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ffee Movements of many People, New
berrians, and Those Who Visit
Mr. M. B. Clisby has as liis giies*
tiio m/vt-Vior* fr/~im Wpc+ "Pai T11 Va
i-'lU Iiiwi-m-.i J JL A vui *? Vkj V ? VAMWJ ? ?,
Miss Kate Adams is spending awhile
her home in Newberry.
Mr. Carol D. Hipp returned Friday,
from (Wilmington, N .C.
Mr. M. A. Counts ha% arrived from
- Castonia and is again busy with insur
ance matters, with Mr. Paul Adam 3.
Mrs. J. Henry Harms and children
v-ill return to Xewberry Wednesday
from a visit to Saluda, N. C.
Professor S. J. Derrick and famiiy
will return to their home on the co.Ipge
campus on Friday.
Rev. S. P. Koon of Sdlverstreet has
accepted the call of the St. Paul
Mrs. J. B. Amick and Miss< Annie
/mick returned Sunday from Lexington.
Contractor P. F. Baxter is is
Saluda to build a "brick store for Mr.
E. W. Crouch. ,
Messrs J. E. Mims and R. T. Hill c-f
Edgefield motored to :\ewDerry ^>unday,
returning home Sunday night.
Pete Matthews of Newberry spent
the last veek-end with Hite Bya-um on
Laurel street.?The State.
Mr. C. B. Spinks has returned from
a visit to his father, Mr. J. W. Spinks.
at Dallas, <Ja.
te'iss Goode Burton, left Mondaj |
for Anderson college, where ^she Is a:
Messrs Thurston Boland of Spring
"field and Kenneth Kreps of Columbia
wer^ in the city this week.
Dr. and Mrs. E. H. Moore and Mr.
Chalmers Brown motored to Glenn j
^Springs and Spartanburg Sunday.
Misses Mary and Bess Burton re- j
turned Thursday from a visit, to i'ew |
York and other points nortH.
Mrs. Alan Johnstone, Jr., of Columbia,
is the guest of her mother, Mrs. j
J. W. M. Simmons, in Calhoun street.
Mrs. J. R. Eison has returned from
'Columbia, wihere she was the guest ol
lilrs. Cole L. Blease.
Miss Mary Kibler left Monday for
Greenville,, where she will resume
xsfndips at G. W. C. ' ' !
:Mrs. G. A. Siiealy returned, last
tveek from Leesville after a vicit Z)
hei daughter.
Dr. M. J. of Savannin was
;a business visiter to dewberry Fri-j
<dav. , i'
2HI33 Lctilro Taylor left FrMay for j
-Ninety Six, where Lbe tjachcs th? j
seventh grade in the crndod cchoclo j
Air. Frank F.awl of Newberry\ is j
spending a few days with relative j
in Eatectudfe.?Herald.
" * txoTTrV?r>^ n fnrmer
'i(T, L>, A. Xiv* ?TT 1UUM, ?.
JCewbcri'/ boy now ill Atlanta, was j
in the city last "weei.
Mr. Tcm E. Eison of VJiitmirc speit j
Saturday night and Sunday in tlit-j
city. ,
Messrs James GaiUard and Bea r
Crcmer left Monday for Washington
to visit in that city.
Mrs. Liila Eddy and her son, JW41-;
liam, have returned from an ex.,
, tended visit in Columbia.
Miss Maude Outz3 of Greenwood Is ;
visiting her aunt, Mrs. W. C. Wil-j
Miss Jennie Smith of Pacolet will J
arrive Saturday to visit her sister,!
Mrs. Yvalter Cameron.
Miss Elizabeth Dominick was on<?
the judges in a big Ford contest
In Lexington last week.
The Daitch brothers of Newberry!
l??-.ve also opened up a fine line >f
?OOL5 in Edgefield.
fl!iss Carrie Watson of Whitmire
spending a fe\^ days in the city.
ni*0Qna-/\A^ JrvlirPfll
X ^/V/U " V vu www.. ?,
Mrs. C. M. Cook and Miss Clara j
Cook of Columbia tare visiting Miss
Jessie Duncan. * .
Mrs. C. IM-. Cook and Miss 'Clara
Cook of Columbia are visiting Mis3
-Jessie Duncan.
-Hev. E. P. Taylor of Prosperity i
^Tlsited his sons in town one day
^ Hast Tareek.?Batesboirg Herald.
Mr. , E. B. Rikard visited Ids'
<$SBgbter sat Newberry Sunday.?
Batesburg Herald.
Mrs. M. M. Satterwhite spent last
week with her sister, Mrs. W. P.
Srnit5i at Kinards.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Baxter motor- i
<9& fW^ednesday to Saluda, visiting
Mr. and IM-rs. H. C. Smith.
-Mrs. Parr of Newberry spent yes%
erday in Columbia on a shopping'
rip.?The Record.
Miss Caro Wyche returned today
:o her home in Prosperity, after a
visit to her sister, (Mrs. James Gog?ans.?Columbia
Miss Plisy Timmprman has returned
from a visit to friends at Silverstreet
in Newberry county.?Batesburg
Mr. and tMrs. J. P. Long of Silverstreet
were the guests of relatives
in town last Thursday.?Batesburg
x a
Mr. Issie B. Mann nas reuirneu
from his pleasant visit to Fairfield
county, where he had a fair field all
to himself.
Mr. Frank Smith of Newberry has
been a visitor in the home of Mr.
?nd Mrs., J. L. Walker.?Johnston
lAIrs. J. L. Walker and children
are at heme from a pleasant" visit to
* -vt v t. ?Ty-wVi-n ctnn
relatives in wenueuj.?
Little 'Miss Mar^^Metts reurned to
Whitmire Sunday after spending sev-j
eral days with her aunt, Mrs. Mary P.
Fant. ,,
Mr. C. F. Hancock, representing
in Newberry the Gulf and Atlantic Insurance
company, spent Friday at the
home office in Columbia.
i.YTJss Ozella Murray of Kinards is
in St. George on a visit to her uncle,
Mr. J. D. Murray.?Dorchester
I.VLrs. J. W. iAiiton, who has been
staying with her daughter, Mrs. W.
C. Wilson, is now visiting her son,
Mr. F. D. Ouzts, at Ep worth.
Misses Kennedy of Newberry are
> ??+l.
enjoying a nappy summer .nere wuu
their" grandmother.?Kidards Cor.
Clinton Gazeytte.
Mrs. F. E% Brown of Prosperity
spent several days last week as the
guest of her sister; Mrs. 'Carlisle
Taylor.?Batesburg Herald.
i Misses IMarian and Jcsopliine Y/crkman
have returned to Laurens county,
after visiting Misses Huttie, Mary and
! Susie Bufora.
| Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Livingston of
Columbia arc visiting his brother,
Mr. D. A. Livingston, and other
relatives in town and county.
Mr. J. D. Edens. well known traveler
for Inc Stien riano people, is making
ills old hunting grounds of Newberry
another cf his bright visits.
Mr. Dr.vey Oxncr of Kinards went
last we2k t3 Raofo,rd, N. C., wfaere
he h principal, of the high school
?Ei Miss. Irene Workman to Honea
Path to teach.
Miss Pet Dominick, of J. C. Moore
ncl Sens Cry goods store, Columbia j
srer.t tnursday night in Newberry
with h.'r brother, Jr. Farman D:>rvi j
nick, and family.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Dominick and
Miss Eunice Sease returned last
week to Kinards after spending
three week# in the mountains of
North Car?lina
Mrs. H. C. Wofford ana little .wary
Frances will leave today for their
heme in Washington, D. C., after
visting at the 'home of her mother,
Mrs. S. M. Duncan.
Miss Ruth Dibble, of the faculty ot
the Orangeburg) graded schools is
spending the week in Newberry with
Rev. and Mrs. F. E. Dibble, Mr. Dibble
being her half 'brother.
Prof. J. W. Thomson, who fills, tli.?
chair of pedagogy in the faculty of
Winthrop college, is visiting hi*
friend, Dr. James P. Kinard, at tlie
home of Mr. and Mrs. Jno. M. Kinard.
Mr. A. P. Boozer went to Jacksonville,
Fla/, Tuesday and return?
- - ?? i J- ? j
ed to Newberry Friday, tatter auenuing
to business and seeing some of
the sights.
Saturday morning from 11 to 1 a
bevy of laughing girls were gathered
in the vine-shadowed pergola that
leads from the front veranda of Miss j
Mary Jones' home.?Edgefield)
Misses Frances Thompson of New- j
berry and Broy and Vyrl Swygert of
Darlinigton are the guests of the
Misses Eargle on Depot street.?
Lexington News. j
Mayor Z. F. IWfiright was elected a
member of the board of directors of
the Southern Textile association at
il e meeting of the stockholders in
Greenville last Tuesday.
Mrs. W. T. Tarrant, her son? W. T.
Tarrant, Mrs. F. L. Cartledge, of
Batesfourg, Dr. and Mrs. M. D. Huiett
and son Linder, of {Union, attended
the burial of IMrs. Louise -Scott in I
Newberry i?Yiaaiy anernoou.
Miss Lizzie Griffin has returned to
Newberry after a yisit with her sister,
Mrs. Orlando Sheppard, and her
aunt, Mrs. Victoria Evans.?Edgefield
~T rVapri Air Af .Vmrharr )
r 1 \JL . 'O. O VI Wii; ,
wns a visitor to Lexington Monday.
Prof. Derrick was at one time principal
of the Lexington school and
j attended the reunion held here Mon-1
|day.?Lexington News.
Misses Willie Mae Wise, Marguerite
Wise and Mayrane Bailey have
returned to their liome at Prosperity
after an extended visit to Misses tiosa
and Louise Ridgell.?Batesburg
Sheriff and Mrs. Cannon G. Blease,
their daughter, 'Miss Colie, and Grandpa
Eugene S. Blease have returne-l
from Laurens after a visit to the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Ry&n, Workman
to see the little hoy. /
I Miss Elizabeth Dominick of New
berry is visiting Mrs. S. J. Leaphart.
Miss Dominick was at one time a
teacher in the Lexington school and
j.as a large circle of friends who j
always welcome her here to Lexington.?'News.
Mrs. tiharlotte V. Spearman of j
I X'rmwVn-oix.r ia TrioiHn cr in th-P> hflmp of 1
W'UCl i ^ 10 T ICTiblUQ ?M v?w
iir. and Mrs. M. T. Turner. She
was accompanied by Miss Myrtle
Fellers and 'Mssrs. Howell Spearman
and Henry Fellers, who made a short
visit. ?Johnston Times.
The Jonesville high school had a
very auspicious opening on Monday
morning. The auditorium was taxed
to its utmost capacity with
fr.;an>?e notrrmc and nil nils for the
H put,* V**w -"V, r
opening exercises. IV.r. C, L. Wilson
of Newberry is principal.?Gaffney
Mr. Alvin Wright, the active and accommodating
linotype operator of
the Anderson Intelligencer, came to
Newberry and worked Saturday niglu
on The Herald, and. News, relieving
Mr H. G. 'Crandall, who was called
| tc Columbia on business. ?ach ivt.
mod to his respective place Sunday
Magistrate L. M. Player has returned
from a trip to Greeleyville? his old
home town. He had an enjoyable time
fishing and in other ways, although :t
made him sad to see the ruin of the
crops by the recent fierce storm. He
'nad no idea it was so severe. The condition
is bad in that section.
tVIr. 'Paul Whitaker, on his rounds,
stopped over in 'Newberry to spend a
i ft- wr HflVs here this week. He has
friends in this city, not alone oecaus*ot
his family connections, but from
tie fact that among his other qualification
he possesses the happy gift of
i?cng which pleases.
Miss James, one of iArms'trong,
Cater and company's head milliners
from Baltimore, has arrived in Newberry,
having charge of Mimnaugh's
millinery department. This will begood
news for Mimnaugh's man}
customers, as those Baltimore millin
ers are all the finest of the line.
Mr. A. R. B~~ing, who was a rising
junior of Newberry college last ses- i
sion, arrived Saturday from _ Waido,
Fla., on his way to Philadelphia11
where he wll enter the University of
Pennsylvania to pursue his studies in
that institution. His friends are sorry
he will not be at the college here this
Among the Xewberrians who saw
the Columbia-Augusta baseball game
in Columbia last Friday were Messrs
Russell Tidmarsh, David Green, Roy!
Enfinz. E. E. Stuck, G-eorge Switten:;
berg, Boyd Jacobs, Robert Lominacf, j
Eugene and Marvin, Summers, will)
Cannon, Everett Evans, 54 Klettner,!
Olie Bowers, Virgil Kaiser.
President J. Henry Harms of Newberry
college has returned home after
spending several days in Columbia!
with the family of Ames Haitiwangei !
on Richland1 street. While here Dr.]
Harms w?.s a close follower of tnej
championship - series of baseball;
games between the Columbia ana J
Aueusta clubs.?The State. Such as i
that is what helps to make Dr. Harms
so popular with the boys and others.
Mrs. A. 0. Haltiwanger of Columi
bia .will have charge of the boarding
i department of Newberry college for i
the coming session, and. will leave '
the last of next week to assume her
duties. Miss Louise and Messrs.
Albert and Leonard Haltiwanger will
be with their mother during the wintr.
and Mr C. A. Haltiwanger, who
will spend sooie time in Newiberry to
get his family settled for the winter,
will spend week-ends with them, his
business taking him to various parts
of the state.?'Columbia Record.
Death of Charles Sbealj.
Mrs. Charles Shealy died of tuberculosis
last Thursday evening at 7
o'clock, at his home near St. Phillip's
church, and was hurried vat iMt. Pilgrim
church cemetery Friday afternoon
at 4 o'clock, service conducted:
by Revs. Harman and Pence. He was j
29 years old and leaves a widow- and j
tai il.il HlUli
The Little Mountain graded and
high school will open Monday morning,
September 18th. State Superintendent
of Education J. E. Swearin?-en
and County Superintendent
|'Cliarles P. Barr will be present and i
make addresses.
The trustees expect the session
Ij'.'St opening to be the best in the his-j
tory of the school since the school
( term has been lengthened to nine
i months and the faculty will be the,
! same as last year.
Tie teachers are: I Miss Mayme
i ;iwittenberg, principal; Miss Annie
Mae Gentry, high school assistant; j
' Misses Eunice Long, Elberta Sease
| an J- Ernestine Wicker, grammar
: r chool teachers. Miss Catherine j
j Garlington will have charge of the,
riusic department and Miss Willi^'
Mae Wise will tach domestic science.
j me p-uDiic is mvitea 10 me cpea-j
ing exercises next Monday morning
'at 9 o'clock. j
! Iteopcning of Xewberry College, !
The old college bell, which has call-1
ed tiie boys and girls to duty for sixty (
; }ears, will ring in another session on !
| Thursday morning, 'September 21. Thu
i students will be arriving on the days
| preceding, some for examination and
| some because they cannot wait for
I the openng day to return. % I
: The boardng hall will be opened'
| early in, the week, in charge of Mrs.;
j A. C. Haltiwanger of Columbia. The
i i
J new management is planning to make
the college "pie counter" the best in
the state.
i The new athletic director, Mr.
| James G. Driver, will come to Newberry
on September 16, and_ get hi*,
work outlined for the session. He is
sending out word to all football candidates
to be on* the field for practice
Monday afternoon September 19.
j All the buildings and grounds ar?
ir. condition for the reception of the
students when they return. A good
many of the graduates within- easy
tiavelling distance of the college will
be on hand to help the college get its
start for another session.
Xo matter how the election goes toi/io,
ti-iAro will hp new life in New
berry next week after the reopening
of the college and the schools.
i There was a sprinkling of rain late
Friday afternoon which interferred
' with the band concert at the park,
as only a sprinkling of people attended
in the damp grass.
i .
i .
? OK SALE?Hogs and pigs. Appl; :<
> W. L. Bushardt, Newberry, Phone1
I 4ot)2. 8-25-tl.
WANTED?IA limited number of Ex- j
r'lo nc Knarin I
preSSlOU yupua. (jiowco
Sept. IS. Beginners price is $2.00'
per month. Mrs. Tom P. Johnson, j
! lt-pd.
I - j
! FOR SALE?Good milk cow, with j
younj calf. Price reasonable.!
iS-hould like to buy some calves.
Apply to E. B. Setzler, 2001 College
TEACHER WANTED?For the Johnstone-school.
Principal ?50; .vi-sistant
$40. Term seven months. Apply
T> 15 D^in.Vn Wnnr'iOWV S C* !
IA/ r. U, ^ * f ^ w.f j
Route 5; or W. F. Ruff or TV. P.
Fell-ors. Prosperity, 35 C., Route 3. j
Sept. 8, 12, 15.
: - ' *
When you
As we have plen
tractive rate of int
We will be glad 1
The C
The Bi
The court of common pleas is not
until next Monday. ,
There is more than one September
Morn in Newberry these days.
ioaa. | win aisciose tne secona
pr?i?ode of the strange case of many
politic* I
That was another sweet solo by
Miss Mattie Lou Wicker at Central
Methodist church Sunday morning.
The eirl who looked up Sunday
night and said it was beautiful has an
eye for the moving pictures of the sky.
Merchants Expect Heavy Fall
Trade.?Headline in Greenviile News.
?Those good little signs are postei
all ofrer the face.--! the ccuLtry.
A call meeting of the Drayton
Rutherford chapter, JIT. D. C, will be;
held with Mrs. W. H. Hunt Wednei-!
day afternoon at 5 o'clock.
It is Grandpa Eugene S. Bleass
now, and the little boy lives in Laurens,
looked after by Mr. tand Mrs. i
Ryan Workman.
If you would learn "The Secret of;
the Night" go to the Opera House to-'
night, Monday, and see Lillian Drew
and Sydney Ainsworth.
A meeting of the school trustees of
Urt, will ho. hplri at th^ court
LUC V/V/uaiu; n?*4
house next Saturday morning- at 10:30 ,
o'clock. State Superintendent Swear-i
ingen will be present.
There were cars passing through
Newberry last Friday from Charles- i
ton, S. C., IVlrginia and other places, i
Thi9 city ought to build up more j
and loom larger on the map.
Under a new ordinance of the city
of Greenville che citizens are made
to clean their premises of weeds, etc.
Tht city is ahead of Newberry in this
The Ladies &/id Society of the Lutheran
Church of the Redeemer' will
n.eet Tuesday afternoon at 5 o'clock
ai the home of IX'xs. J. Sidney Derrick.
The Junior Division of Central
3'ethodist church will hold a social
meeting on the cliurch lawn Wedne?
' ' ->-1- -1- All
Cu y afternoon at s o ciock. ah members
are urged to be present. >
Tlie interesting services by the
Eev. S. W. Reid at the A. R. P. church
closed Sunday night, after being heid
daily and nightly since Wednesday
night of last week.
If the reporter works long enough
in this department he would like to
clear up seme of the mysteries of th-}
city, clem up the place, show jp
! sr.mp thiners and keen busy.
i Think of 143,000,000 dozens of c
fieing in-cold storage in cities of tli;
j { ftited States, while one old tci
j cackling on Lindsay hill to beat tic
| band thinks she is doing a rushing
I *'
Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician.
All Work Guaranteed.
Corner Caldneii and Friend Streets. |
Eyes tilted and sold on Installment
uNewberry, S. C.
To !
e of Newber
want money <
call on the
_ i
Newberry, S.
ty of it, and are anxiou
to make loans on all co
' I \
ink that Always Treats You f
Opera House
kfriri: kiiTOL'rr /il1 TUr viniirru?
"lilt klLt IIA U1 X U?, Jltuni
3 Act Esa:inay.
Lillian Drew and Sydney Aingworth.
vim Comedy.
Harry Myers, and Rosemary Theby.
i ? <*
Vim Comedy.
Alice Brady
5 Act Brady Made.
2 Act Essanay.
Francis Bnshman.
Kalem Comedy.
Sis Hopkins.
Williaip Dang-maa.
Franels Bashman and Bererly Bay**?
in \
5 Acts.
Kalem C-omedj.
Ethel Teare. _
. ?
Don't forget "'Miss Petticoat at
the opera house Tuesday, irbe? Attm
Brady will be featured.
jf Dr. F. C. Martin I
|ExaminesEyes, Fits Glasses|
i| and Artificial Eyes. t
;|>If your eyes are giving you?
I ^trouble don't fail to consult him ?
II Satisfaction Guaranteed. |
|y Office ovei Anderson's DryJ[
,XGoods Store. T
vmir i t ftatiptt.
*11. Jlj MJ J. tJVV^ju A v
Regular meeting of the Newberry
County flLedical society in Dr. Peiham's
office Friday afternoon, September
8, at 3 o'clock.
Jno. B. Sctzler.
- /
I !
If you necil tfioin, >vc have them.
r. (. JEANS & CO.
j Jcrclers, "Watch Makers & Opticians
1*. f. Jeans, Optometrist.
Cabbage Seed
* (New Crop)
In hulk, for fall planting
F. 1 WAY, Diuggist
Newberry, S. C.
m ;
' . ' : V
ry County
doil't fail to
D 1_
is to loan iit at attton
stored in the
tight. /
i .

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