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| Standing of Cai
Wf In Circulal
? w * 1
I Every Reader is Invited
Friends by Voting foi
> Start Means Succt
1 Start T
r 1
At the close of the Balloting ?
9 at 6 o'clock P. M., Monday,
October 9, the standing of the '
candidaets in The Herald and *
Sews Great Circulation CamMr
W paign was as follows: 1
Ballots and dominations re- *
celved after that hour will ap- 3
pear to the credit of each can*
didate in the next publication
?f the list. I 5
I | 5
I 5
* Blairs. a
Misa Mildred Henderson 56,500 *
i Miss Lizzie Henry 48,000
Miss Carrie Miller 26,500 y
Miss Lillie Maybin 31,500 ^
Miss Ola Ringer 19,0^0 \
iMis 'Azilee Thomas 22,^00
; Oliss L. B. Whitney 33,;>uu ?
I Chapptlls. *
( Miss Lizie Adams 65,500 ^
Miss Janett Boone 1"\500
Miss Sarah Br?07er 20.500 ^
Miss Eleanor CoYsvn 18,500 ^
V;3.-s Carrie Neal 16,000
> (Miss Lallie Odom 38,500 ^
Afiss Virsrinia Watkins 19,000 J ^
L Afiss Irene Webb 17,500 *
; Helena. A
B Miss Sarah Tompkins 56,600
' Kinards
iMiss Helen Bishop 63,500
Afiss Sarah Gary 47,500 ^
Miss Lucy Belle Johnson 44,000 ^
Miss Julia Murray .45,500 ^
Miss Lucy Riser 37,000 ^
Miss Beulah Smith 41,500
? . . \>
| Little MoimiaiiL
Miss Mattie Boland 20,500 ^
Miss DorotBy Kinard 28,500 ^
Miss Cleo Shealy 15,500 ^
Miss Nina Sease 47,500 ^
Hiss Elberta Sease 19,500
.Miss Estelle Stockman 41,000
j&Hi&a Mayme Swittenburg 48,500 1
J Newberry, | y
Miss Maude Abrams 52,500 '
A AAA _ .
Miss Margaret Burton dz,vuu %
Miss Ruth Digby 44,500 , ^
Miss Gladys Bauknight 39,500
Mrs. <Cary Booth 18,000
I Miss Bessie Bedenbaugh 52,500 ^
Mrs. J. M. Counts : 24,000 j
Miss Daisy Dominick 42,500 ^
tlfiss Willie Belle Duckett 46,500 ^
Mrs. J. R. Eison 55,500 ^
I Mrs. h. G. Eskridge 62,500 j ^
~~ " 57.-000 I *
Miss Jinareu Tivauo ?
mt Mrs. George Epps 53,000 | ^
Miss Sarah Halfacre .. .47,500 I ^
Miss Marie Hamilton 38,500
A ^
Miss Mary Hardeman 16,000 ,
Mrs. T. P. Johnson, Jr 27,500 ,
Miss Amelia Klettner 12,500 m
i jv
- - oi snA :
vIMrs. Frank LommicK ^
f Mrs. Claude Lathan 62,500.'
f iMiss Florence Morris 48,000 !*,
Mrs. W. S. Melton 27,500 ^
Miss Cora Mayer 64,500 ^
Miss Estelle Moore 61,500 ^
*afi9S Brunelle Perry 58,500 ^
jars, ^ximx iic
i Every Woman *
- U \\T 1
1 onouia vv cai
Wrist Watch*
f &
Not merely for the par- 1
pose of knowing the time, J
f but as a matter of being in a
i style, no -girl or woman
" " -J-1 ? t &
I ' should be wiuiuut a wusi
watch. It is most decided!}7 *
I the vogue, and it has solved *
I the problem of how a woman J
I may carry a watch conve- j
V niently. 5
0 We are? prepared to show
? iippnvfmQnt
I you an unusjUtfti aooui biuvuv r,
[ of these useful timekeepers
L at very moderate prices. a
ft - You will be sure to find *
Wf that one of our several mod- a
\ els suits your taste exactly, i
\ P. C JEANS & CO ;
Jewelers and Optometrists j
L i 'l I
- - ' m, ,
ididates j
ion Campaign
r to Encourage Their
r Them?An Early
>.ss---Don't Wait
Irs. W. A. Springfield 64,000
>liss Louise Smith 35,000
?rs. Elmer Summer 63,500
Hiss Vera Summers -54,500
flrs. T 0 Stuan..* 62,500
Hiss Oliva Stuart 19,000
ilrs. C. B. Spinks 65,000
?liss Helen Summer 48,500
-Irs. Frank Sligh 55,000
diss May Tarrant 42,500
Irs. Dorothy Taylor 27,500
Irs. Russell Tidmarsh IS,500
Irs. John Taylor 13,000
liss Lizzie Wicker 32,500
Irs. C. H'. Williams 22,500
tiss Rebecca Wicker 43,500
Newberry, R. F. D.
liss Cola Alewine 64,500
liss Isoline Brock 57,500
liss Novice Crapps 62,500
[iss Bessie Davenport 61,000
liss Blanche Folk 64,000
liss Roberta Lominick 29,000
[iss Lillian McDowell 47,500 1
[iss Eunice Pitts 54,000
nss lua iviac xxun
liss Gladice Senn 61,500
[iss Lucile Suber 28,500
liss Inez Wessinger 53,500
liss Mary Price 59,500
liss Eula Wicker 64,500
liss Rosalyn Werts 61,500
Newberry. Mills
(Newberry) I
[iss Lillie Cromer 21,500
I j
[iss Pearl Davis 65,500
[iss Doscba Franklin 39.500
ixss Essie Gilliam. 63,000
[rs. A. H. Hardeman 24,000
liss Maude Kibler 47,500
[rs. Bennie Livingston 64,500
[iss Alva Miller 22,500
[iss Nellie McCarey 58,000
[iss Kate Spence 62,000
Irs. Alma Taylor 41,500
[iss Sallie Taylor 63,000
Mollabon Mills
(Newberry) |
r?ao Tannio Rpllp Burton 64.500
UOO *J Vu * v *- w _
[iss Grace Dickert 58,500
[iss Lizzie Greene 46,500
[iss Viola Jones 59,500
Oakland Mills.
liss June Burgess 27,500
liss Viola Dominick 31,500:
liss Evie Jones.^ 61,000!
liss Janie Morris 42,000 j
Irs. James Stewart.'. 58,5001
liss Pearle Summer- 36,500
liss Annie Bedenbaugb. 43,500
liss Lola Bedenbaugh 65,000
liss Vida Counts 35,000
liss Jennie Ruth Counts 59,500
liss Bessie Lee Gibqon 39,500
liss Lucile Hawkins..: 21,500
liss Bonnie Lester 67,500
liss Mary R. Livingston 66,000
liss Lola B. Lowman 64,000
tiss Lena Livingston 56,500
[iss Frances Morris 62,500
iss Annie Singley 53,500
is3 Lillie Witherspoon .61,300
r*~~ EMI , 24.^00
L1QB ?itlCU II et
[iss Julia "Wlard 61,000 I
[iss Mary Lizzie Watts 66,500 I
Iss Myrtle 'Aull 44,500
[iss Annie Crooks 49,000
[iss Belle Harmon 52,500
!iss Annie Livingston 46,000
[iss Ola Lominick 38,500,'
[iss Ethel Sebyt 35,500;
liss Vera Kinard dd.ouu
[iss Clara Wicker... * 47,500
Silver Street.
liss Julia Blair.. 43,000
liss Ruby Fellers 49,000
liss Adelle Fellers 38,500
liss Elizabeth Fant 39,000
liss Helen Nichols 66.500
? * /?r> AAA
liss Mabel M lyoin oo,w/u
liss Majorie Martin 28,000
liss Marion Schumpert 36,500
liss Etta Schroder 43,500
liss Ella Cross 54,500
4i firm
iiss .\eu rnua> .
Iiss Ruby Herron 43.500
-Iiss Monica Moore 59,000
rliss Myrtle Suber 46,500
.Iiss Connie Shannon 60,500
Moore-Orr Wedding Approaclvs.
?he State.
One of the first weddings of the fall,
is well as one of the foremost of the
intire season, will be that of Miss
Carolina Dow Moore, daugter of Dr.
ind Mrs. Thomas T. Moore, and Joseph
Cyle Orr, Jr., of Atlanta, which will
i? cr?1mrmi>pri at Trinitv clliirch Thurs
tay evening.
The prominence of the bride's famly
in Columbia and of the 'brideI
w. i
A Maxw
I k
Fiv3 passenge
$635. Purchased
Company, Newber
I Diamond Ring
Everybody g<
Campaign Lasts
Only a few
(You Will Get a
Prize if you Try
I For Futher Particu- 1
lars Call. Phone or ^
I Write |
groom's in (Atlanta and t.he personal t
Tv%nniarifv of the young people make
( I I
the event ia notable one in the two |
State capitals and hundreds of cardsi
have been issued to the ceremony, i \
which is to be at 8:30 o'clock. In- ! z
formal invitations have been given to , J
the reception which is* to be held j (
i i
immediately afterward at the home j
of Dr. and Mrs. Moore on Sumter j street.
j i
The bride is to have her younger jt
sister, Miss Pamel.i .Moore, as maid *
v>nnr>r onntVior sister. Miss Kate ^
V-/JL 11VUV1 } uuvv<*v> ,
Moore, and >Mr. Orr's sister, Miss Har-! 1
riet Orr, of Atlanta, as bridesmaids,, ?
and her friend, Mrs. Kenneth James,1
of Darlington, formerly Miss Sue j *
Flinn of Columbia, as dame of honor, j1
C:irl Ramspeck of Atlanta will be j *
Mr Orr's best man and the .ushers j1
will be the bride's three brothers. L
William and Thomas. T. Moore, Jr.,
of Columbia, and Jerome Moore of ]
Atlanta, her brother-to-law, Sam <
Evins of Atlanta, P. E. Scott of New- ]
ell Touring Car
s. J v
;r Maxwell Tourinj
of and, exhibited b1
TV. S. C.
/ *
; and other vali
its a prize in this c
100,000 Extra Votes will I
who brings, sends or mails tl:
to the Campaign Departmer
The first $6 dollars should
October 7th, and will apply
sent in on the Opportunity c
additional votes. These vol
regular scale
Herald and News,
Campaign Department;
Newberry, South C
I am sending
enclosed, for which please is
my favor for the number of \
Campaign ]
jerry and Henry Graves of Atlanta.
The Rev. Kirkman G. Finlay, rec
or of Trinity, will officiate.
Autumn gold an*.! lavender will be
jsed in every detail of the wedding?
n the gowns and flowers of maids
md matron, in the decoration of the
louse and the church, and in every
)ther particular into which c-lor can
)e put.
The bride's sister. Mrs. Sam levins,
md her small nephew, Torn More
?vins, of Atlanta, nave arrived for
he wedding and ether out-of-town
quests expected, besid?s those r.i the
iridal party, are: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
K. Orr, parents of the bridegroom;
Mr. and Mrs. Lee JorJan,
he latter his aunt; Samuel Carter of
Ualanta, his uncle; Irvin Gresham and
John Smith of Atlanta, Mr. and Mrs.
?ranli Callaway, Mr. and Mrs. S:muel
iVeyman, all of Atlanta; and Mr. and
Mrs. Ned Scott of Newberry.
rise Qtfntoft That Does Not Affect The Heat
3ecause of its tonic and laxative effect, LAX A
riVE BROMO QUININE is better than ordinary
2uinine and does not cause nervousness n. i
inking in head. Remember the xull name anc
GDk Jar the "iiiaiature E. V. GP' VE. 25c
?AV&A4 AM. iU,
) AND 1
tion Can
and Other Priz
I Car, valued at
y Carolina Auto
table prizes and
campaign. Fair enoi
)e issued to each candidate ^
le first S6.00 in subscriptions
it of The Herald and News.
be s<.nt in before Saturday
on the first $12 collection
>ffer which secures 200,000
:es are in addition to the
...... covering subscriptions
sue a Voting Certificate in
rotest rwhich I am entitled.
Candidate 3
* i
- M.
? ' " "' - d~l !
touna IxUiicy OI turrjnig tuiittatcu
Weapon?Three Election Cases
! ? j
I Charleston, Oct. 11.?The jury in,
i the second trial of Henry J. Brown,
! charged with assault and battery upon
W. E. Wing.ate with intent to kill and
carrying a concealed weapon, agreed
upon a verdict at fi:30 this evening
after being oul> about an hour and a
half. The defendant was found not
guilty as to the first count and guilty
as to currying a concealed weapon.
Judge Rice announced that he
would impose sentence either tomorrow
or next week. Evidence was:
submited to the jury without argument
after Judge Rice's charge.
Thic? Tv*hir>h rpcultpri in a mis
- j
trial the first time, the jury having
been out nearly 24 hours, was tried
again yesterday and today, testimony'
concluding about 4:30. It is thei first j
es Free
Columbia Grafonola and Re*ds
valued at Jioo.oo. Purcha- [
[ of and exhibited by O. & T.
Sa^er, Newbeny, s. C.
cash awards, i
uerh. isn't it ?
o /
\ ,
in Early Start is
Half the Battle
Enter Yourself
i Friend To-Day
f I 1AUXXV i >V/<
f 13 indictments following the elec
tion snooting or last uctooer, ana tnis
total now has been reduced to three,
through the verdict of today's, the
ordering by Judge Rice, upon motion
of Solicitor Henry, of seven cases
charging the carrying of concealed
weapons to the civil and Criminal
tho r?o,:th nf rm<* <lpfpnri?r)f
Patrick Quinn, and the nol prossing
this afternoon by Solicitor Henry of
the case against Frank Hogan, charged
with inciting riot. Solicitor Henry
stated, in nol prossing this case, that
he found nothing in the evidence before
him to sustain the charge.
It is possible one of the remaining
election cases may be taken up tomorrow.
So Olive Out Malaria
And Dnild Up The Systeift
Take the Old Standard GROVE'S
TASTELESS ch<"ll TONIC. You know
trhat you are taking, as the iomnla is
printed on every label, showing it is
Quinine ard Iron in r. tasteless form.
The Quinine drives our malaria, the
Tro? builds up the system. SO cent#

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