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A few days ago a iNew York Sun
carried an editorial entitled "Ben Tillmflri
T?pr\nn.?ddc>rR '' whim whi]p nn
the whole complimentary contained
itfertain statements to which the senior
Soatn Carol na senator objects, and
"which have - prompted him to write a
card in reply, which reply was published
in Saturday's Sun:
Th#> Sun's editorial said., in Dart:
About ten years ago The Sun had
occasion more than once to call attention
to what seemed to be the dual
mature of Benjamin Ryan Tillman
4feen and now a senator in congress
for South Carolina. One day Mr
Tillman would be a statesman, the
next a raging man, whose conduct 1!
observed a few centuries before woult3
bare invited exorcism. One day h?
"would churn the senate with his intellectual
powers, and on the morrow
strike his colleague in the face. In
tils periods of self-possession iew mec
xa the senate had a better grasp oi
things; in the periods of "possession"
none had looser hold. "I am a rude
man and don't care," he said, and
went on to justify the stuffing of bal
lot boxes, to cry "to hell with the
law!" and to declare that the whi1:?
nan must rule the South "regardless
of all the Yankees between Cape Cod
and Hell.''
Unfortunately for Mr. Tillman, the
TMi<h1in. of that day remembered his
outbreaks and perhaps forgot his
usefulness. If there are persons who
Tetain in their mind's eye only the
picture of Tillman with the pitchfork,
we call their attention to
speech delivered in the senate on Saturday
by the real Tillman, from
whom, we trust, the black spirit is
forever fled. He was acquiescing in
tl<<" bill for the construction of the
memorial amphitheatre at Arlington,
a measure wtrieh previously her had
+n rmrvoRp. He made a
mVAAU w vrr?r^ _
frank confession of the ancient prejudices
that still smouldered in him,
' tent declared that he had reached t..e
conclusion that he should do everything
in his power "to make Arlington
a Mecca for the South as well as
to? the North."
To the iabovf Se* >t"T Tollman made
the following reply:
To the Editor 01 the Sun?Sir: A
friend of mino ha; called my attention
to the editorial" article in The
Sun. "Ben Tillman Kec-nsider s.*' I
am led to write this letter in conseq
ence, and hope you will print it n
.v, For vears I was
/ LiC CUlU'i i?j jM0v. ? .. ,
a egular subscriber to The Sun, and
occasionally I buy a copy now. Its
'ditorial page lias alwav-s interested
me very much, because of tire brilliancy
and lucidity of the articles with
'which it is filled.
But you have unintentionally been
led into an error of fact, an,' the quot
lions you made from the speeches
and lectures I delivered some years
ago l*ad me to explain and justify
what I said.
When I said "To Hell with, the law
?T*? -t / * V?
T il earit tne reconstruction cu; t<iuivu
gave negroes just, wraivip; ted fro ?j
slavery?many of them only one generation
removed from barbarism, and
none of them more than three generations?the
same right to vote as
white meu throughout the Unit d
States. When you remember tiiat
South Carolina and Mississippi then,
as they do now, have large negi ">
^majorities?and to have allowed the
Votta /loafrATM
negroes 10 ruie tvuum xic* ?
our civilization to say nothing of our
property?you can understand it. The
law of self-preservation compelled us
to do it by every means possible, and
when we took the state away from
the negroes despite the bayonets, with
Grant in the "Wlhite House, we used
-our "brains to outwit force by stuffing
ballot boxes. That is tall. If the
crN?+v "ho*? /VKavp^ or acauiesced in
)JUUV1L oiuu .
the "law'* passed 'by congress it woukl
fee a veritable hell now for decent
white people to live in, and that fact
is now recognized hy all sensible people,
Jv'orth and South.
I justified lynching, in the senate,
for rape, and rape only, iand I am
taking the liberty of sending you my
speech made on that occasion. It was
in answer to the gifted John C.
Spooner one of the ablest lawyers
and the very best debater I have ever
known. He did not attempt to reply,
"because he could not controvert my
reasons or dispute my facts. If you
do not agree with my conclusions after
reading it I shall "be very much
You are in error in saying that 7
was "acquiescing in the hill for the
construction of the memorial amphitheatre
at Arlington, a measure which
I had heen previously inclined to op'pose,"
showing that you yourself did
not read my speech, and did not read
the letters of the secretary of war at
?11. The bill I introduced was not for
the "construction" of a memorial am - [
pMtheatre, font for the protection of,
| the .amphitheatre against the indcriminate
erection of memorials to
those who may be selected for sucii
distinction without well founded reason."
to use the words of the secre
tary of war.
Washington already has a mon-j
strosity of that sort in the rotunda of
the capitol, where statues of nobodies
have been sent by the states aa their
representatives there. One is constantly
asking about this or that
J ?i?i. i
statue: "Wno is ne, ana wuai qui ziu
t dc to merit being here '' . .
I Washington, D. <?., Aug. 3.
O. B. Mayer, Jr., of Newberry is the
guest of Mrs. O. W. Leonard on Hamp"
ton avenue.?Spartanburg Herald.
> J. B. Marchant bas accepted a position
as overseer of card room at the
r Mollohon mills, Newberry, S. C.?Textile
Mrs. A. M. Lester and Miss Blanche
j-wf PrncnaritTT ara visitiner thf*
XVI' UiVi VI A A vu^/v* ^ AW 0 - ?
family of Dr. and Mrs. E. C. Ridgell
, this week.?Johnston Times.
Miss Marguerite Y/yse of Prosperity
is visiting Miss Louise Ridgell.?
Johnston Times.
Miss Saraih Spearman of Newberry
i; lie attractive guest of ber brothei.
James Spearman, in the home of
Prof. G. F. Long.?Johnston Cor
Edgefield Chronicle.
Miss Brooke Jones entertained her
set with a lovely al fresco party for
, her house guest, Miss Margherita
, Matthews, of Newberry. Miss Mat.
thews returned to her home accompanied
by ber gracious hostess Miss
. Brooke JOnes.?Edge-field Chronick..
Mrs. J. L. "Walker and children
Vi'Q va pwnA lXpu~berrv for a "Visit to
, relatives.?Johnston Cor Edgefield
j Advertiser.
During the past week Mr. and Cffirs.
John Marsh have had as their guests
Mrs. Lou Jones, Misses Willie and
Olinthia Jones of Laurena and Mr.
Mayer of Newberry.?Johnston Cor
Edgefield Advertiser.
Mrs. Robert Gee and little son or
Newberry are the guests of Mrs. M.
C. I-Vrctngum for a few days.?Union j
Times. .
T. R. Summer and Claude Summer,'
of 'Newberry, who have been visiting
their uncle, T. H. Cromer, have re,
turned home.?Greenville Piedmont.
LMiss Ethel Cromer has- returned
from a visit to her sister, Mrs. Henii
gway, in Kingstree, * an3 her aunt,
Mrs. J. H, Summer, in NewberryGreenville
James Kinard, son of Dr. J. P.
Kinard, who has been at his father's
summer home at Black Mountain, N.
C since the close of the last session
of Anderson college, is the guest 01
Carroll Griffin. After spending a
week here he will go to 'Newberry,
where the family will make their'
future home.?Anderson Mail.
Miss Pearl Davis of Newfberry spent
last week with Mr. and Mrs. W. B. i
Jeter.?Ninety Six Cor Greenwood!
Miss May Crouch is visiting her
sister. Mrs. J. P. Long, at Silver
street in Newberry county.?Batesburg
Herald j
tMlr Jothn P. Long, a prominent!
merchant of Silverstreet, motored t*|
fiatesburg Monday.?BatesT>urg Her*j
Miss Bessie Bedenfcaugh of Newberry
is visiting her sister, Mrs.
Jessie Schumpert.?Batestwirg Herald.
Miss Daisy Whitmire is vfsitiu*
Misses Trucie Smith and Ijene Work
- n ?: 11 ?
man in Kinaras, ?. u.?^reenvina
Miss Lucy Riser of Newiberry is
vistting the Misses Gideon on Greenville
street.?Anderson MaiL
Miss. Pearl Davi3 of Newberry '.i
visiting (Miss fWl D. Jeter. *?Ninety Six
Cor The State.
Miss Glad&s iCfaappell of Newberry
is the guest of Miss Mirisjn 'Norris.
Miss Chappell taught in the high
^ Va?a oflvorol vaoro a crr\ OTlfl !
tfUJiUVtl Ofc I V^J. ca ;yuig ???
has many friends in Edgefield.?
Edgefield Cor The State.
'Miss Annie Wheeler is spending
J her vacation with her parents at
Prosperity.?Eau Claire Cor The
' State.
Col. Dave H. Wise left Monday for
| Newiberry on business.?Aiken Journal
and Review.
I Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Davenport and
family of 'Newberry spent Sunday ta3
the guest? of Mr. and Ddtrs. W. P.
Montjoy.?Clinton Chronicle.
One million two hundred thousand
Americans die each year, it is esti-j
Heart disease, pneumonia and tuberculosis
cause more than 30 per cent,
of deaths?
Tihe U, SL Public Health Service it
the nation's first) line of defense
against disease? ji
State of South Carolina,
County of Newberry.
Tri Qr?f?orfiaT>pp with thp rnlAR of tile
Democratic party, a primary election
is hereby called, to be held in
Newberry county on Tuesday, August
the 29th, 1916, for the following officers:
Lieutenant Governor.
Secretary of State.
n - n - t
^ompuruiier vreuerai.
State Treasurer.
Adjutant and Inspector General.
State Superintendent of Education.
(Attorney General.
Commissioner of Agriculture.
Railroad Commissioner.
Congressman from Third District.
Solicitor of Eighth Circuit.
State Senator.
Three members of the House o!
Superintendent of Education.
Clerk of the Court.
Probate Judge.
Two County Comn sioners.
j Magistrates of Re pcctive Townj
Voting places fixed and Managers
and Clerks as follows:
Township >"o. 1.
Ward 1?Hiram L. Speers, E. Pink
Bradley, S. S. Cunningham; Clerk, J.
H. Baxter.
Ward 2?C. B. Martin, B. L. Bishop,
R. H. Swittenherg; Clerk, F. W. Chap
Ward 3?C. H. Cannon, F. L. Paysinger,
E. M. Evans, Jr.; Clerk, T. Roy
Mollobon?R. L. Harmon, 'Allen E.
Dyson, D. A. Rivers; Clerk, D. D.
Ward 4?G. E. (McCrary, Jas. R.
Davidson, T. B. Kibler; Clerk, C, F.
Ward 5?Edgar Hiller, D. D. Connelly,
Robert Powell; Clerk, A. C.
Oakland?Milton F. King, E.. T
-r>: m m . nu.% T5 lot
xvivci s, x. cj. ornau, v^ici jtv. \j. iiuiu.
Johnstone?Joe Coppock, S. B.
Neal, L. A. Tew; Clerk, W. E. "Walj
I Helena?Burr F. Goggans, W. V.
Bledsoe, F. G. Spearman, lerk, W.
F. Wightman.
Hartford?J. P. Summer, W. B. Goggans,
J. S. Hutchinson; Clerk, J. F.
Township >'o. 2. .
| Garmany?T. 'W. Folk, J. F. Lomia[
ick, Jno. A. Shealy; Clerk, Jno. T.
Mulberry?J. A. Sease, H. M. "Wicker,
Jim Caldwell; Clerk, T. "W. Keitt.
Mt. Betnel?J. a. .brown, jno. s.
I Ruff, Jr., J. C. Baker; Clerk, W. C.
i Brown.
Township Jio. 8.
Mt. Pleasant?J. E. Ringer, D E.
Berley, G. F. Smith; Clerk, J. S. J.
Suber, Sr.
Maybinton?Jno. B. McCollum, W.
V. Lyles, David Henderson; Clerk, C.
E. Eison.
Township No. 4.
Long Lane?C. Cromer, H. L. Felker,
S. W. Derrick, Clerk, Chri3 Folk.
Whitmire?>S. B. Sims, Henry Mill*
^ 1- n A
er, J. t. unanaier; \jxer?., o. a. jetci.
Totnishlp No. 5. .
Jalapa?Hix Connor, W., C. Miller,
J. R. Epting; Clerk, iW. C. Wallace.
Kinards?J. A. Dominick, iAl D.
Johnson, W. D. Gary; Clerk, S. B.
Township No. 6.
Heederville?J. A. Davi3, J. J.
Abrams, A C. Miller; Glerk, I. M.
Smith, Jr.
TV\-mini/>ta?"Vf O PTiariTv^n ThrnnAa
J. Harmon, James Abrams; Clerk,
Jno. tM. Livingston.
Longshores?R. L. Sterling, J. W.
Wilson, A. R. Dorroh; Clerk, G. H.
Trinity?J. S. Crouch, E. J. Schroder,
Jno. Brehmer; Clerk, H. F. Longshore.
Township No. 7.
Ghappelis?Leo. Hamilton, W. M.
Cromley, R. S. Boazman; Clerk, B. M.
Saluda No 7?T. R. Sanders, Rab
Ham, H. C. Fellers; Clerk, J. S. Werts.
Vaughnyille?P. N. Boozer, Brooks
"Workman, J. G. Coats; Clerk, L. H.
Township "No. 8.
Silverstreet?W. P. Blair, Geo. P.
Bouhvare, G. T. Blair; Clerk, 0. W.
Utopia?W. R. -Schumpert, W. W.
TT,Arhprt fi. f! Blair: Clerk. G. W.
Nichols. i
East Riverside?W. L. Bushardt, W.
P. Paysinger, J. H. Cousin; Clerk, E.
Lee Hayes.
Township Ho. 9.
Prosperity?Robert K. (Wtee, Pat
Mitchell, Ernest W. Werts; Clerk, W.
P. Gibson.
Little Mountain?J. K. Derrick, A.
C. Wheeler, V. B. Saase; Clerk, Eugene
St T/hVpq T P Hn.wkins .T. W.
Metts, N. E. Taylor; Clerk, C. S.
O'Ncall?Cole S. Wessinger, Jno. A.
Nichols, Jno. Garrett; Clerk, A. L.
Monticello?P. W. Counts, Jacob
1 Warner, T. L. Day/kns; Clerk, Joe
T\ i r~t lt.i u T
joig verves.?'Maicomu dwwi , j.j
Bennett Dominick, Chester Butler;
Clerk, Otto Boozer. r
Liberty?J. M. Lester, W. S. Boozer,
J. T. Hunter; Clerk, R, C. Hunter.
Saluda No. 9?D. M. Bedenbaugh, J.
E iMonts, Jacob A. Bowers; Clerk,
L. W. Bedenbaugh.
Township So. 10.
Union?M. L. Strauss, D. W. Buz>
hardt, W. Brown Franklin; Clerk, J.
M. Wilson.
Jolly Street?L. C. Troutman, S R.
Metts, 0. S. Richardson; Clerk, T. A.
Central?J. A. Counts, r. A. Shealy,
| T. O. Bundrick; Clerk, W. S. 'Wicker.
| St. Pauls?J. J. Kibler, J. .T. Epting,
Fred Wicker; Clerk, Berley Beden-J
j baugh.
T Axi'Tl f'lli.i V A "1*1
Pomaria?Joe Alewine, G. S. Long,!
W. B. Counts; Clerk, W. D. Hatton.
| St. Philips?Hampton Sease, A. E.:
, Lominick, D. E. Halfacre; Clerk, O. ?1.
. Sligh.
Zion?Thomas Ringer, Thomas Gra|
ham, George Richardson; Clerk,
j James Eargle.
j Swilton?T. D. Shealy, R. B. Shealy,
! L. E. Kempson; Clerk, Geo. A.
Walton?Wm. H. Folk, L. L. Suber,
Wm. B. Graham; Clerk, J. D. Crooks.
Managers will please call for the
i Boxes and Tickets on and after the
126th instant. Club rolls will be fur
nished by the secretaries of each
Any voter voting at a precinct.not
in the township where he resides
must vote for the magistrate for the
township in which said voter resides.
Rules for Managers will be found
pasted in back of each club roll. See
Sections 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 and 40.
Greenwood Journal.
Up in Greenville *own the authorities
are getting after the speeders at
a pretty lively rate?none are being
spared, not even the innocent fellow
! T.1W1 in -r\o coin or thmuo1!!, Vlio a rirk i
f ? ^IV AJuk JlJCt>kJ bUA A?vuwr **v
knowledge of tlie requirements, and
who pulls open the throttle and lets
her drive. All alike are fined in the
Recorder's court, and given to understand
that the thing has to stop.
But the culmination was reached
in a metting of the city council when
one member wished to excuse the visitors
and return their fines. Another
member was in for no courtesies and
made his reply so hot that the other
fellow resigned and left the council
And so it seems that Greenville
folks are not only after speeders, but
they aren making it lively one for the
other. What shall be done with
Greenville and Anderson?
We believe in courtery to strangers
and to visitors, but they themselves
should be courteous (and not <
violate the common aiiejities of life
to say nothing of tie law. Because '
a fellow is in a strange place, there 1
is 110 reason in the world why he
should not behave himself. Every i
man who runs a machine knows
what the untsjal requirements and
he should not fe6l that he can do as <
he pleases when he gets laway from i
home. i
At the same time, There are some :
places t.:at take undue advantage of
persons parsing through the.n in ma- i
ciines, and not only heap indignl- 1
ties upon them, hut make it a rile <
to pull all the money that they can j 1
out of them. Such conduct is too! 3
reprehensible to be given a decent j J
name. It is a shame and it reflects j<
? - AT- - J- -11- ^l.tTOV ! ,
jnpon any ipiace inai a.n-j'ws c. ulhh6 j
of the land to be dene. 1
-so- 3
Clemson College, S. C, July ?. }
When the lower leaves of the corn i
begins to turn a little yellow, and j
the ears begin to look as if they <
are fairly good sized, the farmers' <
hands begin to itch to get into the i
field and pull the fodder. Instead!
| of standing right still and scratch-'t
! in.g his hands, as the quickest and best [a
way to get rid of the itching sensa- j a
tion, and as the long headed man will | s
do, hundreds of farmers over the ii
state put all hands at worfc stripping ^ C
T. l\ 11
io me y
Fellow Demo*
I have ms
re-election a
strictly to my
standing som<
I have been w
candidates foi
have been mi
I have gh
honest admin:
fice of Count*
re-elected de
people of Ks
I will be fair t
give them wh
1 wish to
some cheap
around makin
only expressic
would do if th
portunity to
the fellow wh<
and tattling.
Your vofc
predated. V\
all, I am,
Lhe corn stalks.
There is no question but tlia
der is a good feed. It would hi
be, for a whole lot of the foo<
would later be in the grain is
leaves, but this taking off o
leaves causes the grain to shrin
the corn will be much light
weigiit, and will not be of so
quality for breeding purposes.
only this, but the corn will not
? - ?
as well as it wouia 11 it is anov
mature without pulling the fodde
it will not make the best seeed
Experiments conducted toy Mr.
Coker of Hartsville,, S. C., s!
that fodder pulling results in
iuction of yield of from 1-0 pei
to 24 per cent, depending upo
ripeness of the fodder, land th<
from rot is from 8 per cent to ]
:ent more in tlie grain from f<
pulled corn than it is in the
:mm porn that has not been f<
In the light of these facts,
;he farmer can prove for hims
le wants to, there is little doub
t would he mu-ch better to
>lenty of forage other .than con
ler, and to leave the leaves o
:orn stalks until the ears are
After the ears have 'been tak<
he stalk, the wfoole plant, leave
.11, might be cut and used for
.nd the value of this kind of fc
&L to be as a .fitter f
3 at least equal to cottonseed !
tattle will readily eat bxkAl roxxj
oters of I
jerry County I
crats: 11
ide a clean race for II
nd have attended fl
own race, notwith- fl
5 have intimated that
porking against other 9
r other offices. They m
sinformed. fi
iren to the people an H
1st ration of the of- I
/ Supervisor and if
sire to assure the
wherry county that
:o all the people and
at is justly due.
say, when you hear I
politicians going I
ig charges, they are 1
ig to you what they
iey only had the op- '
do. Always watch
j guvo aivuixu uuiLuig
e will be highly ap- j I
fith best wishes to ja
urs truly, -1
if it is cut fine, wet and well mlxeofl
, - , with cotton-seed meal or other coa-H
t f od- m
ive to centrated f00ds- ^
1 that mm
in the Personalg From Saluda Standard* 9
f the '^r- aIld Mrs. A. M. Oonwill ana
k, and Hubert Evane, of Newberry* I
er spent last (Wednesday with the family j
good of -SclKumpert. m
Not Miss Jemm.ie Wise leaves the lau M
: keep ter part of tils week for a visit to I
ved to | friends in Newberry. m
ir, and! Mrs. Laura Wise and (Miss (Nellie ffl
corn.j Wise, of Prosperity* visited Mrs. Ver M
D. R. ca wise last week. Misses wiine
bowed Miae and Pat Wise returned home
a re- with her.
" cent a. L. Coleman, Mioses Ruby Colen
the man, of Latta, and Dennie Coleman,
5 loss 0f Newberry, passed though here SiatLO
per urday afternoon on their way tc
jdder- Johnson.
grain Clarence Wise and children, ot
jdder- Newberry are visiting in $ie home 01
verda 'Wise.
which ]3Ub Langford, o Kinards, visiter
-elf if friends in the community last week,
t that Misses Kibler and Caldwell; of
grow ^wberry, spent last week with, ber
1 fod- friends and relative? of the Cherry,
n the jjin seccion
IUiiy m
m off Slo&neas lowers esming capacity?
s and
feed, Disease is the station's greatest 8
ied is frurden?
hulls. SunHght and sanitation, not silks and j
;&Ag* satins, make better Mies?

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