Get a Ford ther
come. Price now
| Touring Roads
Distributor for No 4 To^
A \ Y>\:. KS>> "t rui'Vl'V t K
i r.Ll.n tjr SI FliiliiMi IN III
VVFFV \ \ Ji sn\ If l.
V*. 0. Kiuir. in Amazing Statement,
Savs Tanlac (rave Them Wondernil
Keliei at Once.
"Alter making almost every possible
enort to find relief from their ills
and fdiing i.i every instance my wii'e
and son. C bar lie. were given reailv
.vonderful relief by just a fe*.v doses
of Tanlac,'' declared Mr. W. 0. Kins,
a farmer living between Anderson and
Pendleton. His address is Pendleton.
K. P. D.
Mr. Kin? came into Evans' Pharmacy,
at Anderson lo buy a bottle of
Tanlac, and while there told the T.:nIss
representative of the great
value of this wonderful remedy had
bee- to his family. "I wish 1 had the
money to buy a dozen bottles this
afternoon." he declared, "for I need to
take Tanlac myself, but this is the
tight money time for the farmer and
I will .have to buy Tanlac now only
for those who need it worst.''
Continuing, Mr. King said: 'i>ly j
wife suffered peculiar troubles and a i
very bad case of indigestion. She
had been in ill health a long time be j
lore she began taking Tanlac, and I;
once paid out $75 for medical services
for her, 12nd she did not get as much
benefit then as she did from lier first
bottle of Tanlac, which cost just
one dollar.
"She had no energy and felt badly
all the time. She was not able, hardly,
toV'do anything around the house,
- " 1-1 r- 1! J
ana was unaer a aocior ior a sowi i
year, but got no better. Site now has j
taken two (2) bottles of anlac, and it i
has proven in her case the best medicine
in the world. Ker strength has
increased a great deal and her appe- j
tite is better than it has been in years, i
Nothing she eats~^uses her indigestion
now. She sure is ple.-sed with
the results. It is just -wonderful the
way she has improved.
"My boy, Charlie, suffered one whole j
year with a very peculiar and distres- '
sing trouble, which about a dozen
doses of Tanlac broke up. All last
summer he could not work even half a
day. He would get so weak he would
have to stop for the day. This summer
he was not any better. 'Charlie's
appetite would be good until he got
t# the table, but then he would become
sick. Often at night his breath, would
almost leave him. He lost a lot of
weight and strength. I .had taken
'him to a dozen doctors, but he got no
better. It was said he had nervous
"I am certainly glad to tell you
these things for r.-'e in your advertising
for it may show some poor
sufferers the way to regain their
health. I hope my words may help
soine who suffer, and you bet I can't
say too much for Tanlac."
Tanlac, the master medicine, is
sfold exclusively by Gilder & Weeks,
T-v ? '/" -V I
:\ewoerry; rrosperuv urug iu., nw
rpeity; Little Mountain Drug Co., Little
Mountain; Dr. W. 0. Holloway,
Chap pel Is; Whitmi're Pharmacy, Whitmire,
D. G. Livingston, Silverstreet,
The Setzler Company, Pomaria.
Prfce ?1 per bottle straight.?Adv.
Supervisor Sample is having the
fir r?* Duncan's cree]; near Whitmire
fiv:ea >-c that it may be used until the
fill may be raised. After the big rains
of the past few weeks this fill had gotten
so that it was almost past going
i you can go and
r only $360.
t**r f. o. b.
> V WA " ?
P. B. O'DELL, |
unship, Wfcitmire, S. C.
j jp|j|.<i Otoe
This is the ti
your China War
A lot of ten c
and all prices an
China Sets,
Saucers, and ev
Mayes' Book & V;
Tha Hniico nf q TIiaik
Our second hand piano department is crowded to the limit widri piaaoes of nod
Read carefrllj die many agonal bargains in used, warked over pocos, a
repair eepartmenL
Judge for yoerself tie marked down prices ai a sannw to yoa of from $
1 i?$900.00 SteifF Self-Player Piano, dull and polished M
2?$450.00 Stieff Upright, dull and polished Mahogam
2?5750.00 Shaw Self-Player Piano, dull and polished Ai
12?$450.00 Stieff Uprights, dark Mahogany (used severs
:?$450.00 Stieff Uprignt. Oak case (used several years)
1 ?$375.00 Shaw Upright, polished Mahogany (us=d 12
2?5550.00 Beunet Bretz Self-Player Piano dul' Mahog
3?J30O.CO Kohler & Campbell Upright Pianos, polished
2?$300.00 Harvard Upright Pianos, Mahogany case, (u
1?j-50.00 J. & C. Fischer Upright Pianos. Walnut cas<
!_$350.00 Mathushek Upright Piano. Mahogany case (1
:?$500.00 A dam Schaaf Upright Piano, Walnut case (u
; ?J4so.oo Mason & Hamlin upright Pianr\ Ebony cas<
I!?2450.00 cniCKenng uprijiru rjano r.wuy c-iisc us^u a
i?f3oo.os Krnest Tonk upright Piano. Walnut case (usi
1?1450.00 Stitff upright Piano, Ebonv case (used sever
S TI E ]
219 Sooth Trjoo St
A Statement As
To Com
(Political Advertisei
Newberry, S. C., July 26, 191(>. enougi
Mr. J. C. Sample, County Supervisor, unty f<
Newberry, S. C. soldier
Dear Sir:
I beg to answer me inquiries con- s
tained 121 your letter \o me of July ' wuum
22. ! "We
! of tie
"It has been circulated around over
unty a
the County that I, as County Supervisor,
am responsible for the County y^^
funds running sho::. I would like to ^urintT
get a statement in writing from you in 0
regard to the financial condition of
the Countv and tI-3 cause of this con- _
the Co
sent 0:
Answer. The only money available ! Count}
for the use of the County Supervisor j jy do
is the taxes collected from a 4 1-2 a criir
'* ' ?^ ?i;-- - cyo nan _ i
niiil levy, amcrummk oumc ^o-,vw.- - ?
00; fines from the Clerk of the Court the Co
and magistrates, license fees, etc.,; at^ons.
amounting, on an average, to $2,000 to j s ^
$4,000 making the total money avail-1 fmance
able $34,000 to $36,000. This does not; js t*e
include the commutation tax which iiapSt
varies widely, viz., $5,690.00 in 1914; j uiius.uj
$1,944.00 in 1915; $2,604.00 in 1916.1 collect
The taxable property of tlie County is ' tjje
some $7,250,000.00. Therefore, if the^urce
necessary expenses for running tho
County, the current and as fixed*.by ^u, ^
statute, are S40.000.00 to $45,000.00,
" 1 3 ?v? iinr* ^ O V Qfl/] '
II CI lXIClUUiUg (JU-LU Uimaauu iu.i,
the average income from taxes and all
other sources is $34,000 to $36,000,
,, ... , , , . , , statem
che County will fall benmd each year
the difference between tlie income ami
tne necessary expenses m any given.I
year. j ^
i positio
"Is it not a fact that at the begin-! cpend
ning of this year we cmy naa auuUL j tift^er
nineteen (19) or twenty (20) thousand j jjrjdo,e,
dollars, after paying last year's bacj-: j
indebtednes. f;o:n which to pay j 10re^
fcriv-five (43) thousand dollars apD-ur;
propriated for the year?'' Answer l\J
held ti
frat is correct.
; workei
"Is it not a fact that I have bought i 0f tJ]e
lumber cheaper ican it has been | tialitv
bought heretofore b> other sapervi- i roacjs
sfir? Answer. Your price for white Ther
and post oak lumber is 315.00 per -m-.-pc,
thousand. I do not recall that you .,nv 0]
k ve paid more than that. Prior to rjoroza
a year or two asro the cu5 mi.ir" ! myself
pri was $20.00 per thousand. My j {0 maj
recollection is pine lumber has been j he Wj<
selling for about the same, or, i willing
rorhaps, for a little less than for-' square
marly. j people
"If the money that Tvas appropriat- that t
ed for the last year and this year had one.
been available would we not have had
uriMju^fw "nil ii ri ii ilia 11? ! na i?ir Ware!
imp fn miv
e. \
ents China I
d varieties.
***"*? ? r* A
erything in V
ariety Store 1
sand Things. fl
tererymake takes in fxcbage far thePopolar Stief fl
iide almost (ike new by experts oci ap-ta-dale
50 to $75. Is this sot word lookng into?
ahogany (used for dem'tioo) 5700.00 .
r (used slightly) each 360.00
ahogany "(used sev. months) 575:00
il years) each 250.00
months) 250.00
any (used 10 to 12 mos.) each 400.00 H
M hogany used short while) 200.00
.set? short while) each 200.00
; (used short while) 185.00
used short while) 200.00 .
sed short wh le) 155.00 \ J
e (used short whiie) 200.00
lilUJ I W 1111C J 200.00 Mr'
ed short while) 150.00
al yoars) 195.00
FF 1 8
Qurlotfe, N. C
y "
ity Finnaces
nent.) ' W
1 to run the affairs of the Co- 1
or cash and paid all of the old flj
's pensions?"
ver. 1 would say, yes. I am
;ure the total expenditures came
the total appropriations.
re the proper officials notified S
financial condition of the Co,nd
asked to remedy these coni
" Answer. They were, both fl
ly and in writing, before an4 V
the sitting of the legislature of V
i tlie County Supervisor -run M
unty into debt without the co^tf
the delegation from Newberry
T?" Answer. He cannot legal
so. The statute ,law makes it M
linal offense for the Couniy
isor to contract debts against fl
amy in excess 01 me appropri- h
:his the first time the County
?s have run short?" No. This
case every year, except, per- fl
like in the year 1914, when an
illy large commutation tax was
ed and there were funds paid V
County from extraordinary V
ing that the above answers are W
"Yours very truly, ;;|||||
"H. C. Holloway." U
'Mr. Voter, you see from the above , fl
? xi? r*i i. ^ j.ki :i
e::i, 11 uie tuumv is m ueui,
my fault. I have complied
,* with the law.
sh to say if reelected to the M
11 of supervisor I propose to fl
every cent I can get hold of to--?
the condition of the roads and fl
5 as you know the roads and
s have not had justice hereto- V
ng the short time that I have
le uos.ition of supervisor I have
:I on-+fie roads in every section ?
County. This policy of impar- M
&< to the maintenance of the, :
will be continued. fl
e will be false rumors and.rtis
? ?_
"Tiiauons m circulation. x asu MM
le who heirs anything of afl
:ory nature in circulation as
either personally or officially
v*e the proper Investigation an3fl
1 find the truth by which I ami
; to stand. I ask a fair and!
deal and I hi-ve faith in thjS
of Xew berry County to belie-^B
hey will accor3 that to every?
J. C. Sample.
I "pi....

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