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Several More Leftovers.
The following personal paragraphs
"Were written for last issue:
Messrs. Charlie MeCollum and Wis
Sanders took a trip to Columbia Saturday
on their twin Indian motorcycle.
Tfeey visited Mr. Sanders' sister, Mrs.
Jv. M. Suber. They made the trip to
Ctolumbia in one hour and fifteen minutes,
the distance from their starting
point oeing thirty-nine miles.
Mrs. Wyman Riser and children of
Newberry visited relatives in this com
Hrutoity laat week.?Pleasant Grove
$or. Leesville News.
Rev. E. V. Babb of the Baptist
?burch made an interesting talk before
the Y. >M. C. A. Sunday afternoon
en "Habits and Customs in India."?
Newberry College Cor. Leesville News.
Mr. Harry Blease, with bis guest,
*tke Rev. A. R. D. Hancher of Stauton,
Va., paid us a visit Friday morning
at chapel.?'Newberry College Cor.
Leesville News. j
The following boys attended the!
Young People's federation at Green-I
Yille Friday, Saturday and Sunday as
delegates from Newberry College Y.
U. C. A: B. T. Clark, B. P. Kaiser,
Carl Caughman, P. H. Counts and
Rouck. They report a fine meeting.
Tie college boys raised $30 as a voluntary
contribution to the federation.
?College Cor. Leesville News.
Miss Emma Long, a student Of Summerland
college, spent Sunday with
Her parents at ouversuecu?uaicafcurg
Mr. J. M. Riley of Silverstreet was
- ihere a short while Monday afternoon.
?Batesburg Herald.
Mr. John P. Long of Silverstreet was
in town for a short while Saturday
afternoon.?Batesburg Herald.
Smiley L. Porter of Newberry was
here a short while last week.?Swan-i
Cor. Lexineton Discpatch.
Mrs. J. C. Dominick, who has been
Tisiting her daughter, Mrs. W. D.
Loanax, returned to her home in Newterry
yesterday.?Greenwood Journal.
Mrs. W.'D. Lomax and little daughter,
Helen, are spending some time
with relatives in Newberry.?Greenwood
R. L. Harmon of Newberry was in
this section last week.?Cool Spring
Car. Saluda Standard.
J. E. Riser and family spent Sunday
with his brother, J. H. Riser, of Newterry.?Cool
Spring Cor. Saluda Standard.
Mr. and Mrs. Olin Dennis, who have
been at Hampton for the past several
months, visited Mr. and Mrs. C.
F. Boland Tuesday on their way back
ir? Prncnpritv Mr. Den
IU I'UCil liuuib 1JU a. 1 vw^v. ..j . - _
nis has given up his work as tick
eradicator and will now engage in
/arming.?Salada Standard.
Mrs. Minnie Merchant of Newberry
risited her uncle, Mr. J. P. Copeland.
*ear Batesburg Saturday and Sunday.
?Batesburg Herald.
Miss Essie Hagood of Easley and
{Miss Kate Summer of Newberry ar- '
rived today and will be the guests of
Mrs. J. W. 'Haltiwanger through Friday,
and of Miss Mary Tilton Graham
until Tuesday of next week. Miss Hagood
and Miss Summer ara former
Colloge for Women girls, and have a
large circle of friends in Columbia
who will be glad to welcome them:?
Columbia Record.
(Written for last issue.)
Mrs. James McCauglLsin and Miss
Lucy McCaughrin entertained very delightfully
'Wednesday afternoon in honor
of a charming fcride-elect, Miss
Sara Houseal. The occasion being a
miscellaneous shower, given as a surprise
to Miss Houseal. Tim gifts were
placed in a little express wagon, drawn
by Lewis Floyd and Albert McOaughrin,
and driven hy little Miss Margaret
MoCaughrin. fAfter the dainty packages
had been opened 'by the honpree,
the guests were invited into the dining
room, which was beautifully decorated
in pink roses and candle sticks
holding pink tapers. A delightful sal- j
ad course was served and coffee was,
poured by Mrs. Walter Hunt. About j
thirty-six guests were present. :
One of the most enjoyable affairs
of the week was the bridge party with!
which Miss Eva Goggans compliment-;
ed Miss Sara Houseal, a popular
Lride-elect. Besides the members of:
the Once-a-Week bridge club, a num-;
ber of other guests were invited. At '
the conclusion of the g.ime a very de-!
lightful salad course was served. The'
honoree was presented with a useful
gift, as a souvenir of the occasion.
One of the beautiful social events
of tte week-end was the Linen Shower
given by Miss Ltssie Mae Boozer j
at her beautiful surburban home given
in honor of Miss Bess Kiblsr the j
"bride-to-be" of the 20th of Ovtober.
Thf* riarlor w^s beautifully decoruted
in pot plants and golden rod. Tfcej
color scheme being pink and yellow.!
The guests enjoyed music and chat for
an hour. Then Miss Bess was showered
by Miss Lossie Mae Boozer with a
/>nna nlontv j\f mnof hoa 111 i f 111 ailfl
VVii t V4. V.J 9 VTA. S, ?
useful linen, with best wishes from
her music and Sunday School classes.
At 5:30 delightful pink and white. Ice
cream and cake and afternoon mints
were served by little Miss Pauline,
Nannie Laura and Sari Booer. Those
present were: Misses Jess Kibler,
Julia Kibler, Ruby Goggans, Sadie
Towers, Mrs. Tom Johnson, and Mrs.
P. E. Way, Misses Marie and Rutn
Schumpert, Mary Alice Su'ber, Clara
Sligh, Ola Cromer, Janie Bell Paysinger,
(Vera Derrick, Essie Robertson,
Haynie McGraw, Frances Caldwell.
Sophie Nell Crotwell, Edna Sanders,
Edith Wilson and Lossie Mae Boozer.
(Written for last issue.)
From Auditor J. B. Halfacre's books
we gather the following information
a.s to the net incomes an.^ taxes ttcre
on of our citizens who are on the
list of iricoma lax payers.
i hey i.ro
Net Income Tax
Geo. 3. Cromer $34ST $ 9.85
IvV. H. Hunt 4570 20.70
Alan Johnstone 5OOO 25.00
Jno. M. Kinard 5913 34.43
B. C. Matthews 4190 1K.OO
Mrs. Clara .MoCrary 4450 19.50
Jas. Mslntosh 2746 2.46
Jas. A. .Mimnaugh 3600 11.00
Geo. S. Mower 6324.90 3S.25
C. E. Summer 4700 22.00
Ceo. W. Summer 3270 7.70
J. H. Summer 3500 10.00
Jacob S. Wheeler 2900 4.00
F. Z. Wilson 4090 15.90
Z. F. Wright 8725.81 8.39
(Written for last issue.)
Our union has had charge of the
rest room at the depot for the past
* *<An?? virn fnrnicfl.
several years. xuis> ai ??c luimau.
ed a new art square, and frame to
the picture of Frances Willard, the
picture the gift of Mrs. Workman. She
also gave a new rack to the waiting
room filled with literature. Frances
Willard's picture was also placed in
the superintendent's office in the high
Mrs. Banks of the Newberry Mill
TT1U a era W5)? hpinwl to the hospital in
Columbia. Delicacies were furnished to
our soldier 'boys on the border, particularly
grape juice. Floral tribute
was sent to Mrs. M. A. Carlisle's funeral,
and tlie living have been remembered
when sick or in need with flowers,
jellies, etc. Five primary teachers
of the city schools were sent The
Crusader 'Monthly to Impress temperance
sentiment on the little folks, in
accordance with our temperance societies'
motto: "Agitate, Educate, Or
The fW. C. T. U. county convention
was held in September in the Lutheran
Church of the Redeemer. An interesting
program of recitations, readin
gs^ solos, etc. was given by the
young people in the afternoon, and
an address by Dr. Geo. B. Cromer at
night to a crowded house.
Posters having temperance mottos
such as ' Which will you support, the
home or the saloon?" "Vote for the
>boys," "Vote dry," were placed In
store windows just before tlie election
for State and county officers.
Tags with boy's pictures and motto:
"Home against the saloon" were pinned
on both men and women at that
time also.
Mrs. A. J. Bowers.
Meeting of the W. C. T. U.
(Written for last issue.) %
A literary and social meeting of the
Woman's Christian Temperance Union
was held at the residence of Mrs.
Mary Wright in College street, Tuesday
afternoon the 17th.
Included in the invitation were the
ministers and their wives, the graded
and high school teachers, 'besides particular
friends of the members of the
union. !Wfc were so glad to see by
the numbers present how temperance
semxmexit is giunmg. i
The literary programme on "Scientific
Temperance Instruction" was led
by Miss Sadie Bowers. Two very edifying
and interesting -addresses were
given by Rev. E. V. Babb, pastor of
the Baptist church, and Dr. Jas. P.
Kinard, superintendent of the city
schools. The solo, "Where are the
friends of my youth?" sung <by Miss
(Jarolyn Caldwell, accompanied by
Mrs. E. E. Williamson, pianist, was
thoroughly appreciated.
During the social half hour, which
was thoroughly enjoyed, iced tea and.
cakes were served.
Officer for the ensuing year are:
Mrs. J. Sidney Derrick, president; J
Mrs. A. J. Bowers, vice-president;
Mrs. H. L. Parr, coresponding secretary
and treasurer; Mrs. J. W. Carerm
i Department officers are: Miss Sadie
I Bowers, scientific temperance; Mrs.
I Mary Wright, unfermented wine; Mrs.
| J M. Workman, literature; Mrs. W.
' G. Houseal, medical temperance; Miss J
! Eva Gary, white ribbon recruits; Mrs. j
E. E. Williamson, matters' meeting;!
Mrs. J. iW. White, flowers mission; j
Mrr A. J. Bowers, press reporter, j
(WTrItten for last issue)
Electrician J. E. Taylor of the UnitAd
statM N'avv. on duty as recruiting
agent at -Columbia, visited NeWber-y
Thursday to advertise the navy and
talk to possible applicants. The star
tion at Columbia has been opened but
a short time and to date has enlisted j
six men. About fifteen others have;
'been rejected for underweight and
other physical defects.
It is the intention of the office to
' ' ' 1 ? ~ ~ a a o o j
visit outlying towua ill wc owic o.^ |
often as possible, to examine men for i
enlistment. Upon such visits the re- j
cruiting officer (S. C. McArthur, C. B.j
M.) will make his headquarters at the 1
: Post Office. Notice will be given in j
j the local papers regarding dates, etc. j
The Republicans.
(Written for last issue.)
The Republicans of the Third Con-;
! gressional district met in Greenwood
on Wednesday for the purpose, igmong
ether things, "of deciding what to do !
about nominating a candidate to op-j
pose Fred H. Dominick." There was no
nomination. The delegates from New- j
berry were: G. C. Williams, T. A.I
IvYtilliams, J. E. Thomas, H. B. Rikard,
W. W. McMorries. Alternates:
J. B. Embry, W. A. Nance, 0. L. SinI
fcieton and W. A. Cooper. G. C. Wil
liams was chairman of the delegation.
H. B. Rikard was chairman and J. B.
Smith was secretary of the meeting in i
Williams' hall Tuesday when the above j
delegates were elected to the Greenwood
1^1 i i
The Smoke of Men
Who Win
A fresh-rolled 4'Bull" Durham
cigarette almost says
"Speed up!" right out loud.
Keen-eyed, clear-headed fel
lows smoke "Bull" Durham
because it has the sparkle and
the "punch"? the youthful
vim and vigor.. Every time
you "roll your own" with
"Bull" Durham you open the
door to Hustle.
" M.M
"Bull" Durham is unique j
among the world's tobaccos, j
It is extinguished from all
T * J?f..l ;1J. !
j others \. j its wonaenux iuuu- i
! ness, -* Viciousr'.eilow-sweet ,
| flavci u::its distinctive aroma,
You get a lively smoke and a
I satisfying smoke when you'roll
: your own" with4 'Buli" Durham. '
I _
Ask for FREE a
package of "papers"
with each 5c sack.
Charleston American.
It seems the mystery of the Brenen
is cleared up. Probably there neverj
was a Bremen, or if there is she may j
ho t'ho annnlv chin f nr tVio /T-ormnn
submarines that are swarming along
our coast to paralyze shipping.
Why the U-t)oat warfare has not
been carried into oar waters long
ago is something hard to explain.
; Probably the stand our government
I has taken regarding submarines, ana
| Germany's painstaking care to avoid
I every excuse for possible complications
with this country may have much
to do with it.
Now, however, the German U-boats
have come, and most likely they have
come to stay, no matter if some of
them be sent to the bottom. Germany'3
intention is clearly to frustrate the
shipment of arms -and munitions to
her enemies, and if she can succeed
in it she certainly will save million3
of lives and shorten the war. Even
if shiploads of people should go down, |
because their captain perhaps attacks
an undersea boat and brings death
and destruction on his passengers and
crew, the sacrifice of a few hundred
li\es would still in the end save millions
across the sea.
That just such a thing may happen
is very plausible. Already vessels
with guns on board are being cleared j
from our ports, and if such vessel*
can succeed in hiring a few Americans
to make tile trip wun mem, ine cum
plication will become acute immediately,
on account of the strange stand
our government has taken, that Americans
must be safe on nny belligerent
vessel. "
In order to evade all such complications,
there is only one sensible and
logical way possible: The President
should warn all Americans off belligerent
vessels, the same as he warned
all lAmericans off Mexican soil.
/A'fe may fret under the German
hinptnrip nf our Atlantic coast, but
the South especially has been fretting
under the blockade instituted
by French and English men of war
ever since the beginning of the war,
and what is sauce for the goose is
s-uuce for the gander. Our govern-i
ment can promote the interest of hu :
manity very much by warning all^
Americans off .belligerent vessels, and j
by refusing to clear armed merchant!
r* J iroCGplc '
vessels. unarmeu mcituaui,
have the security of their crews
guaranteed, no one will be killed if
they come off without resistance.
Armed vessels, however, will undoubtedly
be torpedoed without mercy j
because no submarine will or can subject
itself to destruction.
If even at this late date we really
mean to act in the interest of humanity,
our government will adopt the
plan which Secretary Bryan deemed |
the only just one, and tne rejection
of which made him rather resign his
office than become -a party to an injustice
that is bound to draw us sooner
or later into the vortex of war.
When a man is surrounded by mankillers
he is not very choice in the
selection of his weapons. So it is with
a nation. Germany is hopelessly outnumbered
and she is fighting for her
existence. That she has resolved to
adopt the submarine warfare at our
j V.OTJ- Hoformined she I
very UUUl pi U ? CO ill/rr
is not to fall a prey to numbers and
one sided rules. It incidentally shows
how long her arm is if she chooses
to stretch it forth in self-defence.
Character in Beading.
The Youth's Companion does more
than entertain: It affords the reader
a mental and moral tonic. Its stories
are not only well told, contributed by
the best writers of stories, hut they
contain the tiandJar-ds, Reflect the
ideals of the best homes They do not
throw a false glamour over the tawdry
things of life. Rather do they depict
the courageous, the healthful, the simple?the
true life of the greater number
with their adventures, their conflicts
of temperament, their failures
and successes. In 1917 The Companion
will print 12 serials and story
groups besides fully 250 single stories
and sketches, all for $2.00. The Fore-1
f/vr 1Q17 whinh we will send on i
^ao u x. xj ^ , ? _ _
request, tells all about the great fea-j
tures of the coming volume.
By special arrangement new* subscribers
for The Youth's Companion
can have also McCall's Magazine for
1917?both publications for $2.10.
Our two-at-one price offer includes:
1. The Youth's "Companion?52 issues
of 1917.
2. All the remaining issues of 1916.
3. The Companion Home Calendar
for 1917.
4. McCall's Magazine?12 fashion
numbers of 1S17.
5. One 15-cent McCall Dress .Pattern?your
choice from your first number
of the magazine?if you send a
2-cent stamp with your selection.
St Psnl St, Boston, Mass. J
Miss Lucy Epps is the pleasant as- !
sistant in the county treasurer's office, i
Treasurer C. C. Schumpert has efii- :
cient help in the work of Miss Epp3.
One 1916 New Ford Touring
miles. Will sell at a bargain.
One 1913 Model Studebaker
. painted.
One 1014 Model Ford Tourinj
One 1912 Model Ford Roadst*
One 1912 Buick Roadster, a b
One 1912 Maxwell Demonstrs
One 1916 Maxwell Roadster 2
One 1913 Motorcycle at $75.
good shape.
r\ 1 j _ a ,
WliC IVIUIC ill guuu UIUCI aUU C
When in the market for a nev
of the best makes for the mone
land $855 00. Chalmers $11.5
S. C.
1400 Mai]
There is nothing more aj
gift than a fine piece of S
It always remains an en
min^pr nf ffipnrl whr
every piece of this silver, ;
guarantee the best manuf
I also have a beautiful
Also guaranteed the best,
not advanced my prices,
vance and I am giving nr
of the saving.
. Don't fail to come to
The Hoose of a 1
A TT/"
muiYiint/* I
Good for 10,
tion Cai
I nominate Mrs , Miss...
Address .
Nominated by
In the Campaign, only tl
sent in for each candidate wil
Void after Octc
Address ...
1 !
hill out properly, man c
Office of The Herald a
expiration date.
101 acres of land in tow
as the Ware Place. HasJ<
cellent well of water whi
seaside or a mountain hoi
B. M. HU
1 Sih
* i
1 ' . "w.
v.'ho gained her valuable xeperience
under her father, the lamented Coun
ty Treasurer Jno. E. Epps.
5 A I F
Car, has been run about 500
in first class shape, newly
? Car, a bargain at J130.00.
ir, |bargain at $75.00.
argain at $150.J Tires good,
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v car see us as we have three
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Delivered Newberry,
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g Silver I
>propriate for a wedding
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during and pleasant re>
gavfe I guarantee
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acturers in America.
line of fine Cut Glass.
And best of all I haye
mm _ * .1 ?
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customers the benefit
the Book Store before
dVariety Store 1
fhnnsand Things.
,000 Votes
ND NEWS Subscripnpaign
ie first nomination coupon
11 be counted.
a coupon d
?W 25th. 1916
NEWS Subscription
===== 1
>r send, to Campaign
nd News on or before
?n of Silverstrett, known
i good pasture and exich
makes it equal to a
ne. Price $40 per acre.
y to
wrstreet, South Carolina
?' J

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