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||je. ||craili and ||a?&. I
Entered at the Postoffice at New
her/, S. C., as 2nd class matter.
Tuesday, August 15, 1916.
It is not our purpose to have any
controversy with any one about the
asylum or the appointment of Dr.
Williams or about the great philanthropy
of the governor in contributing
out of his personal funds to the
salary of Dr. -Williams. The Herald
end News tries to be fair to all candidates
and to give all of them a square
deal. The editor will exercise his
r*ght to cast his balot as to him seems
t>est. That privilege we are willing
to accord to every one else without
any disagreement or argument.
r?nr rpmllpotion of the statement of
Mr. Cooper in regard to the salary
matter was that it was illegal not .
only for the governor to make an ef- ;
fort to increase it but that it was also
illegal for Dr. Williams to accept
< 1
an increase beyond that fixed by law
for the position. For that reason The
Herald and News did venture to
ask why Gov. Manning did not exhibit :
the receipt from Dr. Williams for this
irjprpflsp ir> salarw
We suppose the governor had a
right to make a gift to Dr. Wiliiams in
the way of an increase in salary, if
lh.e wanted to, out of his personal
funds; but did Dr. Williams have a
legal right to accept it and could he
do so without violating the penal
code? That is the question we asked.
Y?Te have known Dr. Williams for a
good many years and we esteem him
very highly as a man, and for that
reason we did x^ot see how he could
accept an amount greater as salary !;
than that lixed by law.
Our local cotemporary says: "Any
citizen, governor or what not, has a
right to supplement any officer's 5
salarv.-' r.Viell, we are not so sure j '
, ! ]
about it, but we will not argue the; ,
Question. Please answer this ques-! i
tion. Has the officer .1 right to accep- j
an increase? .vow, beiore you answer,
read the following section from
the Criminal Code of 1S12:
"Sec. 539. Acceptance of Rebates ^
"No person holding an office or position
of trust or profit in this State, 1
or in the public institutions thereof,
shall accept rebates or extra compensation,
in addition to that provid/
ed by law.
"Any person violating the provisions
of this Section shall be fined in
a sum not less than one hundred dollars
nor more than five hundred
dollars, or be imprisoned for not less
than three months nor more than
five years.
"This Section shall not apply) to
officers accepting rebates, not for
tlieir individual use, but for the bene
It and in behalf of the State.
"Crim. Code. 1902, See. 3S2; Stat.
1899. XXIII. 96."
Was that $250 a month contributed
"by Gov. Manning "extra compensation.''
is the question to be answered
and if it was could Dr. Williams accept
it without violating the Criminal
The voters of the Oakland Mill
village respecuuny mvue me eaiurdates
to attend a meeting at 7. M
Sanders store at Oakland on Sau:r
day evening, August 10. at
o'clock. They "'ill be glad to see : .
candidates and to hear those v. ;
y>an. to Make speeches.
for V. ; : I? if t ^ ; ' : ' '
This is the proper thins to <io
then the management of this
always doing something . r <o:::
fort and convenience of the peoi-Iwho
I ! Mill IIW || 1111 Ill
Death t>i Mr. .John I.. L[?i?.
Mr. John L. K]r > v. ho h~s ..o: i.-.-t
iii vigorous health for the past several
months died at his home in Ne.vberry
on last Friday morning.
He had been treasurer of Newberry
A i AA1 U a -ht? n n a cr\r? /">T
cuuiiiy smc? J.UVJ.. .nc ?ao nit own vi
Dr. James Epps and was born January
25, 1848, at the old Epps home
which still stands near Witmire
and 011 the Appalachian highway and
is now owned and occupied by Mr.
tVbrams. His mother was Miss Eliza
betti Law. He is survived by two
brothers, W. L. Epps who is treasor
nf cinnrtanhnrpr pnnntv and ha.;
held the office for twenty years, and
Mr. W. D. Epps of Union. He had
one sister who was the wife of the
l?te Dr. W. C. Brown and the mothe**
o* J. Epps Brown, vice president of
ti^ Southern Bell. And of his immec
ate family two daughters and one
sen. His daughters are (Misses Lucy
and Eugenia Epps who resided wit." j
him and his son Yr. George Epps
who lives in Xewberry. In early life,
iie married Miss Mary Caroline Glenn
vho died about thirty years ago.
Until elected to the o35:e of ?cu..-|
t.- treasurer in 3000 he engaged in
forming, and for a time lived in the ,
Maybinton section of the county. j
As an officer he was careful and,
painstaking -and kept as neat a set of
books as any treasurer in the State.
He was courteous and polite in hi-';
'.clincrc with thp miblir> alwavs.
He was <n consistent member of the
Methodist church and the funeral ser-{
rice was held on Saturday moraine
and interment in Rosemont. the sei ;
vice being conducted by his pasto*i
the Rev. F. E. Dibble.
Miss illian Brown of ^tannins: is
visiting her schoolmate Mi-.? er.'a
Ox ier. i
P. F. Baxter went to Chappells;
Saturday where he erected a W. O. \V. j
monument to the late John R. Scun v j
aT the Scurry family burying grounds.
A M.nnaAR.r .-orse Satuiv?;..v in*);.- :
: > i Mtcled to a d ? v b .ion -.: u Mr
L*.,i I'oozer cc' -1 <1 wnth V r.r.e s
palace car pind-* par-;' e.v ?.n<; cum j
ihbly da? 11.The
county executive committee
met Monday and revised the rolls and
pipointed managers for tiie counry
precincts. A full account ?nd list of
:he managers will appear in Friday's
sapor. v
?* ' "? -c ^ 1T?.n
me imam ciaugnier 01 t.v:r. ctuu
D. P. Campbell of WEiitmire (lied
Friday night and was > i ' Satur
lay afterno v.. at ? ocio ir Beu-'
Eiiixi church. Rev. BecKitt < on ducted !
ite funeral servi:;s.
tYAXTED?Teacher wanted for Cen- ;
tral school. Term begins the 15 of!
October. Salary $40 per month.
Apply to any one of th? under- ;
L. A. Shealy, I
3. D. Koon.
G. W. Seybt,
Investigation ? y Board of Conciliation.
Anderson. Aug. 10.?Members of the
newly created board o: conciliation
ire in Anaerscn investigating the
strike at Gluck mills. (Members of
this board are J. H. Hunt of Newberry.
John L. D'ivis of Columbia and
John A. Law of Spartanburg. The
Gluck village is quie'. iio disorders
o >> ri fiOT-C nf t *h .' >
:;t_ nig, l cpui c^u a;:vi ijjvu;wic v?>w
board say they have nothing to g'"'*e
out for publication.
Ii|i1[)[)'( DescriptmFall
IfUuU u Seed Catalog
just issued, tells all about
Crimson Clover,
Alfalfa and all
Grass and Clover
Seeds for Tall Pknting.
j i
! ~ .. - * i
; Wood's iau :>eeu v^aiuio^ aiw
j ?ivcs full and complete infor:
i nation about
! T" T * "I ?-~S -S
4/ cr ; ? :" * A S P P f c i
'' V . w >?( i> rt" S/ Vl> ^vJl. j
hat can be planted to advantage j
! .v a' orc .it in 1:e i:; te Summer a :'.
; a? is altogether tlie most use- |
i i i t...--I- j j v. i'ui. Soca C_ a;viiO*.', !
j i^ucc.
- - - - -
: .Mailed iree to oar icners, .^anu-i
Growers and Farmers on request, j
W rite for it.
SEEDSMEN, - Richmond, Va. j
r. : ' Xir'uaiS v.-j.i
eive !...! L?< ; * Silver*: reel ci>
Wed!:, -day. Auuus: lb. A uotx-l dii-j
iifer will be given and a nice place i!
! will i.p r.'i meet t li(-: LfcODlf- of this
! section. All candidates are expected
to be present.
! YEAR FOR ONLY $1.50.
(sit "FE
\ v
Sold in the S
lope, Two ne
New York ev
Fern Waist h
py?it is ai\A
I Always buy
Waist" and
sure of gettin
size. Remen
see two ne^
week. Remen
low price $!.(
mail, we delh
Caldwell &
Phone 40 The Ladies
The Woo
You must be satisfied
How about s
ery? We have i
Box Paper,
| and plain writing
; %
j Everything
line. Prices rig]
Come to see
; Mayes'Book ai
The House of a
\ Jj ^
I 0 ll '
| CHAINS ^5=
1 RINGS ^ f t
E rr=
| * \ ! |
liA v, !
( .s I. ay of Si. Muttnews
i Lui'.orar; Sunday school. will be ob-'
- served Sept. 1, 1910. Refreshments;
51 will be served bv the Ladies' and;
1 j Young People's Missionary Society, j
<a coraiai invitation is exienuea 10
! W.A.Ballentine, I
1 -
Secretary. ;
. j
"his is the
eal-Pac enve)w
styles from
erv week. The
- 5
5 never skim=
ray& cut full.
the "Fern
you will be
ig the correct
iber you can j
j styles every
nber, too, the
30. Order by
rev Free.
Store Newberry, S. C.
ltex Store
or we are not satisfied
;ome fine stationit.
plain and fancy,
% paper.
in the stationery
ht. !
: US.
ndVariety Store
Tfossaad Things.
-rrt- ?rnm'-mirtTia?MMuwiaw
?-? ?_ I
New Jewel? y! ' I
We have irany new dc- I
iigns m Jewelry. ureen, \
kVhite and Yeliow Geld.
See our line of Bracelet j
matches which were once
bought a novelty but now j
eccgnized by ail women and
r.en at various occupations :
is a necessity o; every day ]
ife. ' i
jewelers and Opticians
Newberry. - South Carolina
* " i
A Statement As
To Cour
(Polii.cal Advertisen
Mr. James C. Sample, County Supervisor,
Newberry, S. C.
Dear Sir:
A short while ago Mr. H. M. Boozer obtained
County's finances, i..nd in order that you migln
formation from your office 1 showed you a cop}
you were entitled to know about it notwithst<
law, are open to public inspection.
i ou have asked me to explain to you trie la
191 -i of certain extraordinary sums of mone}
use of in 1915.
It is a fact that commutation tax was collec
$5,690.00, or' which $5,576.46 was paid out duri
going to pay chaingarig cla .is; whereas, in
lected was $1,944.00. or a difference in favor o
Shoals Power Co.. paid the County $14,800.00 tc
which might be caused by the ponding of wate
lie road at Heller's creek. All of this money
across the creek and in making the fill leadins
800.00, which was used for ordinary purposes i
to Mr. Boozer when i gave him the statement
that claims against County were p.?id January
You have -asked me, if during 1914 some mu
were not sold. and. if so, what they brought,
tion is they brought between $700 and $800.
will show the exact amount turned over to hii
will also show Me exact balance paid the Trea:
Power Co., deal. I am also asked if considerab
from the County Home lands during 1914. Sue
no record 3,s io the number of feet and have,
of uny such lumber.
You had no such extraordinary items of ire
to be absolutely fair and just to you and yo;:r a
at your request. 1 am making mention of these
I hope rhe foregoing covers the inform- tion
you witli any additional information th>.;t may o
August 2, 1916.
Mr. Voter, you see from the above If reeh
letter from Mr. HoUoway that Mr. H. I have
Boozer had full information as to ; roads ;
the deficiency of the funds for 1915,! roadvva
and to be fair to me I think Mr. j T jia
Boczcr should have given this infor- ; ,
1 lie ie
mation with, the fi cares ha h.iS been : .
~ - ; oerry j
giving out. I can net ye- around to ' .... *
; viamg
all of the voters beforp the election, is 1 j,
why I am sending this out through j ^
the papers, if you hear any rumors '
of a hurtful nature in regard I , v
ianu oy
to the expenditure of the furds oi! .. _
not pr?
Newberrv county 1 will consider it a ' . .. ;
' cient i
favor if you will drill to see IMr. HolloIi
way i;:nd ask him to show you the | coun*,.
records. He will take pleasure in : ment j
showing them to you and you will find j attorn
that the rumor that was in rim: la- '
~ - ; record!
tion is untrue.
I presume from the criticism of my i
opponent in regard to the expendi- j
tures of the funds of Newberry coun- j carne?
ty. if he should succeed me the roads i ot
and bridges will be neglected, as, Mr. j ; fin
Voter, you know roads can't be work- j road a
ed and bridges can't he built withoutj of as t
the expenditure of the funds. I hlave j hands
spent the money appropriated for this and th
purpose and have no apologies to ! funds ;
make, as I have cempliei with the ! are eis
law. When you hear any one say J county
that I have run the county in debl, |
ash him what I spent the ruonev for,1
, T , . .. . anv t
and 11 I haven t complied with tne !
II j w.
I have only this promise to make:
I Oar second hand piano department is crowded to the limit whhi pmres of nosi
Rea# carefully the nany tinasnal bar sains in used, worked i..r pianos, n
repair eepariment.
Judge for yourself the marled down prices at a savinw to yon of from S
1?'<j'<teifTSe!f-P'aver Piano, dull and polished 1!
12?fi.so oo Stieff Upright, dull and polished Mahogany
2?*750.00 Shaw Self-Player Piano, dull and polished M
2?f450.co StiefT Uprights, dark Mahogany (used sever;
1??{5o.oi? Stiefl* Uprignt. Oak ea>e (used several years)
1?S375.00 Shaw Upright, polished Mahogany (used 12
2?5550.00 Be?inet Bretz Self-Player Piano dull Ma hog
3?5300. 0 Kohler & Campbell Uptight Pianos, polished
2?.00 Harvard Upright Pianos, Mahogany case. 11
J?j."5 .00 J. vS: C. Fischer Upright Pianos. Walnut ca><
:?5350.00 Mathushek Upright Piano. Mahogany case
1?5500.r0 Adam Schaaf Upright Piano. Walnut ca.-e (u
1?S.}?o.oo Mason vS: Hamlin upright Piano. Hhony cas
'?c in <"ViifL-?-ririor nnrifht H.'.tio KIkIIV ease tlSed f
12 ?53 " '.oo Krn?'<t Tonk upright I'iano. Walnut case (us
J?5450.00 Stittf upright i'iaao, Kbonv ca.-e (used sever
S T I E 1
219 Sooth Try on SL
^TmxgMjuiiiH 111 nmiMniviwf>awMittfFHn 1 WIMI utmt
i O.oor?i "Xh
1 1
Never 20 dry when y
most. Submit us v?
ill 6
clems, Any siz; nor
i o * l
5 >t. tr*/f>nc.2
& X .i L A O c .
D. 0. FRICK .
Little Mountain,
, hhuhbiSii i ii mi EBoaamnnaHtttfi .v.j_ oasraainiiiaiiau?MM4n*B
ity Finances I
from me a statement as to the fl
: know that 1 had given out in
of this statement, as I thought V
mding your records, under the
ict of the co.lecti'/.i and use In
*, which you did not h4v? the
ted in 1914 to th-i amount oi fl
ng that year, a good part of It IH
1915, the commutation tax col- H
I 1914 of $3,740.00. In 1914 Fhrr Jfl
) get a release from all damages V
rs on the Columbii Union pub- J|
whs used in buitdiii- a bridge
; to the bridge, except some $4,of
the County, i explained this
. in which I said, "books show I
les belonging to the County S
That is true, and my recc'lecThe
County Treasurer's books*
II from this .'.iMnfi ?Vi/v<r
? wajli v. ^ u.xu i ii'jj .; ::
surer from the Parr Slioals
ile lumber was r."t cut and used
h is my information, hut I have M
therefore, no idea or' the value u '
ome during 191-*>, and in order \ J
.dministration dunn:; that year, Jfl
matters in this letter. jj|
desired. If not. I will furnisL
ifficially come within my knowSH.
C. Holloway. * I
ected I will do in the future as
dene in the past, work your
and give to the people the V
tys they are entitled to have.
ve not put the county in debt. ?
gislative delegation from Xewtias
put it in debt by not pro- 1
to raise enough money to meet
:essary expenses of the county,
speak of the appropriations f
this same delegation made 1
making admits that they have J
ovided for the raising cf suffi- X
unds to meet the absolutely
jry expenses of running the fl
If any one doubts this state
ask him to consult the county W
?v, Mr. H. C. Holloway, and the
5 of the office.
1-2 mills levy brings in about i|||
'.00. The appropriation bill
; $45,,500 00. This leaves a de- ?
about $13,500.00. A
d it necessary- to spend all tho H
nd bridge money I can get hold
hat is the only fund put in my I
exceut' the coimtv home fund fl
e chain gang fund.'All the other
are paid out by statutes. There V
rhteen different items in the
appropriation bill. fl
is election year and don't pay fl
tention to everything you hear.
J. C. Sample.
t every make taken m excbarge for the Popular StiefF
iade almost lilte oew by experts in our ap-to-daie
50 to $75. Is this do! worth looking into?
[ahogany (used for dem'tion 5700.00
r iused slightly) each 360.00 g |||
'ahogany used sev. months; 575.00
al years i each 250.00 B fl
months) 250.00 p Sj
any (used :oto 12 mos.) each 400.00 B ^B
Mahogany used short while) 200.00
isec* short while each .. .. 200.00
? (used short while) 1S5.00 B
used short while) 200.00 B
ised short wn ie. . 155.00 a
e (used short while) 200.00 R fl
;hort while) .. 200.00 Ei jfl
ed short while) iso.no H
FF ;|
/ ells I
ou need them 11
3iir dry pro- I
n 2 inches to 8
& BRO., I
_ ?

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