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[Leading Candid*
Detailed Sumn
I The Vot
| The election on Tuesday passed off
* n) A W7
Sy quietly ana tn? reiurus 41c oiv
coming in. It may -be due to the
? number of candidates in the
ioas county positions to be filled.
is latest returns on Thursday acDted
for about 125,000 votes and
; includes about the total vote
;iere aeerns to be no dOu'bt that
epcoGd race will be ;be:weeo.
and Manning, ttiougli Blease
Bp to have pretty na.riy a majority
Hover all the candidates on the arst
running. According to t!*e figa res n
Bbe dail^* papers he lacks only abou:
HfcoC? votes of a majority over all the
Kn&dates for governor. It is a reKarkable
race that he Ji-as- made. The
K^ews and Courier gives -tie figures
Tara'-iAr'? as. fnlAWS V
Elease, Co,6-9; Cooper 28,201;
|mnning, 37,094. ?A- phone message
m Thursday afternoon from. Coluia- ;
Hs gave Blease about .61,000, Mann-J
B- 38,000; Cooper 25,000. These figKres
still give Blease a lead of tabou:
?0,(KK? or more.
Betiiea i& elected lieutenant govffnor;
Carter treasurer; Dove secreBiry
of State; a second race between
fcansier and Pant for railroad com bic-Tier.
ft i nes, Lever, Nicholls, Whaley,
k and Ragsdale reelected to conBp
In the third district ta second
for congress between Aiken and
Kinick with Dominick in the lead.
, B the race for " in this
^ I
ggry^ '
ap? ? j
\r^t'" . ' '' I
Ite for Oovernor
wry Of
e in the County
circuit a second race will be run by
jKagill ana Blackwell.
Cooper admits iiis defeat and comes
out for .Manning for governor. He
says that he knows that be will nor.
-- ^ -n ? j
j iunuec'v.-e cause wno &u..tr?/ui oeu. aim uu..
feels that it is his duty to say ho he
The State of Thursday makes an
J appeal to partisanship and draws tiie
lines, or tries to do so, in the governor's
race. That will cut both ways.
! Some time back that sort of thing was
| frowned upon by The State and we
j i-re sorry to see the effort made to stir
up partisianship and draw factional
lines. It "will scarcely work at this
late hour.
i It would be very remarkable if
! I
i Blease should not win with the iarge
| lead -that 'he has-.
It has been difficult to get the re- }
turns for some reason. The official re- j
turn in Newberry -gives Blease 1.577; j
Cooper 384; Deschamps 3; Duncan 6; |
Manning 1272. The dai ly papers 05 j
rather The State and News and j
Courier have for two days been pub- j
listing figures giving -Manning a lead
in Newberry county. This makes a
tofcil in tliis race of 3,242 of which
1,673 would be a majority So Bl^e
lacks only 46 votes of a majority of
all the candidates for governor in
The table which The Herald and
News .prints is substantial}- correct but
some of the totals are not correct. We
did not get the report from the executive
committee in time to make the
^rn Kir\
jrsLix nu
Leading Candidate for Gc
Leads Congressman Aikei
The Next Coneress nan
I w
changes but give here the totals in
several of the races as declared by
the committee which includes the vote
1 at the border toy the soldier ooys.
1 Cole L. Blease 1577
R. A. Cooper 384
John !V.\ DesChamps 3
J. T. Duncan 6
R I. Manning 1272
Lieutenant Governor:
E. iC. L. Ad^ms 1323
A. J. Betl.ea 1905
Secretary State:
VY . U\J > xvxxj
Geo. W. Wiglitman 1683
Comptroller General:
Carlton Iftl Sawyer 3227,
State Treasurer:
S. T. Carter : 1682
D. W. McLaurin 1526
Adjutant General:
W. W. Moore 3170 J
State Supt. Education:
J. E. Swearmgen 61W J
Attorney General:
Thos. H. Peeples 31o2 i
Commissioner Agriculture:
E. .1. Witstr? 321J j
' Kailrrat! ( 'oner
Jas. Cansler 1031 !
Albert S. rant . 639:
G. McD. Hampton 11011
;T.\\ H. Keliey 357 i
\V. T. Thrower
Congress Third District: j
W-yatt 'Aiken 11611
A. H. Dasrali 203:
Fred FT. Dominick 1545
J. A. Kortcn 39 ;
H. C. Tillman 297 1
H S. Blackwell 277 j
B. V. Chapman 1954 j
Geo. T. Magill 754 j
T. Frank McOord 254 i
State Senator:
Alan Johnstone 1633
"W^rVjnari 15^4
House Representatives:
B. Boinest 1347
T. A. Dominick 1451
H. H. F.v^ns 1380
T -urm Fa.1L- 12S3
V\ T. Herbert <521 :
E. N. Kibler 1187 j:
ry 9? nn
r> n~ i ? tv ' i_
ingress irom imra uiscrici
n by One Thousand Votes,
i from the Third District.
Geo. S. Mower 113;
C. T. Wyche 123
.Superintendent Education:
Elbert f-T. Anil 151"
J. -S> Wneeler 42;
C M. Wilson 149(
Cannon G. Blease 215!M.
M. Bufora 1102
Clerk of Court:
J. C. Goggans 2544
F. \V. Higgins \ 725
I -
xicasuici ;
J. F. Epting 960
E M. Lane 233
W. E. Pelham 299
C. C. Schumpert 1808
J. 2A. Bedenbaugk 505
J B. Halfacre 1181
R. Reid 390
Eugene S. Werts 1154
Probate Jud?e:
J B. Baker 4*6
J M. K. Bushardt 702
V,'. F. Ewart ...! 872
Vijn Smith 1185
J D. Quattlebaum 1191
K H. Rikard 1441
G. G. Sale 630
F M. Lindsay 222S I
C H. Ruff 1019.1
'Supervisor: I
H M. Boozer 137S
J IC. Sample 1327
County Commissioners:
S. J. Cromer 1514
J W. Epting 1226
F. A. Graham 1445
L. C. Livingston 1740
Magistrates were elected as roilows:
Nos. I and 8?C. W. Douglas.
N"o. 2?C. H. Alewine.
No. 3?R. W. G lymph.
N"o. 4?"R. M. Aughtry.
5?"Riv rnnnor /
NTo. 6?J. H. Dorroih.
NTo. 7?W. P. Allen.
N'o. 9?B. B. Hair.
N'o. 10?P. B. Ellesor.
\-0. li?H. H. Ruff.
? ? ?
^4''/?>v; *;%$ < $mm
... . :
. ... ''
In Second Race With
- i . .
3 City Schools Will Open S^ptemljer b
i All the schools ol the Newberry city
system or schools, v.-?11 open on
. Monday morning. September is. There
will be some public exercises in connection
with the opening, announce>
n.enc of which will be made later.
The Superintendent, Dr. Kinard
i v.ill be in iii- cnice a; tiie High
school from September 13 to 16 for
the purpose of meeting all pupils
v.-hose classification is irregular, or
> who need to stand examination for
i any reason.
AH the teachers will meet the
; Superintendent at the High school at
4 :p. m., on Friday, September 15. |
This is a most important meeting and
every teacher is expected to be
j present.
' To The Voters In Townships Namber
1 and 8.
T <1pqirp tr> talrp fMs nf
* ? ? ?
j thanking each, and every one of you I
for your magnificent support in the J
recent primary election, tand I sincere- I
ly thank you for the trust and conn- j
: dence reposed in me by electing me :
i Magistrate by such a handsome vote
j for said Township. desire, at this j
| time, to pledge to you and each oe j
! >ou. that I will honest! and taithjhilly,
' discharge the duties of said office;
! _ _ i
! without fear or favor. In rendering
| my decisions,- I shall not he biased for
| my friends or against those wh > j
j voted against me. but in each case I j
for said Township. I desire, at this j
dence. I will give my whole time an J j
attention to the duties of the office and !
ready to serve the public in the j
discharge of mv duties at any and all!
Chrjrlie W. Douglass
Advt. :
o j
Card of Thanks. i
t nn'ha ?~ -rv*t- fr!on/1a f/\r f 1
1 tV UAIHIA'IV. mjr il ivuuu -.VA ??*v
handsome vote given me Tuesday and
ask them- to remember me again in
the second primary. Read 14 Chatpter 11
of first Corinthians, versea 34 and 35. 1
J. Wm. Polk. *
m ^
T>r Hakifitt r^lriwfell of rVuliniTLhia.
the guest of his .parents, Mr. rand Mrs. i
J. A. Caldwell. ^
ir\ n k nn
iU RAtf,
' -- -:
' ^vX-^X-:-. .:>:>^H
! : :. .:.: . . . :. ' :: :' ; ...... :: ' .-.
Blease for Governor
To The Voters of 5ewberry County,
It appears- from, the returns that I
have been nominated for the third
I time in the Democratic Primary for
County Commissioner. [ wish to tilts
| my hat oif to my. friends *:io -fcava
mus again so loyauy siooa dv me. i
wish es-peeially co thank my friend.s at
;the cotton mills for the big vote
which they gave me. I shall continue
10 serve the best interests of mj
county as faithfhily in the future ua I
have in the past.
* ' Respectfully,
| L. Charlton Livingston.
A very delightful affair of the week
| was the 'picnic and straw ride given by
! the younger social set on Monday
e\ening. Tie party was chaperoned
Ly Mrs. H. H. Blease and Miss Gladys
Chap-pell. After a delightful ride over
town the happy buncfc enjoyed a picnic
dinner at the park. The- party included
about twenty-five couples.
Mr. Stone, the insurance agent who
has made a reputation traveling over
the state making political predictions.
is in Newberry. He says Ble^se will
'beat Manning in the second race.
Service a: Central Methodist oh.rch.
Sunday morning will be conduct-. "jy
the Rev. W. I. Herbert, <pres
elder, Cokesbury district. The pa 'ay:.
Rev. F. E. Dibble, will preach at
Rev. and tMrs. F. E. Dibble returned
yesterday from their trip to Washington.
Their friends are very glad t#
3ee them in (Newberry after their
nissed absence.
Col. C. J. Purcell's many friends acd
>leased to eee him out again after hi*
ay_ui> from his recent serious acciient.
/NT) AC z
l??\ E. fi Cousins and family awe
noved ^rner of Harrington pad

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