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?fce Movements of aany People, Jiewberrians,
and Those Who Visit
Mrs. H. D. Adams is visiting in
Miss Maude Abrams is visiting in J
^Cross Hill. ,
Dr. W. G. Mayes is spending his
^vacation at Glentf Springs.
Dr. and Mrs. P. E. Way motored to
? X*
. Columbia Tuesday.
' Mr. Lisle Solee* of Bate3burg spent
?. v several days in the city this weeK.
- ZVJiss Gladys happell is visiting
<. friendiT in Edgefield.
*> fMiss^Josie Reid has returned from
' -a'vigi; at Chappells.
t Dr. "J. H. Harms has returned from
v ~^Ohiq?
* v Mts. Jno. A. Lindsav left Y/ednos
Vw '
i viay^to visit her sons in Atlanta,
b y
' / Mr. J. I. Blalock has returned :ron
Annip Mann is in Snartanburg
v visiting her sister, Mrs. Harry Pric*. |
^ * >Mr. B. B. Leitzsey left for Bamberg j
"Ti ?#ay and returned yesterday.
Walter Lindsay is visiting his!
brothers in Atlanta,
i ^ I
I Mr. Homer Mayer spent Tuesday:
iight with Messrs 0. E. Bass and E. E.;
L >
^ Herlong.
'Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Garrett have returned
from a visit of two weeks to
the mountains.
Mrs. H. M. Bryson and daughter,'
? ? ? --L J e ? r. t '
Dorothy, fiavs rsiurneu nuiji <x uou t
tc Mullins.
Dr. and Mrs. > Jesse Wilson and
baby of Spartanburg are the guests
of Mrs- Edward Hipp.
Messrs Owen Holmes and E. E.
Stuck left Saturday for HendersonTille
(and Glonn Springs.
hisses Elixabeth and Aleine Deavei
of Carlisle are the guests of Mis*
iMyrtle Suber.
? . ' iMIrs. Henderson Wtarren and 'Misi
^Mildred Evans left Wednesday for
-Glenn Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. West left yester<Sav
for Black ^fountain to spend %
month at that resort
3Cr. Richard Floyd left for New
"Serk Wednesday and for other nortn.
em points.
li'tlss; Nell Bowman of Newberry, has
en visiting friends on Calhoun
street.?Charleston Post.
Mrs. Paul Anderson of NeWberr/
"was a visitor in the city yesterday.?
-Spartanburg Journal.
aiiss Josie Hutchinson has returned
iome after a month's visit in Evans
and Augusta, Ga.
Sir. Caldwell Turnipseed. of Mcintosh,
Fla., is in Newberry visiting
Iiis cousin, Mrs J. H. Hunter.
Mrs. H. O. Fellers and children ro
turned this week from a visit to Mro.
JR. oC. Xeel at Silversfcreet.
CoL C. J. Purcell and Mr. Fred
Doninick, of 'Newberry spent a lew
hours in Union last Thursday.?Unio *
Mr. and I.VSrs. Grady Yonce
3tfr. Homer Mayer of Johnston spent
several days of this week in Newberry.
?*? r?f Vpwhprrv
mm ?i. Auu^i ovaa v*. w. ?
and IVir. and Mrs. Robert Smith, of
Kinards :are spending awhile at Glenn
Mr. T. E. Hipp has returned to bis
liome in Newberry, after a visit to his
sister, Mrs. Jesse Willson, on Converse
Heights.?Spartanburg Herald.
Mrs. J. B. Amick and daughter,
Annie, left Wednesday for Columbia
and Lexington, where they will visit
Telatives and friends.
Mr. Hugh Epting was among the
guests who attended a reception at
the borne of Miss Marie Vowell in
fWTaverley on last Friday evening.
IViiisses Lelia and Lizzie Miller- of
oro thf? .quests of Mr. and
Ji uuiai ia ui v 0
3frs. R. >A; Counts in Clover.?York
Mrs. Herman Cromer and daughter,
little Miss Mildred, have returned to
their home in Greenville after visiting
relatives in Xewberry.
(Magistrate L. M. Player v.-ent *.u
Creenville Monday to visit "his sistei,
IVIrs. R. T. Johnson, returning homo
Monday night.
H. L. Fellows. of Prosperity. wa??
~ " ? A 11. ^
in the city last night, a guest ax me
Cresham hotel.?The Spartanburg
JMr. H. G. Crandall, Linotype operator
for The Herald and News, spent
tche "week-end in Columbia with His
parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Crandall
-on ISO Assembly street.
Mr. J. Calhoun Harmon, iafter
spending 2iis vacation with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Harmon
-of Leesville, R. F. D., has returned
to Newberry.
Miss Minnie C. Gist of Newberry,
after spending several days with Mis
"Eloise Beaty and Mrs. A. H. Fo?* I
has returned to Newberry.?L
Mir. and Mrs. Arthur Kfbler a.nt
daughter, little Miss Florence, have returned
f^om Atlanta, where *hey visit
ed Mrs. Kfbler's Grottier, Mr. DeWitt
Salter and his wife.
Mr. H. R. Paysinger left iT?Vtednc^
(lay for New York to visit his unci?,
Mr. Hayne Boozer, who is a merchant
in that city; iMr. Paysinger will be
gene about a week.
Prof. Robert Porter is aty Paris
Mountain doing private teaching while
awaiting the reopening of the Bailey
Military institute at Greenwood, when
lit will take his position on the faculty
of that institution.
Messrs. . J. Purcell, P. E. Scott, J.
"fraz Senn, J. R. Davidson,* Julius R.
Eiscn and R. C. Boylston went by
auto Tuesday to the campaign meetx
ing in Union. They got back all right
Tuesday night.
Messrs 0. E. Bass and E. E. Herlong,
the "Wtear Ever" hoys, spent Saturday
and Sunday at Johnston at the
home of Mr. Herlong. They made the
trip in auto, going by Saluda. They
also included Trenton in their tour.
Mr. Stanmore Langford has returneo
to his home in Xewberrv to live in
his old town again. He is in charge
of the sub-station of the Southern
Pcwer company. Mr. William Wendt
went to Union to relieve Mr. Langfora
at that place.
Owing to the absence from the city
o.- Dr. F. D. Mower, Health Officer
Jno. C. Adams was unable to attend
the meeting of health officers in
Charleston. Mr. Adams was scheduler
to take part in the proceedings but
conditions here 'kept him at home.
Rev. J. W. Carson of Newberry, 3.
C.. is holding a meeting for Rev. o
O. Davis at Ebenezer. Miss. Brother
Cc rson was at one time pastor of this
o ngregation and they have madt
preparations for his coming with
special pleasure.?A. R. Presbyterian
Mr. Robert D. Weight returned
Tuesday with his family from "Washington,
D. C. >Mrs. Wright, Miss
Troxelle and little Downes had spent
some time in that city with Mr-:.
Wright's brother Mr. Williams Welch
They had a most delightful visit
si^ht-seeing there and in other places.
Downes interested many people with
romarlrQ nriA "urnva
Mrs. J. B. Haigler and her winsome
little daughter Miss Helen, left yes
terday for their borne at Rincon, Ga.,
near Savannah, after a .pleasant visit
t^ i'.V'ts. Haigler's mother, Mrs.
Rosannah Havird, and other relatives
in iNewberry. Mrs. Haigler's husband,
the Rev. Mr. Haigler, who is pleasantly
remembered here, is pastor of the
historic old Ebenezer Lutheran church
ar. mncon.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Hutchinson entertained
a large number of their
friends on last Tuesday at their home
in Evans, Ga., with a delightful barbecue
given in honor of their guests.
Mrs. G. F. Davis of Ellenton, S. C., and
Misses Josie and race 'Hutchinson of
Newberry, S. C. !>'tusic was the prln..
cipal feature cf the afternoon and
the occasion was very much enjoyed
* J. 14 X ^ TT t
dv an present.?^.ugusu* neraiu.
Dr. J. B. Setzler has returned from
hi? camping trip to the mountain-?
vith the followng young men: -Messro
Pope and Ferd Scurry, Oscar and
C.iibcrt Summer, John Floyd, Forrost
Crotwell, Strother Paysinger, of the
city, and Carlton and Clifton Colemaii
and "Snow'* the <xte>k, of Cfrappells.
They had the finest of times and look
veil after their enjoyable and "beneficial
outing. Their many friends arc*
glad to see them back.
FOR SALE?One Indian Motorcycle,
one Overland Roadster, and twenty
gon.ts. For further information
cJi at Newfcerry Coca Cola BotUc
Co. 8-25-2L
FOR SALE?Hogs and pigs. Apply to
W. L. Bushardt, Newberry, Phone
4502. 8-25-tf.
MONEY FOUND?On Main street.
Owner may have same by describing
it and. paying for this ad. . {
O. Iceland Summer.
L -J-'u. j
WAITED?Men who desire to earn!
over $125.00 per month write us to-j
day for position as salesman; every I
opportunity for ;advancement.1
Central Petroleum Co., Cleveland,
Ohio. 8-25-lt. j
NEW GARAGE?Have opened Auto
mobile Repair Shop at my Stables.
James Milam, expert workman, in
charge of repair part All work
guaranteed. Will continue Mule
business at same place. B. A. Havird.
BARBECUE?There will "be a barbecue
at Wheeland achoolhou-se Sat
J -? 1 ? f? tiki. >VAhAAl
[ 'iraay, oepitumwr iui UQ W?CU>
of the achool. All candidates are
.nvited to come and speak. An invitation
is also extended County
Superintendent of Education to attend
and speak. D. C. Boland. 1
_ i
Miss Mary Fran-ceo Pool, Mrs. Pool
and Mr. Robert Pool are here trorn
Newberry spending some time with
Mrs. L. White. The hosts of
friends of Miss Poo! are d^^hted to
have her oome back.?Abbeville
Press and Banner.
(Political Advertisement.)
The County Campaign of 1916 is
I nearing its close, and to the people
j of Newberry county I beg to say
j that, as has always been my policy,
I have conducted my race for county
auditor on a high, plane, and in a fair,
honorable and clean manner toward j
an tnree 01 my eompeuiurs who are
honorable men. I have made the race
upon my own initiative :nnd not as
the candidate of any man or any set
?f men. If I am elected I shall be
auditor, not alone of those who voted
for me. but of the whole people of
Newberry county. I am free to admi<;
that I have not been faultless durlns
n:y private nor officii 1 life. None of
us- are perfect, and though I have haa
my faults and misgivings, I assure
you my heart has always been in the
right place. I have sometimes thought
that it was ,a little bigger than it
really ought to be. I have been nagged,
roughed, cuffed and cussed; have
been the victim of many false ruinw a
and reports; I have been given cicu..
for many personal and official acts
tin-it were not justly put to my account;
have been blamed for numerous
things that rightly belonged to others,
but, though I have gone through s.
very trying ordeal, I have borne r.
all with patience and as a man. The|
r.ain accusations against me was m> ]
indulgence in strong drink. It is
true I did participate in this evil to?v
much?anyone does who takes ia drink
at all. I have seen the error of this
b< setting evil and have gone througn1
a thorough treatment for an laibsolute
ci re of the habit. I have taken as miy
motto "Touch not, handle not, taste
not," and for the past six months T
have lived squarely up to this motto
in every particular, and I am undei
solemn obligation and promise to mysclf,
elected or not elected, to live a
(Strictly- saber and honorable life
throughout my entire future. God
helping me this promise to myself
shall and will never be broken.
I have made official records in this
county of which I am proud and there
is no man who can question or deny
my ability and qualifications to discharge
the duties of the office I seek.
I beg to submit the following as to
my fitness:
Mr. Eugene S. Werts.
Newberry. -S. C.
Dear Sir:
I beg to say that the books ana re<
cc.rds of the Auditor's office in Newberry,
and the records on file in the
Comptroller's office, are the best evidence
of your efficiency land fidelity
with which you have served the P?o.
pie. These records are open to public
I will further state that taxing into
consideration the time you ha
'served as County Auditor, I consldei
you one of the most efficient County
Auditors in the State. Your services
and experience merit the support of
the good people of Newberry county
who believe in the efficiency of publi
c-f rvants.
Yours truly,
A. W. Jones.
Comptroller General
Before casting your ballot on the'
29th. inst. I ask you to consider my
experience, ability and fitness to serve
you as auditor. It is absolutely cer-'
tain that you are going to have a ne^
treasurer, and as the auditor's an 1
treasurer's offices are so closely identified
with each other it behooves you;
to elect the nuan who is thoroughly
trained, experienced and entirely j
familiar with all the duties and de
tails of both offices.
If you select me as your auditor 11
pledge you on the honor of a man tnai i
I will serve you faithfully, honoraDl>
and efficiently. I shall devote my entire
time iand personal attention 11
the administration .of the affairs pertaining
to the office. I shall he absi|
lutely sober at all times, and assure
j you of the same courteous, polite and
i accommodating treatment in the futur >
!a? has been my practice and nature i
in the past. I shall be auditor for all
the people and every one will always
receive a hearty and cordial welcome
ir. the county auditor's office.
Assuring you of my hearty apprec'ation
for the support and confidence
j ycu have gvien me in the past and
thanking you in advance for your 'kind
consideration and handsome vote you
are going to give me on the 29th I
low place myself in your hands. 11
. teg to re-main,
1VU1 '
Eugene S. Werta.
n n i rv H
i 1
Pauline Frederick
A Famous Players Paramount in 5 acts
Pearl White.
Two other selected Patheplays.
Myrtle Stedman
A Pallas Paramount in 5 Acts.
To the Voters of Newberry County: i
\ rU'ilLIv;<li AUtciiwcmcnu;
The campaign drav/s near to a close |
hence this letter to thank you for the
cordial encouragement you have given
to me. as well to thsrnk you in advance !
for the splendid vote you will gl-se
me on the 29th August. My promise
to my fellow democrats is that I will1
esteem my election to the office of
County Treasurer, as the honor of my J
lite, as no omce w-iinin your gntj
carries with it more dignity and re- i
sponsibility. I will discharge the I
duties of the office with utmost fidelity,!
that I will be always on the job, and j
that I will extend to my felow man, j
be he poor or rich, the some courtesy
and kindness and consideration that
I have shown all through my business
'My life is like an open hock. I
have stood for purity in private life,
and efficiency in pubttc service. I
feel that I can fully represent all tAe i
people, in this office. Not heretofore!
'having as^ed for any office, nor hold-!
ing nny now, I approach the battle of
the ballots with a firm step, and with
assurance of your continued confN'
I dence.
fWtai. E. Pelham.
BARBECUE?I will live a first class j
barbecue at my residence near:
^Prosperity Saturday, August 26. !
J. Ben Cook. I
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Here's a car that y
Every advantage?every
starter and lights, demoui
-- i i . r i
able seats?and beauurui
It's the great econc
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Think of the low purchas
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saad dollars.
You'll buy a Ma:
Let us show you.
Take a
New Pri
F. O. B. Dei
A Statement From Magistrate J. A. |
Kinard of No. 10.
(Political Advertisement.)
To the Democratic Voters of No. 10 !
I am sorry that it becomes neces-!
sary for me to make an explanation
in regard to a little campaign slander
that has been circulated upon me
by one Geo. Cromer and others in
order to injure me in my race for
In regard to the beginning of this
nasty little piece of filth the under
signed certificate will explain:
Newberry, S. C. August 11, 1916.
This is to certify that the charges of
"official misconduct" in office made
against Magistrate J. A. Kinard of No.
10 township by the affidavits of A. A.
Singley, G. M. Epting, T. F. Sease. Sam
-Morris and F. E. Harmon made before
notary-publics W. 'W. Wheeler and W.
S. Werts of Prosperity, S. C., wei-e
thoroughly examined by the Grand
jury at the Criminal court held at
, a n fr> Tuna 1 Q1 ft
.NtJ ^ UCi I J y O \j.? iu u uu^ xt/Au.
Said charges were refuted and the
case was thrown out by the grand:
W. F. Ewart.
.Foreman of Grand Jury of
Newberry, S. C.
j^ut this didn't seem to satisfy
George Cromer. He goes down to j
Little Mountain takes out another j
warrant before lYagistrate J. B. ;
Lathan of the very.same nature. With
+>10 m mp witnesses as above
L '4i C^ vya. k w <v . . _ _
stated: A. A. Singley, Geo. Epting and i
T. F. Sease at the eleventh hour so as j
T would not have time as he thought i
to vindicate myself of this charge.
As to my official conduct sincei I i
have been magistrate of No. 10 TownMp
I am willing to be judged by the
reputable citizens of my townsh*o
and eountv and I want no better evi
dence to sho^ my innocence than t't i
above statement made by the honorable
grand jury of our county.
Very respectfully,
J. A. Kln&rd,
Magistrate 1N0. 10 Township,
A-ugust 17, 1916.
If yon need them, we bare them.
Jewelers, Watch Makers & upneians
P. C. Jeans, Optometrist.
.J ^
>omy Fa mi
only $595!
our family will enjoy?that
feature that the average f
citable rims, one man top, pier
>my car. Owners are averag
ne?and from 7,000 to 10,000
e price?and this unusually
ill with others selling for any
swell when you realize the
Vacation Even
In a Maxwell!
ina Aut(
Newberry, S. C.
ce ' {
Opera House 1
,mik; TuruT tvn ut?? TPruf I
nik* lAl'OI .1 XJ J1 JO C h
2 Act Biograph.
Sellg Comedy (Tom Xbu)
Sell* (Tom Mix).
Kalem Hazards of Helen . 4
Featuring- Helen Gibson.
?*?lier CTi-irr; "VfiT \
Kalem Comedy HAM and BUD. 1
iSellg TRIBUNE 50. 53.
Vltagraph Comedy (Donald Halii)
FEUD" ^ J|
2 'Act Essanay Couedy. - jfl
Ify *l\ ftTTI flfl
Lubin Comedy. V
- (i
Auto transfer phone 89 any ftdur m
day until ^en o'clock at night 'Dray I
also. 8-22-4t. , I
Watchmaker, Jeweler as#
All Work GuarantM^, ' &
Corner Caldwell and Friend fltwjjjlfc
Eyes fitted and sold oh
Jfewberry, S. C. K
I '*?*? tf#j| I
f Dr. F. C. Martin '
A < Y' Y?' . ||
I Examines Eyes, Fits Glass**, |
' and Artificial Eyes.
y;\ ;<
If your eyes are giving' yo$ f:
trouble don't fail to consult JjIta j
- <c'?
i Satisfaction Guaranteed. 5
* Office ovei Anderson's Q|?y|j
xGoods Store. J ,
? .=' I
>11 '
i? r.? I
* X
they will be proud of!
rd.mily desires. Electric
ity of room, big comfort- f
ling more than twenty I
nor epf nf h'rei.
tuiivo |?w* w%>? v. ?
low upkeep expense?
thing under one thou? j
) great value it offers. . ^
I i
r Day?
). CoJ I
\ . V ' a
; ? . j ' . .//j'-. '-iic

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