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\ Standing of Ca
. In Circula
* ** - f 1- *t? CI
f&very ouoscnocr unvuiu w?
Coupon and Send it at C
Credited to Their J
I Subscriptions C
Votes This 1
tAny Oth
It the elose of the Balloting
at 6 o'clock P. 3L Friday, Oc
tober 13th, the standing of the <$?
candidates in The Herald and <S>
Xews Great Circulation Cant- *$>
paign was as follows:
Ballots and nominations re- <?
, eeiyed after that hour will ap- < /
pear to the credit of each can- <2>
didate in the next publication
of the list
Miss Mildred Henderson 133,500
Miss Lizzie Henry 115,500
Miss Carrie Miller 98,000
Hiss Lillie Mayhin 101,500
Miss Ola Ringer 96,500
Miss Azilee Thomas 89,000
' x u whitnpv 131,000
% 'tXyjLido jj? ij? fy uivM .. _.
' Miss Lizie Adams ....146,500
Miss Janet Boone 74,500
Hiss Sarah Boozer...'. 73,500
Miss Eleanor Coleman 69,500
Miss Lallie Oudom 139,500
Miss Lallie Odom 139,500
Hiss Virginia Watkins 87,500
Miss. Irene Webb 88,000
f Helena.
Miss Sarah Tompkins 141,500
> Klri&rds.
(Miss Helen Bishop .144,000
Miss Sarah Gary 93,500 (
Miss Lucie Belle Johnson 142,000;
? Miss Julia Murray 90,500!
Miss Lucy Riser 91,500 j
Miss Beulah Smith 8t>,ov?j j
Little Mountain.
Miss Mattie Boland 51,000
Miss Dorothy Kinard 78,500
Miss Cleo Shealy .39,500
Miss Nina Sease 127,500
Miss Elberta Sease $6,500
Miss Estelle Stockman 84,000
iMiss Mayme Swittenburg 120,500
? >
r-k . Miss Maude Abrams 115,000
too (\t\t\
JBT Miss Margaret Burton . . . . 104,WV |
, Miss Ruth Digby... 125,500
Miss Gladys Bauknight 123,500
' Mrs. Cary Booth 88,000
Miss Bessie Bedenbaugh 124,000
Mrs. J. M. Counts. 118,500
Miss Daisy Dominick 112,00cr
rvffc r A A
Miss Willie Belle DucKett yi.ovu
i . Mrs. J. R. Eison 139,500
Mrs. L. G. Eskridge 141,500
Miss Mildred Evans 99,p0b
Mrs. George Epps 102,500
k Miss Sarah Halfacre 121,000
^ Miss Marie Hamilton 94,500
Miss Mary Hardeman 61,000
Mrs. T. P. Johnson, Jr..l 78,500
* Miss Amelia Klettner lb*,000
Mrs. Frank Lominick 106,000
Mrs. Claude Lathan 145,50u .
Miss Florence Morris. 132,500
Mrs. M. S. Melton * 123,500
Miss Cora Mayer 140,000
" i59?;on
Jfcliss jusiene ?
Miss Brunelle Perry 96,000
Mrs. Charlie Ruff 84,000
* (Mrs. V/. A. Springfield 140,50*,
Miss Louise Smith 128,500
Mrs. Elmer Summer 115,000
TT 0,.,v>rrr>OT-C - 1 OO.OOt*
UYlliK^j v cid ouuiuivi u.
Mrs. T. 0. Stuart 105,500
Miss Olivia Stuart. 96,000
Mrs. C. B. Spinks. 108,500
Miss Helen Summer 96,500
Mrs. Frank Sligh 84,000
Miss May Tarrant 93,500
Mr3. Dorothy Taylor 105,500
Mrs. Russell Tidmarsh 41,000
i Mrs. John Taylor 81,500
i/? AAA
Miss Rosalyn Werts i*o,vuv
Miss Lizzie Wicker 99,500
Mrs. C. H; Williams 111,500
Miss Rebecca Wicker 12,000
(Newberry, R.\ F. D.
Miss Cola Ale wine 130,000
Miss Isoline Brock 142,500
Miss Novice Crapps 140,000
^ Miss Bessie Davenport 129,500
Miss Blanche Folk 143,500
' Miss Roberta Lominick 130,500
?iss Lillian McDo cjII 128,000
Miss Eunice Pitts 131,500
Miss Ida Mae Ruff 128,500 j
Miss Gladice Senn 132.000 j
Miss Lucile Suber 130,500
Miss Inez Wessinger 143,000
Miss Mary Price ''...142,500
Miss Eula Wicker 136,500 j
V ATrKnrrt- "Wills
-Ll U IT MVA * J
Miss Lillie Cromer 73,000
Miss Pearl Davis 122,500
- Miss Doscha Franklin 96.-000
Miss Essie Gilliam 133,500
Mrs. A. H. Hardeman 58,500
tion Campaign
ip the Subscribers Renewalj
* 1 U iL
f/ice ana iiut/c i/ic r uic
Favorite Candidate.
ount for Afore
Week Than
ter Time
Miss Maude Kfbler 97,5<Hj
Mrs. Bennie Livingston 143,500
'Misa Alva Miller 93,500
.Miss Nellie McCarey 125,000
X* io a uT-o fo 5npnpp -102.500
Mrs. Alma Taylor 59,000
Miss Sallie Taylor 139,500
Mollabon Mills
Miss Jennie Belle Burton 137,500
Miss Grace Dickert 128,OOu
Miss Lizzie Greene 97,500
. iiQ'nn
ITW.IS3 iviut;t jyiiea
Oakland Mills.
Miss Jane Burgess 95.500
Miss Viola Dominick 93,000
Miss Evie Jones 141,000
Miss Janie Morris 8S,500
Mrs. James Stwart ...101,00o
Miss Pearle Summer 97,500
Miss Annie Bedenbaugh 132,500
T "Ko OrK lAS.nftt)
-?JLiSt> UUld ututavau^.i ?
Miss Jennie Rutli Counts 135,000 I
Miss Bessie Lee Gibson 124,001
Miss Lucile Hawkins 24,00v
Miss Bonnie Lester 145,500
Miss Mary R. Livingston 146,000
Miss Lola B. Lowman 140,000
Miss Lena Livingston 143,500
Miss Frances Morris 98,500 I
Miss 'Annie Singley no.uuu
Miss Lillie Witherspoon 94,500
Miss Julia Ward 13S,50l'
Miss Mary Lizzie Watts 146,oul)
Miss Myrtle Aull 96,500
Miss Annie -Crooks 138,500
Miss Belle Harmon 103,000
Miss Annie Livingston 110,000
Miss Ola Lominickv 112,50b
-VI1SS ?LiLU l 3CUV L ^ xvv,jw
M"iss Vera Kinard 146,500 I
Miss Clara iWicker 136,500
Silver Street. 1
Miss Julia Blair 96,500
Miss Ruby Fellers 85,500
Miss Adelle Fellers.? 91,500
Miss Elizabeth Fant 92,00u
Miss Helen Nichols 147,500
Miss Mabel Maytoin 146,500
Miss Majorie Martin 84,500
MoC^vhumnort .129.500
Xl?lO*y ITICbi 1VU K/Vii MM* JJ/V* , |
Miss Etta Schroder 94,00l>
Miss Ella Cross 127,500 |
Miss, Nell Friday 113,000
Miss Ruby Herron 136,-000 j
Miss Monica Moore 138,oUO|
Miss Myrtle Subcr 93,500:
Miss Connie Shannon.. 136,50'0 j
r, i
Yonng People's Societies Select That
City for Next Convention.
Greenville, Oct. 14.?The State Fed- I
eration of 'Lutheran Young Peoples I
Societies in session (here, elected j|
Charles P. Barre of Newberry, presl-j
dent; John D. Setzler, Newberry vice,
president; J. B. Ballentine, Batesburg,!
recording secretary; Miss Rosalyn
Hipp, Newberry, corresponding secretary;
Ira Haiti wanger, Columbia,!
treasurer; Miss Caroline Voigt, Co-j
lumbia, literary secretary; Miss Wil-!
lie Mae Wise, Prosperity, -arcnivisi;. j
The federation selected Columbia
as the next meeting place. The three I
dny session will "be closed Sunday afternoon.
Tenth Division Marches Eighty Six
Miles. !
El Paso, Texas, Oct. 13.?Soaked
by 24 hours of rain and shivering
from the cold wind which, pieced
their summer uniforms. 15,000 National
Guard troops of the Tenth provisional
division mirched into the city
today after a "hike" of 86 miles which
required 13 days to complete.
The practice march was to Las
Cruces, X. M., 34 miles away. South
Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Massachusetts
and Michigan troops partici-'
?__ . i
ko Drive Out Malaria
And Build Up The System
Take the Old Standard GROVE'S
TASTELESS chill TONIC. You know
tthat you are taking, as the formula is
pnniea on every iauci, suuwiug n _o
Quinine and Iron in a tasteless form.
The Quinine drives out malaria, thf
Trot builds up the system.. 50 cent*
C "V+W
Il.ll llff |/%||
200,000 ex
/ r*?
rive pass em
$635. Purchase*
Company, Newbc
I Diamond Rin
Everybody i
For every $
or by any candid
issued. Subscrip
does not matter
Monday, Octobe:
this offer will no
! anv candidate mi
First voti
^ %
Send in your
today and
vote for your
For Father Particulars
Call, Phone or
?a?? I 111 Ill Will III III llllll IMMHTWIHI1 1MB 1IIIBI
*a Vote C
m m ? _
Makes it
m/\ nnriAitr I i
1U DtlUfflt A 1
. in . ;
jcd a i n a lvin 1
ILlVlLiU rtllU J
Circulation Can
tra votes for every $12.00 in i
lPITAL prize
rer Maxwell Touring Car, valued at
d of and exhibited by Carolina Auto
;rry, S. C.
g and other valuable prizes and
.t p
jets a prize in this campaign, rair enc
The Offer
f \
12 in subscriptions sent to the Campaigi
late, a voting certificate for 200,000 ext
ttions may be new or old and for any 1
? * . > d?10
just sq each club amounts to
r 16 and will expire Saturday October
t be repeated or extended. No limit t
ay secure.
? J aImaaa Qatiiv*/] ovr
ng penuu tlUSCS Ijaiui ua; < \yvi
ons are worth more this week than any
Subscribers Renewal Coupon
Campaign Department
Newberry, S, C.
p?1 1 ^ f wKirK nlpase
(Lnciosea mm y ...? I
gine me credit on my subscription.
Kindly issue votes to which my renewal subscription
entitles me in favor of
Address . And
advise her of the fact, Yours truly
Date l _1916 Name 1
Arlflrpss ?
A receipt will be mailed for remittance sent in on
this blank.
Campaign Department
-V .
i ;
figa s? pISBM
Imam SL
Columbia Grafonola and Reords
valued at $ioq.oo. Purchasd
of and exhibited by O. & T.
). Salter, Newbeny, s. C.
I cash awards.
iu?h. isn't it ? I
?o-_7 -i
Department for
ra votes will be
ength of time, it
This offer starts
28th. Po itively
o number of clubs
tober 21st.
other time.
Your renewal
subscription is
worth more
votes this week
than ever
again. Vote
for your favorT
1 t
ite i oaay:
pk nno
v:: T;-- . 'w. i i

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