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Jimmie Driver to oach Baseball
Football, Basketball and Track
at Lntneran College.
The -State.
Newberry, Sept. 12.?Newberry college
wil have the strvices of James
G. Driver next session as athletic director
iMr. Driver is wtll known in
the State having been similarly tmployed
at the University of South Carolina
during the sessions of 1911-12
And 1912-13. The Utiea (N. Y.) HerteJd-Dinatch
of Friday. September 8,
ha the folowing to say of Mr. Driver:
"James Driver, well known throughout
thi city as an athlete, will leavt
Saturday for Newberry, S. C., where
he will become athletic and physical
director of Newberry college.
"Dfriver will coach football, basketball,
track and baeball, in turn,
and he will havt charge of the regular
college gymnasium work. He
fwill have an assistant in the gymnas
tam and an assistant as football
eoacSi. He will enter Newberry with
the full rank of a profesor and will
paid by the college, instead of the
intitution'a athletic association as is
usually the case.
"Driver is a graduate o? William
and Wary College at Williamsburg,
Ya., the secM oldest college in the
United States s and at that institution
fee aoeofciplished a feat no man beiore
nor since ever has accomplished in
oolege athletics. In the seasons extending
from 1909 to 1910, Driver was
captain of football, basketball, trac?
feaseball. The four captaincies came
to him as a result of outstanding excellence
in al of these sports. He was
an all Southern hafback in football, a
? x ? ? /> *? /J
Sprinter oil Lilt? ti a,vli. icam auu iyuui i.
stop on the baseball team. After finishing
at William and Mary college,
be attended the University of Virginia
for a year, taking special work.
"While in Virginia lie made his letter
footboll, basketball and baseball and
completed in three track meets under
Virginia'scolors, but he failed to get
a track "V." He was best known on
the gridiron and the diamond and had
it not been for parental objection, he
probably would be playing ni3jor
league bal today. Several major
league clubs sought hfs services wfreE
be played with ^Virginia.
"Folowing Ibis wort at IVlrginia, h
'was appointed athletic and physical
director of the University of Souti
Carolina at Columbia, S. C., and served
in that capacity from 1911 to 1913
After that he went to Whitesborc
to enter the employ of Grand ?mit?
& Co., and Locker, one of the largesl
contracting firms in the United States
irho are about finished with theii
task of fulfilling the $4,000,<KK> contract
to build tihe barge canal from
Home to the Herkimer county line.
,'TWhile he lias been located in thi?
section, Driver has played some football
with various professional teams
He will be remembered1 by many a?
the umpire of the Rome Free academj
Utica Free academy contest lasl
Thanksgiving day. In this city Driver
bas made scores of friends, all oi
whom are confident that he will make
a big success of his new undertaking,
"Although he leaves tJtica next
Saturday, Driver will visit his parents
at &is home near Richmondf Va., for
" *?a ? *r\ AI^TXrVl^TTV
a lew Giays oeiure w
He said today that he has ordered the
Newberry football squad to report a
week from Monday afternoon.
"When Jimmy Driver leaves town
Saturday to go to South -Carolina to
become athletic and physical director
of Newberry college, it will be a case
*f an almighty good fellow reti*rning
to the land he loves and to the game
lie loves. Born and raised in the
iho hpitev**? bevond the shadow
WVUVU; uv w
of a doubt that "the angels made old
Dixie.'* He told us last night: Ta
awfully lhate to think that I couldn't
spend my last days in Virginia.'
"Jim's first work as athletic ana
physical director at dewberry will
t>e to coach the football team and
there is no doubt but that he "will
make good. He was a clean, hard
player when he ranged up and down
the gridiron for William and Mary
and Virginia and one of the best the
South ever turned out; he knows the
game from every angie auu xi<=
that sort of personality that brings
the best out of a fellow without asking
it. The North, more particularly
"Whitesboro and environs, gained a
lot when Jim came out of the South
and after his long stay in this section,
the loss will be even greater."
io Drive Out Malaria
And Bwlld Up The System
Take the Old Standard GROVE'S
TASTELESS chill TONIC. You kno?
What you are taking, as the formula h
printed on every label, showing it i?
Quinine and Iron in a tasteless form
The Quinine drives out malaria, th<
ly01 build9 un the system. 50 centt
Igiri nnmn
'not work
How She Was Relieved from
Pain by Lydia E.Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
Taunton, Mass.?" I had pains in botb
sides and when my periods came I had
' to s t a v at home
I [IH ^ from work and sufOne
day a woman
J Came *? ?Ur ^ouse
J .M?|j told her that I suf
bottle of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound?' My
mother bought it and the next month I
was so well that I worked all the month
without staying at home a day. I am*
in good health now and have told lots of
pirla about it."?Miss f!r,ARIf!E MORIN. !
22 Russell Street, Taunton, Mass.
Thousands of girls suffer in silence
every month rather than consult a physician.
If girls who are troubled with
painful or irregular periods, backache,
headache, dragging-down sensations,
fainting spe'.ls or indigestion would take
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,
a safe and pure remedy made
from roots and herbs, much suffering
might be avoided
Write to Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine
Co., Lynn, Mass. (confidential) for free
advice which will prove helpful.
l3lore of Sheriff Blease's Good Work.
There have been a good many complaints
lately of negrbes coming into
j this county and persuading laborers
joff to other states to work. On Sun|
day afternoon Sheriff Blease was noti!
fied that Ed Suber was going to take
I off a bunch out of the Iwer part
of this county and that he was going
to board the train at Blairs.
j The sheriff wanting to be sure to
get his man without making any slip,
sent Deputy'Melton on the train going
by way of Peak and coming up on the
j morning train between Alston and
Suber boarded the train iat Blairs
not knowing that any one was looking
for .him. He was accompanied by
kitwo of. his hands that he had hired,
j Melton placed Suber under arrest.
1 j The other two negroes got off the
L j train too after they naa seen xaa;
1 Suber was caught. Two more negroes
that had intended going with Suber
' get on at Shelton. They had tickets
* for Spartanburg. Their scheme was
1 to buy tickets to Spartanburg and to
' go from there to Virginia.
1 . Sheriff Blease say& that he intends
to protect the farmers from such emigrant
agents and expects to push this
1 case to th$ finish, not only as a
- - " r ? v-.i.
punishment ior mm uan, as a ff 'OjX
! to others.
' *A Woman's Waj"
A woman's way is usually the better
. way^ especally where the honor of tha
. | home is cncerned?
, 4,For the hand that rocks the cradle
, Is the liand that rules the world."
"A tubman's Way," Grace Georges
; national stage success, needs little ini
troduction, if any, to theatre goers;
for those who enjoy modern drama
, | will welcome this opportunity to see
' this fascinating story on the screen.
1 This picture will do more towards enI
lightening men and women on the subI
}eet of happiness than any picture
' ever produced. Not that the majority
j of men antf women are unhappy, but
! that the world is ready to accept a
I new rule for the preservation of
marital happiness.
"A Woman's Way" is not a storj
that preaches, nor is it without plenty
of thrills. You will go see this pict
ure when it comes u> yuur Uicau?| wuva
you will toe satisfactorily entertained,
?and when the show comes to an end,
you will take firm hold of your partner's
arm, and homeward hound, declare
to yourself, as did Mrs. Stanton,
"That no woman, no matter how clever
she is, can take him away from you?
without a fight.'' At the Opera House
Gall Stones, Cancer and Ulcers of the
Stomacn and Intestines, lA-uto-Intoxication,
Yellow Jaundice, Appendicitis
and other fatal ailments result from
Stomaih Trouble. Thousands of Stomach
Sufferers owe their complete recovery
to Mayr's Wonderful Remedy
1 Unlike any other for Stomach Ail7
ments. For sale by Gilder & Weeks
s and druggists everywhere.
3 ?ar
; Cures Did Sores, Other RemeGtes Won't 7ara
, The worst cases, no matter of how long standing
are cured by fhe wonderful, old reliable Dr
Porter's Antiseptic Healing^ Oil. It relieve!
_ <?r>d TTe'als at tb* ship*; time. 25*50c. fl-0
s ________
Subscribe to The Herald and News
I . 1
The Weed Nuisaiice.
Greenville .News.
In an ordinance just passed, the
city council declares that weeds,
brush, or rubbish covering or partly
covering the surface of any lot anci
premises, whether improved or unimproved,
constitute a public nuisance
in Greenville, the abatement of which
is a public necessity. It is made the
special duty of property owners 10
extirpate weeds and destroy rush and
rubbish, under a penalty of from $1
to $100.
This is a small, but wise move in
the interest of a healthier and sightlier
municipality. Weeds and r*bbish
are prolific places for vermin,
mosquitoes and the like. The city
ought to be rid of these plague spots
as a preventive measure. In addi.
{tion to that, the large area of weeds
iand the vacant lots cluttered with
neighborhood refuse detract very materially
from that orderly and cleanly
appearance which we ought to
have and maintain.
| Why Citizens Should Trade at Home.
j Down at Barberton, Ohio, a lot of
j public-spirited women started a
i movement for beautifying their home
city and asked the merchants of Ba.rberton
to help them meet the expense.
The merchants came back
with the rather shocking information
that the fact that the women of Barberton
did o much of their trading
in Cleveland made (business so poor
for the Barberton merchants that
they could not afford to do anything
to help ther own city. The women
saw the reasonableness of this re
' sponse and straightway formed a
l Buy-at-H!ome club.. This club revo'
kitonized the trade in that city,
: mi king the, merchants prosperous
and the people happy. We get this
information from the Liquid Bottler.
'a copy of which was handed us by
, Mr. W. A. Asbill^ the wide-awake
and energetic bottler and handler of
ifine drinks at the Newberry Coco
! Cola ^Bottling works.
I ?
Corns Loosen,
I * Lif(Right Off
Bottling Bat "GETS-IT" Will Do
Thu to Coma and Calluses.
If you've ever hod corns, you've
tried lots of things to get rid of them
?salves that eat your oe and leave
the corn remaining, cot. n rings that
make your corns bulge cut like pop
I Yo* Can't Hide Corn Mueiy. StopFooEfiS
I Around! Use "GETS-IT" Tonight and
j 1 See the Coras Vanish.
i eyes, scissors and knives that make
corns bleed and sore* harnesses and
I htinrlatroo that fill 11T> voiirshoft. TireSIi
on the corn and make your foot feel
like a paving: block. What's the use?
Why not do what millions are doing:,
take 3 seconds off and apply "GSTSIT."
It dries, you put your stocking:
on right away, and wear your regular
shoes. Your corn loosens from
the toe, it lifts right off. Ifs painless.
It's the common-sense way, the
simplest, easiest, most effective way
In the world. It's the national corncure.
Never fails.
"GETS-IT" is sold and recommended
by druggists everywhere. 25c a
I bottle, or sent on receipt of price, by
EL L&wrence & Co., Chicago, I1L
Sold in Newberry and recommended
as theworld's best corn remedy by
Gilder and Weeks, W. G. Mayes and P.
E. Way.
Grape Syrnp.
Stem and wash grapes. Place in
preserve kettle and cover with water.
Boil until tnoroughly soaked.
Let drip through jelly bag. Measure
and return juice to preserving kettle,
adding as many cups of sugar as
j juice. Bring to boiling point.
I Place in sterilized bottles and seal.
| Use two tablespoons of syrup to a
I o-iass r.? water when serving.
Grape Juke.
,Stem and cleanse grapes. Place in
preserving kettle, cover with water,
and boil until cooked to pieces. Pour
in jelly bag and let drip. .Aidd 1-2
cup sugar to every quart of juice.
Bring to boiling point. Place in sterilized
bottles and seal.
Peanut Butter.
nooniifc twir.p nnp fiuart. o.
j \JI XUU jp V^L4.Jk_*. ^ WO w .w, W
! ground peanuts, one tablespoon cin
namen, one teaspoon salt. Stir unti
v,*el mixed. Then begin to add littl<
inTYinc r\f cnnlp- -crane. or scunner
^ O ir ~ , ^ A
nong jely. Add two tablespoons o
lemon juice and enough boiling wa
ter to make constituence of cake bat
. ter. Place in jars and boil for abou
f' ten minutes. ,
Willie Mae Wise,
^ County Agent.
Three Bottles of Tanla* "Worked
MirMe For Hlai, Almost/' Made
Able to go to Town.
After he bad been given -up to die
ana ins children naa Deen canea 10 ms [ i
bedside from their homes in several
States, Mr. J. A. Bu&bee, of Clifton, S.
C., a suburban tovrn near Spartanburg,
followed the advice of his son!
and others and took Tanlac. lAs a
result, he gained 30 pounds in weight
and was strengthened so much that h .>
was able to walk around the farm and
drive seven miles to Spartanburg ii
a buggy, according to the statement
given on August 5th by his wife.
Mr. Busbee took three bottles of
; Tanlac, she said, and during the six (
~ A. 1 2 ?W> MA V? A VkACO ri
! to take Tanlac he had been so weak i
| and ill witb. stomach trouble that be
'frequently required his wife's assist-!
ance when turning in bed. Her state-'
iment follows:
i September 11, 1916.
"My husband suffered from a very
much run down and weakened condition.
and from a severe form of
stomach trouble. He had no appetite
at all, and he wasted away until he
was just skin and bones. It seemed
i *
that we could get no treatment that
! would permanently Improve him. He
bad been sick and unable to do anything
for about three years.
"We bad to turn him in bed, he,
| was so weak. He ate only a few bites j
a day. Once before be began taking,
Tanlac, he became so low that we'
telegraphed for the children to come at
once. One son, who lives at Birmingham,
nad heard of the great results)
that Tanlac hr d given sufferers with
stomach, trouble and he insisted that j
J:is father take Tanlac as a last resort.
And he began to pick up right awiay
after he began taking it.
'^He has taken three bottles. It
changed him from a man on the verge
o? the grave to a much stronger atid j
lhappier man. It just worked a mir- j
aoia islmoflt. for him. He gained in
eveny way, and wJien the third bottle j
was gone he had gained 30 pounds in'
weight. Wfcen he began takng Tanlac i
he could not walk at all, but when h ? |
had taken three bottles 'he was abl* j
Lo drive seven miles to Spartanburg |
in a buggy and walk ever iiis farm. !
"Tanlac gave him a good appetite J
?.nd improved his stcmacli so nrucih. j
that he began to eat almost anythng
and a lot of it. Tanlac is due the
credit for this great mprovoment. 11
am glad to recommend it and so is
Mr. Busbee."
Mrs. Busbee gave this statement be
cause they agreed she could tell better
just how much improvement
Tanlac had made in his condition.
Tanlac, the master medicine, is sold
exclusively by Gilder & Weeks, Newberry;
Prosperity Drug Co., Prosperity;
Little Mountain Drug Co., Little
Mountain; Dr. W. O. Hollo way,
Chappells; Whitmire Pharmacy, Whitmire;
D. J. Livingston, Silverstreet.
Price $1 per bottle straight.?Adv.
I wnnire Mtefaii
if UUii o sued tataiog
just issued, tells all about
Crimson Clover,
Alfalfa and all
Grass and Clover
J N Seeds for fall Planting.
j Wood's Fall Seed Catalog also
gives full and complete information
Vegetable Seeds
that can be planted to advantage
and profit in the late Summer and
Fall. It is altogether the most useI
ful and valuable Fall Seed Catalog
! issued.
Mailed free to Gardeners, Market
Growers and Farmers on request.
Write for it.
SEEDSMEN, - Richmond, Va. .
A Caller.
"Any one call while I was out
f Katie?"
-1 "Yes, ma'am."
1 "Wlio was it?"
"I don't know, ma'am."
"Didn't you answer the bell?"
"Yes, ma'am."
* "What did she look like?"
"I didn't see her, ma'am."
"You answered the bell, but didn't
t see her?"
"Y'es, ma'am."
"Why, Katie, I don't understand"?
"Well, ma'am, don't blame me; blame
j^Iie .telephoneYonkers Statesman.
Watches That
i. L. Ca 1
IU ue oei i
You should think of
pect your watch to keep a
you expect it to last when
One good watch will last
great pleasure to the ov
mistake of buying a cheap
watches never has been qu
selected as the assortnenl
you today. And we h
of Ladies' Bracelet Wa
as well as the large men's
P. C. JEAf
t 1 __J
I jeweiers ana
Newberry, - S
Qnr secmi kaij piu* deputneit is cr?wdc? to die Emit wida ptai
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S T11
219 SoadTrrwSt
??MI IWHiaitflM
For the high<
of young
iUI \xiiaiugu^ o
mation address
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watch. Out stock of V
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I Opticians
outh Carolina
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