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TOTTTWR Lin. >T*BEK Si . SEWBEBBX, S. C, TUESDAY, SEPTE3IBEB 12, 1916. ( ! ??.? > rttlik, *U? A IBAB.
l :?? ' y/:.--:
it wwMmm& ^
9 HHI^h -^5
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ij' :*:!>* V- r ' : r :
^ <y*^ * ,-ftv ' * ;
Newberry's Cand
' In obedience .to a call by S<ecretar,y
T. 34. Mills a number jf fa-.-mers mei
in the court house last-1 Saturday
The- meeting was called to ordei
"Ktt tvt y presiiieut
Dr. Hunter madea very k -.te resting
talk on the boli weevil condition in
Louisiana, .\Lrsissippi ;?i'.?? othar
Dr. J. E. Senn said he could not
do without a silo fov Vis c.>w \
/ iMr. H. M. Wicker says he is well
plased with his silo .and is building
- * - T -1 * ~ Ira ni
(Senator Aian- jonnswuc
winter pastures, etc., stressing bui
clover and rye.
1?j\ J. 0. Williams, live stocP
expert, spoke of feeding cattle, anc
advised the using of pure breds foi
bnedin purposes.
It was a very^interestine: n .- tin?
with an attendance of about fiftj
members. v .
The folo^ing were * added 1 > the
* - TIT Uft^harl
loan association list; .**? . nci vbi i
I Wallace, S. J. Crcmer, J. El Sena
I W. I. Herbert, G. F. Hunter, J. F.
Stevens, J. (Willie Bedenbaugh, C. M,
> Folk, E. 0. Counts, J. a Renf
"wick, S. P. Hawkias, D. B. Sease;
I J. E. Ren wick, B. L. Miller? 0. B.
j M?Her, T. M. Mills.
(Opening: of the City Schools.
The city schools will open on Septencft>er
18. Dr. Kinard', the superintendent
will be in his office, beginning
^Wfednesday, September 15, at 9
c'clock every morning to meet student
*<<ho are irregular in classification,
wbe need to be reexamined.
The law forbids the enrollment cf
any pupil who has not been successfilly~
vaccinated'within the past fiv>
Do^ante cTiAllM oivp MrPful
J-' Xs&L 9. X ai C/Iivo OUVU1U r V ~ ?- ?
attention to this requirement.
The school age is Irom 6 IteL 2!
W Hundreds of thousands of people a.^e
w homeless and threatened with ctarvaI
tion in China on account of floods; a
> Russian brigade advancing in . tlrck
I * vi o rroi-nat t"rr/\ Rnlcarian battel
I V.iavc^ V fT v w
I lions axe mowed down with an annihiI
Iating fire, the wiole battlefield being
ftcoTered with Russian dead, is a sa:a
pl?-of the awful carnage stille raging
in -Burcoe; a New Japanese policy
threatening American policies cZ tne
I open door maintenances of Chines
I integrity, wth difficulty in ths connf
try of devising a satisfactory plan to
insure peace along the intemrtional
boundary, while m i\ewDerry uie
' people have it so quiet and peaceful
they think it terrible when a thief
^enters a house and steals a pair or
two of nts.
:;' ' * ;|
K .' <-v-v'f - KlHB^^^Hl 'is
Ks = 'o*'* ffimMn^KpaH^ps
. jB ^jjftfe >-:
idate for Congress
' ;- t
I Mrs Matthews Entertains Ladies
! , Aid Society. 'I
Mrs. C. A. Matthews entertained
r t
r the Ladies' Aid society of Smyrna
: | church Friday afternoon. Many busir
j ness matters were satisfactorily lat{tended
to. An ice cream festival was
I arranged for Saturday afternoon.
. These ladies have obligated themselv;
es to furnish the pews for the new
i church. They have been ordered and
put in place.
This society was organized in
: 1879 with 10 charter members. The
J charter members were: Mrs. Sallie
I Abrams, Mrs. Sarah Boozer, Mrs.
; Lucy Boozer, Mrs. Sallie Boozer,
Mrs. Helen Clary, Mrs. Alice Gary,
f If.Ts. Dora Ligon, Mrs. Sula'Wilson,
Miss Mary Longshore, and Rev. T.
C. Ligon. Mrs. Helen Clary was
; elected secretary and treasurer at the
I organization and has filled this pos.
/inneomitivplu since then UT) tD
1LAVU V/UUOvvww*. v.j
the' present time. While so many
have passed into the-beyond, others
. have been added from time to time.
At the beginning and for many vv.rs,
( cloth was bought, cut into garments
. and divided out, each member makng
so many garments and seillDs:
them; quilts were pieced, socks knit.)
etc. Late ye?rs they meet once a.
month from house to House, parnijr
their monthly dues and deciding up.
on the most profitable work. They
have ice cream festivals during the
summer months and hot suppers during
the . "winter. Every fall they
piece and quilt two quilts for the J
Thornwell Orphanage. After lively j
chatter, the hostess, assisted by Miss-1
es Bessie Abrams and Alma Seas^,
i .
^nd Mrs. J' W. Wilson 3ervel m?rble
and silver cake and &aram~l anc
lemon cream to the following mc-.m
Mesdames Oscar Abrams, P.erAbrams,
George P. boozer, CasT-cn
Booker, Horace Boozer, J. Sam
Boozer, Earnest Boozer, T. C. Croker,
Helen Cbrv, John V. Clary, J. H
Chappell, J. F. Clamp, Dean, A. M.
-Johnston, Henry Longshore, Oscar
Pitts, Dave Teague, Tom Teague, Sula
"*"1 :Tr TX7 il cftn onH f-A thP
W1ISOI1, )V . \y . ?? ilOVTii, U.11U Vx?
folowing visitors: Miss Bessie!
Abrams, Miss Alma Sease, Mrs. J.
W. Wilson, Mrs. J. T. IMcCrackin,
Mrs. J. H. Baxter, Rev. ,T. C. Cro-Tr
er, Mr. Ben Abrams. Ten children
were present.
Sempr idem.
Death of an Infant.
J The 2 month old infant of iUr. and
Mrs. Ben Parrott died Monday morning
at 11:30 o'clock and will be buried
this morning at Enoree.
Now for tlie college and the schools,
with great life and activity! of t.h2
eirls and boys. Forget the election
and such like ?.fter today. There *>- 1
sTander things for Newbem* something
^better than gold.
auov'u vwvT unvrw 4 v
VI JL-V 1 .Ul/Jl^.1 x
Prosperity, Sept. It.?Prosperity
High school will open Monday morning
September 18. Superintendent J.
S. Wheeler requests all pupils to be
,Mrs. George S. Swygert of iW&shizigton
has been visiting Mrs. J. B. T.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Porter, Mr. Wi^i
Padeett and MXss Sorter of Saluda
*? ..
were guests; eS&i&dfty of Mr. F. T. ?waffcrd*
Mrsj^ll. Counts and children of
Columbia are visiting at the home of
Mr. J. A. Counts.
Dr. and Mrs. U. M. Crosson and Mrs.
J D. Langford of Leesville spent
Wednesday with IMiss Victoria Crosson.
Misses Tommie Stouudemayer and
Annette Williams have returned to
C.'hapin after a week's stay with Miss
Grace Sease. < I
Miss Tena Wise has as her guest j
Miss Helen Lathan of Little Mountain.
Mrs. Allie Ellis of Leesville is
I spending a few weeks at the home of
her brother, Mr. John Crosson.
Miss Annie Fellers left Saturday for |
; Sovau where she will tftaehJ this
Mrs. T. E. Barnes of Saluda is
visiting at the home of her father}!
Mr iS:. J. Kohn.
JMiss Elizabeth Hawkins leaves today
for Marion to teach in the citv
j school.
Prof. J. E. Hunter has% returned to
I Clemson college.
Misses Effie and Elizabeth Hawkins
I nd Mary DeWalt Hunter were shop- !
pers in^Columhia last Thursday.
Mrs. Molie Livingstone of Salud<a is
! visiting her daughter, Mrs. F. E.
Dr. G. Y. Hunter spent Sunday at.
Clemson college with his sister, Mrs.
Laurence Sease who is ill with fever.!
Mrs. .T. B. Ehrhardt of Ehrhardt
spent a few days last week with Mrs.
L. A. Black. j
Miss Onetto Witcher of Baltimore
j -rrives today. She will have charts
. t-?i?)\r rjonn rfmpnt
O" *~>ruv,'i\ b i?. lunvi j .
Mrs. J. OiS'chum.pert has reta'-rl
from the northern market".. Miss
Virginia Beale who for severe 1 seasons
was the popular milline- frr,
Moseley Bros, is wi^h J. C. Sclium^crt
this season. '1
Mr. Campbell Lake le^va-i Y/ecIne*-!
day for Kellock where he is principal
of the Kelook Graded school.
Mr. Pat rt'se leaves today for.
Rcanoke College.
Mises Cain Wychc a~fl Ratio Mic:
Xance leave Friday for Wintliro? Col-!
Messrs and TViV.ie Nan?v
of Florida ha**^ br^ visiting their
mother,.Mrs. Almo Xance. ,
'Yr. ,snd Mr^. J. B. j
. i
I Fcmaria spp***. the week-end "with
: Mr*. J. M. Werts.
I f The W. D. C. met Tuesday afternoon
at four o'clock wth Mrs. J. F.
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Warier ail
son and daughter of Greenwood have
been visiting Mrs. Irvin Lon?.
Mr. W. P.i Flunton o' Orangeburg
| spent the week-end wth Mr. A. A.
Nates *
The mucc studio of iYrs. J. F. Browil,
will open L'ortembei' ISth.
Fiftieth Annf-^rs-.rv of a Happy
Crt b*5t Sit'irday Mr. rr.d Mrs. R. T
C. Hunter celebrated the 50th anniversary
of their wedding. There had been
no invitations sent cut, only the surviving
children and their .families.
Vfith other relatives and a number of
friends being present. The sons and
daughters, with their children, * who
attended were as follows: Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. T. Hunter and family, Mr:
and /Mrs. J. B. Hunter, Mr. J. E. Hunter
and little son, Mr. and Mm L. L
Mentor familv. Mr. and Mrs. T. A.
Zeigler and family, Mr. and Mr3. R.
C. Hunter and family, Mr. and Mrs.
A. C. Hunter and family, Mr. T. M.
Hunter. The occason was a most
delightful affair, enjoyed to the utmost
by all* the participants. IMr.
and Mrs. R. T. C. Hunter are of the
mo * prominent of Newberry county's
good citizens, and their numerous
friends con?rrc.t"late them upon their
?;,.ni of r,n+vi milestone of their
^cesssful inarried life and wish for
- "".ifr ir' ""miversaries.
' ?? pm
iXmiMCit HAS
v Congressional Race fai Third
District Cansing Great' Deal of
CongresMjmaJ Tace in tne i nira ;
district hwtirfen Fred H. Dominick
and Wyatt ^Liken the incumbent is
attracting -widespread attention not
only in the district but throughout the
state. Mr. Aiken is the only congressman
iti South Carolina wiho
not returned in the first primary.
The race in the Third dstrict is in
teresung irom many vie* ptuuia. uui- .
ing Congressman Aiken's service of 14 ;
years he has been compelled to run a
second race only twice?two years
ago with Mr. Dominick and this year
with the same candidate. The primar/
ot- a week ago is the only one in which !
9 I
a competitor has polled more votes j
than Mr. Aiken, Mr. Dominick leading ;
the present congressman by aoout
1,000 votes.
f\!r. Dominick and Mr. Aiken are :
both hard at work in the district, Mr. j
Aiken having left his duties in Wash- j
ington to look after his interests in the
distrct. It will be remembered that j
his official duties would not permit j
him to meet his opponents on the
stump during the regular congressional
Indications point*strongly to Con- j
gressman Aiken's defeat by Mh Domi- '
mc-K in the second primary next T^es- ;
The Third district is tne lar gest m
'the state, ithere being about 28,000 vot-:
ers enrolled. More than 25,000 votes j
were polled in the first primer/.
The above is a special iron Newberry
published in tae Claries ton
American of ll'onday. ;
If Newherry county gives DJr. Dcd:>
ni?k tho \cu; today tilu. it ij e^ejt~i
she will and tnat one should si/'o -i_i
.L(- wiil oe.tainiy Lie nCAt c^n.jiojs- i
man from tfcs distiict and if all si^no
- ? ?< * " 1 r\ -) f Tf ~ ~ 71
Ci V/ W lwl A* W W i*i O V/ I Alal* !?*>?? W >* P
v*'eu ii Lc Uec.3 net xoil mere wtes j
ii A'cv. bcr: y tl-an he dij in the tlr !
primary. He will surely carry And-';
crson, Pickcn3} Grccnwocd and pas-'
g fcly MeCormick end Ae'ccville, or;
ccme ro near it tiiat the majority wi'l j
not count to any c.-tcnt in making up
the total.
The Herald anc'j News will be
pleased to ceo Newberry stand by h~.* I
tome man unci we believe she is go- !
ii.*r to do it.
m^jum ^
The Soldier Bc*ys will be seen in the,
pictures at the (Arcade today.
The Eacelor Maids will meet Tues- (
day afternoon at 5 o'clock with Mrs.
Tho3. K. Johnstone.
Get to "The Wall Between" at the
Opera House Thursday and see
Francis Bushman and Beverly Bayne,
the two movie tars you know you
like to see.
Some little excitement/ was raised
- Cnn/^otr n 1 Crl) f 71
m ceriam quiiucia uuuua; uirgk.k *V |
was though an automobile had been i
tolen. The car turned uv'all right j
later, when it turned out that isome :
joy riders had borrowed it.,
Mr. Robert McC. Holmes' car met
with a peculiar accident iS<unday after- i
noon atWillowgrook park. While r:c-1
ing in thecar one of the wheels :jido \
off and ran the length. of the park, i
roling into the reek, the occupants of j
the car in the meantime watching the j
wheel a ist roled along.
A large crowd witnessed the beau-1
tiful and impressive ceremonies at
the unveiling of the TV. 0. W. monument
to the memory of David A. j
Lnngford at Roemont cemetery Sun-I
day afternoon. Features of the liaison
were the address of Mr. Jame-3 C.
Kinard and the recital of Miss Annie
Dun stan. Mr. Kinard is one of the
best of the oratorical products of
tNewberry colege and Mis s Dunstan
is one of the most talented readers In
the citiy. She was taught expression
by Mrs. Thomis P. Johnson, a leading
teacher of this high art
Mr. J. H. Baxter -went, to Emory
Chafpel church, Saluda county, Wednesday
and' ererter a monument to the
memory of LAlonzo Bouknight, and
Saturrav ne went to iuvum?ijj j
and ere"t?d one to the memory of
Walter Derrick
^PPSc"' ffiB
. ' -' &* *' H
Ky ,4::'a
V . ' '; J . ' . ; S
' *( '4s<&?
Who Leadi
Mr. iMack Oxner, of the firm of Bakjr
cr & Oxner, went to Columbia and returned
yeterda/v with a Hudson super
Miss Gertrudi EjIanU "of Little".
Mountain peiu the week-end at the
home oi* Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Lat.ian.
Mr. Pope L. Buford spent Sunday at j
the 'Columbia hospital with his farher. j
Capt. M M. Buford. Captain Buford j
underwent an operation Sunday and |
is doing very well, his many friends j
will be glad to' know.
Prof. unn uiarK oi L-ieiusuii &i.cin
Sunday in Newberry with his friend
r?cf. W. L. Motes.
Mrs. J. Claude Dominick left Mon
day for Abbeville and Ninety Six, t(
spend a month with relatives.
In Seconu Race
1 ^
5 the Race
Automobile Accident.
t\?r. S. 0. Xesley started to Augusta
Sunaay in his car. Three miles beyond
the stool bridge over' Saluda
river, near the home of Mr. Yancey
Cclemaa. the front wheel get out of
..e rut. cuing to tne weicontiition of
die rca/' aiter a. recent rain/ Air.
.?esky tried to throw the wheel back
noi the rut when it kidded, throwing
the car into a ditch. Those in tie
r ifi* Mr. Xesley were Mrs." Xesley
v>?;r nlii'dren and Mrs. Arthur Mcintosh.
The children were thrown
out, but received no further injuries
than some scratches. The other cccupants
of the car were shaken up
and also got some scratches. The
damage to the car was a broken wb^el
and smashed fenders.
? =!
*' '*& 1
for Governor

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