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Number 40
rail s rav
Ar^ repres
beauties. Mat
I3r> mIi v? r? /v
U/UUI I i>p//w u
Straighter linet
worn sliqhtly 1o
Serge Ores
the Dresses of
straight plaited sty!
various new trimmings,
A/4 XT nTTTT nnrl
uauu cijlcuco. ?va.vy aiiu
New Fall Ci
Big rack ladies' and chi
Coats, made of every
mixture, plushes, &c.,
today and ail week. Se
Poio Coat, priced specie
Rich Dress F;
Our stock of Satins, I
vets, etc., in all the r
and is the very h:
of fabrics for the adorn
' '. See this department.
11 c
new aerge
French and Storm
L I shades. Goods will be
I son, and dyes in these
"A little Store talk"?S<
II 1216-20 Main S
Everybody 4*et Reary for the (South
Carolina State Fair and Harrest
Jubilee, /
?f; (Joe- (Sparks and J. Irby Koon.)
|fefe;' Columbia, S. 0., Sept.e 30.?Continbfuous
advances in quotations for cotton
and the unprecedented prices for
k. cotton seed indicate that tall previous
/ attenance records upon the State fair
are being shattered this year. Preparations
are being made rapidly for
^ ? ? ? ?'? 11 /vvV?-J.Ki+c r?r?/^
(U6 eany III^uiiiuuvu ui tuu^ ,
i| reservations are being taken daily fori
^ special exhibits of farm machinery
and other appropriate displays for
the annual agricultural celebration
. while numerous booths are 'being
constructed by churches and other
organizations for lunch rooms and
refreshment stands. Consensus of
i " opinion is that when fanners over the
State are receiving approximately;
$100 for a'buie of cotton and the!
k seed a trip is likely to be made to taie I
: . State fair October 23 to 27.
J l
? A distinct feature of fair week will
tihe Harvest Jubilee. This festival
introduced last year was an enthusiastic
success throughout the week and J
I was the means of bringing thou unds i
^ to Columbia wTho would not have been !
t otherwise disposed to come to. the
Hu. v A .queen of the Jubilee is to be
( elected again tnis in a manner siuin- j
>a -o that ot last fall and a ball will j
f> given in her honor, following the i
ozonation ceremony in front of the j
| c *tol.
lorse racing is to be maintained !
r fcy a high scale jf premiums this;
-v ?\icre than $1,700 will he compet- i
C" o- in prizes in je different events, i
some particularly high quality j
z ';nrJs will he seen in action on the j
>. o::nd turf. !
f a 1 i gumes j>nll be played in
h.. '^vs of fair week, and this alone
t\ ;U induce many to attend. Free acts
. ? placed on the grounds again j
- as last, some of the special?xtri
ordinary attractive.
" 7 v;as held in Columbia
f?hen the farm demonstraforces
agreed to combine
* - into one romprehtnsive
display of farm products.
~v* >it plan
~ f^andoned. and all exr-ed
according to crops,
nrprl Fadiin
>ented in the distinc
ly are trimmed wit3
nd fine Serges.
? are features in sic
nger than before.
ses Crepe
the hour. Sox Our buye
i i 1 i. .
les, showing the ne Dougni ?
also the straight de Chine V
[ others. Priced The actual
$9.95 to $35.00 We like to
gains, and 1
jats low price o:
Idren's new Fall All sizes in
new material,
to go on sale i N
;e the new white Neyer ha
? as it now is
ibrics wantedcolo
lich Silks, Vel- Sj
iewr colorings is _ .
ighest qualities , Remembf
ment of women, two new sti
Materials tl
???? Sold in the
ijj $1.00, but v
Serges in all M
scarce this seaare
first class. Just recei
elect now. etc. fricec
moss bh tmssmssm hv v v
t. The
with iall necessary information as to
rvrz-u^ is*tinn on,H friT?+Hirrarl onH crn 1 una
! lysis data. The home demonstration
| forces will also prepare an interesting
All railroads art arranging suitable
schedules to bring the large
crowds to the fair, and the lowest
| possible rate will prevail over al lines.
I ?
New Postmaster at Chester After Sat'
| The State. v .!
I Chester, /Sept. 28.?Col. Thomas J.
Cunningham today received his commission
from Postmaster General A.
S. Burleson, with the signature of
President Wilson attached, declaring
him postmaster of Chester. He will
succeed Postmaster John W. Dunovant,
Saturday evening at 6 o'clock,
who hn?.s been the efficient postmaster
of -this city for many years. Mr.
Dunovant and his daughter, Miss Mary
Dunovant, will leave early next week
for Columbia, where they will make
their home, occupying apartments at
the Colonia liotel. ,
South Carolina 'Soldier Suffers
v Assault.
The State.
El Paso, Texas, Sept. 28.?Private
George <A-. Llovd of the First South
Carolina infantry is in the base hospi-1
tal suffering from concussion of the:
brain as a result of an attack by a |
noncommissioned officer near Fort
Bliss. Private Lloyd was found unconscious
about a mile north of the
fort and upon regaining consciousness j
I said a sergeant whose name he did ;
not know struck him on the head witn .
an axe.
Lloyd's condition is critical.
[ An investigation is being made by ;
military authorities.
The first and Second South Caro- \
lina regiments are preparing for the {
practice hike of 67 miles to Fort Sel- \
den, northwest of Las Cruces, N. M., |
The South Carolina!
troops wil be in part of the 15 regiments
of guardsmen commanded by
Brig. Gen. Charles Morton. Fifteen
'lays will be required for the trip.
un i o
ns in Coati
itive lines lavishly si
h rich fur. Materi
The leading colon
irts. The coats rc
With all their heaut
fL:?? w.u I
ue titluc TTdiai jaic;
r made a lucky buy when
i lot of pure all silk Crepe
feists in white and flesh,
value of this waist is $2 50.
give every customer barhave
marked these at the
f i $1.95
aiir Qillr PaHipnobl
crv uiin i tiutuaio;
,s our stock been as replete
in silk petticoats. All the
rs at .?.$1.98 to $5.98
i ii i?mhc?taanf n. ? m ,i m hipment
"Fern Waists"
3r every week we receive
pies waists from New York,
le best. Sizes guaranteed,
sealpac envelope. Always
porth more.
ew Fall Kid Gloves
ived. Black, white and tan,
I special.
ELL & 1
i _
Wooltex Store
Men Entering Service From South
Pounds Lighter Than Those
of North.
The State.
(Washington,. iSept.. 28.?The aver-I
age weight of men south of the Ma-1
son and Dixon line is from four to six |
pounds lighter than the average
weight cf men north of it,' say (United
States marine corps recruiting officers
operating there, in a reoprt received
at marine corps headquarters
tcday. These recruiting officers aiave |
asked that the minimum weight for
recruits in the South reduced from
124 to 120 pounds, stripped.
"The large raw-boned Southerner"
is seldom seen, the recruting officers
aver, and, while uie men cf the South
are as sound (and fit as the men of J
any otner section, uiey are uauwuj
small-boned and light in weight The
officers point cut in their re-commendation
that some of the 'best "hikers"
and fighters in the marine oops ar?
the lean* wiry men from the South.
The Constitution of the United States
doesn't mention health?
Procrastination in sanitary reform
is the theif of health ?'
A book on "Exercise and Health"
may be had free for the asking from
U. S. Public Health Service?
iXot everybody can achieve great-1
ness but everybody can be clean?
If you sow a hygienic habit you
reap health?rea.p health and you attain
Railway cars would be sanitary if it
weren't for the people in them?
A W-, nnino 'o +,rr>Virk?rl foror Till! is TDOTP
niUCi iv^a O ujr pj.w/iU IV ? V* ?? ?
than $270,000,000 a year?
The full dinner pail is the enemy of
It is dangerous to put anything into
the mouth except food and drink?
~ . 1
Sanitary instruction is even more j
important than sanitary legislation? '
The U. S. Public Health Service issues
free bulletins on tuberculosis?
The continuous liberal use of alco- j
holic beverages lowers efficiency and
m-enances logevity?
Moderate-exercise in the open air
prolongtd life?
"Mouth breathing" makes children J
c . n .
duiis, toais
hown here now. r,
\a1s include wool V
5 are Navy, P1un
inqe from 34 to 4Z
:y they are very mo
Note the Specials from Ou
Heavy nap cotton flannel, y
Blue bell cheviots, book iolc
Best grade outing, all colors
Men's hervy work shirts, ea
Best heavy Drill, special yd..
Fme sea island, yd
Good bleaching, yd
Brown linen, yd
New percales, dark patterns
Men's dress shirts, each
Many other items specially
Our Millinery Depart
Is the "best ever." Frc
chat we can hear our hats ai
tiest Jto be had in Newbe
tier hats every year is ou
aim. Come. Our salesla
pleasure m snowing yuu.
We Sell Fay Stockii
For children. They net
porters. Buttons at tiie wai
*T, Manager
The Ladies
Fish cannot live in foul water nor
man in foul air?
Smallpox is wholly preventable?
Wnac Did Me Say?
Oliver Wendell Elolmes once told
Professor Poultou Lie would never re
peat to any one what Tennyson said to
him when he entered his house. William
James pressed him to do so with
the assurance, "There are no reDorters
here." But Dr. Holmes replied, with
emphasis: "I have said that I will nevA
? r^ i. _
er ieii any one. ir was nut a Lumg
that I should have supposed any man
would say to a guest he had invited to
his house M
Statement of the Ownership, Management,
Circulation, Et<^, Required By
The Act of Congress of Augmst
24, 1912.
Of The Herald and News published
twice a week at iNewberry, South
Carolina for October 1, 1916.
State of South Carolina,
County of Newberry.
Before me, a Notary Public in and
for the State and county aforesaid.
T7^ U Anil wllA
pvi BVJU&iiy CUj^ptzai Cl JC/. 11. nuu, naiv,
having been duly sworn according to
law, deposes and says that he is the
editor of the Herald and News (and
that the following is, to the best of;
his knowledge and belief, a true state- i
ment of the ownership, management
(and if a daily paper, the circulation), i
etc., of the aforesaid publication for
the dinte shown in the above caption.
required by the Act of August 24, 1912,
embodied in section 443, Postal Laws
and Regulations, printed on the reTerse
of this form, to wit:
1. That the names and addresses
of the prbHsher, editor, managing
editor, and business ma^a^ers are:
Publisher ^e-a'd and News company
Newberry, iS. C.
+ tt* tt a iit1 s c!
JvU 1 I l/I J J r . ,v . ... . . _
Msnasrin? ^i^T" F* TT \..it Vgxv_
berry. S. C
Business Manaerer E. H Anil. N'ewhprrv
2 rriir>*' '*
"TTIG*! 0T>''
(JfTIOVn r> ~ '* "> ~ ' 0 j^nane
an/1 *u~ - - ' ' --/ ><* nf
^tockho1 ~ ~ , ? r.f>"
CPnt r?r 'P,~" ' " ? ' ",i * *",A '">*
1 r> - -
The newest suit ai
alouirs, Broad Clo
a, Purple and of
X inr??i )/?n/nr fli c T?*
J ll?VI? X i
derately priced. $1.
ir Domestic Blanket!
Be sure you s
fore buying. B
d 10c fancy plaids. I
1, yd 10c Comforts at.
i, yd 10c Blankets at
,ch 50c
-ioc ki
Just received,
~ ~ ful Kimonas, ii
ydlllQc effects, etc., pr
50c Bon Ton and R
Before you ar
. or dress let us fi
ilient model corsets.
!?thepreht- Every day we
rr? &rp. or express, new
r const- nt We urge you to
" srihei"
TYinovi o nnv/ili o c
j iucaii a puiuiac
]gS ure in showing
id no sup- your meeting
ist. place.
5 Store
berry, S. C.
J. A. Aull, Dyson, S. C.
E. H. Aull, Newberry, S. C.
3. That the known bondholders, I
mortgagees, and other security hold-,
ers owning or holding 1 per cent or
more of total amount of bonds, morteaees
or other securities are: (If
there are none, so state.)
Carolina Life Insurance Company,
Columbia, S. C. I
Si C. Pressly, Treas., Due West, S. C.
American Type Founders company,
Baltimore, Md.
Jno. M. Kinj.;rd, Geo. S. Mower, W.
H. Hunt, Newberry, S. C.
4. That the two paragraphs next
above, giving the names of the owners,
stockholders, and security holders, if
any, contain not only tne list 01
stockholders and security holders as
they appear upon the books of the
company but also, in oases where the
stockholdtr or security holder appears
upon the 'books of the company as
trustees or in any other fiduciary
relation, the name of the person or
corporation for whom such trustee is |
Cut (
Arl nrn vnur
boat r1 with hanc
It's ! ^ utiful, ai
! . . .
acp uate it as a
- my wind
"iise of a
Mail Orders I j
11 nrl Pvnmnfltr
ri^u x lutiii^njr
1 i
and Hats
rivals are real
th, Gabardines, I
course Black/jj, I 1
le skirts will ?
2.95 to $65.00. I
j anrl frnnfrtrte
?ee our assortment be- ,
lankets in plain wool or
'riced special.
98c to $6.50
98c to $10.50
iiiiiih i iii
iiiona Sale
, big assortment beautii
solids, stripes, floral
iced 98c to $4.95
loyal Worcester Corsets
o -fif-fcirl iri ihof "now emit
it you in one of the new
Priced $1.25 to $5 00
receive either by freight
j goods for fall wear.
visit our score frequentew
merchandise we are
>ok doesn't necessarily .
>e. And we take pleas- '
you. Make our store
place?your shopping
k I
Newberry, S. C. I
ii ! miiw?t
| acting, is given; also that the said two
| .paragraphs contain statements em i
bracing affiant's full knowledge and
I belief as to the circumstances and
conditions under which stockholders
and security holders ho do not appear
uipcn the books of the company as
trustees, hold stock and securities in a
capicjty other than that of a bona
fide owner; and this affiant has no
' reason to believe that any other per^
son, association, or corporation has
[any interest direct or indirect in the.
, said stock, bonds, or other securities
thxin as so stated by him.
5. That the average number of
copies of each issue of this publication
sold or distributed, through the mails
or otherwise, to paid subscribers during
the six months prtceding the date
shown above is
(This information is required from
daily publications only.)
T? W< Anil
Sworn to and subscribed 'before me
this 28th day of September 1916.
(Seal.) R. M. Lomiaack.
(My commission expires at Measure
of Governor.)
m I
table and side
Isome Cut Glass,
id a friend will
wedding* gift.
low display.
id Variety Store
Thousand Things.

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