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Takes Three Weeks to Finish Voyage
?Completes Trip and Back With
All on Board TtelL
Berlin, Aug. 23.?(by Wireless).? j
The merchant submarine Deutschland
-arrived at the mouth of the Weser on
August 23, according to the Overseas
News agency. The agency says
that the Deutschland arrived on the
afternoon of August 23 and anchored |
before the mouth the river. All on >
Aboard were well.
The Deutschland, a Gerirun supersubmarine,
built for carrying merchandise,
arrived at Baltimore from
Bremen on July 9 with a cargo of
dyestuffs and mails.
Her arrival was "hailed in Germany,
as the beginning of a regular submarine
merchant service between the
ITnited States and Germany which
? - - - j - ^"1?
would. be aoie to aeiy we i>nuau
blockade. It was announced that she
"would be followed shortly by the Bremen,
a sister ship.
The Deutschland left Baltimore on \
tier return journey on August 2 with j
1 a cargo of rubber and metal and
I -rvassed out the Virginia capes on the |
r??-? _
night of August 2.
Death of Mrs. F. E. Mavbln.
The many; friends of Mr. aud (Mrs.
Frank E. 'Maybin iu Newberry and
Union counties "will be pained to'
learn thut 'Mrs.-OIaybin passed a-waj
at their home in Goshen Hill township
^ X'nion county on Monday aftr.rnoon
last zt 7:40 o'clock.
Octavia Evans, daughter of the late
George W. and Margaret Evc.ni was
quarried to Prank E. May bin on i>ecember
16, 1869, in the same house where
she was born and where she spent'
her last earthly hours. The Rev.!
^Hawkins officiated at her marriage.
Mrs. Maybin was 6 years of age
Hast KVTarch, she and Mr. Mayibin being
about the s?ame age. Having married j
at the age of 19 years they traveled !
' happily down life's pathway togethei j
and would soon have reached their i
4S wedding anniversary
Mr. Maybin has many friends who j
will sympatize with him in the los3
- -t 1 '
, of his childhood swesatneart, scnoui
mate, loving wife and faithful life
companion. For a number of years ;
Mr. and Mrs. Maybin resided in the'
St. Phillips community of Newberry
county but returned to their old home J
many years ago to spend the remainder j
of their lives amid the scenes ani!
surroundings where life together was '
-so happily begun in their youth.
Mrs. Maybin was a gentle ano j
~ n * j
V sweet Christian laay, & memuer ui
I ^Rogers Methodist church located not
1 far 'from her home. She had one
brother, Bob Evans, who fell fighting
for the Southland in the battle of
Seven Pines. Two sisters survive:
flfclrs. Sallie Davis of Gainesville.
Florida and t\r<rs. Clarence Jeter of
the community. Besides her hus
toand, five children survive: "Mr. W. I).
i "Mhvbin of Atlanta; Mr. Ben. H. Kay
| Tbin who with his wife and two babies
live in the parental home; Mrs. T. E.
, Wicker of <Newberry and Mrs. C.- M.
King of Atlanta. There are fovr
grandchildren. All the children were
present when the end came.
Mrs. Maybin was buried in the
family burying grounds a short disI
tance from her home Tuesday after
noon at 4 o'clock after services at the
V home. Rev. J. B. FYidy conducts?
" the funeral services.
I Mules and Automobiles.
Mr. B. A. Havird is now running a
garage at his stables. Mr. James
IMilam is in charge of the automobile
work. Mr. Havird will continue to
handle mules. Mr. Milam knows an
automobile like a hook. Mr. Havird
knows a mule. There is not a man
in town or county who can say truthfully
thr?.t both are not good drivers
(respectively of cars and mules and
carefui dealers, flfir. -Milam will reipair
automobiles when needed.
Miss Bessie Bedenbau^h of Newberry
is visiting her sister, Mrs. Jesje
5-churn-pert.?Eatesburg Cor The State.
John Fiser of Whitmire was the
fc'.eet of T,. C. CK^tynell this week.?
Lykesland Cor The State.
Holds Conference With Railway
Executives in Effort to 'Avert
Washington, Aug. 23.?In another
effort to aid the presidents of the
| country's railroads to find some way
j in which to accept an eight hour day
, for their trainmen and avert the
' ? i ? J n^M-trA DwAoMnn* Y\T i Tt: ATl
llirtjitueiieu Citl irvc, XT l c^mtin i? nuvu
| tonight conferred for an hour an.l
a half with. President Hale Holden of
j the Burlington, Daniel JWftllard of the
Baltimore & Ohio and R. S. Lovett of
the Union Pacific.
Neither White House officials no.4
the presidents would discuss the conference.*
It was said on authority,
however, that the three executives
went to the White House to receive ar?
answer to the suggestion they made t :
Mr. Wilson last night that lie gire
them more specific information as to
how the railroads may get additional
revenue necessary to take care of th?
greater payrolls that will come with
the eight hour day.
Earlier in the day President Wilson
discussed the railroad situation at'
length with Senator Xewlands and
Representative Adamson. chairmen of
the two committees of congress in
charee of legislation affecting inter
state commerce. The two chairmen
are said to have agreed that the pres-*
ident's position in the present situation
was right, and to have said that
every effort could-be expected in congress
to put through nny legislation,
which might help solve the difficulty.
Congress Might Act.
One of the means for recouping suggested
by the president to the rail
roads in his public outline of his position
was through an increase ir?.
freight rates. It "vfras pointed out tonight
that the president can not di
rectly ask the interstate commerce
commission to grant increase to the
railroads. Congress, however, mtg't
pass a resolution directing the com
mission, in view of what it considers
'an unprecedented situation, to gran*,
higher rates.
Congress also might pass a resolution
directing the commission to investigate
all matters involved 'j. the
i onrl wholfl
'jjrcseiiu WUUVTCio; uuu vuv
subject of the relations of railroads
and their employes. One result ex
pected from today's conference is an
early. effort to pass the bill introducsl
several months ago to increase the
comission's ^nemibersnip from seven
to nine.
It is become evident that mc,.t
o* the railroads executives have come
to believe that there can be only one
way of preventing a strike and that is
by accepting tlie eight hour day plan.
The chief effort in their own conre'
ences today was to find some scheme
b;. which an eight Hour day may ue
put in operation on all the railroads
at the lesat added expense.
Signs are up for an early fall.
There is no case of infantile paralysis
reported in Newberny county. .
Good rains fell in several sections
of the county Wednesday afternoon,
but passed over the city.
There are some chronic grumblers
i: Newberry; they are never feelin5
well. Such creatures ought to have u
little colony of their own.
iKext Tuesday will tell whether j
Manning or Cooper will be in the seo- \
ond primary with Biease. Some say i
Manning, others Cooper. I
Old Mrs. Stork was in Newberry
this week and left ia little boy at the
j home of Mr. and Mrs. IA-. C. Thomas-1
j son, Jr.
j There were good rains and some
hail and wind on the Wfcitmire side
' of the connty "Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. C. IC. Baker of Kennerlys
cross roads lost a fine $250.00 mule
by lightning Wednesday afternoon.
The speaking Saturday night for
West End will T>e hel-d at Willow
brook park.
Mr. F. 0. Black is a candidate for
county superintendent of education
in Saluda.
"Bubber" Gary, colored, of Pomaria.
was taken to the asylum Wednesday
by Deputy W. S. Melton.
[ Tne junior WOTKers iuibciunai V 'Ji.
I tlie Lutheran church, will meet Sun
Wilson Names Three Members U
Represent United States?Lane,
t*ray ana ,tluh Appvim?iu
1 Washington, Aug. 22.?Secretary
[Lansing announced tonight that tu;
American members of the joint commission
to undertake settlement of
differences between the United States
and Mexico would be Franklin K.
Lane, secretary of interior; Judgt
George Gray of Wilmington, Del., and
Dr. John R. Mott of New York city.
All the commissioners have accept
ed their appointments, the Albican
members were name(i some time age,
and arrangements for their meeting
will be made immediately by Secretarv
Lansing and Eliseo Arredondo, Gen.
Carranza's ambassador designate. "Virtually
the only question to be decidea
i* where the session's shall be held.
The Mexicans are understood to pre.
fer some resort on the 'New Jerse>
Secretary Lane, who vill head the
American group, was the first member
selected. (Associate Justice Brandeis
was President Wilson's secona
choice, but after a conference with
Chief Justice White he decided his
duties would not permit him to serve.
Judge Gray, who is ia, retired federal
circuit judge and a former United
Statffj senator, has had much expe- ,
rience on international bodies and
since 1900 has been a member of the
international permanent court of ar
bitration unaer me iiuigue vuu*cution.
Mr. Mott is general secretary of
the international committee of the 1
Young Men's Christian association and
author of numerous religious works.
He was offered the post of minlstei
to China by President '.WSlson, but declined
The Mexican commissioners are
Luis Cabrera, minister of finance;
Ignacio Bonillas and Albert Pani.
Probably the first problem taken up
by the joint committee will be the I
proposed withdrawal of American
troops from Mexico. As Gen. Funston
has recommended the recall of Gen.
Pershing's expedition, this is expected
t( he agrreed to by the American mem- J
Gen. Carranza appointed bis commissioners
"preferably" to discuss this
question, the negotiation of a protoc >1
ctvering the crossing of the international
border in pursuit of bandits and
investigation of the interests which
mi-^ht be behind the raids into Ameri
can territory."
day afternoon at five o'clock in the
? i
Miss Mary Reigbley and Mr. J.
G. Miller v.ere married at Kinards
Wednesday evening by the Rev. Mr.
The annual reunion ofl the Old
Soldiers of the "Dutch Fork" of
j Lexington and adjoining counties.
1 will be held at Chapin. S. C., on
| September 1, 1916.
I The ladies of West End Baptist
church will'give an ice cream festival
at Willowbrook Park on Saturday
evening, the proceeds to go to the
I church fund.
There will be & crowd at the county
campaign meeting in West End Sa.l.rday
night. The West Enders hokl
a winning hand. and the candidate-.
rTOW it.
Those stagnant little pools of wate:
near the 'other end of the new park' j
on Scott's creek, in the rocks, have > j
. _ .,J
sickly look waiting lor uie i<nun >./|
wash them out. j
There will be no excuse for the j
ladies to sin.g "All dressed up and no (
place to go" Sunday, as there will I
be preaching by the Rev. I. E. Lons j
at the church of the Redeemer on that
A hotel man somewhere in 'North
Carolina wanted to know where Cola
was, as so many people from South
Carolina had registered from Cola.
It. is between Newberry and Charleston.
but Coca Cola is Tight here.
Dressed in a barbaric costume of
many jewels with the extravagant
ty,e imilti-millionaire'j
studio "behind her Myrtle Stedman
makes a wonderfully fascinating
Lots of people think N'ewoerry is
a dead town embalmed hv the rr'i?.-takers.
All the citizens should,
awaken from their slumbers and not!
give the people a. chance to talk
The Hotel Savoy will be reopened
along about the middle of September,
with Mr. G. W. Yonce of Johnston r.s
nrrtnri rvtA- Mr VnnfO i? r Mntf 1 TOOT)
J/A \J y L IVtV* . Alii A. ?s; w MWVW* .
of some experience. He formerly
clerked at the Newberry hotel, where
he made many friends.
In receipt for Dunlap orphanage,
published in the last issue of the A. R.
Presbyterian, are the following
among the items: A. X. Orosson,
Proseperity, S. C., $1.00 for cottage;
bequest of Mrs. Jane A. Long, Newberry,
S. C., $50.00
Mr. W. H. Hancock, of the Mo'.lo
hon mill neighborhood, has sent us a
little sack of chufas of his own raising.
We thank him for the treat and appre- ;
ciate his kind attention. This section :
of country is a great place?anything j
can be raised here, from chufa to ;
LM.yrt.ie steaman is iamea ior er .
beauty and is an ideal type ror
screen work but in none of her screen
successes have her good looks scored
such a triumph as in the latest Paila3
Paramount photodrama "The American
Beauty" coming to the Arcade
theatre 'Monday. August 28.
Who said hard times? Xev, cotton
i; beginning to come in, bringing f /d
prices. Business will pick up, things
will get lively and people well be
happy again and once more. Cheer up,
there is no sense in looking down at
the mouth. The season looks hopeful
even to the man out of & job.
Before the last rose of summer goes
and the cold wind of winter blows,
Ko lotp t/v Twr.Detrate
W X V/ TT l4i L/V ?V \J *MT? V w f v ~ ? ?? ^
the doggerel, this is given in sympathy:
Scratch, scratch, scratch, the
bugs are crawling; don't you feel
them on the way? They're worse than
fleas in gnat time, for they march on
nigt and day. .Meaning chiggers.
Clarence Moon prosecuted Daa
Lever for assult tand battery. The
triali toook place in Magistrate
Player's office Thursday moving:
Lever was found guilty and the
magistrate sentenced him to $20 or 30
days. An "appeal was taken through
Attorney H. H. Ble.ase. 1M0011 and
Lever are colored citizens of the
Two new bales of cotton came in
this week, both being bought by IMr.
Robert McC. Holmes the first for himself
the second for the Oakland mills.
The first bale was from 'Mr. H. T.
Carlisle Tuesday and weighed 547
pounds, bringing 14 1-4 cents; thu
second from Mr. A. P. Werts Wednesday
weighed 460 pounds, and brought
14 cents.
Today the annual reunion of Company
G. of the old 13th regiment. wlL
be held at Young's Grove, near Pros-cL'.hpn
two addresses are to be
delivered "by speakers chosen by the
^ illiam Lester chapter, U. D. .?one
by Mr. A. H. Dagnall, of Anderson,
?r.d one by Mr. J. Puller Lyon, of
Columbia. There will be -a barbecue
dinner. !
Marguerite 'Clarke in ''Gretna
<3reen," one of the most beautiful
photodramas ever produced b\i the
Paramount will be seen at th:!
Arcade Wednesday, August 30. I
Playing three different parts m!
"The American Beauty" the Pallas
T-. at Amadp thea
t ?ii a.muui.n. piiuiujjiui -v>. ...
tre Monday. Aug 28,the strenuous
tesk performed by "beautiful Myrtl2
J.tedman, the star.
"Minnie," the faithful buggy b.orse
Velonging to IVrs. E. M. Evans for
the past twenty years, died of old age
on the farm Wednesday. There are
^r.her creatures besides human bemgv.
that are missed when they pass away, j
amon^ them those dumb' animals J
* ?-1- rt-omara I
between wnom cum uicu ?
there has been great attachment..
"Minnie" was one that received kind J
treatment and showed appreciation.
Dr. W. G. Houseal gaVe the mother
of the sick girl a certificate to show
that the disease was not; infantile
paralysis, when they were in franathe
country Tuesday and wanted to go
to the rest room. There has been *
good deal said of this-. Dr. HoUseal
says he has seen such eases. The Con-:
dition of the child is the result of b.
fever. A great to do "was imde abemt I
was no necessity for
the scare. j
Notice to Managers o
And th
A ]} boxes and
election next Tue
sent and 'phoned
letin board will
his office at the c
Mr. Hunter will
open to a late i
State returns u
there also.
All candidates
pense accounts u
of Court not l^t
day afternoon, A
Money an<
If it is money you wish t
If it is service you wish, pi
one or bothl In August 1!
following notice:
With the facilities offerei
eral Seseive System, we ar
every farmer in Newberry
to prevent a sacrifice of his
If the price of cotton contii
production, we feel sure th
will voluntarily throw his ci
this idea in view, we have
assist you. If you wish to
services, confer with some
bank at your convenience.
How well we carried ou
farriers themselves to sa
N are now in a better po:
render the farmers an evei
Come in and talk with u
The Natio
Of Newberry, Newbe
, ,
I '
Come mo
school books
j supplies.
| Don't w.
i rush.
The House of a T!
?i ?i
e Interested Public:
returns of the
isday are to be
to Frank R.
:n, and the bub |
ve ui / rum, u/
)1d court house,
keep his office
hour Tuesday
rill be displayed
must file exnth
the Clerk
ay thnn Mnn
V* 1 V .
ugust 28. Adv
I Service
o borrow, we hive it.
i- __ _ _i_:?
ease us oy astung j ux
915 we published the
d us through the Fede
now prepared to loan
County enough money
lues below the cost of
at no intelligent farmer
op on the market. With
prepared ourselves to
1 /% /%
avail yoursell ot our
! of the officers of our
it the above is for the
in full operation we
sition than in 1915 to
l greater service.
in i
nal Bank
. . , t
rry, South Carolina
w for your
and school
ait for the
IVariejy Store
honsand Things.

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