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\ . '- "
The members of the Methodist
|k churcl* at Pomaria will give a bar
ifcecue next >oamraay, oeptemuei *, i
for the benefit of the cburcH and I
Senator McL&urin ha% accepted an|
invitation to make an address in the
morning at about 11 o'clock. Senator
McLaurin is one of the most eioqueni ;
end interesting and entertaining pub"
1 Annnlino on/1 1+
filC XIX OUUIU vui vnua uuu >
will pay you to go out and hear him
next Saturday. Then there will be a
fine dinner served and the proceeds
go to a good cause.
Oemson College, S. C., July ?.
Humus is the crying need in Southern
agriculture. JWfe haven't enough
* * A- -" ?AiilflVQ t
I woods to wvt?i mc vuam ?
ed area one time even lightly. Then
we should have to wait for years to
make the second application, whicn
would be too costly even though sufficient
quantity could thus be had
-each year.
There is no Reason why all other
wis? idle lands should not be sown, to
rye in September and October to fur
nish this humus most cheaply and
M most abundantly from year to year,
and in addition to furnishing humus,
V it conserves plant food that would
AT otherwise leach out of the soil and
be lost. Such a cover crop, furtherW
more, prevents land from washing,
I which means a heavy loss to all hill
and rolling land.
Abruzzi rye Is the best know
rapid, vigorous growth, and makes
B Tiety lor this purpose as it makes a
p- It earlier than any other crop on or1
dinars land.
I It is a well known fact thiat one
heavy crop of rye turned land followed
by cotton or corn will, in a dry sea
k son, often make double tne yieia on
B poor land fertilized as similar land
E "without such a cover crop. This is
true because -water is the limiting
factor in crop production in a Iry
Br summer. The turned rye holds moist
I ure and gradually feeds the plant on
> the fertility present, when otherwise
*the crop would ruin of starvation in
(the midst of plenty of fertility which
i ii is unable to use for want of humus
to hold and supply moisture.
"With, rye, there is no inoculation
problem?just a negro job of scratching
about one bushel per acre in the
-cotton rows, corn rows, and on the
pea stubble in -September and October.
Even when clover or , vetcft is
used as a cover crop, rye should be
sown with them; for, humus is our
greatest need, and the two crops together
will furnish more of this material
than either one growing alone.
(Rye, furthermore, paves the way
for easier success with all winter
legumes in that it supplies the soil
with humus, which always makes j
easier the inoculation of the land J
for legumes. During July land [August
put your surplus money in RYE?not
the lx>ttled variety, but the BAGGED
An Announcement.
The Ladies' lAid Society of Smyrna
church, will meet with Mrs. C. A.
Matthews, Friday afternoon, Septem
! -ber 1, 1916, at 3:30.
They punish persons in Charleston
I for cruelty 10 animais i^asx wee*,
the driver of a ho*;e as well as the
cwner of the animal were fined $5
each. The horse was .hin and weak
and had be^n (iiiven to a heavily
loaded wagon. Ail such guilty per?
1 ,7 V? I~n . It* with
tjilL'UiU k-c cc ti
by the law in Charle ton, Newberry
and everywhere else.
;Mr. Jordan P. Vaughn, the expert
motion picture operator at the Oper_t
Hcuse, has also showa fine mechanical
ingenuity with inventive abilily.
He has put an up-to-date turn on tho
flasher and made one of his
onw, which surpasses all others aa|
(easily as the electric light outshines !
the tallow candle. The light flashes
to each letter on the sign separately
'until all show up in brillant array. It
ii a splendid piece of work and
icaies a beautiful display. Score a
big hit for Jordan, who knows hl3
business and is on his job.
Children's- day will be observed iat
Sl~Pauls Lutheran church in the
county next Wednesday, September 6
There will be exercises by the childrtd
and probably one or two
speeches and dinner on the grounds.
A "Home" Cue.
Friday, a. in., was "The Day" for
; the /^vlored Dooulation serving Mr.
George A. Epting. Broad grins,
eager anticipations well-groomed
dames and damsels, all sitting around
waiting for the announcement of
dinner that was yelled by the leader j
of the flock. We Just wondered j
where so many came from. Renters, j
croppers, wages, in fact every one;
tlnvt had wielded a lioe or plow on "his j
plantation belonged there that day.
Every child and .grandchild. TIioss}
that couldn't walk were carried and I
expected to do ample justice to tho
provisions so abundantly provided by
this big-hearted boss.
The cue was cooked by those two
expert cueist, Messrs Jim and George
. Epting. EverytWng wias cooked and
j seasoned "just right."
I Hash, pork, kid, pickles, slaw.
I tomatoes, rice, <bread, ice tea wa3
served about 50 of his white friends,
neighbors, a few ladies were present.
Then his colored population of 67
was served the same fare, all .they
could eat. The "chiaingang" was remembered.
The bosses, Werts and
Teague came to the table, while
dinner was sent the gang 13 in number
wiho are camping in Mr. Epting's
pasture while working the county
roads. Even the gang's dogs were |
fed. Everything was well ordered
and quiet. The hostess was untiring
in her efforts to please the crowd /and
see tliat all was as it should be. This
was a "Red Letter" day for the
darkies. Am afraid Mr. Epting will
have to add several new dwellings for
another year, he will be -besieged
by labor.
A Participant.
The State.
Saluda, Aug. 24.?On last} Saturday
there was held a reunion of the Webb
family in the beautiful grove at the
home of the eldest daughter, Mrs. W.
W. Owdom. The day. was ideal and
everything: combined to make the oc
casion a happy one. The young people
had gTeat fun taking pictures of
groups, individuals, playing rook and
other games and enjoying music,
while the older on'es enjoyed quiet
conversation until 2 o'clock, when a
delightful picnic dinner was spread
under the oaks.
William M. Webh and Elizabeth
Maurice Morse were married in 1860
and settled in this county, near cnap- ?
pell. Here they reared ia family of
11 children, nine boys and two girls,
all of whom are now living. The
father died 22 years ago. The Webb
family is one of the most substantial
in Saluda county, honored and respected
by all. There are now 40
grandchildren living end six dead, an.i :
three great grandchildren.
On Saturday there were present be
sides the honored mother, the following
children and grandchildren: iW.
W. Owdom, wife and two children;
W. A. Webb, wife and four children;
J. R. Webb, wife and three children;
? I
J. }\L Webb, wife and four children;!'
B. B. Webb, wife and four children; i
Mrs. T. A. Carson and five children;
three children of Arthur Webb; ont
' ]
son of Leroy IWiebb, und on* great- .
granddaughter, ^Virginia Owdom.
Other guests were, Mrs. Martha Quattlebaum,
Miss Dora Webb, J. H. Hoi]
lend and 'Miss Josie Paysinger Df
Newberry. |
City Supervisor Joe W. Werts has
built a new bridge over Scott's creek
or Calhoun street. Now if one could
oily be built at the ford between ^
Calhoun and College streets it would j
be such a good thing. ,
The merchant ought to bring 1&
< * T-i o4vt ortr? show r
i **vn V?V ?? ? >
that old General Merchandise was in '
town doing business. A dark cloul nromises
rain. It looks dark to many '
now, hut the silver lining is near.
There will (be all day services at
Mt. Olivet Lutheran church next
Saturday, September 2. The .program
will partake of a missionary nature
with Mrs. J. D. Quattlebaum and Rev.
S P. Koon as speakers.
There will be special music an-l
also some readings from members of
the congregation. The exercises will
begin at 10:30.
Cotton brought 15 cents in New-,
berry Monday.
The Rev. L. P. Boland performtd a
marriage in Newberry on the 16 In
instant uniting Miss Maggie Cook of
Prosperity 3 and Mr. Anion Minick ">f
Prosperity 2
The Rev. W. H. Clark of Belton
united ia. couple from SilveTstreet a.
Belton on the 22nd instant, Miss
TYLI wtw />n #> T I* "**-? ?
xi<xi aim ma JLUIUL^A.
'Mr. H. R. Taylor was called from
the Taylor Automobile gurage last
Saturday morning to his home at St.
Lukes, on account of a serious accident
to his father, -Mr. IS. E. Taylor,
v.'ho had been thrown from a wagon
lead of hay while it nas being hauled
or his place. Mir. Taylor "was very
badly injured, his thigh being broken
in two places at the hip joint.
While returning last Saturday after>
noon from the Winnsboro campaign
meeting Messrs C. J. Purcell and R.
C Boyleston met with an accident
trat came near being fatal. Their car
t irned turtle on a sand /bed in the
read and rolled over three times befi
re settling down, pinning the tw<>
underneath. They were extricated by
some men who were Lit a picnic In
the neighborhood of the accident. Mr
Poyleston escaped with some brusl .
aix. cuts on the leg, but Mr. Purcell is
confined to his room badly hurt in th.?
luad and body, it is feared being inirrwl
Miss Clara Eichelberger of ''Atlanta
if visiting Mrs. Charles Ruff.
Miss Maude JA'oranis Has returned
home after a pleasant visit to relaMr.
G. vYl Harrison has returned to
the store of . f.VAorris after a trip to
the Atlantic coast of South Carolina.
Mr. Chas. P. Barre was one of the
house guests of Mr. and Mrs. RoDert (
r tfowe m lireenvme nasi ween.
Mrs. A. W. Knight has returnr-'!
f'om a visit to relatives in Newberry.
?Bamberg Cor The State.
Mrs.- P. E. -Scott is visiting in Xe.v
York, having gone to that city by bodil
fiom Charleston.
tives and friends in Cross Hill.
Miss Nellie Stroud has returned to
her home in Whitmire, after vlsitin;
her brother, Mr. Ed. Stroud, on Bluft
Eoad.?Columbia Record,
Misses Evia Hendrix and Nellie
tStroud of Whitmire spent Tuesday
afternoon with Mrs. C. F. Taylor on
Fourth street.?Columbia Record.
Mr. and Mrs. iSims iWl Brown and
little daughter if the county spent tha
week-end with Mr. and Mrs. B. A.
Havird in the city.
Miss iXettie Setzler returned las:
week from New York, after comple:ing
her studies at tre 'Columbia un;
Miss Sallie Davenport of Kinards is
visiting LVIiss Daisy Dominick in Newberry.
They will spend awhile at the
heme of Mr. John Sanders in Old
Misses Louise and Edna Stillwe7?
-sve returned to their home in New- '
aerrv^ after spending a few days wlU
:heir uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs.
George Alexander, on Olym-plia ar>
tue.?Columbia Record.
m" " ?wnnl
UYliss Lriauys V/na-ppcn, wnv
nany friends during her residence '
lere as a teacher in the high school, is \
lere now as the guest of Miss Miriam 1
Morris.?Edgefield Cor Charleston
IMlrs. Alan Johnstone, Jr., leaves tolay
to spend n week with her sister
tfrs. Rivers Stone, in SiDartanbyr-*
ifter which she will st>end a fortni'-h* |
:i Newberry mother, M;? J
r W. M. Simmons.?Columbia Recor *. |
Crowds are still attracted to th.c
Opera House every Thursday to ses
* TUa r1 nf a X,T o r tr Po ctd ''
X lie Ui *u?i J *
The jury will decide the cases today,
and everybody will be on tlie
Innlrnnt fr>r thp verdict tonieht.
Today there will be "House Keeping"
at the Opera House; as well as
"What Happened at 22."
Safety first means at the very beginning,
fasten the baby's next-towear
with a safety pin.
Messrs. P. F. Baxter and son erected
at Little (Mountain Saturday a large
double marble monument to the
Shealy family.
After those first new bales of cotton
last week, it was not long -until
other bales followed. It is like the
first open boll.
The Herald and News (has receiver
some bouquets lately* but "we" are
not going to swell up like a stick of
maccaroni in a pot of soup.
Judging from the styles we should
say that there will be no long dresses
for the women of the future, and very
short ones for large girls.
Mr. Frank Baxter, John H. Baxter,
Marion Baxter and Carroll Baxter
it'p.ke a good walking advertisemen'
for the National Biscuit company.
There will '"be no service at Beth
Eden and St. James next Sunday.
The pastor, Rev. L. P. Boland, will be
off on his vacation.
The "W. 0. W. excursion to Charleston
is cheap enough?$2.50 for the
round trip. Leaves Newberry Wednesday
10 a.m., return Friday 6 p. m.
Preparations for a hospital iat Clinton
indicate that Clinton is not a deaa
town laid out on the embalming
Prosperity will soon be revealing
in "Wear Ever" goods. Jno. C. Higgins
will return to that community
this week to deliver the articles ordered
at his solicitation.
Some of the ladies of our town aio
so easy to take cold they sneeze
every time the ice wagon passes. But
tl at has nothing to do with the street
Fine showers of rain rell between
the IWMte Pigeon farm and Rosemont
cemetery Friday night. They also
fell in other places in the county. So
near the citv and yet not in it.
+ "
Clinton is to have a hospital. '.Wttien
if. is considered that Laurens already
has a hospital at the county seat, th*
proposition shows that Clinton people
as well as the citizens of the eoun-;
t;, generally are wise.
On his Providence trip, business
with the 'big fire chief convention,!
Manager Wells arranged with the
Atlanta house for new programs fori
his motion picture sho^ s. The
best star players (and finest produc- j
tions will be given.
Owing to the foreign war some'
domestic necessities "have almost foecome
luxuries in 'Newberry as elsewhere,
and if times get much harder
in this country and disease . worse
there will be lots of germ-mated
Americans in the U. S. A., froiS Massif
Miss., and all around.
W.* E. Lake, principal of Edg>!
ur-rwT has returned to the
::ty after spending a part of his vacation
at Newberry. Mrs. Lake is visiting
at Statesboro, Gaher old home.?
Hie Sfcate.
? - -V n V.'? ^ r
Mr. B. Lu JLK>rriLy visiuju ma n?lc <x?
"he Columbia hospital Sunday. Mrs.
^orrity was doing as wel as could b ?
xpected. She is .to undergo another
remtion this morning at 11:30
Prosperity, August 28.?Mr. and Mrs.
W. A. HoLman and daughter, were
"guests lart v-'eek of Mrs. A. H. Hawkins.
| Mrs. Kenneth Baker and children
"of Greenwood spent the week-end
with Mrs. E. W. Werts.
Rev E. P. Taylor and daughter, j
Miss Bessie have been visiting in
Mesdames J. F. Browns and G. W.
Harmon iand little 'Miss Rebecca Harmon
and Elizabeth Browne are spending
the week in Greenwood.
Mr. A. H. Kohn was a business
visitor to our town last week, returning
on Friday to his home in Columbia.
Miss Ellen Werts spent Sunday in j
Wiliamston. i
A/Tir<a j c. Tavlor of Batesbure: is!
spending a few days with her father,
Mr. A. G. WSse. ?
'Misses "Willie Mae, ena and IMarguerite
iWise and Mrs. J. F. Brown,
spent sevnal dayse last week in Batesburg.
Mrs. Julia Q<uattlebaum of Statesboro,
Ga.? Is the guest of lier son, Mr.
J. D. Quattlebaum.
Mrs. Mary Day of Baltimore ?s
VIOIVIII5 A* A A u. V_/? *.?> ?
Dr. G. Y. Hnter spent the week-ena
in Hendersonville with. Mrs. Hunter.
Miss Holstien of Saluda spent
Sunday with Miss Elizabeth Hawkins.
Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Hnnt, Mr., and
Mrs. E." H. Porter, and Miss Mixon of
Saluda are guests of Mrs. B. B.
Mrs. S. B. Bowers and children of
I n9w?nn ri-a.. arrived Saturday for a.
visit to Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Bowers.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Luther and '
family of Columbia spent Sunday with I
Dr. and Mrs. R. L. Luther.
Miss Nannie [Wheeler has as her1
guest Miss Inez Wessinger of Jalap.u j
Mrs. Joe Sitz is spending a few days i
in Columbia.
Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Shealy and Mr.
p w wisp mnfored rvver to Batesburg ;
j Sunday.
Mrs. Amick of Silverstreet has been
visiting her mother. Mrs. Godfrey'
Miss Ida Mae Hayes of*Newberry is
spending a few dr-ys with Miss Doris
Mrs. Fannie Schumpert has gone to
Augusta to visit her son, Mr. Fred
| Schumpert.
Miss Annie Lee Langford has gone to
Charleston, 111., and Cincinnati and
Chicago, on a sight seeing trip.
Mr. P. L. Langford and son, .Pickens
leave Saturday for a trip out West.
Mrs. Ray Kohn and children hav^
returned from a visit to her mother
in Columbia.
iMr. (Al P. Coleman of Chappells is
the guest of Mr. L. M. Wise.
Mrs. Miller and Miss Alda Miller of
Newberry are visiting Mrs. L. Z.
| Merchant.
Miss Ellie Cousins of Newberry is I
spending her vacation with Mrs.'
Frank Merchant.
Rev. Boland and family of Newberry
spent Sunday with Mrs. J.. H.
| Crosson.
1 The Ladies Missionary Society or
Zion church will have a missionary- (
Rally Day .September 1st. Rev. G. C.
| Leonard returned missionary from
Africa u*UT hp the sneaker of the oc-l
crnsion. Dinner will be served on the
Mr. L. C. Merchant Chief of Police
of Batesbnrg has come over and will
move his family on Wednesday. We
wish them much success in tneir u?w
A handsome new front has been
put in Mr. T. A. Dominiok's brick
store on Main street. Mr. N. L.
Black has begun -work on a brick
store on Main street Mr. A. G. Wise
will put a new front in his brick
building next to the #anK ot rro? rerity
on Main street
Mr. Byrd Gibson has sold out hi3 3
stock of groceries to Mr. Shm Spencc
who "will continue business at the ?
same stand. y *
J. C. Scott and children of 3
^axtanburg are guests of Mr. J. 1 1
Wednesday afternoon Mrs. D. J.
Burns entertained at rook, in compliment
to her sister, Miss Emmie Dor*
Burns, of Mississippi. Five tables
were arranged on the lawn, and after
several games the score showed that
Miss Grace Wilbur had won the first
prize, a set of gold pins and Miss
IMiary Wheeler was awarded the con-'
sclation prize. After tbe prizes were
awarded, a delightful ice course was
served. Mrs. Burns was assisted iu
serving by Mesdames Schenck, Elmer
summer ana iviiss ucue vjnuui.
Misses Mary and Lucy Dunn entertained
Tuesday evening at the home
of their parents, Dr. and Mrs. IWL A.
Dunn, in honor of their guest, Misa
Whaley of Alabama. Progressive
conversation was the feature of the
evening after wMch ice cream and
cake were served.
One of the most delightful affair?
of the week was the lawn party give*
by Misses Lilian and Annie Kfbler,
Wednesday evening in compliment to
their house guests, Misses Simmons, *
Bryant, and Thompson, and Misa
Rebecca IMloore. In tne hallway the
guests were met by Misses Mary,
Bessie, and Julia Kibler, and Miss
Marion Jones. The nostesses received
with the guests of honor in the
parlor, and- from .4 here the guests
were invited to the beautiful lawn,
where progressive conversation was
enjoyed. Late in the evening a deli
erhtful ice course was served b*
iiiia ana iLinory xwwuiau.
The Civic League met on Monday
afternoon with a full attendance and
much discussing of matters pertaining
to the welfare of the town. After
the business meeting a social hour
was enjoyed. Delightful refresh
meats were served. < "T
.JT !
An event among the younger social
se: was the rook party given Friday
afternoon by Mrs. W. H. Hunt, in
compliment to Miss Mnitha Mcintosh.
of Columbia, lifter the g?mes a delightful
ice course was served.
Mrs. Hunt was also hostess on
Thursday evening honoring lYSss
Frances and Mr. Baxter Mcintosh ot
Columbia. About fifty guest enjoyed
Mrs. Hunt's hospitality, and k*/ in
the evening ice cream land cake were
Honoring the Misses Keith ot
Chappells, Misses May and Josie
Reid gave a lovely rook party, Friday
afternoon. Ten tables were placed
about the hall and living room, and
lafter the games delightful blook:
cream- and cake were served by Miss
Mildred Reid.
f.vass. ^Azilee Parr was the charming
hostess Friday evening at a
Prosn party, given in compliment to
1Csa Mildred ForceU's guest, Miss *
* - - - x ^ ^ C* o t-o nno Vi T I oto 7T1
MEne L/UUliill Ul oa> aiiucwi. ju* i-w *-?
the evening a delightful ice course
was served to about fifty guests. The
out of town guests were: Miss
Doolan, Miss Martha Mcintosh, of
Columbia; IMiss Adele Glasgow, o?
Texas: Miss Sam. {W&llace, of Belfast;
Messrs Stanley, Kenneth, and
Lyn Baker, of Greenwood; Wise and
Scliumpert, of Prosperity; Rygh and
Zobel, of Columbia.
The little rook party given by Miss
Lily Mae Bushardt in honor of her
guests. Misses Juanita Epting <y
Pomaria and Consuelo Dent of Columbia,
was greatly enjoyed by all.
Miss Huffman Entertains.
A. delightful party ^was given b/
Miss Sarah Huffman of the Dutc.
Pork Thursday afternoon in honor "i
her house guests. Misses Ida Mas
Tetzler and Norvin Setzler of Pomaru,
md Miss Helen Nichols of Silverit
reek- Interesting^ games '
played during the evening, aft*"
ahich an ice course was served.?The

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