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JeralB attD jess, j
; ) ' Catered at the Postoffice at New
S. C., as 2nd cia<s matter.
Friday, September 15. 191G.
X x
I thank you. I am persuaded now
that you did me a favor in not electing
me to the office of county superintendent
of education. I felt in the heginning
that I would like to take up
eome work that I had started and carry
it on and that I was in position to
do something lor tne scnoois. i n*ve
this work. It appeals to me, I feel
that I have the capacity to serve the
schools. It is well, however, because
' I (have other things to do. The people
!have the right to have whom they
want to fill the position.
I will, -as I have during my long
residence in Newberry, continue to do
what I can for the betterment of the
schools and the uplift of the people.
No good cause has ever failed to have
mv "haartv suoDort. It will not fail
in the future. I will continue to
serve though I know that service is
narely appreciated by those to whom it
is rendered. But there is satisfaction
in having rendered it. I expect
to remain right here in Newberry.
I have the best of good will for all
the people and will now devote myj
entire time to the making of The'
Herald and News the best semi- !
weekly paper in South Carolina, or
any other place for that matter.
"Will all good wishes to everybody, I
am, sincerely,
Elbert H. (Ajull.
During the past year, as we have
frequently remarked, we have been
carrying some several hundred subscribers
on the credit basis. We can
not cio so any longer. ;uns piiui
paper has advanced in price in the
j>ast three months more than 100 per
cent. We want to treat every one
rigiht and all the same. And we make
this proposition, with no purpose to
give a premium on getting in arrears,
but with the hope of collecting some
part of what is due.
Until the first day of October we j
w|ll receipt each subscriber for one
yaar upon the payment of one dollar,
and then he must pay in advance. If
you are a year in arrears you may pay
that and one year in advance for two
dollars and fifty cents. This will hold
good only until October 1. After thiat
date every name on our list that is in
arrears will be taken off, without regard
to any consideration or respect
of person. FWe cannot run the paper
without we get pay for it, and we can j
at least save the cost of white paper, j
Tfcis is final.
The price of cotton ^ood aiidtfcere j
38 no excuse for not payin* for your i
paiper if you want \t. This moans
you, if you ar^ in arrears. It is only
fifteen days off, tout "we can "WTite a
good many receipts in that time.
Don't put it off. Do it today and you
eaye fifty cents on one year if you
desire. "We will grant this rate to
every one on our list for this time, to
be fair to all giving one year to each j
for one dollar even if your time is
' j
not out. After the first of October we
will not have anything to say about:
delinquent subscribers, because we |
are not going to have any. A number;
have asked us to let the paper go and j
thev would pav this fall. We have!
granted their request. This is writ-1
ten in all kindness and good vill, but!
it takes money to buy paper. The!
date on the label after your name!
- will show to date you have paid. If j
there are errors they will be gladly!
corrected. Some one will be in the j
office all the time to write you a re- j
ceipt. We must have the money bv;
the first of October, if you want The
Herald and News after that date, if
you are in arrears. Everybody will
be treated just alike and we can't af-!
ford to send a collector, iWe are giving
you the cost of such a collection.
1 ..ere is some eonscl tion. New-' ^
oerry \v:u nave a reai me con-i
i j '
| gressman. It is a long tine since she J ]
i has had one. In fact, the office lias |
1 been up the district most of the time, i
j Thanks to our friends up that way, 1
; 1
they have given us a chance.
J That was some good running Fred :
j Dominick did. He carried all the,
' counties that The Herald and News, I
| claimed he would carry and maybe !
! will have Oconee.
Gov. Blease mad<| a remarkable (
I il--'- I A - IM. 1/ _ I _ '
! run ior a unra term. i.m. wKiauuiug -s ,
I friends had to spend lots of money ^
and do a pile of work and then the
margin is very small.
It is unfortunately true that it ^
takes a pile of money if one wants to
win in a primary election, if the
other fellow is turning it loose. It is
very unfortunate and "will result in
i breaking up the primary system unless
some plan can be devised? to put a
stop to it.
^ ?
iUse the split log drag and take out
the .grade crossings of the railroads is
the slogan of The Herald and News.
We were the pioneer in the advooaov
of the split log drag.
The Piedmont and the Appalachian
highways need some attention as they
pass through Newberry. A little j
dragging and the filling of some holes
would help, hut both roads need to be j
I iri/lcrioH Wa nnr?prstarH th>it SuD-' .
T? 1\4V**VU. ?? w ? ~ ~ - J *
ervisor Sample is going to give these jc
important highways immediate attention.
It is well.
_ t
The farmers should not rush their
cotft>n on the market and the price
will remain around fiftetn cents and ^
above. Use the warehouse if you ^
must have money. j
This seems to have been a bad year
for doctors in the political arena.' ^
Thprp iverp several in the field in New-1c
berry. Editor didn't fare any better.
The Columbia Record wants every
one now to shake hands and make up
Well, it is good so to do. No use to
sulk when the majority is against you,
no matter how unfair you may think it
is. Let's all have an old time love
feast. ,
In the mail on Wednesday morning
the editor received a letter from
Mayor Wright appointing him a delegate
to some sort of irrigation congress
at El Paso, Texas. fWle suppose
our friend sends this as a sort of consolation
cup. Thanks. We would j
like very much to take that trip and,
if the Mayor will provide the wherewithal
we will endeavor to represent
the city of Newberry with credit.
What say you, Mayor Wright?
Old split-tog drag -will hare our'
| most heart support and encouragement
from now on as lie has had in
the past. We are his champion advocate.
The corespondent that discovers
that The Herald prints accounts of
speechis made by Blease in its news
.r?r?iiiTn.n? while it oiyDoses him in its
editorial page, is putting his finger on
the fact that makes The Herald a
newspaper.?iSpartanburg Herald.
And the critic who finds that The
Herald and News prints statements J
bv Tillman and McLaurin *. and thus j
does not agree with them editorially is j
paying a tribute to The Herald and!
News as a newspaper, just what we
are. i
The Herald and News is a newspaper j
first, fair and just to all. The opin- \
ions of the editor will he expressed
editorially regardless of consequences,
hut always courteously and fairly and
honestly; ,
We are very tired of hearing Mann- ^
ing talk *.t>out law and order and
enforcement of law. He talks like
the people had "been a set of regular
outlaws before lie became governor.
The truth is there is just about the
same violation of law that there has
always been and there will continue
o be violations of law *so long as tlici
oeojtle arc lmman as thoy are. and so
nanv laws are made.
Now for a whirlwind campaign for
the next fifteen days for The Herald
and News, . ou may get one whole
year for only one dollar. The price
should be doubled, but we want to
give you an inducement to get in good ,
standing. Come right along.
One dollar gets one year and only
Dne year to each person of The Herald
and News. This offer positively;
lasts only fifteen days. j
And 'Gansler has 'been elected rail- !
road commissioner. Next legislature
Detter abolish the office.
At Isaiah eleventh chapter and
sixth verse it is written: "The wolf
ilso shall dwell with the lamb, iand,
:he leopard shall lie down with the,
dd; and the calf and the young lion
, I
md the fatling together; and a little
ihild shall lead them."
It is our earnest desire 10 reuam an
.he present subscribers of The Hertld
and News, but if you want to renain
in the family you must contribI
ite to the support of the family and
f you are in arrears this must be
ione by the first of October. We are
jiving you an inducement to makeJ
payment in that time. This oppor- {
;unity to get a paper like The Herald
md News for a whole year for one
lollar will in all probability never ,'
;ome again. If prices 01 paper wu-:
inue to advance the price of the
japer will have to advance also.
Don't rush your cotton on the mar-.
set and force the price down. LUl j
ndications are that the price is gong
above fifteen cents the pound.
LMr. Robert Price is ready to meet
lis friends from the country at Purrjell
and company's store, where lie
* -/v" "Jir-aiat mrice on
*lli cnarge you mv. r
iach purchase.
Opera House
Tuesday Sept. 19
World Film Corporation
Carlyle Blackwell
"A Womans
5 acts. Brady Made
Thuis. Sept. 21st
Metro Picture Corporation
Ethel Barrymore
Supported by
"The Kiss of Hate"
5 Acts
Next Tuesd
Will begin t
Our buyers hi
in New York,
more and hav<
style for babi
ladies headw
Misses Werts;
Every one knc
and quick deli
Each and every lac
the line. Bring yc
have lots of new tl
left a single stone i
every want in w
every $ you spend
cents worth.
Be sure and se<
ir la.
it ii is muucy
have it. If it i
us by asking fo
In Aug., 1915, we
"With the facilities <
we are now prepare
enough money to pr
If the - price of cotl
feel sure that no inte
the market. With t
assist you. If you w
some of the officers o
How well w<
for the farmers
the Federal Re
tion, we are no
in 1915 to rem
greater service.
The Nation:
lay Septemi
he season in
ive searched t
e on display tl
es, children,
rear that ca
and Witchie a:
>ws their exc<
ly is urged to co
?uf husband, boys
flings for them.
umurncu anu ua*
earing apparel. ^
with us and will
s us before yoi
nun 1
rail duppiy.
erity, South Carolii
you wish to
s service you i
r one or both.
published the fo
>ffered us through the Federal R<
:d to loan every farmer in Nev
> +
* ? _ / rt/M
event a sacnnce or nis 1915
ton continues below the cost of j
lligent farmer will voluntarily thr<
his idea in view, we have prepare
rish to avail yourself of our servio
f the Bank at your convenience."
5 carried out t
.1 1
> tnemseives 10
serve System i
w in a better p
der the farme
fnmp in and 1
WAA?V AAA -vm .
d Bank of
rry South Can
Federal Reserve S
I 1A.1 I
per igtn
he markets
-+ A
and Baiti- 1g
le latest in 11
misses, and
n be had. M
re in pharge. 11
silent work 1
me and inspect
afirl cftflc Wp
We have not
1 supply your
We appreciate
guarantee 100
u buy your
borrow, we
wish, please
Umninn nrktirol
If CTiVf f f W
e serve System,
fberry County
>roduction, we
\rxr r>r/\r\ a? I
id ourselves to
ss, confer with
he above is
eav WifK
n full operaosition
rs an even
talk with us.

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