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Movements of reany Pf^ople, Jfewberrians,
and Those Who Yislt
ilessrs. Edg-,.ir Rygth and Wm. Haut
-ske spent the week-end in Columbia !
Miss Mary Wright spent Saturday
iao Columbia.
31 r. and Mrs. Grady W. Yonce motored
to (Columbia Saturday.
Ur. A1 Rikard of California spent
ll?e week-end in Newberry with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Rikard.
33iss Kathleen Hayes returned last
week from an extended visit to relatives
in Columbia.
Hir. #W. W. Bar re of Lexington
spent Sunday in Newberry with rela
Misses Mildred Evans and Kathryn
"Harms spent tre week-end in Columbia.
the guests of Mrs. William Brooker.
Ur. H. H. Evans and his son, Mr.
James Herbert Evans of Newberry
.spent yesterday in the city.?Columbia
33r. Kenneth R. Kreps, of the Porearia
high school faculty, spent Friday
in the city, going to Columbia Saturday
to attend the football game. He
Twas official time keeper for Newberry.
Harold Epting and 'Milledge Shealy
were the Lindsay Hill boys attending
Sag- the football game in Columbia Saturday
when Newberry wiped the Carolina
team off the earth. y j
The members of the Newberry college
faculty who attended the New.terry-Carolina
game in Columbia Saturday
were: President J. H. Harms,
Profs. Sidney J. Derrick, W. H. StemEL
B. Setzler and Clyde Walker.
^ r> tt "nr?;
SJ. tfvuu luxo. xv. xx. rvxigxit, mis.
"Hobert Holmes, Misse^^Maude Eptim?,
Sath Digby and <Vttood&? Bowman mo- 1
tared to Columbia Saturchs to at- '
tend the Xewberry-Caroliua football '
" <
Dr. E. E. Stuck and Messrs. George
aSwztteirbengS, Henry and Paul Adams,
Joe Keitt, Keifer and Tom Wicker
were among the Newberry people at- t
-tending tre football game Saturday in:t
?St. Summer has made a number of
Sriexuls in this county and they regret
ins leaving?Greenwood Index in not- :
Sng She return of Mr. L. E. Summer *
epcct >anety Six to bis old home in '
^tsrlfiTrr. c
.3ii- Stanmore Langford being able
tio rtnrrn to his duties at the South<era
Power company's sub-station in 1
- A Ml V..V 1
3Iessr?K;rry, alter nis recent nmess, mo
anbstfjtntfc, Mr. Williom iWendet, has ?
:Tdtarawd to Union, where 'he went at c
JnL . (
Among the college students attending
the football game in Columbia 1
^Saturday were: Messrs. Herman
SBBeozer. Lewis and Stokes Houck, FunySerTrarke,
Ed and Clarence Davis, Herfnam
Langford, Lloyd* G-my, Zofler 1
Ka&rg, Gaillard, Oxner and others.
Mr. and Mrs: P. E. SScott and Mrs.
eorge Jolmstone are among the out- 1
?f-town guests expected for the Moore- .
4Jarr wedding in Columbia on Thurs
Aaj. *iMr. Scott will 'be one of the
"Bskers.. The bride-elect, Miss Caroline
Dow Moore, is well known in
3fcm?i>erryT having aften visited Mrs. !
2Ir_ and Mrs. J. E. Summer 'have
aretarned from Newberry, where they
speafc several days with Mr. Summer's
soother, who has been ill but is bet- '
t^r Tiie reoort that Mr. Summer .'had j
moved back to Newberry wus an error.
It was Mr. L. E. Summer of
JJinety Six, who returned to !his old
^&ae in the county.?Greenwood JourraaL
"Ever so many people are going from
ZXewbernr to the State fair.
Good evening, have you used Mccartys
"The Farmer in his Auto ia.t the
Hank" is prominent in Newberry.
Bunches of citizens from this place
"will go to Columbia next Tuesday
rto see Ringling Bros, circus.
v Cotton ginned in Newberry county
?r*,i?eptember 25, 1916, 7797 bales
;3g2irafc 7746 to thia.t date last year.
Sawing Circle of the Calendar
society will meet with Miss Alice
ZHoTsrstrv "Wednesday afternoon at 3:30.
'.The tent opposite tke prettiest post-office
building in the State is for a|
vandeville show now on. J
Jl "writer in the "Washington Post
rsays a mother is the best teacher up
??o the child's tenth year.
It is a shame that trere are no va-j
can houses for rent in this city. There
are people loking for places.
The Central school, Pomaria, will
open on Monday, 16th, with Miss Hallie
Wright of Laurens county, teacher.
Cotton went to 17 cents in Newhprrv
Satnrdav. the first time in 12
The Bachelor Maids will meet on
Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 with Mrs.
Wilson Brown at the residence of Mrs.
0. B. Cannon.
Powerful Offensive of Newberry
Eleven Too Much for the Carolinians.
?Headline in Greenville News the d/ay
? "
after the iooiaau game iu vwuiuwa.
Dr. E. H. Kibler, who has been sick
j the past week, his friends regret to
j know, will not be in his office this
! week.
Te great Holbrook Blinn and Ethel
Clayton in "Husband and Wife" at
| the Opera House, will draw the crowds
Tihis a good electrical fall for Newberry.
Mr. Jno. C. Goggans, Jr., and
his assistants can testify as to that,
that. ,
More good work wus done Sunday
morning at Central Methodist church,
+V10 iha1anr>o An tho was I
YV liCXl UUV k/UAWiivv V *-*. V ?v ..
Manager 'Wells has just received'
some more music for the Opera House.
This announcement is sufficient to
draw the crowds.
There is a big difference between
"ihuib" and hug." One goes to the!
"Hub" for goods. There is no hug inj
that store, unless you want to hug
Hery Hevird or Mr. fVigodsky.
The season is fine for subscribing1
to the new laundry. Help put the
town on wheels and push it along.!
Press the button, Mr. Julius Boozer!
will do the rest.
The registration books closed Saturday
for go6d at K. C. Sligh's store. <
A. large number of whites have regis* j'
x-red Many colored applicants sought,
certificates, but comparatively few!
arere able to qualify. .
On or before the 16th. of the pres- ]'
mt month send by mail or parcel post
;o the president or the secretary of
;he civic league a gift for sale. They
vill appreciate anything that "will ]
>ring ten cents. 1
? The contest manager, Mr. J. H.
Sammons and his assistant, Mr. C. M. j?
?pting of Chapin, are succeeding with |
jreat speed in the work they have unlertaken.
They are able and affable '
October is the month that was and
s hailed with delight by the Indians,
Phey called it Traveling Moon.?From; .
in article on October. That is one',
>f the many reasons why we are stuck
m October.
Mr. Matt W. Clary of the J. W. Kiber
company, broke the large bone ot
bis forearm Saturday afternoon
while cranking his automobile as be
R^as starting to Saluda to spend Sun- '
iay with, his cousin, Mr. lAi. L. Coleman.
Four whites and 14 co?.?re?l stood
examination for teao-iers* ceniflcate.3
in Superintendent Barre's office last
Friday. The former were: Missel*
zron/1 T/1o \TaP Sfttzler Of
JT cnv;ia iyuvu uuu iuu ??? t
Pomaria and Miss Zula Stockman and
Mr. J. C. Wessinger, Jr., of Little
The automooile trade is lively in
Newberry, but it will be livelier still
when Baker and Oxner?H. P? t Baker
and M. T. Oxner?fc-114 *hcir new
garage. Baker doesn't sell the Srudebaker
and somo other makes, but he
and Oxner sel1 ;ne Dou.^e Brothers
cars and the Hudson Super 6's.
The contest now raging in The Her-,
aid and News is spreading like wild
fire in a dry straw field. The way
in which the people all over the county
are taking hold is agreeably surprising
to those of us in the office who
* * j?i
had no idea it wouia ueveivy mw,
such stupendous proportions, .and iii
so short time.
In B. T. Anderson's "'Anderson Dry
Goods Company," chis city has an establishment
that a metropolitan store
can't back off the boards.?'Anderson
Tribune. That Anderson went to Anderson
after being in Newberry, but
there are two more of the kind here;
and the people of Newberry can go
to Anderson without going to Ander
#A dinner was given at the Jeffer;
son - hotel last night by the Newberry
college "club of Columbia to the
college football team. Covers were
j laid for 32 members. ?5riei speecnea
were made by C. L. Kibler, M. D.f E.
B. Setzler of tre college faculty, the
Rev. J. C. Seegers, Coach Driver and
F. iWl Cappelmann.?Sunday State.
Speaking of coru, Mr Jeff B. Amiek
took an ear of co-'ii Saturday to Summer
Broil?ers grocery store tl.ai is
worth mentioning. it woig'as one
pound and threap uar.^rs slip shut1.'.
It weighed two :,,o.i?'i-:'3 ni the shuck.
Mr. Amick has six rov,^ ;.i> y;irdc "on;;
of the same cora in his home patch.
! He's from Lexington
Five minutes before the clock struck
three Friday morning there was an-!
other fire in Graveltown. Luc-ile Penn, j
colored, occupied the house lost. Then j
about three-quarters before noon oil
the same day there was a secona j
alurm. This last fire was a blaze on j
j the premises of Mr. R. D. Wright in |
i the city. It was in a small out-building,
caused by hot ashes.
A new little cnaft has been launched
on the sea, a new little -ail is unfurled.
Here's hoping the v\ oria may
be good unto him, and he ma; Se good '
to the world. This little verse from
a poem by Wilson (not Woodrow noia
Newberry Wilson) in the New York
i Qnn ic for the benefit of Mr.
, ? - i
W. L. Martin, Harrington street, at
I whose home <a fine 11-pounder arrived
last week. Martin sells Fords.
In climbing the hill of difficult ascent
in the journey of life, it comes 1
like the sun-burst upon the deep dark-;
Less to have a number of sweet ladies
all at once present to the tired trav- j
1 eler bouquets of beautiful flowers in
the shape of kind words. It makes1
him look up to the heights of the'
mountain tops, and not down to the
descending valley which leads to thej
depths of oblivion.
Seven boys "were fined $2 each, by '
the recorder Monday for shooting craps
" On n/1 Q ir TihdV III] I
Ill Lilt? <JJLL,y H UU w..
paid. The boys saw Policeman E. H.
Cousins on the edge of the park, when
they quit; but later, thinking the policeman
had disappeared, they went1.
at it again. During the game one of.
the hoys "wondered where old Cousins
was." Whereupon the offijcer raised
up from behind and said: "Herci
lie is." The boys wilted right now. j
Moral: Don't shoot craps in the park
on unday; or anywhere else at any,'
Mr. W. iW. Fitzpatrick, of the Clem-11
son college dairy, land County lAigent s
r. M. Mills went a w^ek or so ago to e
Mr. J. P. Wicker's to build" a silo. Mr. 11
Wicker's brother, Mr. H. M. Wicker, I y
who built one last year, was so well v
pleased with it foe is going to build 1:
mother this week. The Messrs. Wick-1 ii
?r and Mrs. Minnie L. Caldwell will j
?o into the" dairy business and ship.
cream. That Rutherford community is
talive to the livestock business. They
are preparing too, for a community!
'air at the Rutherford schoolhouse the ?
I "
>4th of November. j 9
rrv. J iV. - ? +
mere cirriveu a,L luc m l stuicur emu.
nusic conservatory of LeRoy A. and'
M. M. Salter, in lower Main street, s
I r
last week-end a fine pi/amo?a Cable *
Solo Carolina Interplayer?from the ^
Cable Piano company of Atlanta,! 1
which is good to hear. It is a beauti-;"
ful and magnificent instrument?a
joy to lovers of music. More of these j
instruments will 'arrive this week, j c
Ihis firm has control of the business in 1 _
this territory, which covers a large
urea. Mr. Salter has had a flattering !g
offer to leave Newoerry in the inter-!
est of the Cable pianos, hut prefers ;<
to remain here.
^1 j \
?? i
I'A'Eiile The Herald and News re-!1
porter (then on the Observer) was ;
spending a brief vacation at the home
of his brother-in-law, Win. F. "Wright, j'
in Laurens county, the past summer,
he saw a negro woman who, when
she was a child, hiad bsen cured of |
hydrophobia. Mr. Wright said he knew j
of several persons who had been cur- j
ed by the same treatment. We have'
taken the pains to copy the article |.
in the nossession of Mr. Wright, wThiciL|
is as follows:
"Judge Robert J. Breckinridge, of
Danville, Ky., one of the most learned
jurists of the South, gave the following
sure cure for hydrophobia:
"One ounce aoid a half of Elecampane
rqot, bruised; put into a pint of!
? -1~ ?^ 11 naA j-vnoJhialf Tv.? ^
new XXlIiK. CL1XL1 icuuv&u uuv ~v
boiling. Take it all at once in the
morning, fasting until afternoon, or
at least not eating until several hours
have passed. The second dose should
be the same as the first, except two
ounces of the root are needed. The
third dose should be the same as the
J ~ ^11 4- V? o -f ic
second, 'rnree auses> <n C ail ta
needed for the cure. This medicine
can be given at any time before the
spasms come upon the bitten person, j
lAi dose for a horse or cow should
be three or four times as large as that
fnr a nerson.''
Mimnaugh takes a page of The Heraid
and News and tells the buying
public of the many values that he has;
in his mammouth store. Call and
look these bargains over. I
' . t
<$> Q
$> <?
$> Netvberry. ? j
'$ Cotton 16.9-0 ^j
"V Cotton seed, per bu 81 <v
r rrosperity. !
<e> Cotton 16.81 ^
-$ Cotton seed, per bu TSc $
Pom aria. ?
Cotton 16.93 $>.
Cotton seed, per bu 79.50c '$>.
<e> Little Mountain. ^
<$> Cotton 16.81 4>!
O p ftf ^ Aft/4 v\ ftM . 7(1 < > I
LULIUU 5CCU, pel UU I %J?0\J
& Whitmire. ^ J
<?> Cotton 16.75
<S> Cotton seed, per bu 79.50 $
<i> Chappells. ^
<?> Cotton 16.65 3>
<?> Cotton seed, per 'bu 81
Silver Street.
Cotton 16.87
<? Cotton seed, per bu 82 <s>j
<S> Kinards. $!
<9> Cotton 16.90 '$>!
Cotton seed, per hu 78c <3>
tMrs. Ryan i\Morkman and little son,
Eugene Blease, iare visiting her father,
Mr. Eugene S. Blease, at the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. Cannon G.
mU ? riA?TV?rtr? ,f m/vV a1 TTrtll iVv/% /\na? o ^
ixie vxai maiijr avuui nni ltc vjjch |
the old schoolhtuse next Monday, Miss
Olive Fe?gle, teacher.
The Hunter-De Walt schol will open
on Monday next, Mr. D. L. Wedaman,
Miss Lottie Lee Halfacre and
Miss Setzler.
nm i
Will Cut Glass lose Its transparency
when exposed to heat and light?
Unless it is cut from Genuine Hand
tJiown. nana &napea ruanas an giass
will lose more or less of its 'brilliancy
svhen exposed to heat and light, and
will look dingy or light smoky in
A good way to judge the Quality of
}ut Glass is to look at the whole
itock of the place you intend to make
' our purchase and if you find that
here are pieces scattered through the
itock that have lost their transparncy
and (brilliancy you will do well
o -make your purchase elsewhere as
ou might buy a piece that looks well
fhile new' but will soon lose its brilIancy
as the pieces did that rad heen
n stock for some time.
FOR SALE?Home raised, recleand
oats and vetch. Purcell Company.
FOR SALE?Registered Duroc Jerey
Pigs 8 weeks old, at a reasonable
>rice. PJione 110 or 139. T. M. Sanlers.
We pay iLighest prices for Hides
0-6-3t \ '
LOST?A buncr of keys. A liberal
-eward will be paid if returned to
Dr. W. G. Houseal.
FOR SALE?One studebaker 1915 in
food order.
1 Ford touring car 1916 model, very
Taylor Auto Co., in front of New
2ourt House, Newberry, S. C.
APPLY TO, 823 Boundary St. for
rooms. Furnisfhed or unfurnished
svith or without meals.
for country produce, chickens and
eggs. Bring them to Savoy Hotel,
N'ewberry, S. C.
FOR "RENT?One 1-horse farm, one '
2-horse farm and one 3-horse farm
for the year 1917. Apply to M. M. Buford.
The annual meeting of the stock1
e 1 , ? Kio Var.'Knrrv >
nojuers 01 uie ^uiumuia, ??j
and Laurens Railroad Company ^ill
be held at the office of the company,
1124 Taylor street, Columbia, S. C.,
Tuesday, October 17th, 1916 at 12:30;
o'clock, noon.
C. P. Sea brook,
Secretary. !
| Dr. F. C. Martin ^
| Examines Eyes, Fits Glasses |:
I and Artificial Eyes. |!
|>If your eyes are giving you|
^trouble d)n't fail to consult him|
I Satisfaction Guaranteed. I
f f
Jj Office ove; Anderson's Dry*;
|Goods Store.
Opera House
Vim Comedy Featuring Plump and
World Film Corporation Presents
With All Star Cast Including
Ethel Clayton, Holbrook Blinn and!
Alec D. Francis.
2 Act Essanay Featuring /
Richard Travcrs and Lillian Drew
Selig Western Comedy
Featuring: Tom Mix.
Kalem Comedy
"A f__ _ * m
featuring: .uiss i?y
Yim Comedy
Featuring Pokes and Jabs
Francis X Bushman and Beverly Bayne
In the 5 Act Drama \
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Henry of Clinton,
Mrs. John Copeland and daughter,
Miss Mattie Ell Copeland, Mrs.
Robert Davidson and Mr. John Bell
of Reno, were Sunday visitors at the
home of Capt. M. M. Buford. They
were delighted, along with the many
town vistors, to see the old war horse
in a greatly improved condition an<i
looking well.
* The 'Hoi
M iifrnwccnA v
1W LL/nt Jl/ft 1
A Lasky Paiamoi
? TWT 7I1M n
"The Strom
SB A Pallas Paramc
i open { ssr
?\ .
101 acres of land in to\
as the Ware Place. Has]
?11 1. uratar tat Vs
ceneni wen wi nu^i nu
seaside or a mountain ho
B. M, R
Col. D. G. Mcintosh died at his home V
in Towson, a suburb of Baltimore,
last Fridjy evening, at. the age of SO
years. He was a brother of Dr. James
Mcintosh of Newberry. Col. Mcln- A
tosh was a lawyer and Confederate M
There are some "left-overs" on page V
2?along with other live and near- V
live matter. ^
Ait a meeting of the congregation
of the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
on Sunday Dr. 0. OB. Mayer
with J. B. Hunter as alternate was I
elected delegate to the meeting of the
Lutheran synod f outh Carolina to
be held at Walhalla the last of this j
Newberry defeated Carolina at football
in Columbia Saturday afternoon, V
the score being 10 to nothing. Hur- 1
rah for Newberry! ?J
Remember the day and
come to our store and have
your eyes examined by an
Expert Optician
Examination Free
and if you need a pair of
glasses he will fit them to
suit your eyes at a very reasonable
price. ' All work
Next Thursday only
P. ?. WAY, Druggist
mo - of *
OCT. 11th fl
kY Presents m ^
^ I\ U ?-u Ld
int in 5 Acts
??????????????????? rnA
OBER 13th |
SCO Presents 3
*A?il I AfTA^ H
;ci luyc m
>unt in 5 acts
s 3:30 P. M. |
. 7:30 P. M. :
smmmsSSS A
17n nf known
A A V* tv*a ?
[a good pasture and ex- m
lich makes it equal to a
me. Price $40 per acre. ^
m % ' :
ly iu |
verstreet, South Carolina

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