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fc Caldwell is Recommended for
B*Yacant Lieutenancy in Oljmpia
W?-e ouate. , .. .
? Camp Moore yesterday- ceased to
Hoave more than merely nominal existence,
the five quartermaster ser*
grants .being mustered out of service |
and the officers remaining on duty
kenning -into' Columbia to finish their
work. The' olace ^v&ere nearly 2,700
Bnen lived in tents for almost seven
Hreeks has reverted to its former e?fate
of loneliness ?and quiet.
Quartermaster Sergeants Slicu,
fcibscomb, Salley, Walker and Kohn
B*ere mustered out of the federal serVrice
yesterday and the quarteraaste.
^torps ofR'-er< remaining on d. ty, but
v|io quit the service August 20, cam*
kinto the city. These are <Majs. Glen
ktad Wheeler, Capts. Burdette, Warflfrn
and Withers.
Bcapt J. M. Graham, U 3. V, v.-lio
* * "* * ~ ^
(Kiiec eacirj iuuuiumi, (VU. vuv ?
storing of the troops into federal 1
vice and their departure for the
der, as a representative of the wai
artment, oame to his home in Cotbia
yesterday. He is expecting
ers today for Capt. W. M. Carand
Lieut. Brown, both of whom
ias mustered into service and who
to go to El Paso in the next few
aj. J. Shapter Caldwell, camp iad,nt,
came to Columbia to make
lis accounts, preparatory to bein^
>ved, which will probably occur
ust 20. Col. H. B. Springs has
mmended to Gov. Manning the
intment of Waj. Caldwell to the
at first lieutenancy in the OlymK>mp?any,
now at El Paso.
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Largre Audience Hears Various
Phases of (international Fiirlit
Brought Out.
The St?te.
Bisbopville. Aug. 15.?Unexpected
twists and turns in campaign issues
broke .thick land fast in Bis-iojville
today, which meeting beg?.n the
final ten day lap of the county to
county -four. Cole L. Blease, the first
of the five candidates for governor to
speak, switched much of his attach J
relative to the State Hbspital for the
Insane from Gov. Manning directly to
C: Fred Williams; superintendent of
that Institution. One letter'alleged to
have been written by Dr. Williams
was read, in which funds were asked
or a patient's family that "continued'
purchases of ' icies for a patienc
^ rr Blease char set!
JjLHfo.LI.1. Vf >*' -
that the pa. . ^ already at home I
vhen the letv ^ written. John T.
Duncan interrupted the speaker long
enough to ask if the original letter
was in the possession of the ex-govemor.
Mr. Blease said he could pro-1
di ce it. In his speech Mr. Duncan
charged that it was a fabrication to
f( ol the people and that it was the
sa,me gag tried upon Dr. Babcock,
superintendent of that institution,
di ring the heated campaign of fo t
ytars ago. A telegram, said to have
been sent by Dr. Williams, also was
read by ftfr. Blease. in which instructions
were asked as to the dis
position of the body of a dead patient,
and the request made for sufficient
deposit t? cover cost of transfer of the
corpse. Mr. Blease also read a letter
said to have been issued from
Manning headquarters in Columbia in
* 'hich the charge was made that R. A
Cooper was without an i&sue, that he
v H
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[MORE Charlotte, N? C.
[D. Charleston, W. Va.
r?j^ Charleston, S. C.
[ i- neither for Mr. Blease nor against
him, and that he is only playing second
fiddle to Gov. Manning.
. Mr. Cooper was much incensed
1 1? ~
I c t er tne tetter, pj-riiuuiiiriy iue pvi
;on which the Laurens county candi
d:te interpreted as charging abandonment
of the principles for which he
^-.tood two years ago when, according
:o the letter, he was in concord with
:Lose of the present governor.
. Tlie only reference made to this by
Gov. Manning was that it had bee i
sent out by a friend of his and that
he had not seen the letter. !
Another high light fn today's meetinz
was furnished by Albert S. Fant,,
candidate for railroad commissioner,
who came back to the stand long
alter he had spoken to disclaim the
charges that he was a Bleasite. 'Mr.
Blfase read from an up country paper
the alignment of the candidates. For
the office of railroad commissioner
Mr. Fant's name led all the rest of
alleged Bleasites. "I desire to set myself
right with the democracy of my
" Mr. Fant said, "and I state
here and now that my name is in the
wrong category. I am an anti-Blease
man." The statement by Mr. Pant
drew prolonged applause and many
came forward to commend him fo. |
this statement asjie left the stand.
The meeting today was largely at-]
tended, the crowd being estimated by J
many to be 1,400 or 1,500. Several
hundred of these were said to have
been from adjoining counties, which
wos amply confirmed by the number
of machines from Sumter, Darlington !
and Florence counties.
Concerning the campaign letter IMr.
Cooper said in his attack upon Gor.
j Manning: "The charge iias. been
- * ~T
adroitly made mat I nave duaauvucu
the principles for which. I stood two
years ago. On every stump in this
campaign I have iterated' and reiterated
that I stood exactly v'here I
stood then." That he was not a
Bleasite, Mr. Cooper said, had been
emphasized publicly on different occasions
by Mr. Blease 'and: "I stated
the same thing myse'if at Bamberg in
the presence of Gov. Manning. This
charge is intended to convey the im ?
t oT-n afraid to take a
pression uuai, JL OiU _
definite stand. I want to ask whether
Gov. 'Manning has heretofore understood
my position. If he "has. Wlv
ti is letter? I do not like to be charge I
by insinuation or otherwise, and especially
by a letter which I am also
classed with those who favor bad
government because I dared to offer
myself as a candidate agiiinst Gov.
Manning. This insinuation T resent."
j. r. K.
WTTJ T ? \ kl\fi DIES I
f! llilila.TI
Anderson Wan, Onfe >'oted a*
La rarest Sheriff, Succumbs to
LAnderson, Au.g. 15.?William B.
King, former sheriff of Anderson
county, died here today, -aged 49. He
weighed 436 pounds and was said to
be the largest sheriff an-d largest
member o-f the Woodmen of the
World in the 'United States. He was
a candidate in the present nice for
sheriff after being out of office four
years. Mr. Kin^ stuck a splinter in
sfvmp time ago. necessitating
several operations. Gangrene set in
and this caused his death. The funeral
will be held in this city tomorrow
morning. Mr. King is survived
by is widow and 11 children.
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! Great Structure ' Which Has Been
Reported Washed Away in E?ery
Freshet for Some Years.
Asheville, N". C.Aug. 14.?The Lake
Toxaway dam, weakened by the re-1
cent floods, broke Sunday night, send-j
ing a great wall of "water down the
valley toward western South. Carolina.
No lives thus ??r have been
reported lost, and warnings sent oit
i'rom several cities ere believe! to
have enabled u.cat persons in the!
path of the flood to reach safety.
Whole Dam Collapsed.
| Afiheviilc, N. C., Aug. 14.?A- mesj
sage from the railroad telegraph opj
erator at Toxav/ay describing the
' * j ??4 ap
i brvalt or tne cam, ram <x i3UVV1V/U V4
I the structure r,lx>ut the size of a box
| car gave *vay without warning shortly
after 7 o'clock and that the entire
| structure quickly collapsed under the
| weight of the thousands of tons of
| water.
Warnings Glrea.
(Asheville, N. C., Aug. 14.?Daylight
found the inhabitants of the Keowee
---* T-oii<5va in South Carolina
still awake anxiously awaiting the
crest of the flood waters loosened last
night by the breaking of the great
dam iat Lake Toxaway, N. C. Warnings
of the flood's approach were sent
broadcast through Pickens, Walhalla,
Oconee and Anderson counties, enab-i
ling dwellers in the lowlands to prepare,
to move if necessary.
The collapse of the dam released a
l?ke which covered 550 acres to an
t an average depth of 30 feet, but so
j far as known no lives were 103-t. At
Lake Toxaway village, a noted sumI
trior resort, only minor damage was
reported. A spring seeping the foun- j
dation of the stone and earth struc-j
tur.e is "believed to have caused the
I collapse.
Preparations were made by industrial
plants in South Carolina to combat
the force of the flood. Gangs were
busy strengthening dams and otherwise
preparing for high waters. But
the crest was only two feet whea it
reached Portman Shoals on the Seneca
river near Anderson, S. C.
The known property damage early
today was $50,000?the cost of tine
dam. This, however, will not be
greatly increased when full reports
are in. The crop loss is not heavy.
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tions. I aiso nau yaiuo iu ?
of my iback right side. The trouble
seemed to be in my right kidnej '
and I had pains there all the time.
My feet were tender and sore and I
could hardly walk. I suffered in that
way for about two years, when I got I
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Weeks' Drug Store. The first box j
helped me and several boxes did me
i world of good."
50c, at all dealers. Foster-Milburn
Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
Portfptf. Watts. I
Announcements have -been received j
in Newberry, of the marriage of 'Miss
I&nma Brantlett, of Jacksonville, Fla. !
to Dr. Peryl E. Watts of the Florida
Highland sanitarium located at Mt.
Dora, Fla;Eustis, Fla. Both of tho
young couple are South Carolinians
by birth, Dr. Watts having been
reared in Newberry county. The
Herald and (News ertends to them a
long, happy and prosperous life.
Below is a copy of the announcement:
Mr. and Mrs. Earle Bartlett request
the honor of your prince at the
marriage of their sister, Emma to
Dr. Peryl Elkins Watts at 9:30 o'clock
on the evening of Tuesday, twentyseventh
of June, nineteen-sixteen.
Seminole Hotel Parlor, Jacksonville,
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