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Mo?eni^nts of man j People, 3iew?
berriaus, and Those Who Visit
Mr. Ned Purcell spent Sunday in a
jeleasant visit to Greenville.
Mr. W. K. Kiser iias cftangea ironn
jRooersonviile to Plymouth, X. C.
Mr. W. X. Brock was in Union Fri?Union
Mr. Wm. Q. Watkins of Chappells
-was in the city Wednesday.
Mr. Willie Cook spent Tuesday ii
Mr. and Mrs. George U. Slice of
Chapin were in the city Wednesday.
Mrs. S. \V. Dominick and baby are
Tisiting relatives in Columbia.
Mrs. Robert Lominack and little
son are visiting in Prosperity.
Miss Josephine Howard of Hendersonville
is visiting Miss Dollie Reagin.
Mr. W. E. Sentell and family moved
Tuesday from Oakland mill to Winns3>oro.
Miss Minnie Blalock of Richmond, j
"Va., is visiting her brother, .Mr. L.;
1. Blalock.
3Ir. and Mrs.. J. B. Bedenbaugh of
Pomaria spent Monday with Mr. J. A.
,C. Kibler's family.
^Mr. Leland Summer of Newberry
-Tsjpent last night in the city with his
brother, Mr. J. E. Summer.?Green-'
wood Journal.
Miss Azile Parr haa returned to
\l Due West College for Women, after (
. spending several days with her par-.
?_ents, Mr, ana Mrs. n. l,. rarr.
\ !
"ifiss Annie Kiblar is home from
;? limestone college and will remain in
the city until after the Kibler-Chap:
man wedding.
Messrs. L. M. Player, J. C. Sample,
- G. M. Sibert and Jerome Senn motored
to Hingiing Bros-, circus in Coltdgjbia
4 : Messrs. Henry Adams, Partlow ifeel,!
Julius Eison, Bynum Neel and Rastus
Efeon motored to Columbia to see the
circus. ,
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Smith motored 1
to Columbia Tuesday in a Maxwell
roadster in one hour and thirty min*
_otes 10 see the circus.
:Messrs. Jim Johnson, O'Neall Miller,'
*>Ge?r?e Hipp and Otis Lomjnick mo
iored to attend the circus in Columbia
?t: - *7' r fr f
"JPuesday. ' ' ^ j
Mrs. Fred McColonel of Jacksonvile,
and Mrs. T. H. Pope of Kinards
-is&tbt Tuesday with Mrs. Paul E. Anderson.
'Messrs. Cbesley Dominick, Walter
r.Springfield, Herman Taylor, George
;jEarhardt and Herman .'vaugnn motored
lo Columbia Tuesday to see Ring j
Jing Bros.5 circus. ;
jMessrs^ Sam Jahnson, Chief Ed.
Hodelsperger, Harry Dominick, John
Griffin and Reid Boyleston motored to
Gitomfcia TueBday to take in tbe big
Ifr. and Mrs. \T T, Sneannan and
3irs. M. C. Garrett motored to Columbia,
Tuesday to visit "Rilingville."
Mrs. Garrett will remain over tor the
Or. and Mrs. Boyd Jacobs, Mrs. B.
Jl Havird, Miss Gladys Harird and
Sam Beam motored to sec the Ring-j
Vjig Bros/ circus in Columbia Tues-(
. fit .'4 i- .
JMiss Louise Tindall of Netfberry'
-was the guest of the Misses Browne
last week, coming here to attend sev-1
?-eral of the social events given re-'
4 cetclj.?Charleston Post.
.. 'AfT. -John Peter! of N. P. Mitchell'
: and Brother, is in the Columbia hos-j
pital, h.rrmg undergone an operation1
y ior the iremoval of his tonsils. He
. -expects to return "bo ne todayk
-Mr. Isadore Koppel, a former resi-!
- dent of Newberry but for the past,
eighteen years residing in Roanoke,1
- was "in tlre ?ity Wednesday and Thurs-'
day. His friends were pleased to see
him. j
~ ' Ttr. Gilder, B. A. Dominick, S. H.!
' L?oveFi, Nat Gist, Neal Workman, Si
< Kleitner, Henry Player, Jack Greg
ory .and Ivy Cromer were among the
Newberry crowd to attend Ringlings'
wsircus in, Columbia Tuesday.
. Mrs. J. .Chesley Dominick has reunrned
from an extended visit to re32tives
in Abbeville and Greenwood.
Her daughter, Mrs. W. D. Lomax, of
jkbbeville, accompanied her home and
will visit her parents here awhile.
Miss Suth Irwin of Columbia is
the guest or tne Misses ivioier. ;viiss
Irwin will be one of the bridesmaids
in tlie Kibler-Chapman wedding Fri
ilay evening.
Mr. A. D. Olipbant, assistant sec
Ktary of the State Board of associated
charities and corrections, was
in Newberry Wednesday. jWHiile h<i
condemned the jail Duilding, h.e was
warm in his praises of Sheriff Blease
ar.d his assistance in the management
of the jail, as being one of the best j
conducted of such institutions. ;
Mr. and Mrs. James Milam have
moved to their own residency, the
house recentlv occupied bv Mr. Robert
* * I
Lominack and family, who will make
heme farther up Harrington'
rc?. \ near Mr. J. A. Burton's.
R. M. Tidmnrsh, special agent |
ne Volunteer State Life Insurance
company, had as visitors on Wednes-j
fiav the following officers of the com-;
pany: Comptroller \V. . Bright of
Chattanooga, Attorney M. R. MoClatch-j
ey of Atlanta, and South Carolina
State .Manager Frank E. Broadnax.'
These officers came to Newberry to
inspect the farm lands of the county, J
on which the company, through its
local agent, is prepared to continue'
loans. This is a fine company doing;
good business and Mr. Tidmarsh is!
.lere to carry on the work with satis-^
faction to the company as well as to
the general public. /
The Paramount 'Pictures continue
to draw large crowds at the Arcade, j
Miss Jessie Duncan attended the
circus in Columbia Tuesday.
Don't forget the "Iron Claw" at
the Arcade every Saturday.
There will foe communion services
at Bachman Chapel next Sunday al-j
Rev. E. C. Cronk, D. D., of <Columvia
is to be at Mt. Tabor Lutheran
church next Sunday morning.
"The Velvet Paw" will show up at
the Opera House by House Peters and
Gail Kane next Tuesday. i
J i
Amity Lodge, No. 87, A. F. M., will
confer the F. C. degree this evening
at 7:30 o'clock.
Miss Lois Bryant and he brothers,
William and Virgil, of .Orangeburg,
are in Newberry to attend the KiblerChapman
wedding. j
ajiiss May Lominick of Pomaria
spent a few days witli her sister, MiSs
Lula Lominick, a Newberry college
senior, iat Mr. P. B. Asbill's. i
Well says the Anderson Mail; Don't
overlook the fall garden. "The man
who live at home is the* man *who Will
make money, and the fall garden en-J
abies 'the farmer- to live at home:":-'|
- I
' The annual State Fair and Harvest
Juoiiee is "the "tfeek beginning October
25??a few days earlier than usual. I
.\ev>-berry will move to Columbia next
The Ladies' Aid Society of the Lu-,
theran Church of the Redeemer will
meet on Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock
with Mrs. J. B. Hunter. Please note
the change.
Mr. M. C. Moore has bought the
Cook house, now- occupied by Mr.
Humphries, insurance agent, in Col
lege street, and will move in with his
family some time later.
There will be an entertainment given
for the benefit of Mollohon School
at the residenc of Mr. W. T. Baker
on Friday, October 27, 1916. All are
invited to come.
The rtVinthrop Daughters will con'
duct a rummage sale in the vacant
store next to E. M. Evans on Satur
day, October 21. Rummage will be
collected on Saturday morning.
If the English sparrow wants to
make himself popular he woula learn
, eat boll weevils.?Anderson xim.
Keep the question open until next
Are your roads going to be in such
shape that you can travel them ail
right this winter? asks tffe Anderson
Mail. We say, as the Mail says:
"If not, better get to work on them."
A man in Ohio heats his house with
"bottled sunshine." In Newberry the
people are very familiar with, "Let
a little sunsiiine in." i nai umu man
has made good use of it.
The Newberry County Lutheran
Pastors association will meet Tues-'
day, October 24th, in the Newberry
College Library room at 10 o'clock j
a. m. j
Quince Fry was married by Acting
Judge of Probate Goggans Tuesday. |
Quince is a colored citizen of the
county and his brde was Susie Hen-(
derson of flie same territory of or-,
chards and Ki'chsn?.
~ ' -** ^1 -3 ~ '
UOUnty i rea.surer nauuc ^uuiu.
pert has taken charge of his office and'
is now ready for the public, Mr. Wisej
of the comptroller general's office1
having come to Newberry and install-1
ed the new treasurer into office.
Mrs. J. H. Harms will preside at
the children's rally Saturday afternoon
and Mr. Chas. P. Barre will de
i"T'-ii T-Tornicm nf
liver <111 aaicao ua i.it, <..v.v.wu.
Service," Sunday night, at the convention
of the South Carolina -Missionary
societies at Johnston.
Giles Bragg, a colared boy, rode his
bicycle to Columbi i Tuesday and took
in the circus, but it took him a much|
longer time to come back than it took
him to go. He left Columbia all right
about 9 o'clock Tuesday night on his
wheel, but it was after breakfast time
rnnrnine when he arrived
T T V/Ui4V/ov?v* ? w
her. Not long after leaving Columbia
he had a punctured tire. Thirty-one
miles of the homeward trip was made
on the rim. An all night ride in the
d;.rkness and partly in the rain.
The auditor's books show the total j
' i Vowhorrv ^OTlTltV I
laxaoie prupeiL.v iii i j ^ ,
to be $7,06S,987. The total taxes for1
all purposes is $149,118.^9. The books,
have ben properly checked up and
turned over to the treasurer, and everything
is in good condition.
Mr. McCarter, the new soap man^
of Newberry, shipped two carloads
of his prtduction away from this city j
yesterday. This soap is taking well, i
vrwc wuiru CAT SEPARATED j
.1L H J IIJuiv" uv* ^ ?
Quite a number of our people in 1
this section, both men and women 1
held a meeting at the school house
Saturday night to talk over and arrange
plans for getting up the exhibits ,
jjrom Excelsior for the Community
^~ in T^rrvcn&ritv in XoVGm
litli IU UC liciu iu i
ber. A good crowd came out to the
meeting both men and women and
much interest was manifested in the
movement. Mr. J. A. C. Kibler was
made chairman of the meeting and .
Mrs. E. M. .Cook secretary. Everybody
in the community is expected to
work for the best interest of the movement.
Our teacher Miss Gertrude
Bobb was present at the meeting and
added very much to the movement in
* ' *
giving ideas ana pians tor gouiua
up exhibits for the fair. Let everybody
pull together and make the movement
a success.'
& A ' K * o:
' *
Synapsis |
... * I
' Kayosho, a Japanese-American curio
dealer, is living in ""luxury m? *
possible by his ill-gotten wealth.'He (
is old and ugly, selfish and un'scrup-;
ulous. In his employ is Makino, a
young and honest Japanese, who has
handled the flower nursery so 'profit- J
?>'hiv Kavoaho asks him if there is
aught he desires. Makino can think
of nothing unless it be a wife, and he
has not the six hundred dollars necessary
to bring a picture-bride from
i Goto, employed by Kayosho in his.
! curio store, receives a picture of his1
niece, Tokl-ye. Goto's daughter, Hana,
I .
I shows the picture with a sacred desire'
| to possess the little Japanese beauty
1 ~ errVli'J.o XT ?> vrvcll TTlind
, ao HIS viiiw-nunv w v
| formulates A dishonorable scheme to
bring her to America, and evade the
laws of the country. k)t0 Is roused
to great indignation, as Kayosho h&9 .
! promised to marry his daughter, whd
j is facing disgrace.
Toki-ye comes to America, is met
by Makino?the American marriage
r><ar<vmr?rtv ?a norfnrmpri at the dock
and she is taken to Kayosho who was
unable to meet her himself on account
of an accident. The curio dealer
| tells Makino he has brought Toki-ye
' to this country for himself, and that
I she is not his (Makino's) wife until*
! the Japanese ceremony is performedj
that she must be treated as his guest.
Toki-ye learns of the deception?that
! Makino's photograph hns been substi
; tuted for the ugly Kayosho's and is
heartbroken, as she has learned to love
Kaysho is found murdered?his body
having been thrown into a pool near
his house. Toki-ye is suspected as
she lias sworn vengeance upon K:iyosho
for his deception, and when accused.
fearing Makino has sought revenge
for her, says she did it. Makino,
on the other hand, believing Toki-ve
committed the crime to preserve her
honor, confesses to shield her. and is
imprisoned. Murphy, the policeman
to whom Makino has appealed for ascicfanpp
trans finfo?and hears from
1 his lips the confession that he killed
Kayosho. "for Hana's sake."'
I The two alien hearts are at last
united?a^d thei^ hsTvpiness is firmly
established in a little home Makino
has provided for his picture?bride.
This picture will be snown at the
Arcade Monday, October 23.
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Sease of Little
Mountain have announced the marriage
of their daughter, Elizabeth, to
Mr. Olin C. Derrick, the marriage to
take place at the country home o!
Mr. and Mrs. Sease on the afternoon
o:* November 15. Mr. Sease is the son
of Mr. J. L. Sease and a brother of
.Judge T. S. Sease and Mrs. Se;ise is a
sister of Dr. C. L. Kibier of Columbia
and of Dr. E. H. Kibier of Newberry.
Miss Elizabeth is their youngest
daughter and a young woman cf many
graces and charms and the younq
man is fortunate in the selection o'
his bride.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lee Sease
invite you to the
marriage of their daughter
rilin C'linfnn Df*rriMrv
Wednesday, November 15, 1916
3:30 P. M.
Little Mountain, S. C.
A.t Home. 1 1
Dr. W. E. Bickley, the son of Mr.
and Mrs. .T. S. Bickley of the county,
is succeeding in the work erf his chosen
profession, as will be seen by the
following clipping from the Baltimore
.American of last Sunday:
' "Tn order to get across the street
which Wnis blocked by freight cars
nonpled to an engine late last night,
Melford Collier, 20 years old. 1513
North Durham street, crawled between
two of the cars and had hi3
r?2:ht foot caught between the coupling:
and the bumper. The foot was
nrt Vvo^iv th 9 f if was am mi
^ted in order to release the man from
his position.
"Collier was jon his way to work
about 10:30 o'clock last night, and
when he reached Clinton and Boston
streets he found the cars blocking
the street. In order that he would
not be late for work he crawled between
the two cars. Tile engine at
the same time gave a sudden jerk
and the man's foot was caught between
the coupling and the bumper.
His screams attracted the attention
of A.. B. Mulaney, conductor of the
train, who tried to release the foot.
Dr. W. E. Bickley, U. S. A,; "was pass*
in.g at the time in the ambulance of
ther Marine hospital and, when he sa\v
the m?n's dilemma he cut Titt the
foot and then removed the? man :to the
University hospital."
For the filling in of those hereinbefore
mentioned malarial holes in the
valley of Scott's creek we are truly
thankful. If the filling was done to
phut up talk or keep down rising
miasma it is all the same cause/for
thankfulness. Good enough for one
time. , . .:. .
_ _
How would i
T>? i "
A ?
Miss Anna Perizel, v
afternoon and Satur
to how you can get
- ?
urday with every pit
When West
,) -
TTip wAdHine' nf Miss Pparl Davis and
: Mr. M. B. Cliddy took place at the
J home of the bride's father, Mr. J. M.
| Davis, in Drayton street at 1! a. m.
j Wednesday. The home was beautii
fully decorated with white roses and
! ferns.
1 The couple were both handsomely
| dressed in gray broadcloth; and little
! Elizabeth Stone, the ring nearer, wore
| white. Rev. H. M. Stone officiated
I at the nuptial ceremony. Mendel^
ssohn's wedding march was used. Imi
mediately following the ceremony de|
licious salad and coffe course were
'The bride and groom left for fvVlashj
ington and points east on the 12:15
! Southern train where they will spend
their honeymoon.
Bride roses and ferns were used for
j the bride's bouquet. At her request
| the bouquet was soon piacea uu nei
mother's grave at Rosemont.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Clisby from West
oint. Miss., Mrs. Estell McHugh from
Greenville S. C.. and -Miss Thelma
Gibson from Inman, S. C., were the
out-of-town guests. Miss Geneva
Thornton came from Columbia for the
| day.
$><$>$><$><&$><$> $>$><$><$><$ $> G
<?> ?
<$> Sewberry. <$
$ Cotton 18.25
^ Cotton seed, per bu 79.50 $
Prosperity. $
? Cottor: IS.25
<5> Cotton seed, per bu 79
1 <$> Pcmarla. <*
i Cotton 18.37 ^
<e> Cotton seed, per bu 81 v
I ? Little Mountain. $
<? Cotton 18.25
: <$> Cotton seed, per <bu 82.50 <S>
<$> Wbitmire. ?
$ Cotton 18.25
J* Cotton seed, per bu 85.50
Chappells. $
, Cotton 18.70 4>
i ^ Cotton seed, per bu 95
^ iSllyer Street. 4
j <$ 'Cotton 18.12
i Cotton Seed, per bu... 80
! <?- VlnorHc ^
^ Cotton 18.25 ?>
Cotton seed, per bu 79.50
i I L__
FOR RENT?One 1-korse farm, one
1 2-b.o.rse farm and one 3-horse farm
} for, tbe year 1917. ,Apply to 11? M. Bu'
t?ri ......
*' CITY TAXES now due and being
J collected. Penalty of 10 per cent, at1
tached after December 1st, 1916.
' ' J.>W. CHAPMAN,
Clerk and Treasurer.
FOR SALE?Two hundred bushels
of seed wheat at two dollars per bushel.
Farmers Oil Mill.
you like to hav
igured Mahogai
Lady is El
~ -
vho will be at our store 1
day, will be glad to give
the Piano. Come in. Si
ice of Enamelware sold.
-Martin Co. S<
It's Oak
Opera House |
3-act Essanay Drama
j Featuring Edward iCobb and John
Thoni. A
Hazards of Helen Series
HpIph fiihsOn.
A VHVU???9 1
From Tennyson's Immortal Poem
2-act Biogrjph Drama
Kalem Comedy
Featuring Ham and Bud
Selig Tribune No. 69 ^
I 2-?Act Kalem Drama
Featuring Marin Sais and True Boardman.
JIU31IAI VtlVUJSll 33.
I Vim 'Comedy.
Featuring Harry C. Myers and Rosemary
Vitagraph Comedy.
And two Other Reels.
/ *
sow with black and red spots got a,way
? * "? ? ?_ _l 1 A
rrom J. noting s piauiauvu
Thursday. "Weighs about 75 pounds.
Reward for information leading to
return of hog. Cage Davis, Newberry,
3. C- R. P. D., 3. ' 1 .
i ^Hfl
i ,??
Mr. W. G. Peterson, the young war- fl
i >iAH?.n wU iron + f Virrviicr>i hottlM hut.
I UVUIO^ TT AiV n VUV ?vrvv*vw *r?.v jg . . ; . ,,. i
not without getting hurt, fell over a
mail bag at the postoffice on Monday V
and -was laid up a couple of days with V
j the result of the stumble, irhich wa9
, the tearing of. the tendons of Ms war,
wounded! leg. fee had to come oat
from home on crutches. * ;j
t ^"r .
!H '> * e ? 3 ? *
Dr. F. C. Martin ||
I Examines Eyes, Fits Glasses; J ^
and Artificial Eyes. o
If your eyes are giving.. youj J
^trouble don't fail to consult him J J )
I Satisfaction Guaranteed. J
r Office ovei Anderson's Dry J
f Goods Store. T j I
. s? !> 3 ?<? >? J
e a beautiful
fTiursday and Friday V ^
full information as
>ecial checks on Sat
*ys It s Oak I -1
[1 V,u. | M

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