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3^c ||erolH and Jem
^Jitercd at the Postoffice at New
iury, S. C., as 2nd class matter.
Friday, October 27, 1916.
fid DeCamp says that he has lost
thousands of dollars crediting people
-for his paper and "not a blessed
- se of those wham we he.ve attempted
to accommodate feel that they are
*ader any obligation to us." Cer;
tainly not and more if they have the
?P?>ortunity they will do what the^ can
against you. Don't we know. And
are like you, "110 longer are we going
to credit anybody for subscriptions."
up during the campaign or not!
as soon as it is over all who do not
l?y will come off our list. We took
off |10,000 at one time due for subscriptions
and not a one has been paid.
Cash is the only proper rule.
An interesting legal question has
developed in the court at Greenville, j
A man and woman were convicted of j
adultery some time ago and the sen'
tence was suspended. They went away
and both secured divorces from their
respective spouses in States that recognize
divorces. They went to North j
Carolina and were married and sub- j
sequently moved back to South Caro- j
lina. South Carolina does not recognize
divorce laws and so they were
again .brought into court and the judgs4
holds that they will h?ve to serve the
sentence for the crime of which they
"were convicted, that so far as South
Carolina is concerned they are not legally
married. The case is to be carried
to the supreme court.
The point we were thinking about
also is, suppose they were to go ahead
eAT*rrt + V? o an liro
AiiU v c tuw otxJLwtiivt auu bu^u xut
together as man and wife would they
foe violating the law of South Carolina,
and certainly they would if the
decision of the court is sustained,
? ?? mi
1 /
just as much as they are now. 'Would
they be tried again or would it be a
case of being placed in jeopardy twice
for the same offense. Nn doubt there
are lots of people in South Carolina
in the same condition of this couple
and who are now maintaining happy
The chain gang under Messrs. Will
.Miller and Tom Cameron is doing some
good work for the roads in the Jolly
Street community. If the people of
chat section will just organize some
split log drag clubs now and keep
them active after each rain the roads
will remain good. They worked our
road by the old Aull place and as soon
as we can get it dragged and another
bridge built it will be ready for travel.
In fact we drove over it on Tuesday
from St. Pauls on to Prosperity.
A little travel and a littlefdragging
will make it all right. There are a
couple right good hills but then there
are hills all through this section.
Captain W. S. Langford writes an
interesting letter from Texas which
is published in this issue. He talks
about the boll weevil and tells "how
the people out there are working it
and warns the farmers of Newberry
nrpnaro fnr if We should DrenarG
for the coming of the animal and if
we do not it will not be 'because we
have not had sufficient warning.
In one of his iarticles of "Bleaseism"
Koester strats out with this statement:
"1 hate, abhor and abominate factionalism,
I mean the kind of unbridled
passion that makes you vote
for a bad candidate, ben-msp hp han
pens to be on your side of the factional
fence, in preference to a good
candidate who happens to be on the
other side. In fact, factionalism is
often so blind that it makes those under
its influence incapable of seeing
faults in a candidate lined up with
them or virtues in one of conflicting
partisan persuasion.s^VThen such factionalism
is generally rife, you get
nv 1
vy i r
er, Kin:
I v ^
! %
There is a R
rronm nf 4-o r+or
viwoiii wi iai icu,
is used in Royal Be
it is the best and mc
known for the purpc
Phosphate and i
rived from mineral
some baking powder
tartar, because they
If you have been
powders made from
use Royal Baking I
will be pleased with
difference in the quali
some sorry public officers, because It
enables men to come to the front
through vociferous proclamation of
their factional affiliation who would
get scant attention in times of quieter
and more judicial thought."
Neither has this writer been a factionalism
though we have seen factionalism
carried to the same extent,
and even further, in times not so warm
as they were in the days of the Tillin
m sway. We have seen what we
I term good true men and educated men
and men of high standing in the community
say that a certain candidate
was the best fitted by far for a position
he was seeking and then turn
around and vote for the opposing can'
didate simply because they did not
! a?rep with the candidate the other
: man was going to vote'for in another
race. And yet we talk about a literacy
test. What we need is a test of
patriotism. People who are influenc!
ed in their vote for such reason, and
who Vote against the man whom they
| will tell you is the best fitted by experience
and all that goes to make
tfhi imr i
J f
gton, Ei
===== And the
>N & HI
Call in and ?
? Rftrori
I! World
PI Greate
eal Difference
A oti"\7?xH frnm rrroruae
uui x v vu xx uxix g x a^yvj;
iking Powder because
st healthful ingredient
alum, which are desources,
are used in
s, instead of cream of
are cheaper.
induced to use baking
alum or phosphate,
3owder instead. You
i the results and the
ty of the food
for efficiency in the public service, be|
cause they do not agree with him on
, some candidate in another race, are
; as b/d as the man who sells his vote
! outright for a consideration.
; The school fund like all count}
j funds is out. The teachers must b:
paid. Four years ago the amount t<
J the credit of the scnool fund wa:
| about $10,000, but during Mr. Brown'j
administration it was necessary t<
| borrow money in anticipation of th(
j taxes, and now the fund is down t<
i about $2,500 and, therefore, there i;
| no money to pay teachers. When th<
| fund was $10,000 the county superin
tendent could just go ahead and pa:
| teachers out of the fund until the ap
portionment was made after ,the col
! lection of taxes without any distric
| appearing to have an overdraft.
| A law lias been passed authorizing
fthe county to borrow money and tc
j pledge the school tax for its payment
j The note is given by the supervisoi
' and the county treasurer. These gen
Famous =====
iee Our Line
Victrolas Arri
Enll QfnnIlr
1 1111 UlUl/fl
^ ^ Absence
oftheDog ^
kct !
>0 Look for the D
LeROY A. &!
S Exctosiye Agents
?X2BBa?k l
| tlemen requested the banks of the
city to submit -bids for the loan of the ;
money. It is to be paid back when
the taxes are collected.
Bids were submitted by the Nation- j
. i i _ i. . n a ii.
ai oanK, uie uuimuerciai uaiiK ana me
Exchange bank. The National bank j
offered to lend the money at 3 per j
cent; the Commercial bank at 4 1-2 per
cent, and the Exchange bank at 5 per i
cent. Of course, the officers borrower!
from the National bank. That is the
lowest rate at which the schools have j
yet made a loan and the offer of the |
National hank will save the fund sev- j
eral hundred dollars. The old Nation! i
al is coming right along to the front, j
She put down the rate of interest on j
cotton stored in warehouses last year
. to six per cent and helped many a
farmer to hold his cotton and get a:
higher price for it and now she let3 l
the schools have money at 3 per cent.
And the bank is prospering and has
j more deposits and a larger amount |
loaned than she has "had in many years.
And is making money for her stockholders.
1 |
j If you have a f
, ried you will fine
ff l ft
-i 5*** "i an uuu
5j ed China. Fine ct
5: fully to the beaut)
the dining table,
a j
11 All silver and
5 free.
t i
j Mayes' Book &
.The House of a 1
Inner 1
Inner I
ving Every Day r
of Records ^
ER'svfcE"^ Iiritations EH!
k:, / '..*
0G. Look for Rjj
for this Territory St
r A .
On The Death of Mr. Wat kins.
In writing up the de:th of Mr. .Luther
Watkins, an account of which
appeared in the last issue of this
nanpr thp tfross Hill corresDnndent
of the Laurensville Herald, says:
"Mr. r?Vatkins w-.:s a young man,
only in his twenties, and leaves his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Watkins,
with several brothers and sisters
to mourn his death. He came to Cross
Hill two years or more ago and put
up an automobile garage and repair
shop in which business he continued
until last spring when he went to
Greenwood to follow a similiar vocation.
After he was taken sick he
went to his father's about a week
jago wJiere he died Sunday morning.
Mr. Watkins was a quiet inoffensive
young man, & favorite among
many of his associates, a member of
Bethabara Baptist church, and a useful
The rumor is current on the streets
that'several Newberry men made big
money in recent cotton deals.
nrn cuwk
i m uwm
riend to be mar1
an appropriate
:e of Hand Paintlina
adds wonderr
and elegance of
jewelry engraved
: Variety Store
rhousand Things
111 <1 it
1 T It V
Player j
Player I
?T 95^*^
Reliable Stand
ndio Near Depot f
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