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Palmetto l.ads Becoming Acquaints I
With Trieks and Ways of
The State.
In Camp With the -South Carolina
Troops in the El Paso Patrol District,
Aug. 28.?The matter of releasing
the college students from the National
Guard is up for consideration in
all the organizations on the border
and at the State mobilization grounds. I
Only bona fide students are eligible1
to come unae this provision and
fhoir 9rp tn hft let out in tii.ie for the
opening of the colleges in September
Just how many of the South Carolinians
will come under this provision i
is not known and very little has beer ,
freard of it around the South O.iro-'
lina camp.
Col. iSprings estimates that about j
10 per cent, of the Second regiment
would be affected bv the college stu-1
dent order and certainly the percent-j
age of the First and of the cavalry j
engineer and? field hospital unStb
would not be any greater. Very fe "
cf the men from the Palmetto State
I<x*e applied for release under th^
college student order.
' vVhat is thought to have been an ate
* m-nt tn cfnmnwlp thf> horses in the
corral of the First regiment was frustrated
on Tuesday night l y the watchfulness
of the guard and the officer c?\
the guard, Lieut. Chandler of the
Rock Kill company. About midnight
the sentry on duty cat the corral discovered
that some 0110 in civilian
clothes was among the horses wliich
were all tied to the corral in the rear
of the regiment and on investigation
Jie found that four of the halters with
which the horses were tied had been
cut. He chased some one in civilian
clothes behind a lumber pile and
.ttirmi <orh n onmnanv street
UV TY ? X f
Ibut the marauder managed to escape.
On account of the darkness it was
impossible to distinguish the nationality
of the suspect but it was plainly
seen tliat he was dressed n civilian
Learning Their Mounts.
The Palmetto hoys are becoming
?-? ?? - -J TTfAn^Ai?n T-iAi?aac!
Kexpentjiitrtru wiuo. uic nwiciu uvic^o
which have been gathered toy the gov-'
?rnmesit from all sections for the Nns^
of the troops. While there has been
some flails the South Carolina joys
as a rule know how to handle horses :
and most of them have had no trouble..
Sergt. John T. Sloan of the machine!
?on company of the Second went;
clown to the big government corral, j
^ * A ^ - ? ? ? onrl
mounieu a nurse iumu? ixmuiT: auuj
bridle and 'brought his horse and three
others safely into <s?jmp. The officers j
and men have fared on the whole very j
"well in drawing their horses and the i
South Carolinians are pleased with I
their stock.
The machine gun company of the j
Second has drawn its machine gunb
getting what is known as the Lewi3
?r?TT> coif? fhp hASt. wild most
iroderii gun of its kind made. This
company is "being instructed by tih*
officers of the machine gun company
of the Seventh infantry IT. S. A., ana
if fast becoming efficient.
Sergt. Cox of the Twenty-thiri infantry
"has been detailed as instruc
1 A1 If 1
Take a time tried and proven rex
iveness, Biliousness, Jaundice, 1
Blood, Pimples, Indigestion. If :
Dr. teller's Livei
Tour Liver and Kidneys are yoar best {net
when neglected they become your most dan
stxpated yon should immediately take this
j For the high
| of young
I For Catalogue <
fnation address
, _ . .. ? . !
f toi ror tue Firs: uattalion. or the Firs:
1 regi:nei:i; and Sergi. Hughes and tinofficers
and men of the Smyth rifles
i ol Pelzer are ghd to have the sergeant
tent and mess with them. He b
j fast becoming a favorite among the
whole battalion.
Private W. X. Snoddy of the Traynham.
Guards of Laurens, Company D,
of the First, received a box from the
Union Buffalo Mills store containing
tobacco and other delicacies and ono
penny with the hope that he would
not go "broke" on the border. The
box was very much appreciated.
Dotf<illAn n n
iiaiiuiivii v 11 x mimu\?
The Second battalion of the Second
regiment, the Columbia battalion, under
Maj. T. E. Marchant, went on
dress p'-.rade on Tuesdav afternoon
j and made a fine showing. The Sec|
end battalion of the First regiment
i under Maj. T. B. Spratt held dress
parade Tuesday afternoon andi aci
quitted themselves equally as well. j
! Maj. T. E. Marchant of the Second
battalion of the Second regiment
| has had wooden blocks put in his tent
| for flooring and Capt. Joe Marshall of
the Brookland Light infantry declares
j that Maj. Marchant is having a little
! bit of Washington street, Columbia.
! which is paved wth wooden block, fo~ j
iiis tent floor. The Columbians are j
j watching to see if the blocks in tlie j
; maior's tent wiil swell every time j
is a rain and expand like Wash-j
: ington street blocks. Tliev* suggest:
i "
! that if this happens there might in
tinie be enough block to floor the tents
; of all the officers belonging to the
; Second battalion.
Capt. G. H. Mahon, Jr., adjutant of
the First regiment, is happy now because
<a wooden floor has been put in
headquarters tent, largely increasing j
the room and making the tent much!
more substantial.
Oapt. W. L. Gillespie of the Cheraw
company of the First regiment has returned
from a visit to the Elephant
i Butte dam about 75 miles from here
where the government is building a
| tremendous reservoir to store wiater
! with which to irrigate all of this
country. Capt. Gillespie reports a
I fine trip and is loud in his praises of
" * ? J ~
j the magnificent wotk oemg awue m
building the dam. Capt. Gillespie is
an engineer himself and spent several
years working In eastern Texas
and Oklahoma.
Watch Their Feet.
The government pays a great ot.
oc attention to the shoes which aie
issued to the men and every effort is
mad*" get every man the shoe j
v' w H give the most comfort and I
l 1 i 'est. (A'll of the men's feeti
we asured before the new shoes
^ere issued and several authorities
have lectured on this subject. The
long hikes which the soldiers will
take during the field manoeuvres in'
October and their regular drills make
it imperative that they have shoe-j
which will not hurt their feet. This
is why the government is so solicitous
over the subject of footwear for the
The South Carolinians are all hard
at work. Last week was devoted to
company drill and three hours each
? ? ?f a iViio TTArlr
I r ornmg was uc > i/lcu wdj
There were schools for the officer'
and non-commissioned officers every,
jpfternoon and when the duties of the
reraChance I
' l
? I
aedy for Liver Complaints, Cost- |
Kidney Troubles, Impure or Bad
suffering from these take
' and Blood Syrup
ids if yon keep them in good condition, but
geroas enemies. ?If yon are bifions or con* I
great preparation?50c and $1?all dealers.
a Air V ?w* S* T-*
in tuimt i
er education
and other inforI
)E, President,
, South Carolina.
clay were finished there was no time i
for loafing.
General leave is granted each arte
noon from police until retreat but the
duties around the camp such as airing j
bed clothes, washing clothes and at- r
tending to personal affuirs leaves prac-.
nn rinip for tlie men to be loat- (
ing. They are taking to the programme
of work mapped out for them
and are glad to get down to the matter
in hand.
Some of the Palmetto regiments
will probably draw border guard duty
before many more weeks. The pkin
appears to be to send out regiments j
t.i soiard the border two weeks at aj
time and then it is returned to t'n? j
camping place and another regiment,
takes its place. Those organizations '
which, have -been here for some week^> j
are now drawing this border p.itrol J
duty but the .South Carolina organlza- j
tions will probably get their turn be-1
fore any great while.
Maj. T. B. Spratt., Capt. J. B. Parks,!
Lieut. L. M. Massey, Lieut. .Toe Hart. \
Lieut.Dick Pulp and Lieut. Crawfor ! j
mess with the Fort Mill company >and j
it is one of the jolliest messes in camp, j
Capt. Parks is the boarding house
keeper while Lieut. Hart is the rustler
for the outfit and they are both :
very capable, so much so in fact thai'
i. has been suggested that they gj
into the boarding house business when,
they get back to private life and Tor;.|
county. They hnv: not yet agreed to
do so. although Lieut. Hart says tha '
shopping in El Paso is almost as ex-J
citing as shopping in York.
The First regiment car teen is opened
every morning from reville at 5:30;
iintil 7:30 o'clock, the drill hour, whe
it closes and opens again at noon.
W T? riadwell.
Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician.
All Work Guaranteed. *
Corner Caldwell and Friend Streets.
Eyes fitted and sold on Installment.
Jfewberry, S. C.
I Dr. F. C. Martin 1
I Specialist!
f . . ^1
|Examines Eyes, Fits Glasses f
I and Artificial Eyes. f j
Si 1
| If your eyes are giving yo?|!
|trouble d >n't fail to consult him J|
I Satisfaction Guaranteed. I
| Office ovei Anderson's Dry||
XGoods Store. %
How many of the scnoois of the
South are teaching the savings habit
through the instrumentality of tne |
savings bank in the school house? |
This practical 'departure in education j
is comon in the schools of the North
and West. In one of the New York j
city school banks the children deposited
the sum $3,929 from February to
June, over 1.500 youthful bankers be
ing the customers. Every school in
the country ought to operate a savings
bank. It is the easiest and most
effective way of instilling the spirit of
thrift into the mind of a child at a
time when it is most receptive of i
ideas.?Charlotte Observer.
We are prepar<
well and rapidly,
all the patronage
mira lie Wo ka
gl Vi/ UOi f f v iau
ties at the market
the market price
Southern Col
L. W. FLO\
Kev. Jolm Speake at Home.
Rpv .Tnhn Snpakp na?rnr nf St" I
John's Methodist church, who has
been recuperating at the seashore,
and later in the mountains of North
Carolina, is expected home today.
wmie in me mountains *vir. :>peaK.e
visited the Southern Methodist Missionary
school located at Brevard, and
made a talk to the students. Mr.
Speake says that this is a wonderful
work for home missions, and that
peopie who contribute to this cuuse
would be gratified to see the interest
taken by the girls and boys in acquiring
an education. Hfe says that he
has never seen more womanly girls I
or manly boys anwhere. Mr. Speake
is in much better health, and feels
able to resume his work.?Anderson
Mnil. ij
John Caldwell 'Cofield.
The State.
I.Hiitmire, Aug. 26.?John Caldwell
Cofield, a well known farmer living a, J
few miles from town in the Gosheu i
Hill spption. T;nion countv. died at'
7 ~ r ,
the home of his parents, :.\lr. and Mrs. j
. E. Cofield, Friday morning.
Mr. Cofield seemed to be 111 his
usual good health until about one'
week ago when he suffered a severe'
injury from the kick of a mule. For j
a time his condition was not considerII
ed serious but later pneumonia developed
from which cause he died af-,
ter a short illness.
Mr. Cofield was 45 years of age. He :
was the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs.
J E. Cofield, who survive him.
Four sisters, Mrs. S. A. Jeter of.
Whitmire, Mrs. Charles Howie of
GreenVille, Mrs. John Calder of Monroe^
N. C1., Mrs. W. D. IMaybin of Atlanta,
Ga., and one brother, George'
Cofield of Carlisle, also survive.
The remains were Laid to rest in the j
Odell cemetery yesterday afternoon, j
Funeral services were conducted by
the Rev. W. E. Furcrow of the Baptist
I Now Wall I
"Thedford's Black-Draught |,
I is the best all-round medicine I
lefer used," writes J.A. I
H |
Steelman, of Pattonvitfe, Texas, ffl
111 suffered terribly with liver I
troubles, and could get no relief. I
The doctors said I had con- I
sumption. I could not work at I
all. Finally I tried
I mm I
and to my surprise, I got better, H
and am to-day as well as any H
man." Thedford's Black- I
Draught is a general, cathartic, I
vegetable liver medicine, that I
has been regulating irregulari- I
ties of the liver, stomach and I
bowels, for over 70 years. Get |
I a package today. Insist on the I
; m genuine?Thedford's. E-70 B
1 IfMH <
; Invigorating to trie Pale and Sickiy
The Old Standard general strengthening tonic.
GROVE'S TASTELESS c'.iill TONIC, dn\-s out
| Malaria.tviriche *t nebloo<;.and build? ipthi?~v? ;
; To get the genuine, call for f'ill name, ZA.XA
CIVK liROMO OUININE. Look for signature o
j ? VV . WVii. V.U1CJ a .U1U 111
i : ^adacbe. and work) oft cold 2i
fliv leaae
sd to gin cotton !
Will appreciate
the public will
ve bagging and
: price. Will pay !
f- r cotton seed. !
(ton Oil Co.
rD, Manager
Barbecue at PomarL^
The members of New Hope and
Morris Chapel will give a first clasi j
barbecue at Pomaria on Saturday, j
Sept. 2, 1916 for the benefit of tin j
Methodist parsonage. <ioo<i dinne-;
guaranteed. Come and enjoy the
J. L. Graham,
M. H. Kinard,
WANTED?Tracher wanted for Central
school. Term begin3 the 15 of
v__ r* ~ ~ > A J\ t\s\t m/vntVi
ucLuuei". oa.ia.1 y ?*v muum. j
For Sale I
Where we will
machine and r<
Experienced n
auiuinuuii^ in
car and try ou
Give us a trial
II ft /? fill /1
Ml I U i
W | n Hi A
X-IjM /
W.B.Nufonn Corsets I
give Style, Comfort and perfectly
fitting Gown. Long wearing, they
assure the utmost in a corset at
most Economical Price. $3.00
to $1.00.
? \ J <3?^
= Ufa's
R I N G 3 ? | th
I p
Apply 10 a&7 0Ti3 of the undefr- ^
L. A. bhealy,
J. D. Koon,
G. W. Seybt,
The Oulnlae That Does Not Affect Tne Head
Because c? its tonic and laxative effect, LAXATIVE
BROMO QUININE is betterthan ordinary
Quinine and does not cai*?e nervousness nor
ringing in head. Remember the full name and
Vok Tor the ^nature n* E. V. GF1 VE. 2.V.
. Motor Car
by Us at
I do a general
spair business,
machinist and
an. See our
r work
I?be satisfied !
: 156
V jjjli' yj
*\ BtfolSlki/ Jl\
stou/hcures I
j.?ofc??<cmb???u?li?? jh
W.B. Reduso Corsets
nuke large hips disappear; bulky
waist-lines more graceful; awkward
bust-lines smaller and
neater, and have the "old corset"
* -? ??iL iL. ? i
comiori Willi uic uth uumg.
$5.00 and ?3.00.
New York, Chicago, San Francisco
9 V
ie w Jeweli>!
We have many new degns
~in Jewelry. Green,
Tiite and Yellow Gold.
See our line of Bracelet
atche* which were once
lought a novelty but now
cognized by all women and
en at various occupations
a necessity of every day
Jewelers and Opticians
jwberry, - South Carolina

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