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Ebb Gallman, colored, living" back ,
o: toung's Grove, near Prosperity,
came to town Saturday and get his
gallon of liquor, filled up, went borne
^ and shot his wife to death at supper
time, about 7:30 o'clock. When the!
officers found the whiskey there was
only a quurt of it left. As soon as
word of the tragedy reached the
authorities jere Sheriff Blease and
Deputies Dorroh, Melton, and Taylor,
with City Policeman i?tone went to
S* the scenet of the killing, and with
Chief Workman, Constable Keister
Hair and Mr. George Cromer of
Prosperity, watched houses all night.
They were on the track of Gullman,
but while they were watching, the
| negro came on to Newberry and surrendered.
The officers returned home
I Sunday morning.
^ The killing was a horrible deed?
fth the man shooting his wife through the
V .heart while she had her arms around
bis neck. The woman fell dead.
Coroner Lindsay held the inquest
V Sunday morning. The following is
an .account:
Martha Bailey, being sworn, testifi
f ed: 1 live in Newberry county, on
I Mr. Browns place. On the 23d day of
September, 1916, one Ebb -Gallman
N did shoot one Lissie Bailey with a
pistol; then and there she did die. On
the evening of the 23d Ebb Gallman
came home about dark; asked Lissie
if she hii anything to eat. She said it
n/>t nnitp done. Ebb cursed her
and then went to fighting, and then
Ebb shot her; she did not live but a
few minutes after being shot.
Squire Farrow, being sworn, testified:
I live in Newberry county,
South Carolina; on Mr. Brown's place.
On the 23d day of September 1916 I
. came to Martha Baileys house about
six o'clock. Xo one was there but
the home folks. I was here ubout one
hour before Ebb Gallman came. -He
then asked Lissie Bailey did she have
anything to eat; she said, no, it is
not done. Then I heard them fighting
and I heard a report from a pisioi,
and I was satisfied it was Ebb Gall cian
doing the shooting, and there
was no one else in the room but
Lissie and Galjman when the pistol
fired. I then left the house Ebb and
I came out of the i^ouse together, and
then Ebb GallE.an ran off.
TV_ rv p ^mncnn srave the follow
I>i. vy. i-j.
ing certificate: This is to certify that
I teve examined the body of Lissie
Bailey, and find a bullet hole In left
- side about three inches under left
armpit. Wound in between the third
and fourth ribs, ranging inwards and
directly toward the abdominal aorta.
Th2 above wound is sufficient to produce
death immediately from internal
The coroner's jury; with J. R. Beden'baugn
as foreman, found that Lissie
. Bailey came to her death "by a pistol
c'hnt -wound inflicted by the hands of
one Ebb Gallman cn September 23,
Of the Condition of Win. Coleman &
Co., Bankers, Located at Whitmire,
S. C., at the Close of Business Sept.
12, 1916.
Loans and discouts $205,541.45
Overdrafts .; 638.52
Bonds and stocks owned by
the hank 105,000.00
Furniture and fixtures .... 894.48
Due from banks and bankers
Currency 710.00
Gold 11=U)0
Silver and other minor coin 74.99
Cheaks and cash items 406.42
Total $320,389.08
Undivided profits, less current
expenses and taxes
paid $ 51,053.93
Individual deposits subject
to check 98,917.01
Savings deposits 371.01
Time, certificates of deposit 19,336.20
Certified checks 45.50
Cashier's cliec-ks 665.43
Notes and bills rediscounted 75,000.00
Bills payable, including cer*
tificates for money borrowed
Total $320,389.OS
County of Newberry.?(ss)
Before me came H. C. Leaman, cashier
of the above named bank, who, be
ing duly sworn, says that the above
and foregoing statement is a true condition
of said bank, as shown by the
books of said bank.
H. C. Leaman.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 21st day of iSept. 1916.
T. H. Watson,
Notary Public for S. C.
William Coleman,
k iurr
IJur store nas
j being brought tc
| ed and arrangec
! Special tale Read;
Wo nflPor 9 rmmhpr nf
TT t VllVX b* v
at a special price. The;
Hats and big values. Sp<
$1.98, and $2.50 each.
New Arrivals in Ready
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xt r? _
' i>jew v^oa
| The style, the ck-th the
I ^ ahead of the ordinary ki:
who wears a Mimnaugh
all as the woman that "d
I r\r\WT at thA Reason's s
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new, stunning, stylish S
in Carolina. Priced speci
$20.00, $25.00, $30,00 2
New Separa
200 new Tailored Skir
ft T
I as fia$
<S> THE IDLER. <?>
The schools are .all opening now and
the boys and girls are going to their j
j bocks. It is well. iSomehow, when
j one grows old he begins to recall, at j
these school opening times, the days of j
old. And when one hears all about j
the modern methods and the things j
J o/-?Vi/-?rkle and i
that must oe aoire m mc v.~_
the training that is necessary and
the tender aire of the teachers and ,
bhe removal of germs and the medical!
inspection and the compulsory vacci- J
nation and all that, one wonders how ^
any child in the long ago ever did j
live to get even to baker in the old ;
j blue back speller, much less ever to J
-x x. +v,,-Tior in anvthino- else. I
I OIDOUIlt lO iujrbuiiig 111. 0 _
j I guess it's all right, or it wouldn't be. j
; That's my doctrine, you know, and. 1 J
stick to it. But it all reminds me of j
a little poem I read some time ago.
, I don't know who wrote it, but it runs
j something like this:
\ ;
"The hand that rocks the cradle," but
there is no such hand:
j* ^ to roo.v fhe baby, they would '
| X I AO UMV* w _
have you understand,
| So the cradle's but a relioi of the
former foolish days,
When they jounced them, and they i
bounced them, those poor dwarfs
of long ago,
The Washingtons and Jeffersons, and '
Adamses, you know.
J They warn us that the baby will j
possess a muddled brain
I If we dandle him or rock him; we !
must carefully refrain; !
! He must lie in one position, never 1
swayed or never swung,
Or his chunce to grow to greatness J
will be blasted while he's young.
I Ah! to think how they were ruined
i by their mothers long ago.
j The Franklins and the Putnams, and
the Hamiltons. you know.
| We must feed the baby only by
schedule that is made
; And the food that he is given must be
measured out and weighed.
i i
i I
J He may bellow to inform us that he
isn't satisfied,
But he couldn't grow to greatness if
his wants were all supplied;
Think how foolish nursing stunted
those poor weaklings long ago,
- T ..il. '
The Shakespeares ana uie jl. U'LUCI a auu ,
the Bonapartes. you know.
We are given a great mission, we are j
here, today, on earth'
To bring forth n race of giants and
to guard them from their birth.
To insist upon their freedom from the
rocking that was liad,
j For our parents and their parents, j
> the appearance o)
- ? M
) the front as fast
U and they are cor
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ready-to-wear Hats our g^j
/ are stylish street $2.98
scial the week $ 1.49, 1
117~ A
ne AI
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sses and Coats. be goc
# so mai
t Suits - and se
making are so far decide
nd that the woman up to !
i * i .
suit is recogmzeu uy
ressestokill " Right ,
tart we have more 40 ii
>uits that any store 2 ca
a 1 at the suit $16.50, ^jn(j ,
Lnd $35.00 Q^e
.tTskim 12fy
ts go cn shle here j specia
mp 1
scrambling all the brains they had,
Ah! had they been fei by schedule,
would they have been stunted so?
The Websters and the Lincolns and
the Grants and the Lees, you
Well, now, according to my way of
looking at it, this is not a bad or a
very far wrong characterization of
the situation today? as compared with
the long ago, but it mny be all right,
oc r cqv hppansp T am no longer a
CVO I OUJ , . _
kid and am living too much in that
good old time when we did not ha"e
so much of these new ideas. Arid so
many rules and regulations. Maybe,
if those old fellows had lived now, und
had been given the careful watching
and tender nursing that we are giving
in this day, they would in reality have
been giants in all lines of endeavor
and physically more perfect. Conditions
have chr.nged, they tell us, and
we must adapt ourselves 10 meat
changed conditions, and I reckon
they know more about it than I do;
and that they are right and I am
wrong. However that may be, I just
can't help at this time to let my mind
t J J ? -r.-V.rtr,
gc buck to tnose goon ow ua.ya nuc^
we made men and women that were
true and faithful and truthful and
when a man's word was his bond.
I went to school a little when I was
j*oung, but it seems to me that I
worked at hard labor from the time
I was six until I wis 20, and that I
did all kinds of work during that time,
2nd did it every year, and yet I got
a right fair schooling. Now, if n
boy starts when he is six and keep<=
going right along, it will take him
until he is 21 to got through college
And he has no time for anything
else. But then we went to school at
S in the morning ii?d did not get out
r:iti! 5 in the afternoon, and we got
about as much m six months as they
g*:* in nine. J3ut it a1! suits me, and
if the system makes better men and
hfttfor Tvnmen it is well. My school
days, sad to relate, are long ago over,
and the only ir-teic^t I have ?s in a
better citizenship. }>ut while we are
teaching them avicrlture and domestic
science and all that sort of
thing we should also instill inio their
youthful minds fin duties of citizen
ship and tlie obligations mey owe
to :"be other.
Talking about domestic, science
i nd agriculture and all that sort of
special training, the best little house
keeper 1 ever knew, and th*- best
cook if she had it to do, never went
into a kitchen or washed a dish until
after she was married and "went to
house keeping on her own account,
and she had never toad any training
in domestic science, and all her edu
cation- was along cultural lines ana
?? f
f having ''Opening"
as the hig boxas an
ning in every day hy
*ek. All the new fali styles ar<
he finish, fit and graceful li:
irts, note the quality for the
tz no 50 nnH nn.
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e Showing Pretty Inexpensive I
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>d this fall. The assortment em
.ly different styles you'll have t<
.e them. , We know it will be \
which is the prettiest. Priced
V*/ JL. W V/ V*
Big Inducements This Week
n Sea Island, worth 10c, cut to oi
ses Cotton Flannel, heavy nap
it only vd ^
case Red Seal Dress Ginghams,
sale price yd ? 1...
se English Long Cloth, wort]
i the yard _ I
music and vet if she had these other.
i ' *
things it might have been a help. I
don't know, but I do not see now how
they could have Improved her in iany \:
particular. You know, I believe that *
j the only way you can learn to do any-,1
| thing is by doing it. I am not "so
; great a believer in theories. j
!! But what has all this got to do;
J with what I should be writing. I just
, can't help it. Sometimes I will wand- '
. j er away off. I started out' in my
I mind to wish all the boys and girls in
:, the schools a mighty good year, and
' all the teachers ia pleasant work. If
, | I had my way I would build up the
I schools in the country and in the
; j rural districts and I would have every.
; J boy and girl to go to a country school
* * XT
' | and live in the country during me
. school terra for at least seven years,;
and then it might do to go to the
! town school. I know all the country
> ( boys and girls want to come to the
i' town school, and many parents are p
- moving to town on account of the,
i j school, but it would be n. thousand >
1 - - 1
-times better for tne cnna u ?.5,
11 would go to work and make bet- j
' j ter country schools. But here I am
1 again talking about something that
l j nearly all my readers know more
about than I do. Pardon me, please.
i IWJiat I wanted to say is, that is a j
good sign that Chief Rodelsperger
! had put up in the street in front of
the Xewberrv hotel, except that it
, should have an addition, that no cars
: are to be parked in this narrow street, j
I at all# Another thing that I have j
; j noticed the few times thftt T am on j
II the street is, that at most of the J
! streets where there is a stop sign j
?j most of the cars either cross the
j street before they stop or get right in
i the middle of it and then stop. I have
j often wondered what good pat did. If'
there should be a^aw requiring you
to stop at a railroad crossing and you
dxl rot stop until you crossed or stopped
on the centre of the track how
' could thht prevent the train striking
! vo"? T asking- for information. T
i that my perception is not very ,
' j k?en and I would be pleased to have
! jrrne one inform me on this point. 1
Tt'~ a pity we have to regulate so
by law and in this day of
fratiingf we should teach the strong
j m* to oppress the weak. It is but the
. i?,,,, .occprfine- itself. Pardon
I u [11 t? Hi Ud ? CJ itp
T am done. I am not knocking
! or Wcking.
* 1? rji??
l ne luiw.
?nd Mrs. T. P. Ad*ms of Blairs
Mondayinthe citv with their relp*#~?s
at the Central house.
*" r*ranwell Bennett of Columbia,
1 -M ^vpnine services at the Epis~
- -li? ?
I r.r-^1 ohnrTic SllIMIJiy, "was uie fiuc^^
j of ^ and Mrs. C. P. Weeks while in
j "V- j'
\ILY ]
every day now. ]N
d cases come in ar
nearly every freig
Besses 1MB"
ain to 'ij \ /
ibraces /?/" \\
d come [f/ \\p
lard to \f \|j|
$5.98 / F
*>. i ni
A Lirand dno\*
nly 7ic When so many Ha
124c days, when the openi
1QC ably commented upo
must have the Hats '
pared to show all 1
?10c jrigh grade millinery
h 15c, advantage to make
10c while the stock is at
The fire Friday afternoon at 20
minutes to 5 o'clock was at the Far
mers' Oil mill. It was a blaze caused
by an explosion while grinding soda.
There was no damiage worth mentioning.
I ?\nwvf/inr
To South
Second Har
and Forty-eigl
October 23rd \
(Up i
5 Spectacul
8 Free A
Queen's Coronation
Skating Carnival
| Band C
Fair G
$17,000.00 i
Unusual Exhibits
Free Acts M*
You are
South Carolin;
1 ! 1
bilee and
Mimnaugh's j
Jew goods are
id can be openht
and express.
iiiii :
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ts are sold on opening
ng display are so favorn,
we know that we
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. It will be to your
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There will be a box supper at the
residence of Mr. P. N". Boozer.next
Saturday night from 7 to 11 o'clock.
The girls will carry boxes. Proceeds
to go to Dominick church.
. ? 1 *1
rest juouee i
hth State Fair
to 27th, 1916
iar Parades f
.cts Daily
Masquerade Hall
General Dancing
:n Premiums }
Racing Football
immoth Midway
. 1
i Harvest Ju-I 1
State Far j ,

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