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Mr. J. J. Eargle lias gine back to
the Newberry Machine shops.
FLulinc Frc;!:r:ek in "The Woman
in The Case" at the Arcade today,
- - - - ~ TT?.ol,l nn/l
. I lie COIllt'Sl now in lilt nciaiu cmvi
News is the biggest thing of its kind
ever undertaken in this city.
Mr. Clarence Werts can give the
gneral public lessons in second-crop
Marguerite Clarke in "Little Lady
Eleen will be the Monday Paramount
picture at the Arcade.
Connie Maxwell mentions receipt of
$15.52 from First Newberry, and Our
Monthly, for Thornwell $15.19 from
Aveleigh Sunday school.
New houses for residences are badly
needed in Newberry. We know of
families wanting to rent and unable to
find places. Monied men, make a motion.
Ringling Bros, are using th 5 c jlumns
of The Herald and News to advertise
their great circus in Columbia Oct.
IT. People from Newberry will go to
see the shows.
/ Expect big crowds at the State fair.
. Good times will take thousands to
Columbia for the Fair and! Harvest
Jubilee.?Flaming .headlines in the
daily papers.
A commission has been granted to
the Newberry- Palmetto Trust company,
with a. capital of $500, the petitioners
being John M. Kinard and 0.
B. Mayer.
'Spartanburg Journal reminds u?
that it was just about this time two
years ago, if he remembers correctly,
thlit -we had our big "Buy a bale
of cotton at 10 cents a pound'' day.
An exchange suggests that "The
Farmer in His Auto rt the Bank"
would be a good title for another
ivrosoeritv song. That exchange man
must have stopped over in Newberry
last or this week.
The '.Calendar society will conduct
a rummage sale on Saturday of this
week in the' facant store nevt to E.
M. Evans and Son. All the ladies of
the congregation are asked to contribute
? - 1-? A
There win oe preaunins at
Helena church next tS.unday afternoon
at 3:30. The Rev. E. V. Bafcb will'do
the preaching. The Helena people
will hear good preaching and return
tn their homes feeling that life is
worth living.
There will be an oyster and fish supper
ut the res'do* ace of Mrs. W. F.
Ruff Saturday night from 7 to 11 o'clock.
An old time cake walk will be
a feautre of the occasion. Special arrangements
will be made for the en-.
tertainment of the old as well as the j
There are a good many "finest;
evers" in Xewbery. Every once in j
a while we hear some man, in speak-,
ing of his clerk or stenographer, say: j
"(She's the finest aver." Which, how
1 ? - An.+ hv fh p
ever, is siwuys uivugui uuv vj ?-v.
first remark of the interrogator.
The new steam laundry for Newterry
is looming up in the distance.
Mr. Julius B. Boozer assures ue that
iie has about $1,000 subscribed.
iWfoen this contemplated' enterprise
is encouraged here it will help
Newberry along in the onward march
of progress with, clean applarel.
Music is a wonderful influence for
good; it is impossible to think of evil
or commit evil deeds while listening
to the sweet harmonp of voices or instruments.?Selected.
You "will hear
such music in most of the churches
of Newberry every Sunday morning
and night.
The revival conducted at the Presbyterian
church by Mr. Croker of Newberry
closed Friday. It was one of
the best meetings of the kind ever held
here and the preacher is one among
the few who held the interest of all.
Two new members were added to the
church.?Donalds Cor. Abbeville Medium.
-o ?A? on _
A SO^p Iiicivry i& auvuici uvn v^terprise
for the town. Mr. R. C. McCartv,
a young man, has opened it up
and is running it in the block near
the depot, from Main street. If this
doesn't show that Newberry is growing
it at least shows that she has betterfacilities
for keeping clean. We
ope Mr. McCarty will have success
Mr. McCarty will have success with
with his venture.
There is a recruiting officer in j
town, stopping at the Central House.
He came from Spartanburg Wednesdac
and will be here until next Tuesday.
If any of our young men wish
to see this officer of the recruiting
service they have a good opportunity
now. The country needs men for
military duty. If you want to enlist
Ford touring cars by freight Satur-j
day for Fridy and sold them right
1 away, delivering them this week to
tile following town and county persons:
Yancey T. Dickert, F. R. Red!
dick, W. R. tSchumpert B. L. >Ailbritton,
i Pat A. Stockman and S. R. Metts.
Tom Gray the colored drayman of
the J. W. Kibler Company had a narrow
escape from being killed Hate
Tuesday afternoon. At the corner
of Xance and Pope streets the mule
became frightened at a bale of cotton
on the ground nearby and ran up on
the sidewalk. This tilted the dray
f throwing the driver out. He was run
I "l i V?A tt "U rv 1 o r? r? rDPoi VOfi Q
| over UV tlic v. uccio auu a v/a t v/va ~
considerable jolt and jar, with some
bruises which laid him off for several
days. Gray was not seriously
hurt, but it was a scarv and dl.mger*
us fall.
Wnw mnnv nf von have mentioned
tI:o iact to the city officials that you
appreciate the splendid work being
done at the streets of Lancaster.?
Lancaster News. Xone. They will
' wait until the officials are dead to
j put flowers on their graves. But
I we will give the Supervisor Joe "Werts
1 a bouquet now; Look at the fine work
~~~ r\n fr>A.ryi + VlO /V^rnPT* of Mr.
gUiiig LHA iivrill mv. ?
0. Klettner's residence up to Mayor
Wright's. It is improving and beau1
tifying the street. Let's put flowers
iCn people's graves before they die;
they can't smell them after they're
dead. A dehd man doesn't care whether
yon d'ecorate his grave or not, hut
it means ia whole lot to the living.
It might help to keep some poor
fellow living.
X *
A\Tf T.IVFn n\ >TTT,K
Removed b_v Taniae, He Says "I've
had no Return of my old
A few days ago, Prank Richardson,
a well known employe of the Byrd
Printing Company, residing at 52 iWlest
Lake St., Atlanta, came into Jacob's
Pharmacy and in relating his experiences
with Tanlac said: I
"About eighteen months ago, while j
I lived in Knoxville, Tenn., I made,
! the statement that I wouldn't take,!
$500 for the good Tanlac did me.
Well, I just wajit to'tell you I still
feel the same way about it. I suffered
with the most terrible case of stomi-ch
trouble, which had folowed me
for sever\ long years and pulled me
down aWost to the point of despair.
Tanlac gave me relief when every|
tbftig else had failed and I can never
! forget it.
' *' J' -i ? x _ i _ x _ j 2._ :ii.
"My aiei was restncieu iu uiii.-v
and occasionally a soft boiled egg, and
I wouldn't dare touch meats of any
! kind. I was habitually constipated
land extremely nervous. No matter
what I would eat,?I would alwhys
(have an awful pain in my stomach,
and this with my stomach, kept me
I A-wrfLVe fr>r hours everv nierht. Mv con
' dition alarmed my Trife and I was
almost at the turn of the read where
I hadn't strength to fellow my vocation.
"1 read about Tanlac helping so
many people wiho were afflicte ah I'
was, and I determined to try it. I;
started to the drug store one even-j
ing for my first bottle, and I was so
weak from loss of strength and energy
thi:,t I fainted. I managed to get
back home after so long and.started'
on my Tanlac, and the first few doses j
made me feel better. I continued improving,
and, after taking the fourth
bottle, there was a most wonderful
change in my condition. I found that
I could eat just Anything I wanted,1
and, for the first time in years, I
could eat 'boiled ham and potatoes'
! ana reit no ill atter-eitects. Tne pains;
' all left my stomach, my nervousness j
| disappeared and I could sleep like
i a child. My troubles all went ia,way
i with those few bottles of Tanlac and
J left me stronger and more energet|
tie than I had been in years. Yes,
I sir. eishteen months have passed i
since Tanlac so wonderfully restor-;
ed my health, and it gives me pleas-1
ure to tell you thi.it I rave no return j
I of anv of my old troubles to this day,1
" 1
and I have kept my average weight
all along. Tanlac made life a realj
pleasure to me, and I go about my;
work with ta feeling that reminds ma j
of the days of my young manhood." j
Opera House j
3 'Act Essanay Drama
Featuring Bryant Washburn and JIar- |
guerite t lay ton. /
Kalem Drama
Featuring Helen Gibson
2 Act Biograph Drama
Featuring Blanche Sweet
Kalem Comedy
Featuring: Ham and Bud
Selig Tribune No. 65
International Cartoon Comedy.
| Dr. F. C. Martin |
I 3peciaiisi|
| Examines Eyes, FitsGlasses|j
| and Artificial Eyes. |
^If your eyes are giving you|
^trouble don't fail to consult him |
% Satisfaction Guaranteed. I
A. <$
? Office over Anderson's Dry|
XGoods Store. $
$ I
FOR SALE?Registered Duroc Jer
sey Pigs 8 weeks old, at a reasonable
price. Phone 110 or 139. T. M. Sanders.
We pay highest prices for Hides
FOR SALE?One studebaker 1915 in
good order.
1 Ford touring car 1916 model, very
Taylor Auto Co., in front of New
Court House, Newberry, S. C.
APPLY TO 823 Boundary St. .for
rooms. Purnished or unfurnished
with or without meals.
I HIGHEST MARKET -FKHjn; paia casa i
! for country produce, chickens and J
eggs. Bring them to Savoy Hotel.
Xewberrv, S. C.
FOR RENT?One 1-horse farm, one
~ " "? J ~~ O UA.oa form I
z-norse iarm anu une o-nvuc iqj
for the year 1917. Apply to M. M. Buford.
Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician.
All Work Guaranteed.
Corner Caldneii and Friend Streets.
Eyes fitted and sold on Installment
Jfewoerry, S. C. "*
I s '
Fertilizer, Aci
^ir i
we nave purcn
titles of 16 per cei
all analyses macU
companies for fer
a We are also pr
5 you prices on acic
y-v 1 O 1 7
tiupd Ui
We ask that you call j
terms before making you
grain or crops of 1917. 1
*no nol! r*f- vmir hnmpfi
U9 LW CU11 ui j V/uji UV/LUVU
and we believe you will j
not necessary.
We are satisfied that w
or better prices than othe
good goods made by ?
I companies.
>Yo lit all glasses with the guarantee
of satisfaction or your money back
and if ti ere is any change of the eye
in one year we will change lens free.
Artifical Eyes fitted.
Ooticians and Jewelers.
AliiTI LUUtfii, AU. 87, A. it. U.
A regular communication of Amity
T.nripp \'rt 87 A F\ AT. v;ill be held
next Tuesday evening at 8:30 o'clock
it Fraternity Hall. Visiting brethren
cordially welcomed.
J. W. EARHARDT, Secretary.
I Just Received
Fresh Shopmen* of
I # >
Self Raising and Graham
Israeli Unittflmofle All Pftflr
I ?tOll ilUUlVlliUUV nil i viu
and lots of everything
good to eat.
Phone 180
i I
Chicken Sore Head Remedy j
Liquid) Guaranteed
A remedy of our own.
Price 25 Cents per Bottle
P. E. WAY, Druggist j
r Newberry, S. C.
d and Sodali
Lased large quan- !
it acid and guano j
i by good reliable j
- *1 ,
tnizing grain. i
epared to name |j
Is and guano for !
ind get our prices and
oiflinr f/M* Si
11 puiLiiaac^ uiuu jlwjl i
t is not convenient for i
to quote or sell you,
agree with us that it is ||
e can make you as good Ij
rs, and we will sell you I
jood reliable fertilizer |
.With flour cl03e around $H) a barrel,
our farmers should put in & good
crop of wheat this fall. Our people
should begin to provide fcr the hard
times just ahead of us. The cost of!
living has. more than doubled.?Cam- j
den Messenger. This is excellent
and wholesome advice, which w hope
will be heeded.
* STfte. *8
Take Chit
^ B^UUNEhKfl?^ A Paramo
famous PlayeTS-ftrarxwnt
Monday 0
r\ A \Tt Y*T? /\TT % tr A XT r?
u/iiNmiv r r^beiiib
Marguerite Clark
A Paramount Picture produced 1
the Famous Players Film Co.
"the ai
* The 'Ho,
** 1 I
miss Annie l
To which we have
Ladies' Coat
We offer the rr
l - 1 11
value, styie ana a
materials and wo
f!nm#? in and cl
The annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Columbia, Newberry
and Laurens Railroad Company will MM
be held at the office of the company, A
1124 Taylor street. Columbia. S. C.,
Tuesday, October 17th, 1916 at 12:30
o'clock, noon.
C. -P. Seabrook.
dren with You
rization of Clyde Fitch's Greatest
Dramatic Triumph,
unt Picture produced by the Famous
players Film Co.
^ t
October 9 th
'.? J -l *
;j i1 ,ji-[!f-ij^'^WHKbBBw''1 ''
rrts> <* AT * i
iffietum* \
?MM?m .
. Smith & Co.
added this season *
s and Suits j
maximum of suit
ependableness in -
loose now from

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