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]fk Jerci ail gmi
ttKterecl at tfce Postoffice at NewBnsrgj
5. C., as 2nd uass matter.
JYidayv AugustJL8, 1916.
"We hwre heard less of the State
campaign this suciiucr than for several
sunfcaers^ .The people- do not
seem to be discussing it one way or
the other end we believe that it
means that they are thnking and that
they are coing to. vote from their -otvji
best judgment tiis year rather than
from prejudice or partisanship. And
it Is not 'going to play any important
part in the county races. We want
to see the voter cast his ballot for
the men he thinks test fitted for the
positions XO Yv^uicn xiiey a-spire ramci
than because the -candidate is for tlhis
man or that man who is running for
eome State office.
The daily papers have not iliad
r uch to say about the State campaign
and have had only brief reports of
tie meetings. We have observed
- - - - . * _ 4."U ~
eoiae ?I tne lorecasis Dy soiut;. ui uuc
daily papers, but some of them are so
colored that we kave placed very little
confidence in the value cf the information
which they pretend to
give. Each forecast so colors the report
to suit its side that "we have not
placed much confidence in any of
them. Practically all of them place
Blease in the second race for governor
cither with Manning or Cooper.
"We are frank to admit that we
know practically nothing c.bout it,
"but from reading the Cooper papers
an<J the Manning papers and the
Tllooock no rvevrc R-limminST thfi
W v. -r-i> I w
wlhole up it seems to us that Blease
will be in the second race .with
either [ManLing or Cooper. We saw
Cooper the other day in Columbia?
the only one of the candidates that
we have seen and that was by accident?and
ihe says tbat he is sure to
be in the second ra<Se with either
Blease or Manr*ng and as we see it
either lie or Manning will be in the
second race with Bleach
The Manning papers have commenced
their broadside editorials in
ihis favor "which to our mind means
that they are not so'cocli sure that he
is going to be in the running. We
Slave .been led to sav this much, ibut
you, Mr. Reader, know just as uracil
aibout it as we do and that i3 very
That is a fine piece of road from
Newberry to Jalapa and we are told
it is the same all the way to the Laurens
line at Kinards. This is due
largely to the assistance given the
road by the people -\viho live along the
line in the use of the split log drag.
Mr. Henry Parr has -done a good deal
of this kind of work on the road
from his place to Newberry and
Summer Brothers from Jalapa this
way to Parr place. It is an evidence
of public spirit which is commendable.
This road should be widened,
?A ? nAAliAn +iV\ A
oux as nj&xis go m ull?? eovuivrii ui uj-^
world it is a fine road. This is a portion
of the Piedmont highway and is
used by a great many tourists. fWe
wish very much that we could bring
our .people to see the advantage of
keeping a good road from Little
- Mountain to -Newberry and from there
on to Kinards and also to Whitmire.
These two are very important ioads
and a great many tourists -use them,
and all of them leave some money
"with our people as they pass through
and then it is a great advertisement
for Newberry for these travelers to
go away talking about the good roads
of Newberry.
Our old III has, been vibrating
"beautifully since we h&id iher brought
in from Longsnores. we maae a
trip to Columbia and return and liad
no trouble. It may be that we iiad no
Jonahs on the trip. Our friend P. S.
Tompkins was with us on tihe Columbia
trip and also Mr. B. B. Leitzsey
and Mr. John Oxnor and we made it
in fine time and without any trouble
?I1 I N ? S
i ? **.
We drove her . to Jalapa and got
t>a.ck without any accident, and then
we have made several other trips
without mishap, and we are about ,o
conclude that the workmen at Carolina
Auto company place have had
her Dut in good shape, but we do
not -want to boast too muck as we
have several other trips to take *n
the next ten days ami we are hoping
she will be equal to $he task and con!
tinue to vibrate. The campaign
barbecues will soon be over and ire
are not sorry, though we must a4mit
' i'. lias been a great pleasure to meet
with our friends in the country and
we regret that we have not been able
to get to all the gatherings of the
Once and a while some fellow asks
another who he thinks will be elect
ed governor, but nobody seems to
know or care, for tbat matter?Gaffney
Surely you have not-"been reading th*
Spartanburg Journal or the Columbia
State. They know to a dead certanity,
but then they keep on talking
| so much about it that we are beginI
ning to doubt if even they know any
i more than we do.
Bet you can't tell, right off the tout,
who was elected governor ten years
ago this summer. ^ And yet you were
all worked up over the campaign at
tlie time and thought the state would
go to tie bad if your man wasn't
elected.?Anderson Mail.
Seems to us that/ was one year
when the candidate for governor did
not have any opposition for reelection,
and there was no one particularly
tearing up his shirt over the situation.
Don't you get excited this year. The
1- win o"hncL
people Still i'UiC dliU uucjr " J1? ..
you a thing or two on the 29th.
The Herald and News has placed
blanks in the boxes and will ask the
managers to send us the returns from
the primary just as soon as the count
is finished. You will find an envelope
in there to send the return but
we would be pleased to ihave you
*- Ll ? ? ??1 r\ n fr/vi ?
pnone me resiwi its wujli as jvu &&i.
to a phone. We were busy Wednesday
getting the blanks printed for the use
of the managers in sending the returns.
We drove out the other day to see
"Uncle" Luke 'Sease who has been
confined to the house for several
months. He is apparently well but
- -- J J- vi. 4-V ^
<ne nas aati so-uue uuuuic m uuc ui
his arms. He looks well and is cheerful
and appreciates the company of
i his friends. This Sease family is a
remarkable one. There are still- four
brothers living. Three of then: are
beyond SO years of age and the other
is about 76. Uncle Luke is 81, Mr. D.
E. Sease is 91, Mr. Leonard Sease is
93, and all these live in Newberry. Mr.
Noah Sease who lives near Chapin is
about 76. Tiey are all good sturdy
citizens and good farmers. May they
live many years more.
By virtue of tfc.e power vested in
me by the authority given in a Distress
Warrant issued 'by B. V. Chapman,
Agent for G. C. Roland, vs. L. VT.
Bad2iam for Tent in arrears, I will
" * l;? i- ii? v : ^ ?
Sell, at PUD11-C laUC^lun, to uie JUiguLca
bidder for -cash, on Friday, August
25th, 1916, at the bouse on the 'Northeast
coner of College and Johnstons
streets, in the town of Newberry, S.
C., formerly occupied by L. M. Badham,
at 11 o'clock in the forenoon,
the following goods and chattels, to
1 straw iittee, 1 .straw rockor, 6
center tables, 1 arm chair, 6 leather
bottom chairs, 8 cane bottom chairs,1
round center table, 2 art squares 9x13,
1 arm rocker, 2 boys desks, 1 barrel
of china, 1 box of china, 5 bed ste:.ds
and springs, 1 child's crib, 9 mattresses,
10 large ipillows, 3 bolsters, 2 sir all
pillows, 9 blankets, 10 comforts, 5
wasisfcands, 3 dressers and contents,
1 side board, 1 dining table, 8 -cans
chairs, 2 rockers, 1 hall mirror and
towel rack, 1 china closet, 1 contre
ta.ble, 1 box of knives, forks and
iVi f n"h ATI irtATlirflS. etc.. Cfail
JUio, , ,
dren's hooks, .etc., winter suits and
coats, 10 rugs, hall and stair carpet.
Terms of sale?Highest bidder for
Time of sale?Friday, August 2-5tli,
1916, at 11 o'clock &. m>
- "> J
jfiace of s<ue?-mousje m iwiwwj;,
S. 0., on Northeast corner of Johnstone
and College streets,
Pope L. Buford,
The Young People's missionary
meeting will be held in the church
parlors of Central Methodist cliurch
Sunday afternoin at 4 o'clock.
The civic association will meet at
* jMts. J. Y. McFfcdl's, Monday alternoon
at 5 o'clock.
State of South Carolina.
County of Newberry:
In accordance with the rules of the
Democratic party, a primary election
is hereby called, to be held in
Newberry county on Tuesday, August
the ,29th, 1916, for the following officers:
Governor ....
Lieutenant Governor.
Secretary of State.
Comptroller General.
State Treasurer.
Adjutant and Inspector General.
State Superintendent of Education.
(Attorney General.
Commissioner of Agriculture.
Railroad Commissioner.
Congressman from Third District
Solicitor of Eighth Circuit.
State 'Senator.
Three members of the House o?
Superintendent of Education.
Clerk of the Court.
Probate Judge.
Two County Commissioners.
Magistrates of Respective Townships.
Voting places fixed and Managers
and Clerks as follows:
Township >To. I.
Ward 1?Hiram L. Speers, E. Pink
Bradley, S. S, Cunningham; Clerk, J.
H. Baxter.
ward z?<j. a. Martin, a. u Jtnsnop,
R. H. SWittenberg; Clerk, F. W. Chapman.
Ward 3?C. H. Cannon, F. L. Paysinger,
E. M. Evans, Jr.; Clerk, T. Roy
Mollohon?R. L. Harmon, 'Allen E.
Dyson, D. A. Rivers; Clerk, D. D.
Ward 4?G. E. (McCrary, Jas. R.
Davidson. T. B. Kibler: Clerk, C. F.
Ward 5?Edgar Hiller, D. D. Connelly,
Robert Powell; Clerk, A. .C.
Oakland?Milton F. King, E. T
Rivers, T. E. Smith; Clerk, R. C. Mills.
Johnstone?Joe Coppock, S. B.
Neal, L. A. Tew; Clerk, W. E. Wallace.
Helena?Burr F. Goggans, W. V.
Bledsoe, F. G. Spearman, lerk, W?
F. Wightman.
Hartford?J. P. Summer. W. B. Go rgans,
J. S. Hutchinson; Clerk, J. F.
Township No. 1.
Garmanv?T. W. Folk, J. F. Lomiaick,
Jno. A. Shealy; Clerk, Jno. T.
Mulberry?J. A. Sease, H. M. Wick
er Jim Caldwell: Clerk, T. W. Keitt.
Mt. Bethel?J. A. Brown, Jno. S.
Ruff, Jr., J. C. Baker; Clerk, W. C.
Township No.
Mt. Pleasant?J. E. Ringer, D E.
Berlev, G. F. Smith; Clerk, J. S. J.
Suber, Sr.
Maybinton?Jno. B. McCollum, W.
V. Lyles, David Henderson; Clerk, C.
E. Els on.
Township No. 4.
Long Lane?C. Cromer, H. L. Felker,
S. W. Derrick; Clerk, Chris Folk.
Whitmire?>S. B. Sims, Henry Miller,
J. T. Chandler; Clerk. S. A. Jeter.
Township No. 5.
T,oior>o?"m-v- P!nrm-rvr W. C,. Miller,
JlAAA WW. ? - y - . _
R I N G S Y | tl
JfSsh-tJbr TL ?
J. Ii. Epting: Clerk, i\V. C. Wallace.
Kiiiards?.J. A. Dominiok, ?A*. D. i
Johnson, W. D. Gary; Clerk, S. B.
Township >o. 6.
Reederville?J. A. Davis, J. J.
4hrflm<; A C \fillAr- Clerk. I. M.
Smith, Jr. '
Dominicks?M. Q. Chappell, Thomai
J. Harmon,s James Abrams; Clerk,
Jno. IM. Livingston.
Longshores?R. L. Sterling, J. W.
Wilson, A. R. Dorroh; Clerk, G. H.
| Trinity?J. S. Crouch, E. J. Schrod'
er, Jno. Brehmer; Clerk, H. F. Longshore.
Township So. 7.
Chappells?Leo. Hamilton, W. M.
Cromley, R. Sv Boazman; Clerk, B. M. |
Saluda No 7?T. R. Sanders, Rab
Ham, H. C. Fellers; Clerk, J. S. Werts.
? ? mi _ \r tV- ? ~ !
vaugnnvme?r. xxjuzer, xjiu^as
Work-man, J. G. Coats; Clerk, L. H.
Township >o. S.
Silverstreet?W. P. Blair, Geo. P.
Boulw&re, G. T. Blair; Clerk, 0. W.
Utopia?W. R. S chum pert, W. W.
Herbert, G. C. Blair; Clerk, G. W.
> -
East Riverside?W. L. Bushardt, \v.
P. Paysinger, J. H. Cousin; Clerk, E.
Lee Hayes.
Township >"o. 9.
Prosperity?Robert K. ivVise, Pat
Mitchell, Ernest W. Werts; Clerk, W.
P. Gibson.
Little Mountain?J. K. Derrick, A.
C. Wheeler, V. B. Sease; Clerk, Eugene
St. Lukes?J. P. Hawkins, J. W.
Metts, N. E. Taylor; Clerk, C. S.
O'Ncall?Cole S. Wescinger, Jno. A.
Nichols, Jno. Garrett; Clerk, A. L.
i Monticello?P. W. Connts, Jacob
i Warner, T. L. Dawkns; Clerk, Joe
; Connelly.
| Big Creek?CVIalccmb Boozer, J.i
Bennett Bominick, Chester Butler;
Clerk, Otto Boozer.
Liberty?J. M. Lester, W. S. Boozer.
| J. T. Hunter; Clerk, R. C. Hunter.
Saluda No. 9?D. M. Bedenbaugh, J.
E Wonts, Jacob A. Bowers; Clerk,
L. W. Bedenbaugh.
Township Jfo. 30.
Union?M. L. Strauss, D. W. Buzhardt,
W. Brown Franklin; Clerk, J.
M. Wilson.
Jolly Street?L. C. Troutman, S R.
Metts, 0. S. Richardson; Clerk, T. A.
Central?J. A. Counts, T. Shecly,
T. O. Bundrick; Clerk, WT. S. Wicker.
St. Pauls?J. J. Kibler, J. J. Epting.
Fred Wicker; Clerk, Berley BedenI
Townshio >'o. 11.
Pomaria?Joe Alewine, G. S. Long, I
W. B. Counts; Clerk, W. D. Hatton. j
St. Philips?Hampton Sease, A. E. |
| Lominick, D. E. Halfacre; Clerk, G. H. j
Zion?Thomas Ringer, Thomas Gra-i
ham., George Richardson; Clerk,
j James Eurgle.
j Swilton?T. D. Shealy, R. B. Shealy,
i L. E. Kempson; Clerk, Geo. A.
j Counts.
j Walton?-Wm. H. Folk, L. L. Suher,
j Wm. B. Graham; Clerk, J. D. Crooks.
! Managers will nlease call for the
, w
| Boxes and Tickets on and after the
i 26th instant. Club rolls will be furnished
by the. secretaries of each
Any voter voting at ia precinct not
in the township where he resides
niust vote for the magistrate for the
township in which said voter resides.
Rules ior Managers will be found
pasted in back of each club roll. See
Sections 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 and 10.
??a?mmamtammmtmrnama?i n unrs-ms* .r?
<ew Jewelry!
We have many new degas
tin Jewelry. Green,
- 11
/hite and Yeiiow Gold.
See our line of Bracelet
atche* which wfere once
lought a novelty but now I
;cognized by all women and
ten at various occupations
s a necessity of * everv dav
Jewelers and Opticians
ewberry, - South Carolina
? ? ".IX
Our seccod hand jkjjo department ts crowded to tit limit?kfei peso
Read earefaiiy tbe many usasiaJ bargains in used, wt W#-er
repair eeurtmect.
Judge for yo?rs?M ik milled down prices a! a siriow to jc?
1?$900.00 Steiff Self-Player Piano, dult and polls
2?*450.00 Stieff Upright, dull and polished Ma'
2?$750.00 Shaw Self-i'layer Piano, dull and polij
2?$450.00 Stieff Uprights, dark Mahogany (usee
1?$450.00 Stieff Upright. Oak case (used several
1?$375.?? Shaw Upright, polished Mahogany (u
2?$550.00 Bennet Bretz Self-Player Piano dull 1
3?$300.00 Kohler & Campbell Uptight Pianos, po
2?$300.00 Harvard Upright Pianos, Mahogany a
1? $35o.oo J. & C. Fischer Upright Pianos. Walm
1?$350.00 Mathushek Upright Piano, Mahogany
1?$300.00 Adam Schaaf Upright Piano, Walnut c
j?$450.00 Mason & Hamlin upright Piano, Kbo
1?$450.00 Chickering upright Piano, Ebony ease
1?$3oo Krnest Tonk upright Piano. Walnut ct
1?$450.00 Stieff upright Piano, Ebony case (use<3
I 219 SoUh Tryce Si
Get a Ford then
D. l/?n M/\TAT
Touring Roadst
Detroit. I
Distributor for No 4 Tow
At Your Door Eve
I You Let Him In?
Will Tell \
No. 51?Five-room cot
and conveniently locate
Price only $1,300,v terms
a bargain.
No. 61?Nine-room res
four out buildings, splei
laundry, electric lights ai
No. 65?Ten-room resi
with large lot, elcctric lij
This is one of the best lo
with some improvemei
extra nice home. Price
No. 66?Four-room col
No. 78?Four room hoi
& L. depot, $700.
No. 71?Five-room hou
Mayer Avenue. Price oi
No. 70?Four lots, Jo
No. 7?130 acres lai
Newbtrry, convenient tc
in Trinity neighborhood
No. 65?110 acres lan
Newberry, 2 tenant hous
highway, Splendid pla
would be a good investm
No. 69?270 acres, Nz
40 acres timber and ah
open. Three tenant ho
Jalapa to Clinton.
Wanted: 10 shar
Mill Stock.
I?? c_i_. m Di
FOr iv
Bank Stock.
- Jr A.BL
cs of most r try make taken m exdao? for :!* ioyAu S6ef Rfl
pianos, made almost like oew by experts z cur np-to-dtfe II
of frc ?0 to *K It tkk r-lj -nrli, 1~U? 1*.?
Mahogany (used for dem?ioi})'$7oo.oo
hogany (used slightly) each. .V..... 360.00
>hed Mahogany i(used sev..jra?fcks)J575.oo
I several years) each 250.00
years) .. ?. ?iJ...^225.30
sed 12 months) 250.00
Mahogany (used 10 to \i ?6i.)< eaeh V?.??
lished M hogany ?usedabcrt whili) 200.00 ' 1
ise, (used short while) each 200.00 fl
it caae (used short wbil<j 185.00
case (used short while) 200.00
:ase (used short wh le)... 155.00 W
ny case (used short while).......... 200.00 H
used short while).t 200jn
ise (used short while) ,150.00
I several yoars) .' 195.00 M
L F F H ll
BufcM.t J 8
you can go and I
only $360. ; I
;er $345 f, o.-b. fl
_ '
\ B. O DELL, 1
nship, Whitmire, S. C. 9
? _ -a:M
r fnAplrc I
tyiutno j
iry Day. Won't J
J. A. Burton 1
on How. A
| JM
tage practically new m
d od College Street.
reasonable. This is
idence on Glenn St., Jjfl
idid arrangement for jfl
3d city water. ffl
deuce on Main Street, SB
?hts and city water. m
cations in town and
its would make an
only $3,000. j M
ttage on Nance Street,
jse and lot near C. N. ! 9
se with large lot on M
lly $1,600. J
nes property, prices I
ad six miles from
^ rhnrrh and school. 3 fl
d 2 miles east from
es and baro, on public 1
ice for a home and 1
ent, at the right price ! J
ithan Johnson place, j m
>out four horse farm
uses. On road from j I
es Farmeis Oil J
lares National I

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