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H^e ||enil& anB jm
Watered at the Postoffice at Newfetfy,
S. C., as 2nd ua>s matter.
W?. ??
Friday, August 25, 1916.
_ * '
The and News has made
an arrangement with the Western
Union telegraph operator at Newberry
to take the bulletins of the election
next Tuesday and these will be dis
played from the bulletin board at the
eld court house. The Herald and
Kews will not have a bulletin board
at the office but will cooperate with
the county chairman in displaying
the returns of the county and State
election. We will give the news out
just as fast as it is received. We will
thank our friends to send] us b.v
phone or otherwise any returns that
tho-ir mA.v have iust as fast as th i
managers can count the ballots.
Pay no attenton to eleventh hour
campaign lies. If any mi:m had anything
to say about a candidate there
* lias been plenty of time for him to
Itave said it so that it might have
been explained. We have toad a very
peasant and happy campaign of the
county a^d if there is anything any
one had to bring agamst a cauuiua.us
there has been plenty of time in
which to do it. and if it should be
started no~ yiou may put it down
that there is something wrong about
it. The people have not talked much
"wfckSh to our mind means that they
are thinking and are going to cast
their ballots as they please and as
they think for the best of the public
service and the most efficient service.1
And it is well. ;
? nlBBirM
The various candidates have sp<>.
<iial cards in this issue of The Herald 1
ta^n-d News and we invite the voter to j
reafl they Jiave -to say. j
;$$jS6 Brooks Jones of Edgefield is
TjfHing 'Miss Maiigiierita Matthews, j
Of the pre
quarters of So
successful com
and Manning
John G. Clinkscales:
Dr. Jno. G. Clink-scales, foj
candidate for Governor ot S
Carolina and professor at Wol
College, saiys:
"My regular summer work
Wofford College in particular,
in cron Dro 1 'no a fl
IiVJ. ^uuv/abivja xi* m
me over many counties, and I
quite sure, after watching Clc
the trend of things, tfyvt Gove
Manning will succeed fcimcelf.
my judgment the Governor is g
ing ground every d:vy.~ The ~c
manly, straight way in whict
has met his opponents and
persistent fight a}l tor g
clean government are gripping
attention of the people as the i
tion day approaches.
I,Man, .good men. who would
sonally prefer one Q?-tfce other
didaies are beginning to fee
does Dr. HcMCain; that to vot
this time for' <any other woul<
evidence of a failure to <appre<
an honest effort on the part ol
chief executive to give .South C
lina clean government.
"I am glad to find, too, -that
p&ople will allow no more elen
tion, such .is we had two years
'Every tub mu3t stand on its
bottom,' they say:
''Governor Manning has hat
easy taslv. His has not been a
of roses. In discharging his
he has necessarily offended r
-- 1 - M'A n 1/% 1>A nvnoi
reOUIC. liliilL w as
Ke has doue well, and I believ*
people will give him a second i
as governor, qs he deserves."
"The public evil is endi
tie public good is begni
Governor Manning's openi
speech at Spartanburg.
fl And shall tlxe public good not
costumed by his re-election?
1 Vote
Be&ths This We^fc.
"Lewis, .a-ge three years, son of Mr.
'and Mrs. Edward Werts of Silverstreet,
died of dysentery early Tuesrsv-r,
l'tirr or\^ irou Vwiirio/1 TllP^flflV I
V1CUV i?l\J? ximg} a.kxsu n uo i/ui *
afternoon at 4 o'clock at the Lutheran
church graveyard, Silverstreet, service
by the Rev. W. R. Bouknight.
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. W.
E Golden, of the Mollohon mill village.
died Wednesday night and was
buried Thursday afternoon at 5:30 at
Rosemont cemctery; service by th4
I Rev. Gobe Smith..
! Mrs. A. D. Johnson, after a lingering
illness, died at her home in the Rich
Hill section of the county on Thursday
morning at 4 o'clock and will bs ,
buried at Sharon churchyard, Kinard},
this morning at ll o'clock. The service
will be conducted by Rev. 'Murray. Sbj
was 48 years old.
Mrs. H. N. Greneker of Edgefield is
Visjtiiig ic;au?ca in .^cn vtuj.
Mrs. Charles Watson of Rome. Ga,
is on ia visit to her sister, Mrs. W. E.
Pelham, Sr.. and other relatives here.
! Mrs. Wise of Prosperity is visiting
I her sister. Mrs. E. :C Ridge!l.?Batosj
L i rg Cor The State.
' S. F. Mills and daughter, Agnes, of .
near Prosperity spent Friday night
with his sister. Mrs. Hattie Clamp.
iMrs. W. J. Ruff and children of
j Pcmaria arc visiting her parents. Mr.
I and Mrs. J. J. Sligh, in the city.
Miss Margherita Matthews return|
ed yesterday from visiting friends ir.
! Edgeneid. J.
A. Hare and daughters, Anna and
Imo, spent last Tuesday and Wednes,
cbiy with relatives and* friends at
i Newberry.
I Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Smith and
: family of (Newberry spent Saturday
! and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
I Sne'lgrove.
Dudley Langford and Burr Stock
man of Prosperity were in this com!
munity Friday land Saturday.?Plea*|
ant Grove Cor Saluda Standard.
I Mr.'Cousins of Newberry came down
('Sunday afternoon to take a fe "
['friends out riding in his Oakland 6.?
iChapin Cor SaluSa Standard.
1 Mrs. Jas. M. Suber of Columbia.
and her sister, Miss IMlattie Sanaers
'tare visiting friends and relatives in
Mr. Joshua Craig, one of the most
prominent and leading citizens of
Laurens county, wag in Newberry 1
this week.
1 J Vltrs. B. B. Schum'pert of Prosper it.*
>gressive administrc
uth Carolina. The
tinuation of the gre
are synonymous!
?1 The Piedmont
T&omas F. JMcDow, a procninei
aft/vrnav nf York says:
mor ? -?'
In "l ftra sirp^orting Governor Mai
rain- jiijig for re-?loct4on:
L he "Bocauae fce i?. a xn^n of ahilit;
his purity of ohar^ter and a patrfc
;oo&, -vyjjo j^3 devoted to tfce fcieat interest
5kr- 0f/S:>W^1
"Bgagjpso ^ Ms been siroo
per- enough to advopate ?e&Bures in ih
J^11" interee*. of the passes of the pe<
1 as <
e at ?lc against tfee powerful protest <
i be former friends of. wealth, powe
^iate mKj influence.
! the
,ar0_ "Because on ail occasions an
everywhere "be has oonducted mn
the self so as to reflect credit upon tfc
lin i- tagh office to which the people (
ajo. .South -Carolina &ave -elected hin
"Because during his administrc
j n0 lion there ifcas been no unseeml
bed quarrel between the Governor an
d t tho Genecra.1 Assembly and th
'J Governor and the Judiciary. H
{ has received the respect of ever
* department of government and ha
Lerm treat6** ^ Other departments <
government yith that respect an
courtesy to "which they are er
""71 titled from the Executive.
6u | 44BeoaVU5?? ^ m>* opinion, he na
I made one of the best governors th
" a+rtt-ry liao 1R7fi flTld O
his merits and by established cue
D? tojjj jje is entitkfl to a second tern
"?V>r these reasons I am snj
be J?rtms Governor Manning, noi
Withstanding the fact that persor
ally I have the highest respect, an
? regard for Mt. Cooper."
r nil..
ror mgj
is visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. A i
runt. She accompanied Miss Willie
Mae Wise and Pat Wise.?Saluda Cor
Vne State.
Mrs. IML M. Addison and little son
Dewey and Mrs. D. D. Darby and chil
dren of Newberry are spending some j
time with Mr. A. N. Sease's family.? J
Chapin Cor Saluda Standard.
I.Y'iiss Grace Burgle, daughter of
iMr. J. J. Eargle, has returned from
a visit to friends and relatives in and
around Chapin and White Rock. Her
grandmother, Mrs. lAmanda Cumalander,
of Chapin, came home with her.
Mrs..James H. Fowles, who. has
been-spending about two months with
her mother-in-law, Mrs. J. Newton
Fowles, on Henderson street, is again
at her own home on Senate street and
has with her for a visit of two w*eks
MiQ? Frances Fowles while Mr3.
Fowles, Sr., is in Newberry.?Th&
R. E. Allen, who is spending the
summer with his mother, l\Srs. Henry
Allen on Perry Avenue, has as his
guest Rev. E. D. Kerr of Columbia.
Rev. Mr. Kerr, who is a member of
the faculty of the Theological Seminary
in Columbia and pastor of the
Presbyterian Church in Newberry, Tits !
a number of friends in the city who
are delighted to see him.?Greenville j
There will be preaching at tlie I
Lutheran Church of the Redeemer!
Sunday morning, the service to be
conducted by the* Rev. I. E. Long, beginning
at 11:15 o'clock. The many1
friends of this minister will be giac: '
to have the opportunity of hearing
him again, and the members of tha
congregation will be pleased that''
their church will be open that morning.
No doubt there will be a large
/ AnffVoorotiATl nrocont
WU5^ vwvuvt | ,
The ques^jon of the day as whis- j
pered along Broadway is "What Hap-1 j
pened at 22?" It is a mystery tfat|
has baffled everyone who has at- i
tempted to solve it. Paul Wilstach, i
the noted Broadway playright, has
woven an elegant plot around the incident,
and the Frohman Amusement
company, under the direction of
George Irving, filmed it in five parts
for release on the World. Film program,
with Prances Nelson and Ar
thur Ashley in the principal roles.
"What Happened at 22" "Will be revealed
on the screen at the Opera
Hoijse Tuesday.
ition of Governor J
. ,1
;y represent cne coi
'.at work so well I
in FOR coo
Mr Vnfpr. it is un to vrni. Th<
it You know where Manning stands.
l" highways are now safe to travel
peril, and your homes are protect-*
p '
.the law throughout South Carolim
has upheld the sanctity of the la^
Light has been shed and crimin<a
g throughout the State and retrogre
ie foothillg of the Blue Ridge to the e
1 *Mr. D&vid R. Coker, of Hartsvi
men and farmers of South Carolina
a. "After talking with many repres
t_ days, I am convinced that R. I. I.V
y Darlington County in the first prii
d total vote. Many who voted for
!e feel that they ought to show their z
istration and their gratitude to h
s and business-like course as govern
>i I "tMr. Manning not vmy pi-vuuov
^ track gambling and general lawlei
ability to do so. He not only depL
and the contempt for law formerl
' he can enforce the law and coanm
n expressed his sympathy for the u
!- ganized the institution for their cai
1* best of its kind. His adminstrati
>- and clean. He deserves to be our r
L" I Darlington and the Pee I>ee 3ecti<
a I him"
"Ping ai
s ' v
I To any one
I The C
I Of
Splendid Brad^ Feature to
be presented
Tuesday, Aug. 29
World Film Corporation
Opera House
With Frances Nelson and j
Arthur Ashley in the
Leading Role?.
Clean, Wholesome, Inter- i
eating, with enough
thrills to satisfy.
Manning constant1
nposite thought of
tegun during his
e issue has been squarely drawn. I
;D ON ALL SIDES. The public ?
I;, your persons are freed from
k5, -for-there is a vast respect for ^
i. "There's a reason." Manning g
ft and the decrees of the courts. ?
' -h
.Is court the dark. Progress is s
ssion Checked. And from the h
seatoard the cry wells up: I
H ft
He, one of the leading business 0
says: is
entative men during the rust ten e:
ianning will get a big vote from
nary?possibly a majority of the ^
other candidates two years ago ^
ipproval of Mr. Manning's admin- u
im for his progressive, humane. n:
d to check blind tigersism, '"ace
ssness, but has demonstrated his ^
ored the lack of law enforcement tl
y prevalent, but has shown that
and respect for it. He not only
nfortunate insane, but has reor*e
and placed it on a par with the ^
on has been efficient, economcal
Lext governor and I feel sure that tl
an will do their part to re-elect 113
11,11 " mmmmmmmn V T<
id Goo(
i ToIza
; ioac
Ve Want
N M(
s on Approv<
II or Write
uiiiiiici tia
: Newberry, S
To the Voters of P
I am a candidate
thorough training,
berry College in 11
ate work at the Ui
and of South Caro
Vote for the ma
ble to all the peopi
Vote for the ma
second race.
Vote for the ma
office. A candid:
.claim than that o
making an unfair <
I promise, if elec
time to the duties <
| J. MOO
y are coming to h
: the State and h
present term. (
The rAa&f
Jk ilV WMW?i
R. Goodwin Rhett of Charleston,
resident of Chamber of Comlerce
of United States, says:
"I am glad to ray that irovernor
lanning ought to be extremely
ratified at the splendid reception
iven him here and is to be conratulated
upon the fine address
e made. I think the people of the
late realize that he has fulfilled
is promise's to an unusual degree
1 1 therefore those "who voted for
im two years ago because of these
romises ought to be?and I beve
with few exceptions are?
nmensely gratified and will use
very effort to see that his work is
ld^sed a .d acknowledge^/ and
hat he be given an opportunity
f doing still more for the people
f the Sti.;te. I think each day he
; growing stronger in the regard,
steem and affection or tne puonc."
Mr. Rhett is c-e of the best
Down businesr men in South Carlina.
In addition to his other
Dnnections he is President of the
nited States Chamber of Comterce.
Mr. Rhett has traveled exmsively
over the State and the
bove statement from him is sigificant
and indicates the great
:rength of Governor Manning with
le people.
D. A. Geer, a large farmer and
ierchant of Belton, says:
"Being in intimate touch, with
le political situation in the Piedlont,
I firmly believe that Govrnor
Manning's strength in this
action of the State is growing daily
sgardteas of wild claims to the
d Gove
Notice! I
to f
/nc i I
;d Collateral. I
Us. I
1 Bank, 1
dewberry County: , >_
i for Auditor. I have
I graduated at New908;
I have done graduaiversities
of Tennessee
n who will be accepia- <
n who can win in the
? V
I '
n best equipped for the
ite making any other
if fitness for office is
:ted, to devote my entire
af the office.
im from the four
oretell for him a (
j ood government I
contrary. At no time has his chance
for re-election been brighter.
Sihould he not be nominated in the B
first primary over all bis compet- 5
iters, I am satisfied that he will re, 1
peat his splendid victory of two
years ago when he defeated Mr.
Richards, by an overwhelming ma
junior HI uie Heuouu primary, oo |
far as my own county, Anderson, is "
concerned, I believe he will run a
strong second in the. first jarimafy. , > The
otfiter Piedmont counties will , |
give him a surprisingly large vote, i
and I am satisfied that those per- '
sons now claiming that Governor
Manning is weak in the Piedmont
will be gTeatly surprised at -his ;
strength when the vote is counted. ,
Why -shouldn't he run strong ?in .
the Piedmont? He has certainly ,
proven himself worthy.
"Governor IManning's hard but
unceasing fight for law and order I
and his s-uocess in restoring confi- B
dence in the forces making for [ 1
civic righteousness in $outh Carolina.
his earnest advocacy of social
and industrial justice, his success- I
ful efforts for better educational
facilities for the white 'boys and
girls of uhe State, the economic
measures passed under his administration
for improving the conditions
surrounding our rural popu- 1
lation, and the reorganization of j
the State Hospital for the Insane,
with its modern, improved methods
of treatment for the unfortunate j
inmates and the large saving Id
dollars and ceits as a result of the ,
economies practiced there fey the
new administration, have caused
me to give my undivided support < > 1
to Governor Manning. I believe
that the majority of the people of .
South Carolina agree with me that
his progressive administration 1
should be continued so that the
great work that he has so well begun
for Jaw, order, education, and
humanity sJiall be carried iorwanl
by him to a successful conclusion."

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