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1 Ai KEI) i.i VWr;l\
* Jesse Xurpby Suspected of MudeFiiiJ:
Woman ?iio Was Last Seen in
Mis Ompasy
The State.
Jessie V. Williams, a ne^ro woman I
about 23 years of age. was found dead [
in a trunk at her home, 1504 Gadsden
street yesterday afternoon about 2:45 :
o'clock. Death had been caused, ac-!
cording to a statement of Coroner J. i
A. Scott, by concussion of the brain, I
i_ _ ? j "^^? ni-i-ohttH in incf ahnvp '
lit.*<3.a 3 vi UJUV? ??? J-K/W ,
the left ear. Jesse Murphy, alias- Jesse j
Williams, a negro 28 years of age.!
who lived witn her, is suspected of i
murder and Coroner Scott has offered j
k a reward of $-5 for his apprehension. ;
' The last seen o-f the Williams wo-;
man alive. was about 2 o'clock Mon-'
day afternoon, when she and Jesse'
Murphy went into her house. Her j
three days' absence ami an odor which
ca.iic from t:~z house alarmed peorle :
Krr naarhtr nA1 5K 7"! I"? f llAV :
v ? - ~I
ed Policeman Wessmger to mvesti|
I The orTiee? made a thorough search,
and although he was aware of a ter-.
rl'oie odor, he found nothing which in-,
dicated that a woman's dead body j
lay doubled up in the new trunk which
lie saw in the hedroo" . He did. how-;
ever, f.nd quantities of rotten water- j
melon rinds and sour food. In view j
of this unsanitary condition, he in-,1
k formed Minnie Williams, who lived |
next door, that he was going to notify j
4-W.^ n iT+"Virkl?if ioc 9TlH thai" thp"?
UUC XiC&iLU liUWUlibivu v. -?? - J ,
would arrest Jessie Wiliams and take j i
3ier to court. ,
Body is Discovered,
Minnie Williams sent word to this
effect to Palm Smith, who lives in
Waverley and who> is an aunt of the j
dead woman. The aunt went to Gads- \
Hpn strpftt to investigate and took Isa-h
[ fcel Boatwright -with her. The Boatwright
woman found the body. The i
trunk was not locked but the outer
clasps were fastened and when she
lifted the lid and tray she discovered i
the body. She ran into the street and
called Policeman Dunlap, who verified i
tier statement and then notified head- j
quarters. :
It is believed that the woman was j
killed Monday night. The body is
in a state of decompsition. After the j'
body had been removed to an under-11
taking establishment, a preliminary i.
examination, was made under tne su- <
pervision of the coroner. Although a
L bloody, ten inch, hawk blade knife was j i
i found in the trunk, it is not believed . 1
that death was caused by stabbing, i
The theory is that a heavy blunt in-J1
strumest was used to crush the wo!
man's skull. The room in which the
body was found was in no unusual ;
disorder and th^re was nothing found j
to indicate that a struggle had taken j
i place. Pa'rl up insurance' policies to :
k t>.e amont of $12" were found amosgi
I the woman's effects.
f Jesse Murphy Suspect.
Jesse Murphy, the suspect, lias beer, j
living with the Williams woman for1 (
two or three years. In 1913 he served |;
an eight months sentence on the j
county chaingang for beating and cut-j1
ting her. An unusual incident relative :'
to the accusation that Murphy killed i
her is the fact that he has been seen :
in the city several times since Mon- j
<Jay, although he had a hackman take '
his trunk to a railroad station Mon- j!
day afternoon. At least three .persons j:
saw Murphy here Wednesday morning.
I The police department and the ]
coroner's office have instigated a far
reaching search for the suspected ne- 1
gTO, having sent telegraphic descrip- 1
tions to every city and town of impor- J
tance in the nearby States. Jesse
"Murphy is 28 pears of age, 5 feet 9 J
inches tall and weighs 130 pounds; he 1
'lias a brown skin, clean snaven am
lhas a geld tooth in front; he is an
easy talker and is of pleasing- appearance.
Information regarding him 1
should he addressed to the chief of
police, Columbia.
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mouth can also carry disease germs?
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safety first?
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hand? ^
The U. S. Public Health Service *
will send a booklet on flies and dis- '
ease, gratis to all applicants?
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Physical fitness is preparedness
i against disease?
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Cockroaches may carry disease
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fJuilrd Vision! v ??i \nit\s' >Var>]*j vs.
Tw? UaI'avaji + \?a. * W?! 1 ik u Hor VV .< ;
iHUUfV'i i^jP - 01 r i <? ? J.? ? . . .-j
To >* ;*} ti> Horn*4.
Norfolk. Va.. Aug. 3.?So far n.i is
known here tonight the Deutschlar.d
is safely at sea on her way to Bremen,
after successfully running thro^gJ
the patrol of allied cruisers off the j
Virginia capes. The war vessels still;
??#*? ? '" oitrlit r\f nhoorvorc f\ff s h n r P !
V> CI C 1U OlgU O \J I r ^ v ^
today, apparently unaware of the de-j
parture of the big submarine.
It is not believed the Deutschland i
experienced the slightest difficulty in ;
evading the cruisers. Capt Hinsoh of j
the warbound German liner Neckar,.
who directed the departure of r.he
submarine, said today that the under-'
water freighter passed unobserved
within 1C-0 yards c:' a I"nit<\l States
destroyer on no itrality duty abour a
mile orf the capes.
' When we came to a stop at a roint
in the bay I shall not disclose Leer :so
we probably shall have to use the
pla'-e again." ?ai'i Cart. Hinsc-h, '"the
pilot aboard the submarine was taken
off to the Thomas T. Timmins. our
tug. It was then about r> o'clock in
the morning. The submarine was submerged,
so that her machinery and
pumps could not be tested and the
cargo be trimmed, should that be necessary.
She then went down in a!
deep hole in the bay to a depth of 130
feet remaining there for some time, j
''Wihen! she came to the surface;
igain Capt. Koenig came up through
the conning tower and said that everything
was working perfectly. That
pleased U3 as we had thought we1 \
might have had to rearrange some j <
things. <]
"The trial completed, we started on i
down the bay and when no traffic was i;
in sight the DeutschLand took another i
dive while running. She went down ,
until four inches of her periscope j j
wa3 showing. Then I dropped behind : j
to see at what distance the wake of ]
the Deutschland or the foam crest
of the periscope could be seen. Four
hundred yards with glasses I coula
not see a thing.
"The tests having proved that the 1
Deutschland was in perfect condition 1
we went into a place to hide for a 1
while. We were well hidden, too. j1
kny one would itave had great diffi-' nrity
in finding us.
"In the afternoon we started fori
. ? j i ? T J-Vx~ + :
:ne capes, ami you iviiuw now mc ucr
"er part of the trip was made. The
destroyer was passed in the dark. As
soon as the men on the bridge sighted
the lights of the Timmins they
watched us closely and looked all
around for the submarine at distance
of cnly a hundred yards. At
the time the submarine decks were
"Later, when r reported to the destroyer
that the Deutschlanri had t
cleared the capes and v.-,is on her!
way to sea. the officers on board seem -j
ed most surprised. They had nGt ob-!
served her at all. So you see that j
the British and French cruisers off:
shore had not the slighest chance of
finding the Deutschland.'
? : i
Capt. Hinsch said it would be un-1 <
wise for him to disclose whether the i
vessel went up or donw the coast be- '
iore striking out to sea, or whether j
she steered an easterly coursei
straight out i 1
Capt. Hinsc.li returned to Baltimore
:onight, leaving the Timmins in Norfolk
to seek a tow to Baltimore.
In response to questions regarding
the prospects of the Bremen, sister
?hip to the Deutschland, arriving in
American waters, Capt. Hinsch said:
"You can depend on it that if the
Bremen was coming in the near future,
I would not be returning to
Baltimore and neither would the
He declined to say when the Bremer
A*as expected but indicated that
he knew.
Life is a fteicm of Terror to Most |
In the July American. Magazine a.'
writer says:
"For most men life is a modified
-eign of terror. Three Fears get up
Frith them in the morning and go to
t>ed "with them at night. They do not 1
confess to one another that they are
if raid; but their wives know.
"At night, after the children have
been sent to- bed, they sit by the fire,
the average man and his wife, and
tace their three Fears:
First. The fear of the loss of the |
Second. The fear of bad health.
Third. The fear of a dependent old
i \ii ioji < ;i"
i[ sc <>. J ft . ;>.< in V?ur J .-?i"
' .. ?ri>.i \ A ...' *? ! V
>1 iJi ^
Ne w 0rIein3 ,Al:. 3 ? T 0 wnrd' j
co 1.5;ii; .ptiou of American cotton dur- j
\::x year ending July 31 amount-j
? i r.o i i.813.000 bales, an inera-se of
v?0> jales over the preceding season.
and a new high record for consumption
of the American staple.:
according to a statement issued today :
by H. G. Hester, secretary of the >?*ew I
Orleans cotton exchange. Considering
the conditions brought on by the
Pluropean war this showing w ; regarded
by the Io<mI trades as % ception
aily note wort h y.
Affording to details of Secretary
Hester's statement. consumption "'or
the year j :st emi I amor.r Southern
mills was 4.047.000 ag .:r.st 3.1 3,0OO
mills Z 00.5,000 against 2,8 !^,000 last
year; a:1 ng :**oimills 7.7';1.000.
fig: "lio'.vc5 r." e rain in .vnrl<! cr>-im;r:on
of American cotton was en
i'iTciy v??k^ vjua-.y a- .
it . ?.s sufficiently large to more ilia:?
offset. ^,:i toss abroa-s.
Mr. Hester placed the total visibls
and invisible sjppiv oi American cotton
July 31 last at 3.63?.000 bales,
against >,0;"3.000 la-.t year. These
preceding season. The total visible
supply was 2.! 20,000 bales, against
3.2S2.Q00 the previous year.
Cake Like Mother Used to Make.
Sponge .cuke: Beat two eggs until
lisrht. and add gradually, while beat-!
ing constantly, one and one-third;
teaspoonfuls of cream of tartar and j
one cupful of sugar; then add oneaalf
cupful of sc,alded milk in which
Dne tablespoonful of butter is melted,
and one and one-eighth cupfuls of.
Dread flour mixed and sifted with j
Dne-half teaspoonful of soda. Bake.
in a buttered and floured round cake j
tin forty-five minutes.?Woman's
Home Companion.
The Russian Blouse Americanized.
"Quite the newest fad this summer
s the Russian blouse, bright in color, j
fvorn with a plain wite skirt of almost j
my fabric."?Grace Margaret Gould,
n Woman's Home Compaion.
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Yi)\{ \ \ D.M'*I3 v>it)>
i -r>: { liif,' Annoumvs Selection oi
Trio to krvwsriil H?:n in Discussion ;
of Questions at With tlie J
i'nltrd Mates.
Mexico City, Aug. 3.?It was offi-!
cially announced at tlie Mexican for- j
eign office today that uis Cabrera,,
Ygsacio Bonilkis and Alberto Pan:
have been selected as the commis- j
sinners to negotiate with tbe United j
Stales commissioners regarding the
questions at isssue between Mexico
1 ?l- - iTT-.-i. J Ci... rpv,? j
J.I1U Ulfc; jLIllltiU OLclLtJS. I lie V^UiJLlLUloi
sion was to be headed by Senor
Cabrera and Juan B. Rogo will act;
. '.s secretary.
1 Although tne names of tne '.nexii
can commission T.vere announced, the
'text of Gen. Carranza's acceptance of
or.fcrence has not yet been made
public here. It is understood that;
Mexican ambassador at V.V.shing-,
11 :* v. i;; complete the arrangement
for the ronTerence with reference to
rims and place, an i it I- said that
ar.y place 1 tory to t.ie I'nred
xtat! s *.v!II be satisfactory to .Mexico.
The departure of Senors Cabrera
and Pani will not be delayed after the
announcement thai arrangements
have been completed. Both of them
; today declined to discuss the probable
procedure of the conference. No
indication is given by tne foreign office
or the first chief as to the reply j
; to the suggestion of the United j
! St.af-.fta on other Questions than the'
withdrawal of the troops and a protocol
covering the border, but the
general impression i^mong persons in
close touch with governmental affairs
here is that Mexico will insist that
these questions be settled before
other issues are discussed.
The commission appointed today i3
regarded as exceedingly able. Cabrera
is minister of finance. He is a lawyer
and the originator of the present
financial system of the country. He j
"k ir? fAi?Arom />A:Ir> _ I
uao r? 1TJ.C 1JLA i.Vi t/i&u vuuu I
tries and has been prominently iden-1
tified with the constitutional move- j
ment since its inception.
Ygnacio Bonillas is eminent as a
mining engineer. He is a graduate of
Technology, Boston, and lived for ,
many years in the United States. He <
is regarded as a strong and energetic;
Alberto Pani also is an engineer rind
is head of the National Railway/ of
Juan B. Rogo, secretary of the corn- ,
mission, is a young lawyer who has >
been .attached to- the foreign office
.1 tr?-In lieconics Storm Centre. With
French in Hole or Assailants. Thiau- !
mont Taken in Hot Fisrhtingr.
Verdun has again become the storm
centre on the Western battle front.
The French forces have taken the
offensive on the right bank of the,
Meuse and now hold the Thiuumont 4
work and the greater part of the vil- ?
lage of Fleury. according to Paris.
The Thiaumont work, already the
scene of many desperate combats, was
twice in French hands during 12
hours on Friday. The forces of the
German crown prince fought teruicionslv
driving the French from the
work once, but losing it again.
Fleury, which changed hands Thursday
after the French had succeeded is
taking it, is again almost entirely occupied
by the French. Fierce fighting
still continues in and around the
village. German unwounded prison-,
ers trJcen in the Verdun fighting num- :
bered 400.
+V. Cy\r*im/i fr'fmt in T) ArtVlom !
KJIL 1UC 'i:vuiUUIU, ill uui wtv* U |
France, there has been little infantry ;
activity, both the British and French ;
official communications failing to re?
port any moves on the part of their .
enemies. '
London says the Germans born- ]
barded the section southewest cf
Pozieres and also the southern por- j
tion of the mamets wood. 1
Desperate counterattacks by the
Germans in the region of the Stokhod
river, enst of Kovel. have resulted is
the retirement of the Russian forces
which had seized the village of
The fact that the village is only l'J
miles from Kovel. the Russian objective
on this part of the fVolhynian
front, probably accounts for the in
trnsity of the figting- there.
The Russian Gen. Sakharoff's troops i
continued to advance south of Brody :
* 4 ? J - * ^ T>,vf i~/-\ m-nri r*/}? I
an: towards L/cinutjig. t imports
the capture o* 1,300 Austro-Germans
in a "hot attack" on the line ot!
the Sereth and Grabderki rivers.
A squadron of British naval aeroplanes
has attacked with bombs German
military establishments in the
vicinity of Ghent, Belgium. London
say ' oo:isi.i*ra*:^ <i.\n:a,?e wa> don':;
jj cl;e <i rapping ci tvo tons
b ' .i. i'n<j;n : .1 reports received in j
Ar.;stfi'(i.irn appa.-eutly confirm this
Fort mil 4'ouj)3e Held for
? I
The State,
Fort Mill, Aug. 3.?Isaac Campbell
arid his wife, Mary Campbell, were ;
arraigned before Magistrate R. P. j
Harris yesterday in a preliminary j
hearing on the technical chiirgf.1 of j
highway robbery committed on the
outskirts of town Wednesday und in i
default of the required bond were!
committed to York jail to await trial.'
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To The
Let me urge 3
wheat before you
There is no dry
| not been sunned.
! and then blame n
you good work.
Ml .} jE^flS supporting muscles
Ik i!? ,?/?
The scheme of the couple was said to
have be.}?i to eiUk-e yCu.is a'en to meet
t;te woman a r-.^Kcu spot when the
:i.a:t wo.. 1 a;>; :r <.n-! L\- t."eats and
force of arms secure money from ther
victims. Some inklings of the affair
coming- to the knowledge of th.e local
Hio Mca a-aj au-nr.lroH iiirv and
arrests, followed. Several witnesses
testified against the couple in court
this morning and it is believed that
prosecution will follow under the federal
white slave act. They came here
from Danville, Va., and until thia
week were employed in one of the cotton
mills here.
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