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The Movements of ii?.*:iy People, >*evr.
berrians, ami Those Who Visit
>'e wherry.
Pro:, and Mrs. 6. J. Derrick a:*o
visiting relatives in Lexington.
Mr. Fred Gn&nn of Clyo, Ga.. is in
tlie city 011 a brief visit to friends.
Mr. P. B. Odell of Whitmire was in
the city on Thursday.
Mr. S. A. Pressly of Due West was
in iNewberry on Thursday.
Mrs. Charley Ruff left Thursday to
spend some time in Winnsboro visiting
Tier mother. Mrs. 'Stevenson.
V ?o *
Misses Julia and Marijorie Luther
of Columbia are the guests of Mrs.
Holland Fellers.
Mr. and M^rs. Will Ewart have returned
from a visit to relatives at
Waster Marion Weeks has returned
to Elloree after a visit to his
uncle, Mr. J. B. O'X. Hollow-ay.
Miss Mary Quaiies Link of >Abbe-j
ville is the attractive guest of Miss
"\7nrv Pranp?? Poole.
Mrs. E. B. Setzler left Thursday for
Greenwood where she will be the
guest of her sister, Mrs. Connor.
Master Lesare Tarrant has returned
heme after visiting re!a:ives a:
Glenn Springs.
Dr. J. E. stokes returned Tuesday
from Xcrth Carolina \vbero he spent'
his vacation.
Mr. R. C. Ficyd h>s returned from!
^ 1 ? -,T V* T> ? v? VQ ?
VxitJlIII O i/l iii~o Haciv lie 4?io . w ,
Ilr. Vernon Fellers of Columbia is:
the guest of his brother, Mr. Holland '
Misses nVbodie Bowman and Trent
Keitt left Thursday for Glenn Springs, i
while there they will be the guests of,
Mrs. Zimmerman.
Mrs. R. L. Dac-us and son, Robert,.
returned Tuesday to tneir nome m
Greenville. They were accompanied
heme by Miss Annie Kibler.
Miss Colie-Blease left Wednesday
for Columbia where she will be the
guest of Ex-Gov. and Mrs. Cole L. i
Mr. Wilbur Sligh has gone to
Jacksonville, Fia., where he has .nc-!
cepted a position with the Firestone
^ COLLipctUJ.
Misses Wilma, Anna, and Pauline
Printiss who have been the guests of
Mrs. Wallace have returned to their
home at Greenville.
Mrs. D. J. Burns and daughter,
/' 1
Ollie, have returned heme after visit-i
ing relatives in South and North
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Long hav#
moved into the house next to? the
pestoffi^e en the corner of College
and Johnston streets.
Little Miss Louise Fulmer left Friday
for a two weeks' visit to friends
and relatives in Newberry.?The
Greenville Piedmont.
Messrs Glen and Earle Bullock
were called home Tuesday from Camp
Moore to attend the funeral of their
grandfather. Mr. Bulocfc.
Mr. Jacob F. Koon and daughters,
blisses Mamie and Helen of Portsmouth,
Va., are visiting friends and
relatives in Newberry.
Miss L.izzie liamaru aner viijuxh,
_ Misses Marie and Nell Davis and
other friends in the city left todav
v. ;
(Friday) for Columbia.
I}r. J. M. Johnson of Washington is
expected home this week on a visit
to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Misses Ruth and Lucille Wilkin-'
son of Greenwood, who taught at
Trinity this past session arrived j
Thursday to be the guests of Misses
!Florie and Cora lominick.
x Mr. P. H. Anderson of 'Waterloo,
Greenwood county has retursed to his
home after an extended visit to his
sons, [Messrs P. E. and R. H. (Ander\
\ son.
Mr. Tom Chandler of the Beth
Eden community went out to his
stables "Wednesday morning to feed
'his stock and found his horse and
mule had been killed by lightning in
the early part of the night during the
great electric storm v;hich swept over
Newberry county Tuesday night. Th?
horse and mule occupied adjoining
. J
Consult Mayes Boot Store for fine
The county tickets this year measure
about twenty inches.
The price of cotton is bounding
The rain fall Tuesday night and
(Wednesday morning according to
Voluntary Observer W. G. Peterson
was 1.85 inches.
Two spooks dressed in white were
seen flying along Friend street past
the postoffice Tuesday night during
the electric storm.
The He v. E. V. Bahb will return to
Hewberry this week and will occupy
( I
. ut the Frst - cti^t church '
. V.'.r."s missionary i; i *; ?>i*:
I . ^leihoilist cfc:?rch *111 meet.
| .Monday aiterncon a: " o'clock in thy
; church parlors,
i !
: The Woman's Home and Foreign j
| missionary society of the Lutheran j
j church of the redeemer, will meet '
| Monday afternoon at 5 o'clock in the j
! church parlors.
A protracted meeting will begin at j
New Hope Methodist church, on the j
fourth Sunday in August and continue j
through the week, Rev. W. A. Duck- j
worth, pastor.
Lightning on Tuesday evening
struck a big cherry tree in front of j
the residence of Mr. C. S. Cleland in
(No. 6 and tore up some cotton in the
j neighborhood.
iiie neavy rams ot i uesuiy evcuuig
I completely ruined a fine field of aLfalI
fa on the plantation of Mr. L. W. :
: Floyd in Xo. 6. It was about ready
! for the reaper hut is now all down, j
The congressional campaign meet-?
ing TV-ill be held at "Whitmire Satur-:
day evening at S o'clock. The candi-'
dates v ill over from .Newberry :
after the meeting here.
A new -ara-.e and general repair
.shop in the Newberry machine shop {
as been opened ar.d is now doing 1
business. The tirin is Daker and Ox
ner. They will sell Dodge cars and <
repair automobiles. 1
Mr. T. Burton v.-ho formerly occu- . i
pied the Newberry machine shops '
adjacent to the Central House and
moved into the vacant building i
adjacent to the Central Houiie and <
will continue to repair autos and I i
motorcycles. ! j
The barbecue at Singley's old place, i.
Jolly Street, has been changed from
Wednesday, August 16, to Thursday, |
AugustlT. Note the change in the date j
and do not forget the place. It is an j (
ideal place for a barbecue. j <
Our people have maintained a spirit \
oi optimism remarkably well during j ]
this long ra;ny spell through which |.
we have been passing. It is well so j
to do. No use to complain. Always j
see where it might have been worse, i
Lightning struck the residence of j
Mr. T. C. P.itts near Bush River church 1 (
on Tuesday evening. It struck a rock
pier and bored a hole in it much, like ;
a bullet shot and then seems to have :
gone upward and splintered the sills
and did some other damage to the
building but no hurt to any member
of the family.
Two negro men on the place of.
Mr. 'Cal. Eaker tried to boost a little j
business for the undertaker and fur-;
nish a newly column for the news-!
carers, to sav nothing of a little sen-f
sational diversion for themselves by]
shooting at eacfcf other Tuesd y last, i
The performance did very well for'
amateurs as one of them got a slight j
?e?h wound and the other an over-!
dose of fright. . j
The congressional campaign meet-!
ing will be held in the court house j
I on Saturday at 2 o'clock. The hour ;
was changed so that those who work'
in the mills might have the opportunity
to attend the meeting without
'the loss of time if they desired to do j
so. The mills ail cjose on Saturday at'
11 o'clock and by making the hour 2 !,
it will give all of them time to fr"o j
home and a'pf dinner nnri nnrna tn tTv?
meeting if they desire to do so.
One of the most terrific and most j,
damaging thunder storms that has
visited this section in a number of
years passed over a large part of
Newberry county Friday night. The
lights of the city went out leaving the
town in darkness except for the lightning
which was for a time almost incessant.
A large number of tele- i
phone stations were put out of commission
and numbers of trees end
uuii-aings vere sirucK Dy ligmning- in
, the path of the storm. The rain fell
in torrents.
\ Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician.
All Work Gnaranteed.
Corner Caldwell and Friend Streets,
Jfewberry, S. C.
DOCTOR MELDAU?Will be out of
the city on fcis summer vacation for
for the next ten days. Returning
1 about last of next week.
Mrs. Robt. E. Leavell and Ruth ana
Irvin are back home again after
seven months visit in the Piedmont.
WANTED?Ten cords dry pine wood.
Apply Herald and News.
Ai A A Zr.
.. riiio.y ..us -ui ii over .uo .span c?
I: III - tit'.- I1 i < i Hit) OVCIlts Oi il.i
i..k}?.q yours crowd before one, >' hut
:-mi enormous lapse oi' time, ninety
years must seem. An old mail, curry
ing the burden ol all tuese years, nu^
reached his goal and now rests in
peaceful sleep.
Martin Luther Buliock was born in
Abbevile county about 18*6 or 1827
and died 'Monday night in Newberry
at the home of his son, Mr. W. W. Bullock,
with whom he had lived for the
past 12 years. The remains were shipped
to Cross Hill Tuesday where the
burial took place on Tuesday afternoon.
Mr. Bullock was a well educated
and highly intelligent man and served
several years as county superintendent
of education of Laurens county
in which county he spent the
greater portion of his life. He took
a deep interest in ail public questions j
and having lived in the stirring days j
or' the "40s and '50s when Clay and I
Webster and Calhoun were the shiningi
stars in the nation's political
firmament, he was well informed and
Hsi] n rormm! t-:nr> wof men
iii-d issues of that period which made
di him a very interesting and
entertaining talker.
When the v.ar c? Secession came
3n he enlisted and serve! throughout
:lie four years of the war, fighting for
::ome and n.-tive land, a soldier in rhe
immortal armies cf Dixie.
After tne war Mr. Bullock, like his
Diave comrades, began life ever azain
md strugglesd as courageously in the ,
irmies of peace and industry as ia
laa m me armies 01 aeaia ana destruction.
He was ,a merchant the
greater part of his life.
Mr. Builjjpk is survived by the
following children: Mrs. Addie Hill
)f Laurens, Vrs. W. H. 'Workman of
Clinton; LVTrs. ^Ella Johnston of Clin
:on; M. L. Bulock, Jr., of Tampa,
Fla., T. S. Bullock of Bloosom, Fla.,
md W. W. Bullocic of Newberry.
One of the most pleasant and enjoyable
entertainments of the season
was the social meeting of the "Wesley
Bible Class," on last Friday even
ing at tlie ^home of its teacher, Mrs.
J. W. White.
After the guests had arrived and
assembled themselves in the parlors, j
a;;d library they were called to order !
by the President. Miss Rebecca Wicker.
A piano solo by Miss Ernestine
Wicker marked the beginning of an
interesting and instructive program.
A recitation by.4 little Miss Elizabeth
White,\foilo wed. with a vocal solo by
Miss Mattie Lou Wicker were very
much enjoyed by ail. A vocal duet by
Misses Lizzie and Minnie Salter, and
a piano solo by Miss Georgia Porter
did their part in making the evening
enjoyable. Then the climax was
reached in the cunning dialogue and
recitations by little Misses Elizabeth
Plitt and -Elizabeth 'White. The program
was closed by a piano solo by
Miss Annie Williams.
Then after .pursuing progressive
conversation for some time, cards
distributed and a contest announced.
The "Wear Ever " boys Messrs 0. E. j
Bass and E. E. Kerlong who are dem-;
osstrating ' aluminum utensils here .
offered a pound c>ke and the "Wear j
TT.vor" tv3 n in wTlifh thpv baked it. fcvr I
the most words made from the letters !
in "Wear Ever." The contest lasted
five minutes and the sound of a bell
marked its end.
Aftef enumerating and correcting
the words it was found that Miss
Corrie Lee Havird was the lucky contestant.
She had made twenty-nine
words from the two words "Wear
Ever." Mr. Dibble with a few well
chosen words delivered the cake.
Refreshments were served and conversation
At a late "hour and after a very
pleasant evening the light hearted
guests departed.
We the undersigned will furnisn
up to date cue at the old Melvin
Sinciey place known as Jolly Street,
on the 17th day of August. There
will be dancing and all amusements
for the you ig folk. And especially
the chairman and his candidates
are in\ it e<i to be present on that
day. Caldwell Ruff and H. F.
If yon need them, we have them.
Jewelers, Watch Makers & Opticians
P. C. Jeans, Optometrist.
. ... .... , ... . ... /
ilR C A D ?3
Frank Losee
A Famous Players Paramount
5 acts.
PAT HE Presents
Pearie White
Charlie Chaplin
A Reissued Keystone Comedy.
One ther Pafhe play to be selected,
i "1
1Nfli PF!
AH owners and !
drivers of cars
positively must
keep cut out
closed in city
E. L Rodelsperger,
Chief of Police
A Gc
I *
There is no extri
purchase a really high
Ar?H o 1 cr\ whpn vrm ra
JL JL1XVA C4 M ? V AJLVU. ? V w -w
gallon of gasoline?and
The car itself is j
sand owners are enthu!
business car. They lil
comfort and roominess
The equipment 2
demountable rims, one
\ '
want it?npthing to bu
1 \
i ?
Take a
I I "
New Pr
F O R De
** * */ / ** *? ?
t Dr. F. C, Martin :'
| Si?lit 11
i| Specialist!!
|V r
(r r cr^r-i ~v.
?lixaminesnyes, rnauittsaca^
% and Artificial Eyes
I * . . . t
h|If your eyes are giving youT
^trouble don't fail to consult him4
I Satisfaction Guaranteed. I
| Office over Anderson's Dryj|
? Goods Store. %
TE'N' DOLLARS?Will oe given, no
questions ask?d, for information
leading to recovery of bra let, set
1 with diamonds which was lost in
Newberry. Mrs. Dr. Wells, ?are
{ Col. Dickert.
j 8-l-2t
^ A Tr? i
J Ant,'
- .
Opera House, Tue
tod Gar Wi
avagance in owning an au
grade touring car, complete
n operate it, securing more ti
[ from 7,000 to 10,00c miles p
ill you can possibly desire,
siastically declaring it to be
ke the good appearance, tl
i of the seats. It doesn't tir<
it no extra cost includes eleci
maia top, extra rim, etc. TJ
y extra. Get acquainted wit
v ai/atii/ii i^i? VA j
In a Maxwell!
ina Autc
11VTT Wi*
* v
Opera House
3 act Essanay.
Darwin Karr and Nell Craig.
Helen Gibson. |
2 act Lubin.
L. C. Shamwaj and Yelma VThitiaaiL
Kalem Comedy.
Ham and Bad
i ^ i o 1
sday, August otn a
# H
thout I
tomobile if you can
? 1 t tCOCf
ly equippeu, iui
han twenty miles per
er set of tires. M
One hundred thou- 0
an ideal family and fl
tie completeness, the
e you even on long M
trie starter and lights, J
lie car stands as you m
:h it before you buy.
). Lo. 1

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