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??: " " ' SEWBEEBI, S. C. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1916. TffICE 1 WEEK> ,U< A IIA*
f'H ?n in-jiifju"
J? "
To Arouse Pub
tin il(C UI.ICI
r.' Kinard Calls a Mass Met
the Interest of the Schools.
I ? dress. OfAci
It. Kinard the superintendent of
j city schools requests all who can ,
^ibly do so to meet at the Opera |
use next Monday morning at 10 j
* 111 I
Slock. He hopes tnat tne men win}
Heave their places of business for an
Kour to hear Dr. Morse on Community
Hfrpirit. A special invitation is expended
to the public spirited women of I
J Newberry who have already done so
I much for the schools. In addition to
i j Dr. IMorse's address there will be from
Lifhree to five minute talks by three or
Rour of the prominent business men
the city.
^?The nuDils of the High school and j
{! the Gth and 7th grades will meet)
Rita Jolivet ir\ "An International
irriage" will be seen at the Arcade
iday, September 22.
H|The way some men ate pindars
Buesday niftht it is a wonder they
^Bdn't get pindarcitis.
B^Mary Pickford in "Little Pal" will
the Paramount shown next WednesHay
at the Arcade.
H tVia Youns: People's Missionary
society of Central Methodist church i
Py.ill meet Sunday afternoon at 3
^ o'clock in the church parlors.
f j/*Gwen
Moore, Mary Pickford's hus band
appears at the Arcade Monday j
ith Hazel Dav.-n in 'Hinder Cover" a j
{Famouse .flayers raiaiiiuuuv
I What moistens tlie lip and bright- j
ms the eye, what calls back the past !
ike the rich pumpkin pie ?'Am old
It 'will be "The Kiss of Hate" at the
pera House next Thursday, iSeptem- j
er 21, with the celebrated star,!
Ihel Barrymore, in the featured role, j
W It appears from the returns that
^Klon. Fred Dominick of Newberry has i
Mrealized his ambition an<! is now con- i
( jgressman for the third district.?
Greenwood Index. It sure does.
H We wonder what those Newberry;
Wpapers wil talk about after the cam- j
^paign is over.?Anderson Mail. What
did Noah talk about after the flood'
g He didn't talk about going fishing; he
talked about going aneaa wun wu&c
was left, after using the split loj
W If you don't see personals, little
items and other local matter on the
I last page, lool* on all the pages.
B Some people think when they read
what they call the local page that
I there are no more locals in the paper,
ft The temporary reporter has been
p furnishing so much matter for the past j
Srek or two there lias not been room
>ugh for all of it in the whole paper.
The early sunlight filtered through
filmy draperies to wher$ a woning
baby stretched his dimpled
ids to catch the rays that lit his I
e and flesh as dawn lights up a rose.!
Yom the Mysteries by James |
at Cook. It was at Mr. Jno. W. j
hardt's home, only the wondering]
?y stretched "her" dimpled hands j
she is his latest grandchild, with j
ft its 'home in Columbia.
How the stricken Nadia meets and
falls in love with a young officer of the
J Imperial Guard, who gives shelter to
her and her dying brother in his hunting
lodge, how she learns that his
father is the Perfect, who has murder
ed her father and brother and debauched
her, make the thrilling and
^^tragic events that follow form a story
of compelling quality, and a real
die Interest
>o/s of the City
iting for the Opera House in
Dr. Morse to Mjkz Adrs
to Speak.
at the Opera House at 9:45 and take
the seats to the front in the auditorium.
Immediately after the exercises
these pupils will report to their respective
The High school pupils will assemble
in the auditorium of the High
- ' * -3 A nrr
The pupils or tne &m ana < uu gi auw |
will report to their rooms at the
graded schools.
The pupils of the grades from 1 to
5 will go to their respective schools
at the regular opening hour, 8:5*,,
when the teachers will meet them and
begin the work of the new session.
dramatic sensation. At the Opera
House Thursday September 21.
Sparks from the C. N. and L., freight
engine set? fire Monday to the peavine
field of Mr. H. B. Wells. The
peas had been gathered. The fire
burned the peavine hay to the extent
of about a quarter of an acre in a hurry,
as it was very dTy and in fine
* * -1?3 ? y?T>
condition to oe ncKeu up s-jyccunj' vj
the flames. If it had not tjeen for Mr.
George iSwittenberg, Sr., and Mr. H.
M. Mayer more would have bien destroyed.
These men happened up and
saved the balance.
The fact that there are two J. C.
Dominicks in this city gets things a
little mixed occasionally. There is a
- ? * J - T r<ioi,.do
J. Chesiey ana mere is a, o. viauuu. I
The temporary reporter for The j
Herald .and News had the right one
on his mind, but having it stronger on
his mind not to use the wrong one, the
temporary reporter, in the rush of the
election^ balled it up, just as several
others connected with the paper balled
up some of his stuff or junk in the
last issue.
"The Kiss of Hate" deals with the
tragic experience of Xadia Turgeneff,
whose father, the Governor of Valogda,
a Russian province, notorious for its I
persecution of the Jews, is assassinated
by the Perfect of Police, who is the
real power in the district. How the
Perfect seeks to make Nadia serve his
own base purposes by threats of torture
and Siberia for her only brother,
and how she curses him, even as she
bows to his 'brutal will, form the basis
for a plot, the development of which
gives the fullest play to Miss Barrymore's
wonderful dramatic ]fr>wers.
J. C. Schumpert's 3Tew Store.
Mr. J. O. (Schumpert has just opened
this fall a new dry goods and
millinery store at .. Prosperity in the j
old stand of Moseley brothers and is
prepared to serve the buying public
with the latest in dress goods and
Miss Virginia Beall, an experienced
milliner who has just come from the
fashion centres and who is known to
the public in and around Prosperity |
las an expert in the hat line is with i
Mr. Schumpert and Mrs. Carrie Mc- j
Waters who was with Moseley Broth-'
ers is now with Mr. Schumpert and j
u-ill hp. nleased to have her friends I
call and let her serve them. The fall >
millinery opening at this new store
with all new goods will 'be held next
j Tuesday and Wednesday and the
j ladies fare invited to make the store
T desire to thank most sincerely
and gratefully the good people of
| Newherrv county for the magnificent
support given me in the recent pri
' marv for proDate juage. i suan tthdeavor
to do my very best to serve
every interest of all the people.
W. F. Evrart.
Nearly 'Complete Retnrns. from Primary
Make Practically Jio Change
in the Relatlre Staiding.
News and Courier.
The comparatively few returns from
Tuesday's primary received since the
publication of the figures in The News
and Courier yesterday, when it was
definitely stated thiat Governor Rich
ard I. Manniig had been renominated
o.er his opponent, former Governor
Cole L. Blease, by a safe majority,
which is still practically as It was
given yesterday. There are probably
not more than 1,500 votes yet to come
in and that number cannot possibly
change the result. With 137,219 votes
accounted for the standing for Governor
Manning 70,972
Blease 68,247
Manning's majority 4.725
For railroad commissioner James
Cansler has increased his majority
over Albert Fant to approximately
Close in First Circuit.
An extremely close race is that for ^
solicitor of the 1st circuit betweenj
kindred J. Hydrick, of Orangeburg, and
Ed CT Mann, of iSt. Matthews. The complete,
but official, count gives Hy-1
drick a lead of five votes. While j
great care has been taken in compiling
the figures for this contest, and it is
believed that they -are correct, still it
may require the official count to decide
the winner.
For Congress.
With eight boxes missing in the entire
3d district, for Congress Fred H.
Dominick has a majority of 2,493 over
Wyatt Aiken, encumbent.
_______ 1
I >>
Is 1
1 ? o
^ a i
_ o
<5 . tf i
Cfi 33 ; '2
? 2 ' S 2
? g I 3
a g ;a S
Abbeville 19 lb 1,159 935 i
Aiken 34 34 2,238 l,y34
Anderson 59 59 4,719 2,921
Bamberg 13 13 409 996
Barnwell 24 24 898 1,396
Beaufort 14 12 230 297
Berkeley 22 22 474 628
Calhoun 13 13 36S 592
Charleston 35 35 3,196 2,742
Chester .... 24 24 860 1,231 j
Cherokee 30 30 1,311 1,248
Chesterfield .... 24 19 1,432 1,482
Clarendon 26 26 1,040 937
Colleton 31 31 1,174 1,395
Darlignton 15 15 1,322 1,698
Dillon 16 16 1,010 1,163
Dorchester : 15 15 655 yvtjj
Edgefield 16 16 440 1,0811
Fairfield 20 20 602 711'
Florence 29 29 1,879 2,2941
Georgetown 19 18 674 689
Greeville 69 64 4,293 4.892
Greenwood 22 22 1.321 1,594
jH'impton IS 18 61S 963
Horry 36 36 1.7S9 1,701
Jasper 9 9 217 2S9
Kershaw 38 3S 1,211 1,302
Lancaster 29 29 1.207 1.460
Laurens 34 34 2,209 1,790
Lee 19 19 977 912
Lexington 35 35 2,032 2,436
IV-cC'ormick 16 14 3S3 6731
1111 1 16S
Marion ^ - i
Marlboro 12 12 9S6 1,399
Newberry 46 46 1,655 1,564
Oconee 37 32 l,?o6 1,461
Orangeburg .... 41 41 1.617 2,i34(
Pickens 28 26 2,206 1,481
Richland 36 36 3,035 3,0^5
Saluda 31 31 1,097 1,066
Spartanburg ... 86 84 4.914 4,840
| Sumter- 26 26 682 1,609
I Union 21 21 1 596 1.564
rYlilliamsburg .. 30 30 887 1.30?
York 23 23 2.231 1,840
National Guards 551
i i
| Total CC.2i7 1^72j
/ *
6 ' v | i
| C 5) !
* * "tJ
S : i.
. i ?
L ? 1
O ?32 *->
; X x ' fl c!
O O n c?
la a ; q fa
Abbeville 19 19 1,007 814
Aiken 34 34 2,088 1,826
Anderson 59 59 2,251 4,083
Bamberg 13 13 867 550
Barnwell ...... 24 20 1,193 530
Beaufort '14 12 413 109
Berkeley 22 11 568 119
ralhnnn ...L.. 13 13 578 393
Charleston ...... 35 35 3,711 2?172 j
Chester i... 24 24 1,325 572I
Cherokee 30 30 1,998 5471
Chesterfield ; 25 12 , 1,545 403 J
Clarendon 26 26 1,445 4441
Colleton 31 31 1,982 583:
Darlington 15 15 2,108 828)
Dillon 16 16 1,438 703 j
Dorchester 15 15 1,171 4631
Edgefield 16 16 955 5731
Fairfield ........ 20 20 780 446.
Florence 29 29 2,915 1,361!
Georgetown 19 18 886 374
Greenville 69 64 2,616 5,776
Greenwood 22 22 1,603 1,326
- r* i o i A A ty ZOO
Hampton 15 id j.,v*o .
Horry 36 36 2,543 862
Jasper ^ 9 9 344 153
Kershaw ...... 38 38 1,306 698
Lancaster 29 29 1,525 1,140
Laurens 34 31 1,920 1,420
Lee 19 16 1,093 467
Lexington 35 34 2,014 1,470
McCormick 16 14 531 516
Marion 11 11 1,314 567
Marlboro 12 12 1,576 786
Newberry 46 46 2,063 1,150
Oconee ... 37 32 1,323 l,sss
Orangeburg 41 41 2,369 1,371
Pickens 28 25 1,354 2,29S
Richland 36 9 466 263
Saluda 31 29 1,216 741
Spartanburg 86 59
Sumter 26 26 1,559 705
Union 21 21 2,594 580
Williamsburg ... 30 29 1,773 382
York *23 23 3,314 7461
National Guard 435 524;
v Total : 69,121 44,244
Wyatt Fred
Aiken Dominick
Abbeville, complete 975 1,131 !
Anderson, complete 2,928 4,178
Greewocd, com 1,439 1,472
McCormick, 14 out of 16.. 512 614
Newberry, complete 1,450 1,781
Oconee, 32 of 37 1,660 1,474 ;
Pickens, 27 of 28 1,3*79 2,176 >
Totals 10,333 12,526
A. J. E. C.
Hydrick. Mann. J
Berkeley, complete .. 462 648 j
Calhoun, complete ... 116 854
Dorchester, com .... 742 873
Orangeburg, com 2,769 1,709 !
Total 4,089 4,084
j Orageburg figures include National
; Guard vote.
H. $. Geo. T.
Blackwell. Magill.
-* t\ ?
Abbeville, complete ...1,062 i,uoo
Greenwood, com S78 2,00S
Laurens, 25 of 34 2,595 855
Newberry, complete ..1,784 1,400
I ? ?
Total 6,319 5,323
F. M. T. P.
Bryan. Stoney.
Charleston 2,280 3.671
SOLICITOR 13th tliaxn.
Martin. Smoak.
Greenville, 60 of 69 ...5,338 3,211
Pickens, 26 of 27 2,090 1,519
Total 7.428 4,730
The tginners report for this year
shows 177 bales ginned of this year's
I crop up to September 1. Last year
for the same time tnere were um\
in bales ginned. This is for Newberry
! county.
[ County Democi
Committee L
Close Race for Third Place 01
Dominick Has Only Two j
Blease Lead
The democratic executive committee <
met on Thursday and canvassed the i
returns and declared the result of the .
second primary. The table giving the
vote at each precinct and the total is
published in another column and is
)as declared by the committee.
Mr. T. A. Dominick has a very
close majority of only about two votes.
The next highest to him in the legis- :
lative race is Dr. C. T. Wyche., 1
Blease leads in the county for gov- :
ernor and Dominick for congress.
Mr. Dominick has a majority of about '
2,500 in the district over Mr. Aiken.
The figures for the State in the gov- '
ernor's race are published as taken
from the News and Courier of Thurs- !
The W. C. T. U Convention will meet
in Newberry September 17, in
the Lutheran church.
Following 'is the pdogram:
Business meeting at 2 o'clock. ,
Exercises by the' young people at .
3 o'clock.
Devotional exercises and greetings ,
by the pastor. ',
Reponse and address by Mrs. I. P. ;
fnnnn ^resident of the association. *
M.usic. ]
Reading?A Father's story, by Miss ]
Ruth Hunter. <
Reading?By Miss Lillie May Werts. j
Song?The Inebriats Lament, byj
Miss Carolyn Caldwell.
Reading?By Miss Sara White.
Reading?Americas Moral Obligation,
by Clyde uY&rd.
At 8 o'clock an address bv Dr. G. B. i
I .
Cromer. . j
Black's Dry Goods Store.
This well kno-wn and popular store !
a'. Prosperity will have the regular (
fall millinery opening next Tuesday
and Wednesday and will be pleased
to have the ladies oill and examine j
the new styles. !\!iss Oneta iWlitcher '
of Virginia and who served the'
ladies at this store last spring is j
T\?/>1r c croin this and will be 1
uavxv 0-5VHIA v***w
pleased to have the ladies come and j
look over the new styles ?and the new j
patterns. Miss Ellen "Werts is also j
with this emporium of fashion and
will be glad to serve her many
^ " V ~
i W'- ' H -f
V-'": .* i
ratic Executive
)eclares Result
- r ?T:~L?* T A
1 JUeglXluiiUK A (WKci* i r&?
Majority. Dominick and
in County.
lay. They show that Manning has a
iead over Blease for governor oi
about 4,000 votes. There were still a
tew precincts missing and the figure*
were not official. The State committee
will meet next Tuesday to canvas
the returns and declare the result
The county committee passed ar
resoluton requesting the commissioners
of State and Federal elections to
appoint as far as possible the same
managers who served in the primary
as the service in the primary was
without pay. A resolution was also
passed referring the same matter to
the next county convention for such
action as it might take.
tfiss Rawl's Sc/tool of Piano Playing,
Studio second floor Copeland Building,
corner Main and College streets.
Four and five year courses including
Harmony, Theory, Musical History,
Sight Reading, and Dictation, etc.,
required for graduation. Normal
work provided for pupils completing
intermediate gTades. Special classes
in Harmony, Theory, etc., for pupils
desiring these subjects only. Term
opens, September 25th. For further
information address, Miss Sara E.
Rawl, Newberry, S. O.
)-14-lt. ^ Ad. I
Miss Edna Koon and Mr. ...ohnnie
Harm an were married Sunday evenin?
at 6 o'clock, at the home of the
bride, by the Rev. S. C. Ballentine. No
nards, only a few friends and the
family be\ng present. After the ceremony
a supper was served. The
bride is a choice young lady of her
community. The groom is a successful
farmer and business citizen of
the county. The congratulations and
well wishes of many frends for a
long and pleasant, prosperous journey
together are being received by the
happy couple. %
NOTICE?Our Fall opening of Ladies
Ready to "Wear and mllinery ^11 t>e
September 26, 27. "^Tatch- the paper
for full particulars. Caldwell &
Haltiwanger, Newberry, Si C?

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