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|? TOLCXB rin1 li i: JLBKK tj _ 3EWB1S3Y, 9. C, FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1916. TWICE A WEEK, 91M A YEAS.
fc'Chief Game Warden Explains License
L Law?Condensed Statement of
Open and Close Seasons
[ The State.
"The open season for shootinp:
BF doves began today," said the State
@aine warden, A. A. Richardson of
m Columbia. "I am overrun with inI
quiries as to what counties come un
der the resident hunter's license law.
^Bvery county in the State is now un
<Ier the provisions of this act, except
V ucrseiey, tjiarenaou, iiwrgewwu,
1 Aiken, York, Greenwood, Cherokee,
I Lancaster, Marlboro, Colleton, WilI
1. usburg and Chesterfield. In these
I empt counties no license is required
at a South Carolinian, but all other
' counties are affected. On the back
&l each huntii ^ license are printed
the dates of the open and close seaIson
on all classes of game."
Mr. Rii-hardson furnished the following
condensed statement of the
open and close seasons, the initial
- - " - ? n.C fVlfi.
I -date lmiicaung cue g^wzNu-g ,
I season and the second the close:
Deer?September 1-Jfianuary 1, Colieton
eounty, September 1-February 1.
Dorchester and Berkeley count ic3
August 1-February 1. Barnwell, F.r ence,
Marion counties, August 1- Janruary
1. (Orangeburg, Sumter, Richlaiid
no open season.)
Quail (partridge)?N^venoer 15?-v.
i - rianomhpr 1-March
AittfViU IU. UU1VU, www?v ?
1. . Lancaster, Chester, Abbeville,
"Jerk, December 1-Febnary 1. Fairfield,
^December 1-March 3. Chesterfield,
November 15-Afarci 1. Marlboro,
November 15-Februa?> 15.
Dove?^August 15-March 1 Kersthaw,
August 15-<Marctu Allowtd
to bait from December 1 t. March 1.
Aiken county, December 1-March 15
Wild Turkey?November 15-Ma'Tfc
15. Lancaster, Chester, Abbeville,
Va?1" TWowher 1_Ffthniarv 1. Fair
1 VI A) JL/WVtfci WV4 w
field, December 1-March 1. (Orange- j
burg no open season.)
Squirrel?October 1-January 1.
((Law in Chesterfield and York only.)
Woodcock?September lJMarch 1.
Willet?November 1-March 1.
Summer or 'Wood Ducks?SeiptemIberl-March
Grackle?October 1-Warch 1.
Foxes (in counties of Union, Fairfield,
Chester, Lancaster, Abbeville,
i York. Marlboro, Cherokee, Chester
I field, Edgefield, Lee, Richland, Cal!
fcoun, Orangeburg), unlawful to shoot
' or trap at any time Can chase or
I take otherwise between September
I 1 and February 15.
V In counties of Chester, York, Union
and Marlboro an additional license.
I costing $5 and obtainable from clerk
of court, is requred for fox hunters.
[ No State Laws on migratory ducks.
Close season at all times on au non
-same birds.
Bag limits: Partridges or doves, 15
*er day; Woodcock, 12, and wild turkey,
2 per day; deer, 5 during the
There was an enjoyable day at the
home of (Mr. T. D. Gent^- near Kinards
on last Saturday, August 12, It ^as.
the occasion of the family reunion of
Mr. and Mrs. Gentry when their chil<iren
and grandchildren gathered at
the ancestral home. There were
seventy three present. There was
good hash and baskets of good things
to eat prepared by the ladies of the
tamily. The hash, was cooked by those
famous hash cooks, T. D. Gentry and
J. R. Longshore. In the afternoon
ice cream and lemonade were served
The only thing to mar the pleasure
cf the day was the vacant chair mad
since the last reunion.
Miss Margherita Matthews and Miss
<x*adys Chappell are on a visit to
relatives and friends in Edgefield.
Mss Rebecca 'Moore of Greenwood
ovnprfpd to visit "her 'Uncle, Dr. P. I
G. Ellisor during the week
Complaint is made by a citizen that
some of those who i->re miming hacks
for hire are recmired to pay th?
license fix^d bv law wh^e others are
| rot reouired to on* >>e wmts to
j-rr.Tr- TT-'hv this is t^vs aid the law
<8> <S>
<& <?>
& <? <$ ^
The Young Matrons Rook club was
delightfully entertained Wednesday
afternoon by Mrs. W. C. S-chenck
After several games of rook, iced tea
and sandwiches were served.
On Wednesday afternoon Misd
Marguerite Burns entertained a number
of friends at a rook party, iat her
ho>ne in Boundary street. T-.e
tables wer? arranged on the piazza,
and after a number of interesting
S< mes. a delightful ice course was
s< l ved.
Mrs. Walter Hunt entertained verv
delightfully Wednesday morning at
iher home in Calhoun street. Besides |
the members of the Emery Circle a j
number of visitors were present
Rook was the chosen game, after <
which a two course luncheon was
The "Once a Week" bridge club
held its initial meeting with Mrs.
Robert McC. Holmes, at her home in
Walnut street. Thursday morning.
The club is composed of nine mem- ;
bers and besides these, a number of
visitors enjoyed Mrs. Holmes hospitality.
At noon delicious iced tea and
sandwiches were served.
One of the most delightful affairs of
the week was the rook party, given
hv Mrs J. iM. Kinard. at her lovely 1
home in Calhoui; street, in compliment
to Miss Ethel Ramage, of Fort
Worth, Texas, and Miss Marie Doolan,
of Savannah. Nine tables were
placed about the hall and living
rooms, and at the conclusion of the 1
games a delightful ice course was 1
served. j'
A. pretty and interesting affair of
last week was the ^kitchen part/
given by the "Wear EJver" boys at
Mrs. Buzardit's in Boundary street, 1
Wednesday afternoon. After-the dem- 1
onstration the luncheon prepared 1
during the demonstrate?, was se*- j
ved. There were about 351 ladies ^
present tand the afternoon proved
very enjoyable. 1
Mrs. Olin L. Buzhardt gave a very 1
lovely card party at her home - in (
Boundary street on Wednesday after- i
t noon for Miss Marie DeHihns, Lois Jeter
land Margurite Burns which was
.rrw/Yni-lr. on -ioTTQrl Vi-W a mdrrv lltt.lft J
?>1 uaii v u/ m ~
[ bunch. ]
Beautiful white lilies- of the valley 1
with red cannas and- cut ferns made a
most beautiful decoration. Three tables f
were used for rook. As the crowd 1
gathered ipunch was served after
which a most delightful game of *
rook was pliayed and the prize was 1
won bjj Missi Edna Sanders and
Master Cornelius Evans for plaing ^
the highest score of cards, after which 1
ice cream and cake and mints were *
served by Mrs. Julius Langford, Mrs.
J. L. Burns and (Miss Maymie Pay- (
The players were as follows: Misses .
Mildred Paysinger, Janie Dell Paysinger,
Colie Blease, Maggie Roglesperger,
Louise Carter, Mabel Jones, ^
Mildred Wferts, Rosaland Werts,
Louise Wicker, Edna Sanders. Messrs
Frank Schumpert, John Schumpert, ^
T. W. Smith, Buford Cromer, James I ^
Burns, Murray Mcintosh, Wright ,
Gannon, Garland Taylor and Henry i
Adams. ' j ^
Engagement Announced. I {
lYr "&Dd Mrs. J1. Marion Davis an-1 f
nounce the engagement of their i l
daughter. Pearl, to Mr. M. B. Clisby, >
the wedding to take place some time j t
during the early fall.
Newberry Campers in Greenwood, j i
A number of young men of -New- : j
berry, who are on a camping trip, t
suent the night in Greenwood with t
Mr. O. 0. Smith, after having pitch- 1
ed their tents at Chi?ppells the first <
night. Those composing the party 1
are John Floyd, Strother Paysinger, 1
Forrest Crotwell, Carlton Coleman, t
Clifton Coleman, Oscar Summer, 1
Piihe^t Summer, Pore Scurry, Fred r
Scurry. John B. Setzler, and "Snow" 7
the cook.?The Greenwood Journal, j .
There was a. barbecue at Jolly
street yesterday.
There was a political meeting at
the Mollohon mill 'Wednesday.
(Mrs. Herman Cromer of Green
ville is visiting relatives in the city.
There will be a political meeting
at Oakland mill Saturday night.
Mary Pickford will appear at the
A rno /lo WoHnodar in a Pa.rAmonnt
picturization of "Madame Butterfly".
The regular county) campaign
meeting is 'being held today at Keitt'o
"The Secret of the Submarine''
grows better and better, be sure to
see it at the Arcade every Tuesday.
The annual picnic at Beth Eden
yesterday was largely attended as
Pauline Frederick at the Arcade
next week in "The World's Great
Snare" from the story by ramps
There was a barbecue at Silverstreet
Wednesday. A number of candidates
were present and made
speeches. I
The members of Mt. Pleasant
church will give a barbecue on Satur-1
day, August 19. All the candidates
? re invited to be present, and mate
"Madame Butterfly is a production,
every picture fan in Newberry
should see. Remember it is at the
Arcade Wednesday with Mary Pick- i
ford iplaying the title role.
The five negro women who escaped
from the stockade at the poor house
Tuesday night have been caught. One
was found near Jalapa and the othei
four had reached the Laiyens count -'
All over the city the people are
talking of the enjoyment to be had at
the Opera House, listening to the
3 ? ? AVi A I
splendid music ana seeing wie UUL 1
pictures while the cool electric
breezes blow and the ice waters flow.
Mr. Henry B. Wells has been appointed
building inspector for the ci:y
Df Newberry. This is a good appointment
13s Mr. Wells can and will fill
the bill. The law is to be carried out
here. Citizens would do well to look
into it.
" Susie Snowflake" a Paramount
to be shown at the Arcade
Monday will introduce Ann Penning
* x" ^
:on, a long nine iawncc
jcmedy. According to the critics she
is destined to become a second
Marguerite Clark.
The congregations of Smyrna and
Morris churches fcfcve granted their j
Dastor. the Rev. T. C. Croker, a J
nonth's vacation. Consequently there
vill be-no preaching at Smyrna until <
;he third Sunday in September. The
next service at Morris will not be
leld until the second Sunday in
September, when a protracted meetng
will begin at that church.
The National I>emocratic fund will
3e increased from Newberry by half
:he proceeds from the moving pic;ure
show at the Opera House today..
The amount will be forwarded as
:oming from the citizens of Newberry
through the regular channel.
Manager Wells not desiring any cred..
other than the 'aim of doing his
?* o -rwof-rirt+iV r.itizen. The
J d I L CIO CW yuwi awaw
3pera House ought to be crowded
Jiis1 afternoon and night.
There was a general delivery at the
Doorhouse stockade Tuesday night
Five negro women who had been sent
3own there to help the keeper. Mr.
Vlark Smith, pull fodder for the next
;hirty days decided that the exercisa
was a little too strenuous and the corn
;talks a little too tall to make the posi- j
.ion attractive so they got busy an-.l
ound an exit to freedom by climbim:!
lp the sides of the building an:
creaking out some window paner: j
;hus effecting treir escape. ,
Anna Boyd several years ago (iviedel !
ier child to Mrs. D. A. Dickert, but
ast Thursday came to Newberry and
ifter -being allowed the privilege ctj
akins: the, child to- a picnic, decider j
."hat the child was big enough to help |
ler and took the child with her to \
Charlotte. A warrant was sworn ou- j
:or Anna and placed in the liands of j
:he sheriff. 'Deputy Sheriff Dcrrojt,
)rought Anna and the child back
;rom Charlotte Wednesday nigt.
rhe child was turned ove~ to "Mrs.
'>iv,"C:r*. the woman lodger! in jail on
* ' ' ' *
cr.arge or KiuLapi j
Newberry, S. C. August 14, 1916.
"Tie State,"
Columbia, S. C.
Dear Sir:
I am handing you herewith check
for thirty-six dollars ($36.00) collece<
by Messrs J. B. Hunter, M. L.
Spearman and W. W. Cromer from
the members of Ward 2 club, New
berry, S- C., for the Democratic
Campaign fund. Below find list of
Spearman, M. L '. $ 1.00
Cromer, W. TV 1.00
Hnnter, J. B 1.00
Barre, Cbas. P 1.00
Player, L. iM 1.0 ?
Brown, W. T 1.00
Setzler, Dr. J. B , 1.0 3 J
Weeks, Dr. C. D 1.00 |
Werts> Eugene S 1.00 j
Smith, Van 1.001
(Harms, Dr. J. H 1.00
(Anderson, R. H 1.00
Mayes, Dr. w. G 1.00 j
Burton, J. a 1.0 m
McCaughrin, J. N 1.00
Hunt, W. H 1.00
Abrams, H. H 1.0
Mayes, Jesse 50
Carlson, E. T 50
Chapman, J. W 1.00
Cist, <Nat ; l.C(?!
Folmes, R. McC l.Co'
* 1 .in
Aiaiiiaews, jt>. \j x. J J
Chapman, Prof. F. W 1.00
Pelham, Dr. <Wl E. Sr 1. j'
Stuck, Dr. E. B ...... 1.00
Derrick, Prof. S. J 1.00
Kibler, Dr. E. H 1.00
Boozer, J. R 1.00 j
Sorg, W. E 1.00
Suber, E. IM 1.0');
Buford, M. M 1.00
Hunt, I. H 10')
Caldwell, J. F. J 1.00 j
Dominick, 'H. W l.C0|
Johnson, T. P 50.
Mayes. B. M 50 j
Boozer, J. L 1.0) j
I am also sending you my check for
twenty-two dollars ($22.00) as a con
tribution to the Woodrow Wilson
fund from the following members of
Ward 3 Club, Newberry, S. C., collect-'
eel by T. K. Jonnstone:
Dominick, B. A $ 1.00
Feagle, O. T 1.00 '
Summer. T. R 1.00
McFall, J. Y 1.00 I
' !
Johnstone, Alan 5.00 i
Summer, C. T 1.00 !
Goggans, Jno. C. Jr.. 50 j
Rvnum. F. L 1.00!
Johnstone, T. K 1.00 j
Cannon, 0. B 1 00
Summer, C. E 1.00
Summer, J. H 1.00
Hipp, T. E 1.00 j
Kinard, Jno. M 1.00
Summer, C. F : 1.00
- i An
Klettner, o i.w|
Wilds, W. B. Jr 50 j
Cannon, H. T 1.00
Mower, Geo. S 1.00
Also find my personal check for
twenty-two dollars ($22.00) as a
" 4.T- _ , n J
personal contribution irom tue jui^uui-i
bers of the Executive Committee
Democratic Club of 'Newberry County,
a3 follows: ,
Brown, W. C $ 1.00
Derrick, J. B 1.00
Smith, R. G 1.00 j
Watts, J. S 1.00 |
Foy. J. A ^
Long, O. 1-??
Aull, G.
Hunter, R. T. C 1-u0
Blease, H. 1-00
Hunter, J.
Chalmers, M. B 1.00
Wheeler, J. 1-00
Sanders, SW. H 1-??
Vqtipp T D
Higgins, F. W 1.00
'"Voree, 0. S j>0
Leitzsey, B. B 1.00
$ 7.50
Hunter, F. R 1.00
^nn, J. 1.C0
wiison. T. J rfl
^nrriinip'k, L. L 1.00
^"hr-iVp-r .T 1.0:
tennis, Z. W 50 J
There have been more barbecues in
Newberry county the present summer
than ever before in the hustoryj
of the county, or in the history d*
political campaigns. And they hav
all been fine barbecues, because Newberry
lia3 the world heat on good
barbecue cooks, and then we have the
rvthor fhimrci riwpfisarv tr> -malfft sood
We bave made an effort to attend
as many as possible and we bave not
been able to reach all of them. It
seems like the irony of fate tbat w?
failed to get to Fairview on Wednesday
of last week and on Wednesday
Five negro women wbo bave beei
incarcerated at tine county bome 01
r isdemeanor charges escaped on
Tuesday night Under the (present
conditions it is almost impossible to
keep a prisoner at the county horn?
T?ac law requires th? separation of
white land negro prisoners and it also
requires that the men and women
prisoners shall be kept apart. And it
?s due to the lack of proper facilities
tbat it is so easy for the <p*4soneis
o -ra oont tr> fiho h/vmA V
?''UV Ui V/ 0VUU WV uvuavy vwJN? VWW.-^
the women prisoners, to get away.
As soon as the fact that the women
had gone was discovered by the keeper,
Mr. Smith, he notified Sheriff Ble^e
and the sheriff and his deputies at
once took up the search for the
fugitives. By yesterday morning a'l
o? them had been located by the^
officers and were landed in jail.
Under the law the prisoners are subject
to additional sentence for making
erxjape and the women may be sorry
i?'ter all that they went away.
It is understood that Supervisor
Sample expects to take utp with the
legislative delegation the matter of
providing a safe place for the detain-;
ing of women prisoners at the home.
The law forbids such prisoners be
ing placed on the chaingang.
Mrs. Liliie Viola Sligh was born
Nov. 29th, 1890, and departed this life
July 16. 1916. On the eighth day of
Dec., 1908, she was married to Mr.
Arthur Sligh. Unto this union three
children were born, who with theirf
father survives the mother. Mrs. Sligh
w:'s born near St Luke's Evangelical
Lutheran Church and' in early life
umiea wic>t. umi cuuro'i uu i/iuicainuu i
of faith in Christ.
LAbout three years ago she was
transferred by letter to Cannon i
Creek A. R. P. -church and remained I
a member th^eof un il Cod called
hex- to her reward.
She was a daughter of Mr a'ld Mrs.
Dave Minvck and during h.er last
illness was taken to their home where
she diel. It was not the writers
privilege to minister to her during lier
- * "" jl j -v ^ ^ - .
illness fc-ut we unaer3taaa sue c-^-i
pressed resignation to God's will and
a strong hope of a home in heaven.
(May the God of all grace comfort
and sustain eil her bereaved ones
and provide for her little children
May the family circle now broken
here, be reformed in glory where we
trust they shall meet and be forever
with the Lord.
The funeral and burial took place
at St Luke's and Pastor J. Meek
White was in charge, assisted by
Pastor Cronk, in the presence of i,
la~ge congregation.
Kinard, J. W l.OOj
Hollo way, J. B. 0 1.00 j
A.lf=o fi*n4 my check for two and a:
quarter ($2.25) as contribution from
Liberty Club, Newberry County, as.
HHmter, J. T $ 1 00 i
- - O.r; !
\to-ore, j. lt ,
Hunter, Geo. F 1.00,
$ 2.25
Yours truly,
F. R. Hunter,
Chsi-Hnau TVTnnr^tic Executive j
CV^Tr^ttpa. Newberry S.. C.
B. R T eitzsev.
Secretary and Treasurer. ;
I oi this week we railed to get u>
Silverstreet, and at both, places tfw
makers of the barbecues changed til*
dates from Thursday to Wednesday at
our request so that we might be abls
to attend. Business engagements
made it impossible for us to be there.
We regret it and hope our friends will
excuse our absence. We kept o<ur
promise to advertise the dhange at
each place and we are told that both
were fine dinners.
There was good hash and fine meat
at Jalapa on Tuesday and a larg*
crowd present
We managed to go to two places on
Thursday. We told Caldwell Ruff
and Henry Counts that we co<uld not
corae to Jolly Street for dnner but ii
they would arrange to serve us a
breaLJast we would try to bring four
to eat it. We went and also Ed Brans,
Henry Rikard and Jim Sample and we
had a fine breakfast served by Wr3.
Caldwell Ruff and them brains and
pig feet and chittlings were sure
At noon we drove out to Beth.
Eden to the annual picnic at that
place. The dinner was fine and th/*
hash cooked by Ab Sligh they-say wa*
as good as the best. He knows how
to make hash. There was a good
crowd present iaad we are glad of the
rvnrvnr+nni+v Tiavp RTVAnt". an hour
with these good people.
We wish the superior could get
out on this road and put some clay
with that heavy sand and 'then there
would always be a good road in that
direction. IWte understand that Supervisor
Sample is going to do so i&i
scon as the crops are laid by and t&e
people can give a little cooperation
and that he is going to repair thn
road all the way to Whitmire.
Today the "barbecue will be at
Keitt's grove n most delightful placc
to hold a meeting.
We are sorry that some of our his
family have met with misfortune but
gLad that it . is not serious. j^Tub
Evans has been laid up for a few
days and was not able to get to
Jalapa. Olemson Wilson iput some
wrong medicine in ti3 eye in the
place of eye water and it might have
been serious but he is 1311 rigfat again.
Walter Herbert got young and was
driving a; sprightly young horse
v 1 ich ran off with him and bruised u;
his leg but he has been able to keep
going. The rest of the family, thanV
you, we believe are all right.
As to the finances of the county
there are certain fixed expenses that
have to be met. The county supervisor
cannot avoid them or change th?m ir
he should be extravagant or wast
in the other expenditures then th '.t is
a matter for which he should, account.
But the fact that the county is in
debt is a matter over which he has no
control and about which he is powerless
to act The ^county has been in
debt for many years and the sad. .fact
about it is that it is getting deeper in
every year and will continue to do so
so long as the foolish policy of the
members of the legislature is continued.
(And neinther can the county
supervisor nor the county commission
ers help it So long as the legislative
delegation refuses or fails to make
the levy sufficient to raise the revenue
to run the county the county is
^cing to -be in debt. It is ia very
foolish and unbusinesslike way to do
but it has been going on so long- that
the people should be familiar with; it
by this time.
The expenses necessary to run the
a (* ?** r\ r\ r\ j 4.^
county are acouu $>^o.vuv auu
total income not over $35,000 and of
course th>e county is going to rc-nain
in debt co Iong as that policy prevails.
It is not right to make the people
who do work for the county wait for
the pay end it is not right to bo borrowing
money and make the people
- ' , . . - . - v
nnv irtfprp^t. Pnt it is UT) to the legis
lalive delegation.

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