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. More Left Overs.
Thfl -fvoi /vn'in.r* noT?n."n?oi\^e ^.t?a (
ivu^ iviiv n 1U5 ^aiagiayuo ai v
among some of the items left over
from last issue: ,
Miss Grace jWSlilxur is another of
the Newberry girls in Winthrop.
Miss M. E. Rahb of Monticello and
Miss Celi/i Reynolds of Jacksonville,!
Fla., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. B. M. j
Epting in Sumter street. I
Mr. J. A. Counts was in Newberry i
t>? o
oa?.muav IIUJLU. rxjuiai I<& luuie o.
Mrs. EverarcE Blackshear and little
son, Pope, of iCitra, Fla., are on a visit
to lier mother, Mrs. Y. J. Pope, and
tier sister, Mrs. George Johnstone.
Mr. T. P. Adams and son, Earle,
were in the city Saturday.
ion T A <-> J i ^ V A?*
-Tjaoa ocumc cxuiuii iciuiJueu UU aid
home at Pacolet Friday, accompainied
by her sister, Mrs. Walter S.
Cameron and little Eulalia, who will
spend a while there. Mr. Cameron,
who went with them, returned home
Saturday, after going to iNeel Shoals,
in Union county, to see his mother,
Mrs. J. W. Cameron, who is very ill.
Mr. L. T. Adams of Pomaria was
in Newberry Saturday. ,
Mr. I. Mi Mills wis in the city Saturday
from Prsperity 2. ,
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Huffman were,
.in Newberry from Little Mountain j
< Mrs. M. O. Dovell and little son,
Junius Elmore of Orlando, Fla., on
their way home from the mountain? j
of North Carolina, spent several days ;
in Newberry with her aunt, Mrs. Alice
A. Singleton. Mrs. Dovell is a duugh-:
ter of the late Junius E. Chapman, one
of the best men that ever lived in
Mr. E. T,. Dorninift wns in \'pw
berry Saturday from Little .Mountain. |
Mr. Jno. F. IWIheeler of Prosperity
6 was in the city Saturday.
Fred H. Knight has resigned his
position with the Oakland Mills, New
berry, S. C., to accept one lat the' <
Graniteville. (S. C.) Mfg. Co.?Textile '
.ui. ucu. o. xyxwi\ci t ui i .
was in Newberry Saturday. , h
Mrs. S. J. Wooten has returned from (
a pleasant visit to Newberry-?Green-'
wood Journal. I c
Mr. L. M. Nichols was in the city 11
Saturday from the Utopia section, j <
Mrs. S. D. Sheppard of Silverstreet j 1
is spending ia few days in the city j
with Miss Maggie Thomasson. j i]
Mr. P. H. Kinard of Prosperity C i
A. dre.
-1. J
snows i
* If y
was in Newberry Saturday.
Mr. H. N. Taylor spent :Siinday in
Columbia visiting his father, Mr. N.
E Taylor, at the hosptal.' Mr. Taylor
is sLiix umuer ireaxmenx ior ms uroKen
hip, but is on the mend.
Miss Mary Wicker and her father,
Mr. W. W. Wicker, and Mr. E. Hugh
Sumter spent (Sunday in Greenville,
motoring in Mr. Summer's car.
<Mr. and Mrs. H. R. McDonald and
sens, Messrs. Frank and Julius McDonald,
motored to Newberry Sunday
from Kibler with Mrs. W. A. McDonald
and children of Hodges. The latter
had spent a week at Kibled and
are spending a few days in Newberry*
with their relatives 'here.
Mr. E. B. Blease after spending the
summer in Asheville, Is in Xewberry
on his way home in Charlotte. "Eb"
as he is familiarly and generally
known, who is alwiays looking well,
shows that th>e mountain air was still
good for him and that he is- still at
the flood tidte in the affairs of life.
miss <Joiie .biease returned Sunday
from Laurens, where she was the
guest of Mrs. J. Ryan Workman.
Mr. Charlie Boling of Columbia,
spent Sunday in the city.
Miss Bertha May Gallman of Newberry
will spend the winter with her
brother and sister-in-law Mr. and Mrs
S. C. Gallman, on Oak street. Miss
Gallman is beginning her first year
at Chicora College for Women.?The
Senator Alane Johnstone has been
appointed as one of the delegates to
represent this district to attend the
annual meeting of the National Faring
er's congress in Indianapolis, Ind.,
October 17-20.
Mrs. W. B. Goggans was in the city
.Mr. W. D. Hatton of Pomaria was i
in tlio Alnn v
AAA V**V V4WJT .TiViiUWJ , <
Mr.Lean Williams of Columbia spent j
Sunday night here with Mr. W. C. j
Garrett on his way home from Greenville.
Mr. Alfred Huger pf Charleston and I
Mr. R. M. Hawkins1 of Hendersonville j
registered at the Newberry hotel Sun- j
3ay night.
Capt. M. M. Buford returned Satur- |
lay from the hospital. His friends j
ire srlad to hii ve him b.irk in the t
:ity, where he is well known as a
oyal citizen.
Mr. W. Q. Sease of Sit Philips was
a. the city Saturday. ! >
Mrs. P. E. Scott returned last week
the che
es a
li'I'llllllllMf I'I? I WliMUMii??1M?ll?IWI
after an extended visit to her cousin,
Mrs. D. C. Turnipseed, in iNew York.
Mrs. Scott went and came the ocean
way, a delightful trip going land coming.
Mr. Z. W. Dennis of the Deadfall
section was in the city Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Mims of Sumter
spent Wednesday with, his cousin,
Mr. L. M. Player, on their way to
Glenn Springs. Mr. Simms had just
I been through a treatment after an
i operation <at the hospital in Florence.
j 'Mr. J. S. Watts of Slighs was in
I the oitv 'Saturday.
Messrs. J. A. Schroder, -E. B. Mar}
tin and Thomas Lake returned last
! week from Tampa and other points
in Florida. Mr. Schroder visited his
sister, Mrs. Jno. W. Ebbs, at Fruitland
Park. They hud a delightful
, visit, enjoying every moment of the
time, seeing the 'beautiful scenes of
that land.
Messrs. Luther Gibson and J. <M.
I ,
"fiefs-It" Never.
- Fails for Corns!
j There's Nothing on Earth Like It
For Corns and Calluses.
I "Whenever you set corns and cal|
luses, don't experiment ? just use
' "GETS - IT" and nothing else. Easiest
and simplest thing-1 know to use
! ?just a, few drops on in a few sec
onds?"GETS-IT" does the rest.'' The
old way is to bundle up your toes in
harnesses and bandages, use salves
that make toes raw, cotton rings that
makeyour corns pop-eyed, knives and
"diggers" that tear your heart out
and leave the corn in. No wonder they
make you limp and wince. Forget all
these?use "GETS-IT." the simplest
corn remedy in the world, easiest to
use, never fails or sticks, painless. Your
corn loosens, then you lift it off. Yoa
can wear smaller shoes.
"GETS-IT" is sold and recommended
by drug-gists everywhere, 25c a
bottle, or sent on receipt of price, by
B._I^wTence_&_Ca,_CIiicago, 111.
Sold in Newberry and recommended
by P. E. Way, druggist.
uso in
$ i
?|scrv?. v
i Nichols of Silverstreet were in the
J city Saturday. ,
Mr. Sligh Wicker was in the city
from Pomaria 2 Saturday.
The joint council of Beth Eden pas
torate will meet at the parsonage Saturday,
October 7, at 10 a. m. The
members of the council are requested
to bring their wives and baskets
and picnic with the pastor and family.
! By order of members of the council.
There will be communion serbice
at Colony Sunday morning, Sunday
school at 10 o'clock uud se: vices by
the pastor at 11. An invitation will
be extended' to those who desire to
join tne ciiurcn.
overnor Manning has extended the
time for registering one week from
Monday, the 2nd. The hooks will be
at R. S. Sligh's store 'in the Opera
House building until next Saturday.
The Civic association of Smyrna
school will have an oyster and sulad
cimnar otiH rklontv of crfwl m.77Srir>
> ' A V*. (JVVU v??*V IU W
Mr. G. P. Boozer's on Friday night
from 5 to 10 o'clock. The public i?
cordially invited. /
'Madame Petrova will appear in
"The Soul Market" at the Opera House
Thursday. An enthralling romance
of society und the stage in five wonJ
" 1 ?- ? % /*? Vv ?? 4- ll rv A f A f f /*\
UKUUi iicis yi e&cxitcu uic
Picture corporation.
A Mammoth Squirrel.
Jim Xeel, living on R D Dovenport's
pluce, R. F D. Xo. 4, Box 37, 'brought
to this office Tuesday a large squirrel
which he had stuffed. He killed it
on Monday afternoon at ij o'clock in a
hickory nut tree. The squirrel held
on to a hickory nut in his moutli when
killed. The peculiarities about this j
squirrel were that it wf.is black and
very large of. bcdy, head and mouth,
with a very long tail. It was the larg-j
est squirrel with the longest tail
have ever seen, and the first black I
one to come under our observation, j
One man who calls it a fox squirrel, j
says he has seen srch in his travels, J
but not about here. The squirrel meas- j
ures two*feet, four inches from tip of'
nose to tip of tail, and four and a
half inches broad of back, the tail itself
being 16 3-4 inches in length.
Cures Old Sores, Other Remedies Won't Tore, i
The worst cases, no matter of how long standing, j
are cured by fhe wonderful, old reliable Dr. !
Porter's Antiseptic Healing Oi!. It reliever j
ind Heck "t t!ip san' ime ' ^ .50^ *7'v I
Tier c
>ved h
Th; undersigned, heirs of Alice
Stockman, deceased, will sell before
the court house at Newberry the first
Monday in November, 1916, ninetyseven
acres of land in No. 9 township
bounded by lands of Dave Boozer, S.
J. Kohn and others, known as the
Pink Brown "Cureton Place" of which
said Alice Stockman died possessed.
Terms of 'Sale?One third cash and
balance in two equal annual instalments
secured by bond and mortgage
cf the purchaser with interest on the
credit portion from date of sale.
Purchaser ' > puy for all papers and
| recording.
S. C. Stockman for the Heirs.
Teachers Examination.
The regular examination of applicants
for certificates to teach in the
public schols will be held in the
courthouse at Newberry cn Friday.
October 6, iyi6, beginning at 9
oclook. Applicants must furnish
C. P. Barre,
Sunt, of "Education.
Cut (
S Adorn vour
boaid with hand;
It's beautiful, an
appreciate it as a
See my wind<
' Mayes'Bookani
The House of-a Ti
' " * ->
? . fl
a them
? i um
MilMlin1II lllllPllllMrtl i'
Good Looks are Easy
Look as good as your city cousins. No
matter if you do Tan or Freckle Magnolia
Balm will surely clear your skin initantly.
Heals Sunburn, too. Just put a little on
your face and rub it off again before dry.
Simple and sure to please. Try a bottle
to-day and begin the improvement at
once. White, Pink and Rose-Red Colors.
75 cents at Druggists or by mail diredt.
LYON MFG. CO., 40 So. 5tli St, Brooklyn. N.Y.
There was one sale by Master Rikard
Monday: The case of the Securi- '
ty Loan and Investment company
against Fred K. Jackson and others;
street in the city and a lot 100x50
eet a mile and a quarter from thecity,
One-eight * an acre fronting on Coats
fo H. 0. Holov/iay for $1265.
jlass j
table and side *
r? i r?i
some i,ui mass.
d a friend will
wedding gift.
>w display.
IVariety Store ^
housand Things. J

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